Ghost Ship – a Fantasy Football team picked for the first Gameweek and then left to drift without a crew or rudder for the rest of the season. It would stand to reason that such a vessel would hit the rocks and sink without trace. Sometimes, however, they can navigate an unlikely route to glory.

Tell us about. This latest episode is a timely one given the time of year and it’s a “Ghost Ship” lineup, “managed” by the most unlikely member of the team to be up amongst the top ranks that takes up a good proportion of our time, leaving Granville and myself pondering the meaning of it all.

Around all that, we both manage to find the motivation to bring you the regular topics with the concept of “chasing points” coming under discussion, alongside “all aboard”, the weekend preview and a long tale of Granville’s injury list. Ouch.

Climb aboard this haunted vessel via this link, or use the handy player below to stream away.

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  1. Begovic (mannone)
    rafael baines cueller (demel davies)
    nasri michu pienaar morrison cazorla
    rvp defoe (Ba)

    Have 0FT and 0m.

    Not sure how to improve this team (esp midfield) for this gw.
    A: nasri >> barfa for a hit
    B: nasri >> yaya for a hit
    C: Save the transfer
    D: any other options?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Caz>Bale is what I've done (but I don't own Defoe)

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. C. I think you're set for this week

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. Great team, wait on Ba's injury report before you do anything. Save the transfer and bring Barfa for Newcastle cover...

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  2. What is your Fantasy Football biggest bugbear?

    Mine is definitely the way that this year, seemingly more so than other seasons, everybody is doing their transfers at the earliest possible time and driving up the prices of players to ridiculous levels.

    So in previous seasons I've always held out until friday evenings, but now I'm doing mine on saturday or sunday nights for the following GW to aviod paying 0.2/0.3 more for the same player.

    And by the way I am aware of the irony of my complaint, that I am indeed now part of the problem.

    I would happily sign up to an agreement whereby nobody does any transfers until friday dinner time

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Yeah...this is only my second season playing FPL so I don't know what it was like before...but it does seem that this year...if you even blink you could miss out on players because their price will have rocketed. I think if you've not been paying attention to value/prices you're pretty screwed this year...seems like it's really important to do so.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Especially with the likes of RVP being so means you need to squeeze value out of every area to make owning him or others appropriate.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. I think there is a fair degree of truth in this Gaffer. Only in my fourth season myself and have certainly noticed less time to make decisions.

      I think as the total number of players increases year on year, then statistically then number of people who prefer to make early transfers increases, as do the number of people unaware of the benefits of holding off (unless you're chasing price rises!).

      Personally I'd like to see a bit more skill brought into the game (transfer window each week), culling dead teams (not login in since GW1 for example), and a few others. At the moment, not enough respect to those dedicated to the game.

      Currently once you've got yourself into the top 100K, it is as much down to luck as anything, where you end up...

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. I imagine it will calm down in the latter half of the season though. I for one have been jumping on bandwagons early in the week, occasionally for hits, just to secure a good overall team value. Now I'm starting to slow down and will wait until friday/save a transfer.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Dont agree with most of this thread.
        Have made only six transfers this season , have a fairly high team value , and in top 2k

        There is such a thing as too much micro management , for example how many have wasted transfers buying Tevez , then selling , then buying again , same with Berbatov

        People need to slow it down a little

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. I think you forgot to mention the fact you wildcarded a few weeks back so you have made numerous transfers.

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
      2. Yeh I hope so. It's the first week doing this have has bitten me, with Ba possibly out injured and Lambert likely to be rotated away, I'm now in a position where I could have just one striker playing. But I have already taken a hit this week (Guth>Morrison & Santi>Bale) so cant sort it out

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
    4. Its always like that at the beginning of the season and then it tends to wear off as the season goes on. It's the risk you take!

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    5. I need to go to a self help group to help me stop making transfers by Friday, seriously! Not fr tge price saving, no will power. A bit like the rush you get placing a bet.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Find it asap and let me know

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
          • 3 years, 24 days ago
    6. I couldn't agree more, I've started doing it as well, just knowing that if I don't I'm spending another .1 or even .2. I think the further you go on in the season the more people are happy and settled with their teams and the less transfers people will be making.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  3. Which of these am I better off doing -

    A) Nolan --> Gera /McAnuff for a 2 week punt (and to free up cash for a possible fletcher upgrade)
    B) Demel --> Cameron
    C) Save the FT

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. A, but I have concerns about how nailed on Gera is

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. McAnuff a safer bet then?

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
          • 3 years, 24 days ago
          1. Cheers. I'm leaning towards that too but I'm concerned that my defence is a little week atm...

            • 3 years, 24 days ago
  4. Demel>Cameron then worry about Fletcher another day

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Cheers. So you think I'm fine hanging on to nolan in spite of his shite fixtures?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Yep, your MF is strong enough to leave him on the bench for his more difficult fixtures

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  5. thoughts on this team

    rafael hangeland clyne
    hazard michu bale C pienaar
    aguero RVP berba

    sterling, jenks demel

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  6. Foster Bego
    Clyne Ridgwell Baines Cuellar Demel
    Fellaini Hazard Cazorla Sterling Michu
    Rvp Ba Crouch

    1 in the bank
    Saving my ft


    What should be my priority for next gw?

    Ditch Demel for someone else?
    What's gonna happen with Ba? When will he play again?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  7. HBA/Aguero to Taarabt(or 5.6)/RVP -4?

    A go, or should I hold off. HBAs form is bothering me, even though his fixtures are nice.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. personally I'd hang on to HBA, less you have Ba. But then I have RVP already.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. Any transfer that includes getting RVP can only be a good move :)

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  8. Foster

    Cuellar, Hughes, Cole

    Hazard, Bale, Fellaini, Cazorla

    Ba, Berba, Tevez

    Jussi, Demel, Michu, Rangel

    0.3 in the bank. Squeezing my brain on what transfers to make, don't think I need to, but with Ba and Cole doubts, a bit worried. Any of you lads give me some help on this please?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Demel>Wilkinson

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. this seems a fine move, if not very glamorous

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  9. yaya or hba + aguero -> rvp + mcanuff

    yay or nay? :)

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  10. REPOST


    RVP 10/11
    Bale 7/5
    Tevez 10/11

    Odds are for anytime goalscorer.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. I am going with RVP Aqua, so better stay away!
      My Captain hasn't clicked 7 out of 9 times this season! :-(

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Yet your rank is beautiful :)

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  11. This is my current team for the weekend:


    Rafael Baines S Taylor

    Michu Cazorla HBA Lennon

    RVP Tevez Pog

    Still got 1 FT, where should I use it? Im willing to take a hit too if you have any suggestions.

    Thanks very much

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. might require a huge team overhaul but would advise moving pog on. i too have saylor but is he even gunna play?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  12. Who to (C) Bale or RVP?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. have this choice and currently on RVP but will change multiple times before the deadline

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. I've gone for bale

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  13. Have I got the right set-up for this GW? Also any suggestions for improving my squad in the coming GWs?

    Foster (Fed)
    Hang Baines Cuellar
    Morrison Bale(vc) Haz Pie Sterling
    RVP(c) Ba

    Bench: Lambert, McCartney, Gibbs
    Bank: 0.4m (already took a 4pt hit too)

    Not overly happy with my team (know it's not terrible either). Need to replace Lambert, Hang, Fed and do Haz>Mata at some point. Would like some Stoke DF coverage & Tevez coming in the other way.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. your plans seem solid if nothing else comes up, good team for this week

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  14. What do people reckon in the morrison/lallana debate? need a replacement for gervinho this week, cheers

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. lallana. See his stats. Also Morrisson played as a DM last match

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. I bought Morrison this week. I'm hoping that he's in for a solid few weeks but as mentioned above there is a question over his role in the side.

      However, football isnt as black and white as that, and I think that whatever his role in the team, he will still be a threat on the pitch. It would just be a lot more helpful if Clarke plays him in the hole again instead of Gera.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Two goals three assists

        Women lie, men lie, numbers don't :)

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. Are you a number? Or are you a free man?

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
  15. Surfer Rosa -

    Johnson, Ivanovic, Cuellar
    Sterling, Pienaar, Mata, Cazorla, Bale
    Fletcher, Rooney

    Foster, Mirallas, Gorkss, Clark

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Haha sure, planning on getting him in soon

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  16. Here's my current team. Do you guys approve of these transfers?

    McCarthy; Jaaskelainen

    Hangeland; Ivanovic; McAuley; Shawcross; (Demel --> Rafael)

    Santi; Cazorla; Pienaar; Walters; Michu; Hazard

    Lambert; Tevez;Torres --> Berbatov

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  17. Ba, Crouch, Tev
    Morrison, Mata, Bale, Lallana
    Baines, Shawcross, Kolarov
    Krul, Begovic

    Subs: Boyce, Lallana, Barnett

    Ba listed as doubtful, wanted to go 8pt hit get RVP, Baird and Leigertwood for Kolarov, Yaya and Ba

    Is it worth it?

    Plus any one think Lukaku might outscore RVP this weekend?

    Plus, will Lukaku start over Shane Long?


    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  18. hey guys


    used my ft on cameron already.

    should i go jenkinson>sagna?
    or sahin> mcanuff
    or sahin>fellaini

    for a 4 point hit this week?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Jenkinson to Sagna but not this week

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. kk. thanks.
        then sahin to mcanuff or fellaini will be better?

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  19. yo guys
    thoughts on this team?

    hangeland rafael clyne
    michu pienaar hazard bale C
    aguero, berba, rvp

    bench: sterling jenks demel

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  20. Sagna could drop a tin of beans on his foot 😀 Love the idea of Sagna doing himself beans on toast for breakie

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  21. bega or jaska this week?

    rest of the team:



    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  22. is it wise enough to do
    ba caz skrtel out
    rvp fellaini nelsen in
    already have
    berba tevez
    bale michu pienaar?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  23. Guys can I download the scoutcast as mp3?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  24. Anyone considering Ashley Young 8.2? My first thought was to double up RVP with Valencia 8.6 . The saving would help with a few upgrades ?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  25. i have RVP and Rooney... who will u cap and why ?

    i personally think Rooney will do well tml.. and high chance hes on pens over rvp ? ( is it ? altho i prefer rvp )
    and Rooney have a good record playing against arsenal.. i am lacking behind on my league and with a 8 pt hit. Rooney is a differencial as most ppl in my league will be capping RVP.

    shld i play safe and cap RVP ? or just go Rooney

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  26. If anyone has any Fantasy League questions or needs help with their team, leave your questions here.
    Only comments/questions submitted before 10pm Friday will be answered.
    I will give my honest opinion and a detailed answer.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. ok

      1) Who is your Daddy and what does he do?

      2) To get RVP in, would you lose Mata?

      3) Would you play Davies against Chelsea or get another player for a hit?

      I expect detail and unimpeachable honesty. Ta.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. 1) As I said Fantasy League questions only.

        2) It is a huge risk but Manchester United have brilliant upcoming fixtures and are nearly in the Last 16 of the CL, whereas Chelsea may be forced to turn their attention away from the Pl towards the CL, resting players such as Mata and Hazard. I also think that van Persie will deliver tomorrow against his old club as I believe playing against his old team will suit him. Also, with the added excellent performance of Moses in midweek, Di Matteo might risk resting his 3 attacking mids. It is a tough call but I would go for van Persie.

        3) Difficult question there are not many alternatives for such a low price. With a run of easier fixtures and 4 CS's to their names I would maybe look at getting in a Stoke defender for £4.5, but I expect Norwich to deny Stoke the clean sheet at Carrow Road. I would stick with Davies this week then look at your alternatives the next. Swansea are not the same defensively as they were under Rodgers. Good Luck.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  27. Foster
    rafeal, baines, nelson
    morrison, bale, hazard, noble
    RVP, tevez, berbatov

    also 0.7m in bank, but not too sure who to swap/get rid.
    think berba or noble...but who for?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  28. Here's my team, made no transfers this week ans unsure which goalie to put and also whcih defender. Any advice?

    Jussi or schwarzee
    Mcauley, Gallas, and then need to decide between Ivanovic or Baines
    Hazard, sterling, yaya toure, pienaar,
    RVP, Ba, Pobregneyak


    • 3 years, 23 days ago

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