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With five weeks of the season now behind us, Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey and Everton’s Ross Barkley have been two of the biggest success stories thus far. Racking up 32 points and 25 points respectively in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game, the duo’s displays, allied with their mid-price appeal, continues to tempt huge numbers of new owners.

Drafted in by over 510,000 managers last week, Ramsey has already picked up over 144,000 transfers in since Saturday’s deadline and with 31% ownership, is now the most popular midfielder in the game. Barkley is not far behind – now residing in 27% of teams, the Toffees youngster is third in terms of midfield ownership, with only City’s Yaya Toure separating the pair.

With Fantasy managers looking for ways to free up cash to acquire the returning Luis Suarez, we take a look at the pair’s performances over the first five Gameweeks so far to ascertain just what sort of an impact they’ve been making on the field of play:

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  1. Walcott >

    A) Michu
    B) Ramsey (already hav giroud)
    C) Eriksen (Hav no spurs coverage)

    1. A or Ozil if you can stretch to that (without a hit).

      1. Cheers cant stretch to Ozil w/o a hit short .3

  2. If Theo misses the international games,it'll be real blessing fir Arsenal. International games don't go well for him.

  3. ok guys just one question

    who to bench? oscar (tot) eriksen (CHE) moses (sun)

    1. Moses

    2. I want your issues.

    3. moses

  4. would you wildcard if you have:


    already used my FT in hazard --> Michu

    1. I wildcarded last week and have 4 of those

    2. Yes I would.

      Ironically it's only been 2 weeks since I WCed and I've got Benteke, Walcott, Chester and RVP.

  5. So after a couple of bad weeks and needed/wanting 5/6 players in/out I've wilcarded. Got potential double risers in for now to gain value. This is the team i'm looking at ending with


    Baines, Dawson, Davies, Clyne, Wilson

    Ozile, Toure, Brady, Oscar, Barkley

    Sturridge, Rooney, Lukaka

    Is this good to go? No Michu is an issue - could downgrade clyne/wilson to $4.0 in order to fund Oscar to Michu - or straight swap for Toure. Or take Ravel instead of Barkley?

    Think i'm set but would appreciate any suggestions


    1. Toure > michu imo

  6. Not enough gameweeks have passed to do this, and most high scoring players have played every minute, and some new signings only played a few games which skews in their favour, but anyway.

    mins per point after 5 matches

    Ozil ..............7.9
    Lukaku .........9.55555555556
    Negredo .......10.0416666667
    Aguero .........10.303030303
    Baines .........10.7142857143
    Nasri ............10.8695652174
    Giroud ..........11.3684210526
    Rooney .........12.4166666667
    Mignolet .......12.5
    Lovren ..........12.8571428571
    Yaya Toure.....13.2352941176
    Benteke ........13.3448275862
    Ramsey ........13.6363636364
    Oscar ...........13.6785714286
    Silva .............13.8235294118
    Terry .............14.0625
    Sturridge .......14.5161290323
    Ben Arfa ........14.724137931
    Dezko ...........15.6428571429
    Eriksen .........15.8
    Van Persie ....16.380952381
    Michu ...........16.6666666667
    Lampard .......17.5
    Barkley .........18
    Paulinho .......18.75
    Morrison .......18.9090909091
    Coutinho .......31

    mins per point 2012-2013 season

    10.3586956522 hernandez
    11.7309236948 bale
    11.7835051546 walcott
    11.9198473282 van persie
    12.6100628931 lukaka
    12.6666666667 sturridge
    12.6933333333 lampard
    12.8726415094 mata
    13.1857142857 coutinho
    13.5102040816 podolski
    13.6891891892 gervinho
    13.8210526316 hazard
    13.929245283 suarez
    14.0230769231 dzeko
    14.0839160839 rooney
    14.3939393939 terry
    15.1034482759 kagawa
    15.7789473684 michu
    15.8554216867 luiz
    16.1024390244 cazorla
    16.038961039 .siggurdson
    16.7165775401 lambert
    16.756302521 ..dempsey
    16.8432835821 jose enrique
    16.9759036145 benteke
    17.0816326531 silva
    17.4108108108 gerrard
    17.4478527607 berbatov
    17.9583333333 milner
    18.7008547009 agbonhalor
    19.03125 ........mirallas
    19.2644628099 giroud
    19.3220338983 baines
    19.3458646617 torres
    19.4435483871 defoe
    19.9932885906 nolan
    20.25 .............ben arfa
    20.5944055944 ivanovic
    20.0657894737 snodgrass
    20.8953488372 nasri
    20.9428571429 kone
    20.1851851852 j rodriquez
    21.3619047619 weimann
    21.3629032258 zabaleta
    21.6455696203 Hart
    22.0588235294 Szczesny
    22.1875 ..........Cech
    22.5 ..............vertonghen
    22.6971830986 johnson
    23.0578512397 ashley cole
    23.75 ............Begovic
    24.4285714286 mignolet
    24.5714285714 kompany
    26.6210526316 riise
    29.4951456311 garrido

    1. Interesting thanks

  7. RMT guys. This is my WC team. 0.5 Mil in the bank.

    Boruc Lewis
    Dawson Davies(swa) Distin Turner(car) Gabbidon
    Michu Yaya Ramsey Ozil Brady
    Rooney Sturridge Giroud

    1. gk lewis to davis i would downgrade yaya and upgrade my defence

      1. thanks . who would your pick be for MID and DEF then ?

  8. what do i do with walcott and rvp?? omfg!!

    1. haha, PANIC STATIONS!

      We are all in the same boat. I have done a 4pt hit already and I still have 3 doubts ahead of the weekend. AND IT IS TUESDAY!

      1. lol true story...

        i should sell Rvp, Walcott and Soldado...and buy Rooney, Ozil and Suarez...

    2. You were pretty confident earlier that RVP was gonna play, convincing others to keep. Goes to show you really can't be 100% sure and if not, shouldn't advise others as such mate.

  9. Right.. Going to be asked me a lot of people but Michu or Ozil ? (I have Giroud.)

    1. Have same problem thinking michu and get wally back after international break

    2. I've gone for Michu because of fixtures and form. Looks like similar points potential for £1.4m difference

    3. Ozil.. I went for Michu and kind of regret not taking the hit as I've realized it will be hard to get in Ozil now

    4. Ozil this week and Michu next?

  10. Walcott ot 2 weeks confirmed!
    Walcott --> Michu (-4p) done!

    Just wonder if Swansea play this midweek or no?

    1. they play in league cup then league at weekend and europa next thursday

      1. actually no league cup

        1. So no chance of a random Michu injury ala Kolo Toure?

          1. swansea fc website says

            birmingham v swansea wed
            swansea v arsenal sat
            Swansea v st gallen thu

    2. Check below!

  11. so I guess I'll just do Theo to Michu after the Swansea game, is it tonight?

    Already done Lampard and Tekkers to Ramsey and Rooney for free

    Really don't want to go -8 to lose RvP as well

    1. Also, despite Giroud being the obvious replacement should I need to sell RvP, why I am drawn to getting Lukaku instead?

    2. Hope he will be rested today

      1. RvP is confirmed out tomorrow.

          1. oh Michu?

            yeah I think he will be

  12. With Theo ruled out for a few weeks is Gnabry possibly an option as a short term cheap midfielder (only 4.5) :?:

    1. If on WC maybe if not just a waste of transfer

    2. if Arteta is back could Wilshere not play there?

    3. Definitely! He is certainly favoured over Miyaichi, and we will want to play our skewed front 3. Very good player, and could get some points :D

  13. --------Theo update-------
    @SkySportsNews: Theo Walcott to have operation on abdomen & will miss England's World Cup qualifiers next month #SSN

  14. Walcott confirmed out for 2 weeks.

    So Walcott -> ?

    1. Ozil
    2. Oscar
    3. Eriksen

    1. Surgery suggests much longer than 2 weeks for me.

  15. Transfer time

    Migs, Lewis
    Zaba, Collins, Coleman, Dawson, Fonte
    Ramsey, Ozil, Moses, HBA, Eriksen
    Sturridge, Giroud, Benteke

    0,6 in bank, 1 FT

    What do you think about going -4 for a

    Benteke, HBA > Rooney, Barkley or Arnautović (dunno which one I should take)

    Any suggestions and help really appreciated!

  16. Very happy I did Theo > Yaya last night, first gamble of the season has paid off and caught the price rise

  17. Really don't know what to do now with Walcott out do I take a 12 point hit as I have already taken an 8 point hit and if so for who already have michu can't afford Ozil :(

    1. 12 pt hits are rarely advisable. If you can get 11 out then leave him for a week.

      1. I can field 11 but then I have to put up with price drop for Walcott and will have to play Barkley and brady

  18. Top Six Walcott Replacements

    If money is no option here are my top walcott replacements in order

    Yaya Toure

    1. AP

      Eriksen that low? Even with their fixtures? Hmmmmm.

      1. Compared to the others Spurs aren't exactly banging them in at the moment. He's definitely a great option though. Sixth best midfielder to own in my opion.

      2. Agree he should be third or fourth.

    2. :-D I have the top four!!!

    3. Wally and RvP to Ozil and Rooney for a -4 yay or ney?
      I'm 0.1 short of Wally-->Ozil.

      1. that's exactly what I did.

        It's reassuring to see that someone else is considering the same move

    4. agree but no place for HBA?
      Golden Ball this year

    5. Ozil

    6. Eriksen above Ramsey imo.

    7. I'm not sure Yaya Toure belongs in that list Jonty, especially above Eriksen. He's a DM who's got lucky with 2 free kicks and slack marking from a corner

      1. You still not getting box-to-box? ;-)

        1. Quite manager, new system..Yaya at last is now an've waited a long time for this moment Doosra..enjoy it.

          Who knows...maybe Sidwell will be next in the credible def mid category? ;-)

      2. I would have said that a few weeks back..but its time us old pros got into the new mindset of the 2013/14 season. Yaya is far more attacking this year and is suddenly a free kick maestro. Yes it looks like he gets lucky...but thing is, he's getting lucky alot so far and when that happens luck becomes skill.

    8. Ozil

      for me.

      1. so u just copied me then :P

        1. Haha have an upvote then. Didn't actually see them.

    9. If you have Giroud already i would put Mich above Ozil.

    10. I'll probably be getting Ramsey or maybe Oscar.

    11. Mine would be:


    12. Id pop Gerrard in there too, has both suarez and sturridge to feed and is playing sunderland this week.

      1. ..With suarez back his penalties will go up too. Differential potential!

    13. Ramsey for me as ut frees up funds to bolster dfence. Baines looks to good not to have, then theres Vidic, Terry, Zaba, Vert so I cant afford Micu, Eriksen, Oscar, Yaya as I;ve got Roo, Ratfface and Giroud up front!

    14. Small Paul at 7.0 for spurs? I like his stats.

    15. .


  19. Michu or Ozil for Theo?

    1. See above...Ozil for me, with Michu very close second.

      1. I agree with that top three mate, the bottom three could be in any order in my opinion. Thanks for the reply.

      2. Maybe Mata and Hazard will be back in vogue at some point...

    2. Leaning towards michu

      1. His fixtures are so enticing, it's hard for me to ignore him.

  20. cazorla is meant to be back the 28th though?

    1. cazorla will be back after the international break

  21. on the bright side we can all buy wally back for 9.0 in a few weeks :D

  22. Please help I really cant decide between Brady or Whittingham? Cheers.

    1. Brady. Whittingham is not good enough at this level, sadly.

    2. coin toss really

  23. 2 free transfers, worth an 8 point hit?

    Walcott, Ward-Prowse, RVP and Benteke to Michu, Ramsey, Rooney and Suarez?

    Can't bring myself to bring in Ozil at over £4m more than Ramsey, when it effectively means no Michu or Suarez. What say you?

  24. -8 point hit or wildcard?

    1. ccc

      -8 imo

  25. A) 8.5 or under striker
    B) 6.2 or under midfielder (not Ramsey, can be Barkley)
    C) 7.2 or under midfielder (not Barkley, can be Ramsey)

    1. Fun game, give me

      A) Lukaku
      B) Noble
      C) Sigurdsson

  26. Christ, I have no team, at all. Like none. I've taken the 'must not take a hit' rule/challenge I've set for myself too far. Lost 0.4m on Eriksen, and now 0.2m and rising on Ozil. Taking a hit feels like losing now, it's never paid off for me. Maybe I should change my rule to 'can take hit if your player gets injured'. Because 3 of them are all out.

    1. I'm ok with 3-4 hits in the first 12 weeks, team value is nice come WC time

      1. Yes, especially when the markets are as volatile as they are at the minute

  27. Not that any of ya'll care, but my pals don't follow footy, so I come here form time to time. I'm doing

    Wally -> Brady (have (Özil) & Dzeko-> Rooney

    Leaves exact cash for Sturridge to Suarez should I feel the need after this week.

  28. ok seeing as i didnt get a clear answer here is my front 8 and i need to bench one of them:

    oscar, moses, toure, eriksen, michu
    giroud, sturridge, lukaku

    1. dont want to help u incase you finish above me

  29. -4 for Theo out definitely.

    Robin please please please be fit by Friday. Please.

    1. +10000000

      Lukaku might be the guy I get, even though I'm currently Giroud-less

      I tried the RvP to Lukaku move just now. I could sell Chester to Baines and still have 4.6 left

    2. So many injuries!

      I'm fortunate enough to have 2 FT so Theo and Benteke are definitely out of my team, just going to wait til Friday to see if RVP is a goner too for -4.

  30. Arnautovic or Whittingham?

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