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A stunning hat-trick from Luis Suarez maintains his devastating form and keeps Liverpool’s prolific “SAS” pairing on track. Meanwhile, at Old Trafford, a wonder strike from a lesser owned Austrian earns our attention, as David Moyes is forced to turn to his benched young starlet to help rescue three points and keep himself in touch with the leaders.

The Game Changer

We went in the Gameweek without a Premier League hat-trick this season – a statistic that was emphatically banished by Luis Suarez who single handedly dismantled West Brom at Anfield.

A superb solo effort opened his account, before two headers put the game to bed prior to Daniel Sturridge getting in on the act with a sublime fourth for Brendan Rodgers’ side. The Liverpool “SAS” produced again, then, taking their account to ten goals and four assists between them since the partnership was renewed in the Gameweek 6 win at Sunderland.

Incredibly, that has seen Daniel Sturridge score in every match since the return of Suarez, but, significantly, he’s now been overshadowed by his Uruguayan strike partner for the last two outings, with Suarez set to pocket 17 points this evening to add to the 10 gathered in the 2-2 draw at Newcastle.

Predictably perhaps, Suarez is emerging as the weapon of choice in this vibrant Liverpool attack but the consistency of Sturridge continues to make a case for doubling up on the duo. A trip to league leaders Arsenal next weekend will provide their sternest test yet – deliver again and the case for “SAS” acquisition will build to new heights.

The Underused

While he was on the losing side at Old Trafford, the performance and superb dead ball strike by Marko Arnautovic at last revealed his potential.

United’s tormentor in the first half, the Austrian was handed back his role on the flank as Peter Crouch returned to lead the attack for the Potters. Nevertheless, Arnautovic made his mark on his fifth Premier League start to suggest that he could yet be a key figure for Mark Hughes’ side and a factor in our Fantasy seasons.

Priced as a 5.5 midfielder, we’ve already seen Arnautovic deployed as a lone striker, while his propensity to shoot and ability at set-plays adds to his potential. Owned by less than 1% Fantasy Premier League managers, it’s likely that the Austrian will have to prove his worth again before interest begins to escalate given the competition for places in our midfield, even within his price bracket.

Even so, with home matches against Southampton, Sunderland and Cardiff to come in the next five, Arnautovic should have the opportunity to impress and draw further attention to his talent.

As a side note, Mark Hughes has confirmed, post-match, that illness forced Arnautovic to make way shortly after half-time.

The Selection Poser

While the Suarez vs Sturridge debate will be re-ignited and reassessed following Suarez’s superb haul, elsewhere it was the benching of Adnan Januzaj that will have caused some concern amongst his early adopters.

Having started in the 1-1 draw with Southampton, David Moyes elected to take the 18-year-old out of the spotlight for the visit of Stoke, only to turn to him in the final quarter to reinvigorate the ailing home side. Once again, Januzaj impressed, raising the expectations of the Old Trafford crowd whilst bringing fresh ideas and impetus to the United attack. Ultimately, his introduction was instrumental in their comeback which saw them earn the three points.

It’s not clear what this means for Januzaj – clearly, as we’ve previously indicated, Moyes appears to need the young winger’s influence right now. While today’s decision to start him from the bench will have caused some concern amongst his Fantasy owners, then, his performance will have at least confirmed his importance to the cause. It remains to be seen if that’s enough to see Januzaj start at Fulham in Gameweek 10.

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  1. Depending on injuries today, I think I'll get Silva and Aguero for the Norwich match...

    1. 60+ point haul coming up

  2. My team

    Mignolet (lewis)

    Chico Coleman dawson Clyne Wilson

    Michu Barkley rmorrisson Ozil Ramsey

    Giroud suarez lukaku

    I have 2 free transfers and 5.3m ITB.

    What do you think I should do?

    A) lukaku + Barkley to benteke + hazard/oscar
    B) Barkley + Ozil to hazard/oscar + silva
    C) Coleman + Barkley - - > ivanovic and silva
    D) other

    Really don't know where to go...

    Cheers guys

    1. Giroud > Aguero would be my move. Save the other transfer then

  3. Hoping for some big points from Oscar and Michu today...

    1. Well at least from Michu

    2. - Oscar

  4. So what is the optimal front 3 for next week? Not sure if Suarez is in it due to tough fixture

    1. aguero, rooney, suarez imo

      1. Yep

    2. Suarez is always there, regardless of fixtures.

      Suarez- Aguero- Rooney for me

    3. 1 bad fixture and then Liverpool are golden after that, So if you've got him it would be beyond stupid to get rid now...

      1. I don't just thinking of waiting a week and maybe getting Aguero next week instead

    4. Giroud, Suarez, Lukaku

  5. Have the exact money to do:

    Vidic, amalfitano, Redmond > n. Taylor, ravel, silva -4

    Sound good?

    1. Yes, all 3 are having problems at the moment.

    2. SilvAaaaaaaaa

    3. Thanks, think I'll go for it

  6. RMT please. :)

    Mignolet (Harper)

    Terry Chico Fonte (Collins* Chester*)

    Hazard Michu Barkley Amalfitano (JWP)

    RVP Giroud Suarez

    1FT, 0.0 ITB.

    I need to buff that midfield up a bit I think, and the obvious one here seems to be losing RVP to fund it. Or maybe save the FT this week?

    1. 7/10

    2. I would lose RVP. So many forward options at the minute

    3. I'd save it this week.

      2 FTs and RVP money next week means you're laughing.

    4. Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll probably save.

    5. Evs
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights

      Keep RVP this week, then look at upgrading the mf with 2 fts

  7. First time poster and loosing the plot this season. Managing my team and also helping with my wife's and getting nowhere on both.

    Her current squad is
    Migs (Davis)
    Terry Chico Coleman Fonte Wilson
    Barkley Oscar Ozil Michu Ramsey
    Sturridge Remy Lukaku

    2 FT and 0.1 in the bank.

    Was thinking of migs to boruc for one transfer. Stumped for anything else. Current rank of over a million although should improve today. Trying to squeeze in Rooney or Suarez is difficult. Would probably involve dumping Sturridge which seems mental seeing as he's scored in all but one game.

  8. What to do?

    Vidic(?), G.Johnson, Koscielny, Shaw, B.Turner;
    Özil, Michu, Barkley, Januzaj, Whittingham;
    Suárez, Rooney, Giroud.

    1FT; £0.2m in the bank.

    Looking at shipping Giroud & Vidic....

    1. Chelsea defensive cover is going to be essential after this week

    2. Why ship giroud? He's still in good form.

      1. I'm a fixtures man and the next few don't look too good. Plus I already have Özil and there are better options(Benteke, Negredo)

        1. I'm sitting with Sturridge, giroud and soldado this week. Benteke is front of my thoughts for a change but can't bring myself to move on Sturridge or giroud. Never convinced that man city barring silva, yaya and aguero are worth the risk of rotation. That puts me off negredo.

          1. Aguero for Roony or Giroud

    3. Giroud and Vidi ----> Aguero and Vlaar. Punty gettin Vlaar I know.

    4. Evs
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights

      Keep vid if fit v Fulham, of not boot !

      1. Thinking Koscielny & Giroud to David Luiz & Benteke for -4 if Vidic is fit. I can see Moyes starting him next weekend...

        1. Evs
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • Has Moderation Rights

          You confident on Luiz playing most weeks?

          Cant you get JT instead?

          1. Can't afford it, if I ship Kos & Ollie I have £14.9m to spend, £15.5m if I ship Vida & ollie.

    5. Vidic has to go imo.

      1. I am not in a rush to get rid of vidic this week especially not for a -4. Who h defender will you transfer him to who's fixture justifys a -4 ??

  9. Liverpool haven't been great defensively against some poor teams, mignolet keeping things more respectable than perhaps reflected in their stats.

    With this in mind I can see arsenal opening them up, especially if they come to attack.


    1. Agreed, Liverpool have had their moments away, Swansea springs to mind.

      Wenger will rest the key players in the week to counter Liverpool getting a midweek rest every week.


    2. could be a high scoring game.
      with suarez and sturridge on one side and giroud & co on the other,think it will a joy to watch.

  10. Oh bother.

    Captained Özil instead of Suarez and left Marshall on the bench for Vorm.

    49 points with Vorm, Michu and Eriksen still to play. My competition scored 65 with Zabaleta, Terry, Paulinho and Y Touré left to play. Not good.

  11. Evs
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • Has Moderation Rights

    Lads, anyone seen the film...

    Captain Phillips (not Kevin)


    Enders game?

    My lads birthday today, he had bash yesterday with mates but may go to flicks later.

    1. Haven't seen either movie, but I've read the novel. For Ender's game I mean. It was pretty good, not sure if the movie does it any justice.

    2. Is captain Phillips the one based on a true story with the pirates kidknapping the captain? If so, I've heard very good reviews of that and seen the trailers for it. It looks very good.

      Rush is another very good film (which I've actually seen), which he would probably enjoy.

      Happy Birthday to him anyway :)

    3. For youngsters I'd say enders game is trendsetter option

    4. someone here praised highly about Captain Philips....

    5. Depends on his age. Captain Phillips is better for the older teen - you'll enjoy this one more.

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        He's 11 mate, need some action in it.

        1. Enders Game, then, I'd say. I don't think you'll go wrong with either but this one is more suited to an 11 year old.

          1. Evs
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • Has Moderation Rights

            Thanks fella :-)

            That was my initial thought on seeing trailers.

    6. not seen the film Captain Philips but I have been aboard the ship and looked after her when she returned from the pirates.. Heard the film is great and can't wait to see it

    7. Captain Phillips is possibly best film I've seen this year, perhaps a little for the older audience though. Heard decent things about Enders Game, would say it depends on his age.

      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        He's only 11, likes action stuff.

        1. Enders Game, sneak out while the trailers are on and go see Captain Phillips

          1. Evs
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • Has Moderation Rights

            Ha. But Enders game better for the lad? :-)

            1. I'd have said so. Heard it described as a mix of Harry Potter and Star Wars so ideal for a lad of 11. Enjoy!

    8. Enders game was a good book (some of the other ones he wrote, specifically the shadow series were better though). Its good source material for a film - if they get it right.

    9. Take him to see Gravity (in 3D). Excellent movie, fine for kids that age, with minimal cursing and awesome effects and story.

  12. Gameweek 10 Captain

    1) Suarez
    2) Silva
    3) Aguero
    4) Michu
    5) Rooney
    6) Oscar

    1. Evs
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights

      Rooney for fixtures, but I'm a little tepid with it.

    2. Suarez, Aguero, or Rooney.

      Narrowed it down for you ;)

  13. Is it time to shed an Arsenal player? They have tough fixtures coming up.

    1. Evs
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights

      2 tough ones.

      How much value will you lose?

      This is my issue.

    2. Not that tough in fairness

      1. United look anything but tough and Liverpool are not at Anfield.

        1. Yeh both are a bit leaky too

  14. I am getting Aguero but not because he has to be captained, brought him in for Cardiff and Hull as captain because he was supposed to rip them up and as captain he scored 10 and 4.

    He is one frustrating player and dont be swayed by the obvious as it doesnt always work.

    1. It's one of those moves that you'd regret not making as it'll mean you lose ground. But I'd agree it's one that could lead to disappointment.

      1. Today will clinch it for me, if he smashes Chelsea than his form is the real deal, if he has a quiet one I will ignore him knowing that van Persie, Suarez and Giroud are in the goals now.

  15. What's the Hull defense?

  16. New Post
  17. Great weekend so far... 73 points with oscar, hazard, paulinho & vorm to play. Ranked 540th overall.
    I am going to FT Barkley for Hernandez this evening unless anyone can convince me otherwise?! Help please... Cheers

  18. AGUERO in! Sturridge OR Giroud OUT!!!

    is it worth it swapping Aguero for one of them?

    1. My third striker is Suarez

  19. Lallana or Brady for the next few weeks??

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