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Nine down, one to go as Swansea welcome Hull to the Liberty and hand us some Monday night football to sink our teeth into. Michael Laudrup’s side have offered Fantasy managers a strong source of points at both ends of the pitch in front of their own fans – three of the last four home games have produced a clean sheet and three goals or more for the Welsh outfit:

Jonjo Shelvey’s 14-point haul in the previous Gameweek saw the former Liverpool man earn himself over 161,000 new owners prior to the weekend deadline, though with Curtis Davies back on board after serving a one-match suspension, the Tigers will be hoping to turn in a resilient display.

The big news is that Michu is fit and available to lead the line for the hosts after recovering from ankle and knee problems. He replaces Alvaro Vazquez up top in one of three changes by Laudrup, as Gerhard Tremmel and Nathan Dyer come in for Michel Vorm and Alex Pozuelo. Robbie Brady drops out for the Tigers after a series of disappointing displays since returning from injury.

As always, our Dugout Discussion chatroom remains open right through to the final whistle.

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  1. I've got 1FT and I need to sell Chico. I'm looking for an ideal budget option to rotate with Ward. Burner rotates perfectly but I don't fancy Cardiffs defence as much as Hull who have an alright rotation. Chester is a bit cheaper too which is an important factor when assessing budget options. What do you guys think?

    Who to rotate with Ward?

    A) Chico -> Burner (excellent rotation)
    B) Chico -> Chester (good rotation)
    C) Something else

    1. Burner i ya man

    2. I'd rather have excellent rotation as opposed to good rotation

      1. I'd rather have a player from a team thats better at defending. Hull defence > Cardiff defence. Its an interesting scenario though. What do you go with, Rotation or defensive reputation?

    3. Look at Cardiff's home fixture up until now.

      Now look at their home fixtures from now until around GW30

      They will definitely improve their defence at home and I have a feeling though might turn their stadium into a fortress.

      1. Cheers for the heads up. I will look into it and measure it against Hull as well.

      2. Until now:

        City Everton Spurs Newcastle Swansea United Arsenal

        From now:

        WBA SOT SUN WHM NOR AVL HUL FUL until GW28 (inclusive)

        1. A quick look at the rotation with Hull tells me Ward is your man, unless you REALLY want to save 0.2

          1. I have Ward already and I'm only after someone who will be good till the end of January. Cardiff does rotate better with Palace and has better fixtures. But there isn't a whole lot in it. I'd be banking on them to pick up their home form.

            1. Sorry, should read:

              "A quick look at the rotation with Hull tells me Burner is your man, unless you REALLY want to save 0.2"

    4. I have Burner but would prefer Chester tbh

  2. I've had a look at the top 5 Captains choices for this week and their previous perfomances against their upcoming opposition. I looked back over the past 3 seasons, obviously Hazard hasn't played against QPR before and Lukaku's only had 1 full season with WBA:


    Aguero - Average 1.0ppg from Goals & Assists
    Suarez - Average 1.4ppg from Goals & Assists
    Lukaku - Average 2.0ppg from Goals & Assists
    Rooney - Average 4.4ppg from Goals & Assists
    Hazard -

    I also looked at the games where they were playing the team at the ground where they are this weekend (So Aguero Home to Arsenal, Suarez Away to Tottenham etc.):


    Aguero - Average 1.5ppg from Goals & Assists
    Suarez - Average 0.0ppg from Goals & Assists
    Lukaku - Average 4.0ppg from Goals & Assists
    Rooney - Average 0.0ppg from Goals & Assists
    Hazard -

    1. And?

      The answer?

      1. Rooney wins

        1. Based on the above stats, no he doesn't.

          1. 4 goals 2 assists? The bottom table being a waste of time?

            1. Not really a waste of time as we have seen with Aguero or Ozil's Home form, there are players that simply prefer playing at Home.

      2. Lukaku (C) for me, take from it what you will. Rooney could be a good pick but he hasn't produced the goods away to Villa in the past.

    2. Suarez mpg is best in europe, even better than ronaldo

    3. nice Analysis but HAZ plays PALACE, not QPR !

  3. Made it back to then top 10k at last. :) How you all doing?

    1. just overtook Forca :D

  4. if Chelsea doesn't keep CS vs Palace, I am kicking Terry out from my team, probably for Coleman.

    1. I'm kicking him either way. Only problem is, don't know who to get instead

  5. Ok, 71pts behind in ML.

    ML leader: Lukaku/Nasri/Ivan
    Me: Rooney/Sess/Terry

    ..those are the main differentials....we both have Kun/Suarez/Mign....both have 2 FT....

    What you reckon...gamble on Rooney(c), or just be thank full I own him?

    1. if i have Rooney in my team he would be my nailed on C for this gw

      1. Yeah, 12 goals in last 3 Villa/ManU games. Rvp scored hatty in April 2013 vs Villa!

      2. I have him!

        1. and i am jelaous

    2. make the most of the differential and captain Rooney

    3. i like the Roo C. surely moyes wants him to have a goal fest.

      1. Sound logic. Always avoid captaining a forward when his manager doesn't want him to score.

        1. I was thinking the same. Great minds and all that :)

    4. Take the gamble

      He may go Lukaku so differential anyway

      Rooney best option you have I reckon

      1. Thanks Tommy. Rooney vs Suarez for me.

    5. I am 67pts behind and going for Rooney. Rival will go for Suarez (who we both own) or Lukaku (I don't have him).

      1. Exact same position here.

    6. Hardly a gamble. Rooney is a solid pick for captaincy.

  6. What's up with Brady? Worth using the FT for a switch to Ravel or Fer?

    1. I would get him out asap, for Fer. I brought him in 2 weeks ago and very happy with the acquisition

    2. hull's 352 is bad news for him. livermore and huddlestone are nailed so he either plays left wingback instead of figueroa (unwise and unlikely) or attacking mid instead of meyler and koren (not unwise but meyler has been in good form lately, in a tough away game where they didnt expect much of the ball it made sense)

  7. who is your capitan for this gw?

    also is Lukaku on pens now when aguero is out?

    they only way i would consider him as C if he is on pens

    Suarez for me at this moment

    1. *Baines?


    2. Yeah Lukaku's on penalties for Everton when Aguero's not playing for Man City.

      1. baines obviously

      2. *sniggers

    3. Rooney (all owners should captain him)

    4. I imagine Lukaku would prob be on pens. Possibly Barry though. Think he used to take them for Villa?

      1. Baines - Lukaku - Aguero - Barry in that order would be my guess :)

  8. Will the person responsible for FPL flaggings be bringing Silva in this week? That was a very sly red to yellow flag change to ensure price drop, convenient some might say.

    1. The answer is no.

      1. The answer is yes. Thanks now.

    2. I believe FFS has a role to play in that...

      And Mark is looking to bring Silva in...


      1. Let's lock/delete the thread to add weight to the conspiracy.

      2. That's the kiss of death then.

  9. Could do with some transfer advice guys.. Split between just replacing Gerrard and saving a transfer or also getting an Everton defender in.. What would you do with my team?

    Evans / Burner / MOlsson
    Hazard / Sess / Ravel / Gerrard
    Rooney (c) / Aguero / Suarez

    Speroni / MOlsson / Jedinak / Koscielny

    2FT, 0.2 in the bank

  10. My team for the next GW looks great on paper...

    Howard (FUL)

    Chester (STO) Terry (CPL) Coleman (FUL)

    Ozil (mci) Ramsey (mci) Hazard (CPL) Redmond (SWA)

    Suarez (tot) Remy (SOT) Aguero (ARS)

    but the wrong captaincy could ruin my week. Going with Hazard, depending on the CL games

    1. i wouldnt say its great..leaning towards captaining haz myself

  11. New Post
  12. Brady and Gerrard in my midfield - and done my transfers already.

    A. Play Brady
    B. Brady / Gerrard > Fer / someone else for a -4

  13. You know you spend too much time playing fantasy football when...

  14. fixtures coming thick and fast now throughout december...who's on your must have list for fixtures/form until new year?

  15. Mignolet (K.Davis)
    Terry Evra Mertsacker (CLYNE, Parr)
    Shelvey Nasri Hazard Ramsey (Thomas)
    Lukaku Suárez Rooney (c)

    1 FT
    A) Thomas -> Oviedo
    B) Nasri -> Lampard
    C) Evra -> Coleman
    D) Any other suggestions

  16. Mignolet (K.Davis)
    Terry Evra Mertsacker (CLYNE, Parr)
    Shelvey Nasri Hazard Ramsey (Thomas)
    Lukaku Suárez Rooney (c)

    1 FT
    A) Thomas -> Oviedo
    B) Nasri -> Lampard
    C) Evra -> Coleman
    D) Davis -> Gazzaniga

  17. Pondering over my team this week. Struggling near 360,000 rank. I need a green arrow desperately. Do I need any changes in the team? Defense? Subs?

    Zab // Coleman // Baker
    Yaya // Hazard (VC) // Ramsey // Ravel
    Aguero // Suarez // Lukaku (C)

    Subs: Speroni // Brunt // Mertesacker // Walker
    0m in bank

    Thanks all for taking a look.

  18. Ratings out of 10? Planning to get this team ASAP (5 transfers away from it though).

    Howard, £4m

    Johnson, McAuley, Williams, Davies, Burner

    Hazard, Silva, Walcott, Ramsey, Redmond

    Suarez, Lukaku, Giroud

    1. Dunno about out of ten but i wouldn't have 3 Arsenal (namely Giroud) moving forward. Also by the time you that team, other players will have emerged and also Jan transfers could shake it all up!

      1. Very true mate :D I hope it falls into place so I can WC into (roughly) this team by the JAN WC.

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