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The community have been on the defensive this week as Fantasy managers look to freshen up their rearguard troops. Differentials, Everton’s kind run and the exact cost of a hit have also been among other key discussions taking place. We take a further look at what’s been buzzing, whilst catching up with the latest in our community leagues, congratulating some early season champions in the process.

The Hottest Topics

The resurgence of clean sheets for cheap defenders has produced a glut of defence minded research over the week as community members ponder the merits of diverting cash out of defence and bailing out on teams with a porous backline. In Tinkerman’s discussion on cheapening defences Festive Demel was full of beans for his cheap as chips defensive setup that includes Crystal Palace’s Julián Speroni and Danny Gabbidon, as well as Cardiff’s Ben Turner and David Marshall.

Keith meanwhile knows exactly what he wants for Christmas in defence; a collection of clean sheets from Everton. He has been looking at the virtues of two of their key players Phil Jagielka and Sylvan Distin and how they fare under the Bonus Points System in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game.

Everton’s kind run has also turned Evs’s head. He asks not whether we should be investing in their ranks, but how many of their players we should be getting. Seamus Coleman, Romelu Lukaku have been mainstays of Optimus’s team but he also pledged to invest in goalkeeper Tim Howard going into Gameweek 16.

Among our most popular posts was 7ShadesOfSmoke’s look at picking the right differentials. With Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez and now at least one Everton defender in most squads, the search for an effective differential has never been more pertinent. He recommends midfielders with a proven track record who are coming back from injury – pre-empting the returns we’ve seen from Theo Walcott and David Silva this weekend.

Just how much is an Fantasy Premier League (FPL) hit worth? Monkey Hanger has been rifling through the figures and thinks he’s worked it out. His analysis shows that for those with a FPL rank of around 550,00 a hit will cost 20,000 places and those with a rank of around 1,000 are set to struggle to stay in the top 2,000. His research does come with a huge caveat though; if the hit pays off the rise up the rankings can be nothing short of spectacular.

The Community Leagues

A few of our community competitions have reached a nailbiting conclusion over the last couple of weeks. Co-league host Thomass67 has emerged victorious to win Thomass and Peppie&Felix’s Friends Life T20 H2H competition.

The Solomon Islands have scooped the coveted FFS Beach Soccer World Cup prize after defeating Brazil in the grand finale during Gameweek 15. The organisers tell us that ironically it was the Solomon Islands management’s faith in the Brazil and Spurs midfielder Paulinho that won them the competition.

In Fifa Las Vegas’s Championship style league Somebody’s Gonna Get Lit Up emerged as the overall winner.

Well done to all this season’s champions to this point.

Those who registered an overall rank below 2,000,000 over the first five Gameweeks have found some comfort in Heels Over Heads’s “Worst To First – 2 Million+ Club”. Bales of Fury now sits in 90,918th and takes first place in the tournament, as well as the accolade as the first league member to enter the top 100,000.

Meanwhile in Torres Magic’s Last Man Standing competition Whoisme topped the league with a score of 85 at the end of Gameweek 15 and another 42 were axed, leaving 446 survivors. Details of his leagues can be found here.

The leaders of In Tommy We Trust‘s All Things leagues are Evs, Bootsy, Athletico Timbo, Crouch Potato, Chazza and Koneheads.


The FFS Paddy Power Cup was back in action for Gameweek 16 – we hope to have the results and draw with you for Tuesday this week.

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  1. Will Aguero drop tonight? Not sure how the yellow flag affects price change...

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Looks very likely

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. yes he will drop.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. Ok thanks. Not sure whether to ship for Negredo or wait...

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    4. Damn knee jerkers! He might only be out for 1 game! why risk the 0.5m

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. 1) Didn't look like the kind of injury that would last only a week
        2) Whilst he is an exceptional player, he is injury prone, and it's not unlikely he may suffer further niggles anyway
        3) TV is 109.8 so not the end of the world
        4) Even if I was to get Aguero back in 2 weeks, for example, I think Negredo & Walcott will score more points in two weeks than Sessegnon & Barkley

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    5. Only on 81%, so don't think so.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. He was on +68% yesterday he'll definitely drop tonight

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
      2. Guess it depends on the proportion of transfers that happen after 9pm...does Totalfpl update hourly do you know? thanks

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  2. Won another £5 free bet thanks to TFPL 'Outrank Frank'

    Franks terrible haha.

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  3. Told you guys about Welbeck

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. and Paulinho.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. When was that? After paulinho (c) post

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Paulinho failed. So did fletcher. I got 6/8 picks right, not bad.

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. How did those work out for you, my guess 57

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
          1. Unless he grows a pair and links his team, we'll never know,

            • 1 year, 6 days ago
            1. Claimed he was on 44 before today

              • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. you did, so congrats for playin him

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Thank you.

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    4. Told you about Suarez.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. I'll be laughing when he leaves in January. OK its gonna suck not having him against Cardiff next week but then city and chelsea away then he elaves so why would I bring him in now?

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    5. Yeah he totally showed Suarez how its done ;)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  4. Has anyone been talking about Raheem time again? Looking back in the team on regular basis at 4.9
    Might cash in 3 point max barkley

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Been thinking about it. But I might do it for ravmo as West ham don't look like scoring

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. yep i think it looks solid until WC

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. I'm sure there'll be lots of chat, he's viable but not consistent enough to rival the likes of hazard rambo etc. A benching dilemna in the making perhaps against mci and che.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Wouldn't be instead of hazard, was thinking after those games, maybe in WC

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
      2. at 4.9 i wouldnt expect him to be lol, but as a cheapie 5th or rotating pair, he looks like good value for a wee while

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
      3. At 4.9 he doesn't need to be a rival to Hazard and Ramsey.

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. Im not sure everyone will see it that way. If you're getting him in for the bench you don't want to be sacrificing a transfer or -4 for no reason. I imagine most on here have the aguero situation to deal with first.

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Found it in about 1 second.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Took me around 2. Does this affect GW ranking?

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. found it

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. Is it the one at the top?

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    4. 10 seconds 8-)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    5. Liars!!!

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. 2/3rds of the way down in the centre ;)

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. Yeah, but that took you 4.76 minutes!

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
    6. What's the point? It's not even hidden.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  5. Pants likely to be dropped now?

    And how many points do we think Wally will get against Chelsea?

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Just cause you beat me in H2H doesn't mean you can steal my jokes :)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. What joke? :)

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. Wally against Chelsea one, calling giroud a Wally ;)

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
            • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  6. AGUERO -78% WOW!!! :(

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. -82.8 ;)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. ooof gonna be close tonight

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  7. does fletcher look a viable option in the utd midfield? not a utd fan but made up for the guy coming back after what he's been through.

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  8. Here is my strategy with Augero.

    We all dont know how long he will be out for... so risk him one week on the bench. If the news tells us he will be out for longer, we now have 2 free transfers for the week.

    With a 12 million price tag, you can get in two good replacements anywhere on your team.

    What makes this strategy even better is you will enter gameweek 18 with 2 FT when the cup starts

    Let's not knee jerk dudes and dudettes

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. 2 free transfers for the following week*

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. we all wont have 2fts

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. if you dont transfer this week. You will have 2 for gameweek 18 - the fantasy cup starts then

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. Not sure I agree, with that dosh rather attempt to upgrade in areas,wc just around the corner.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. If augero plays next week. You still have the 2 fts - I guess the fantasy cup is a lottery anyway, lots of good teams knocked out by Ghost teams

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. Should have news on that before he drops hopefully. I have a very strong hunch he won't be in the squad next week.

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
            • 1 year, 6 days ago
    4. Som eof us already have 2ft

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. haha good job, I find it difficult not to use it every week

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. I usually know what you mean :). 1 ft is a guidline

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
  9. Sean4 is in the house! I love him.

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. kindred spirit eh? ;-)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. Like how everyone is bringing up Paulinho and Fletcher but ignoring all my other picks. (Everyone else scored)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. CAPTAIN Paulinho, no less. Well, -2 less.

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. I also recommended captain Welbeck, Walcott and Torres.

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
          • 1 year, 6 days ago
        2. Paulinho was unlucky Spurs had such a poor performance. No one could predict spurs would be so awful.

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
          1. I think a lot of Spurs fans weren't too shocked.

            • 1 year, 6 days ago
            1. Liverpool really aren't even that good. Swansea will finish abover Spurs genuinly have a better team.

              • 1 year, 6 days ago
      2. What are your predictions for next week?

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
        1. Suarez hatrick.

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
        2. Also Fulham to Beat City 2-1 with bERBATOV GETTING AT LEAST 1

          • 1 year, 6 days ago
        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  10. 2FT.

    If I go Aguero -> Lukaku

    Who should I upgrade to Silva out of:

    1) Redmond
    2) Januzaj
    3) Morrison


    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Januzaj, he's the most rotation prone and you don't want that at this time of year. Having said that you might want to try and find out when Pilkington is due back from injury as that will affect Redmond's minutes significantly.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Cheers Milanista, good idea

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  11. Bummer i can't afford sterling right now.

    It's not a good idea but I'm thinking of 3-5-2, and ditching aguero for a benched forward and having a midfield of


    i can have any midfielder though, and i pick Sterling. I have no city coverage and no chelsea coverage and i pick sterling. I thought he was brilliant today and gave liverpool what walcott gives arsenal, he was running past the fullback like he wasn't there. And he can get in one on one positions to score.

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  12. Aorry doos, just realized you have no Suarez due to principals. I don't agree but I respect that.

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. what principles?

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. Cheers, mate! No worries. :-)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Shame - you has an amazing day yesterday - if Suarez settles for a normal 5-6 points you are golden.

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. Principle don't win you anything in FPL.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  13. Nasri still a decent pick?

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. silva imo

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  14. HVT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    I'm taking a - 8 please help :
    Gazza /Davis
    Mert / Coleman / Jevan / burner /Chester
    Rambo /Ozil /Hazza / Brady / Joniesta
    Aguero / Suarez / Lucky
    1.3 itb / 1 ft

    A- Aguero /Brady / Joniesta > Negredo /silva / Johnson(av dead)
    B - Aguero / Brady / Jevsn > Negredo / Silvs / Ward
    C - Aguero / Brady / Mert > Negredo / Silva / ward

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  15. Just checking my team value and noticed Suarez was 10.9 when I got him

    Seems unbelievable now that he was that cheap

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. same ere

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  16. Hmmm ...

    We are not going to be allowed the time.

    Decisions, decisions ...

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Ooo - I have 0.1 in hand on both sales!!! Happy days!!! :-D

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. Berbatov love is in the air.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    3. im just lettin him drop doos, im not makin another early decision

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. I can afford - see above!

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
    4. Hooper if you want to go wild.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. Not today, thank you! :-)

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  17. Need a defender 4.8 or cheaper shall I just get Flanagan as I will only be playing this week anyway

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. yeah him or luke shaw - not sure how much he is atm

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  18. Might as well be a good time to thank all on here who've helped me out and given me advice over the past few months. Took me from pos 2,406,607 (a mouthful, yes) to 754,000. Not what you're used to seeing here but brilliant nonetheless considering I joined a week late (long story)

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. Great effort. Keep it up :)

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  19. Ok so what's the general view here?

    Team is

    Walker Coleman Ivanovic Fonte Gabbidon
    Hazard Ramsey Ravel Redmond Jedinak
    Aguero Lukaku Suarez

    Do Aguero Jedinak this week to

    a) Negredo Walcott (will get Silva* for Redmond GW 19 vs CRY)
    b) Rooney Silva (will get Walcott* Ward for Redmond Walker GW 20 vs CAR)

    *I can get Silva / Walcott a week earlier but it will be for a hit.

    Appreciate the help. Cheers

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  20. A) Negredo, Walcott
    B) Negredo, Silva
    C) Chamakh, Silva, Walcott [-4]
    D) Negredo, Fernandinho
    E) Negredo, Nasri
    F) Gouffran, Fenandinho, Walcott/Silva [-4]

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  21. Who scores more next GW:

    A. Pantilimon[ful] OR DDG[WHM] -4pts

    B. Chester[wba] OR Evra[WHM] -4pts

    C. Michu[EVE] OR Walcott[CHE] -4pts

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
      • 1 year, 6 days ago
      1. But none worth a hit

        • 1 year, 6 days ago
  22. hahah this Augero talk is crazy. For those of you keeping him, like me. It will be tempting to captain him with everyone shipping him out

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  23. Where did the Walcott bandwagon go?

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
    1. It is Ya-yaing up and down, at the mo ...

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
    2. Hasn't really got going. I hope his ownership stays nice and low.

      • 1 year, 6 days ago
  24. I hate the idea of giving in to the Yaya death star gravitational pull, but I really need to be doing better in this f'ing game.

    Have 10mill to spend on a mid. Have Ozil, Ramsey, Whitt, Barkley and shipping out Shelvey.

    Yaya, Silva or Walcott?

    • 1 year, 6 days ago
  25. New to fantasy trying to beat some friends
    my starting 11




    Rooney/Suarez(Aguero- wanted to keep him till hes back to fitness)

    whay do you guys think, any suggestions on who to play next gameweek?


    • 1 year, 6 days ago

Scout Picks

For Gameweek 17

  • Lloris
  • Zabaleta
  • Ivanovic
  • Cresswell
  • Sánchez
  • Eriksen
  • Y Touré
  • Downing
  • Bony
  • van Persie
  • Austin
  • Evans
  • Nasri
  • Carroll

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