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Sunday brings the Gameweek to a close with a trio of matches featuring an array of Fantasy talent. Things get rolling with a pair of lunchtime kick-offs, as Villa host United and Swansea make the trip to Carrow Road to face Chris Hughton’s Norwich. That’s followed by the headline act, as Andre Villas-Boas looks to continue the Spurs revival against a Liverpool unit weakened by a string of injuries.

While the press will be focused on David Moyes, Fantasy managers will be more interested in Wayne Rooney’s performance. With a potential absence for Sergio Aguero looming, the United striker could make himself “essential” over the Christmas period if he can produce in the midlands. With Michu expected to earn a run-out at Norwich, we’ll have the opportunity to assess whether he can join both David Silva and Theo Walcott on our midfield Christmas list, while at 4pm, all eyes will be on Luis Suarez as he looks to overcome the absence of skipper Steven Gerrard and strike partner Daniel Sturridge against the Spurs back four.

Look to our Twitter feed for the latest teamsheet bulletins, while our Dugout Discussion chatroom is now open and will remain available throughout today’s three fixtures.

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  1. Guys, why was Bannan subbed off at 50mins?

    1. Playing shite.

    2. was he , damn another problem

    3. too short

  2. Next week 100% for Suarez in the captain poll?

  3. GOAL


  4. If Liverpool beat Cardiff,they could be top on Xmas day.

  5. May have just done the following

    for a -12

    Aguero -> Rooney
    Ozil -> Wally
    Morrison -> Silva.

    Leaves me with the following

    Migs (Lewis)

    Coleman / Mert / Terry / ( Rosenior / Ward )

    Silva / Fer / Hazard / Walcott / ( JWP )

    Lukaku / Rooney / Suarez.

    So all in all -12 but I'm happy with that team.
    Hit me folks.

    1. May have? How do you not know?

      1. 4 transfers registered.

  6. Hey guys!

    What do u think about sell Kun & Kasami --> Negredo and Henderson?

    1. wait for aguero scan results

    2. Maybe Mirallas instead? depends on those prices I suppose.

      1. Mirallas would be nice, but have allready 3 toffees. Made that Migs to Howard move allso :D

  7. Thoughts on this for a -8. Brady (ugh), Ozil + Kun > Silva, Walcott + Negredo. 0.1 wriggle room when Brady drops tonight but don't want to risk Kun dropping as well

    Not overly happy taking a hit to replace Ozil but needs must and I would take a double digit hit to get rid of Brady!!!

    Leaves me with...

    Panty (4.0)
    Mert Distin Vlaar Ward B.Turner
    Wally Silva Hazard Ramsey Ravel
    Suarez Rooney Negredo

  8. Suarez scores more than my fifa my player

    1. Fact: Suarez has more goals than at least 7 other players

  9. Outside chance Aguero will fall today.. was 55% around 45 mins ago.. now 69% :shock:
    Just a heads up

    1. can afford 1 drop

  10. new post

    1. Thanks for the link.

      Too busy scrambling for the first post to actually make yourself useful?

  11. Suarez is playing really well atm.

    I'm sure Florentino Perez is delighted.

  12. Aguero, Brady, Terry -> Neggo, Wally, Evansy

    1. Can you wait until tomorrow - I know Brady is dropping?

  13. Best GK for 5.7 from GW18? Marshall?

    1. Mannone

  14. new post

  15. Four points separate Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, City and Everton. :) Could be very exciting if it doesn't concertina out towards the end of the season. Every week will be drama

  16. I'm thinking about the below transfer if Aguero is out for an extended period of time.

    Aguero, Brady and Ramsey to Berbatov, Walcott and Hazard. (-8)

    I have 2.3 in the bank and the below team.

    Howard, Harper
    A. Williams, Coleman, Shaw, B. Turner, Gabbidon
    Ozil, Silva, Whittingham, Ramsey, Brady
    Aguero, Lukaku, Suarez

    I feel the other realistic options are Aguero and Brady to Negredo and Walcott or Aguero and Brady to Rooney and Cabaye.

  17. Marshall
    Distin Ivanovic Chester (clyne baker)
    Ozil Ramsey Hazard Brady (delph)
    Lukaku Aguero Suarez (C.)

    A or B???

    A) Aguero and Ozil --> Rooney and Silva (keeping brady) FREE 2FT

    B) Aguero brady ivanovic ---> Rooney Silva gabbidon (-4)

    1. A)

      Did i saw right that Rooney played little more than usually below today? I mean, he dropped more and make the play on midfield. I am afraid he is going bad direction on fantasywise. Am i wrong?

  18. Here is my gameplan:

    GW 17:
    Lallana, Aguero → Negredo, Walcott [-4]

    GW 18:
    Fonte → Chester

    GW 19:
    Lovren → Turner

    GW 20 or 21:
    Negredo → Aguero

    This juggling will actually enable me to acquire Walcott and drop some dead weight. If Aguero never got injured; I could not risk pulling off a move like this and would have to remove someone like Toure or Rooney for Walcott.

    This is a blessing in disguise for me.

    That leaves me with the following in the new year:

    Howard, Myhill
    Jagielka, Distin, Turner, Chester, Baker
    Toure, Ramsey, Walcott, Bacuna, Meyler
    Suarez, Aguero, Rooney

    My only unresolved concern would be as to how I can upgrade Bacuna (4.7m) and Meyler (4.3m); as they are dragging me down; but not an immediate concern.

    Do I take a hit?

    Do I wait until GW 20 or 21 and make a move?

    Do I alter the plan?


  19. Overall rank of 15k..
    Onwards and upwards

  20. Lovren Januzaj Aguero > Gabbidon Silva Rooney

    Good move for -8 lads?

  21. This is it.

    Aguero to:
    a) Negredo
    b) Rooney

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