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Strikers preoccupied the community this week, with replacements for the injured Sergio Aguero being sought and Fantasy managers wondering if Luis Suarez would go on to make Fantasy Football history. Elsewhere, we examine how those early kick-off myths were dispelled once and for all and take time to catch up with the latest goings-on in our community tournaments.

The Hottest Topics

Sergio Aguero’s calf injury and subsequent month-long lay off shook up the community’s frontlines this week. As we hurriedly looked to replace the Manchester City striker, Nice To Finally Michu was on hand to weigh up the replacements.

The Sarjeant was also looking at Aguero replacements, but instead focusing on some key differential options. Gary Hooper and Dimitar Berbatov were among those he was eyeing up. In RonH’s post, Negredo emerged as the ready-made replacement for Aguero. Ronh rolled out statistics and fixture analysis to construct a convincing case, portraying the Spaniard as the clear standout option.

City’s midfield assets the focus of Your Mum’s Athletic‘s hot topic. He examined the merits of Yaya Toure and David Silva, with the Ivory Coast international having the edge, based on his analysis.

Luis Suarez was not put forward as a replacement for Aguero, mainly because of the assumption that he’s already a mainstay in our lineups. The Uruguyan continues to look unstoppable and, given that most will be captaining him for the foreseeable future, we asked how Fantasy managers can counter the Suarez effect. Will was amongst those to chip in, citing investment in midfield with a cheaper defence as a potential route of exploration.

The 3rd Turd is so impressed with Suarez’s displays that he even believes he will become the first Fantasy Premier League player to breach the 300 points barrier. His trip down memory lane looking back on the previous season’s top points scorers proved one of the most popular posts this week.

Finally, our watchlist guru, Green Windmill, found some time to finally prove that the results of the early kick-offs are no different to those at other times. Of course, we knew that all along but that won’t stop us letting the live cameras have their say when it comes to our transfers.

The Community Tournaments

Breaching the top 100,000 seemed like an impossible dream at the start of the season for those taking part in HeelsOverHead’s Worst to First 2 Million Club, for teams with an overall rank below 2,000,000 in the first five Gameweeks. However, Bales of Fury has already achieved that landmark feat, and was sitting pretty with a rank of 72,143 going into Gameweek 17. Seven teams are in the top 250,000 and in poll position to mirror his achievement.

In TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing league, 35 managers departed during Gameweek 16, leaving 411 to fight another day. To join TM’s upcoming midseason leagues, click here.

Those leading In Tommy We Trust’s All Things leagues are Evs, Bootsy, Athletico Timbo, Crouch Potato, Wslnpt and Koneheads. Tony Hibbert is the favourite to lift Tommy’s AT50Q competition trophy after going into Gameweek 17 with an overall rank of 570.

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  1. Is the game going to get cancelled tonight? :(

    1. Syd

      No. The worse of the weather is forecast for this morning.

      1. But the localised flooding it's expected to cause will disrupt transport links for days.

        1. Syd

          It's a local derby so fans don't have much travelling to do

          1. Last year's boxing day game between Arsenal and West Ham was postponed because of Tube strikes ( ).

            I don't have any idea whether it will go ahead or not. All I'm saying is that transport links are what matter and they'll be affected for longer than just the weather being bad.

    2. Boxing Days might :)

      Delay your FT ;)

      1. Yaaay! I like it when games get cancelled!

        You, my friend, deserve some Thomas The Tank Engine.

        Here you go buddy, here you go. :)

        1. Yay :)

      2. tw

        why's that?

        1. So if any games get cancelled, you can use your FT to ensure your team is affected less.

  2. Syd

    Is Luke Shaw injured????

    1. He was ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Illness

    3. He was ill but it had the same effect as an injury, 0 points. He's as flaky as they come but people love him for some reason.

      1. Syd

        I don't love I just have him in my FPL team and I'm down to the bare bones atm

      2. Because he's been the best LB this season

    4. No - check out his tweets. ps Nice barkley off the bench points incoming!

      1. There is no justice.

  3. Current Front 7 + 5th Mid Options:

    5th = 5th Choice Mid, E = Essential

    Arsenal: Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott

    Chelsea: Hazard

    Everton: Barkley (5th), Mirallas, Lukaku

    Liverpool: Henderson (5th), Sterling (5th), Suarez (E)

    Man City: Negredo, Silva, Yaya

    Man Utd: Januzaj (5th) Rooney (E)

    I really think this is our selection until Aguero returns. Posted this last night, what do people think ?

    1. I think the optimum is:

      Ramsey Silva Hazard Ozil* Barkley

      Rooney Negredo* Suarez

      Currently I have:

      Ramsey Silva Hazard Nasri* Barkley

      Rooney Lukaku* Suarez

    2. maybe could add a couple of NewCtl Mids into that mix for 5th spot? Sissoko starting to come good again imo.

      1. I think with Newcastle I would only want a defender atm. Krul, Debuchy or Williamson. Maybe Santon.

    3. haha i personally dun tink rooney is essential..only essential out of the lots is suarez..and i may attempt a 352 formation if it turns out that the strikers are not performing as consistent as i hope

    4. Currently,

      Ozil, Ramsey, Barkley, Yaya, Lallana,

      Suarez, Rooney, Lukaku

      Thinking of either doing Ozil, Ramsey > Walcott, Hazard but not sure that's even necessary. Guess it spreads it out a little more.

  4. Why is Mourinho playing Azpilcueta instead of Cole at LB? Does he not want clean sheets?

    Another strange management decision.

    1. England and Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole, 33, will wait and see whether he plays more regularly in the second half of the season before deciding whether to retire in the summer :shock:

    2. Cole hasn't been as consistent recently, and has shown signs of dipping.

      His attitude has also reportedly been "off".

      1. If only Chelsea were keeping cleanies, Azpi would be a fabulous price

      2. I don't think he has played enough to have any consistency this season. The attitude thing could be a possibility. Jose has a habit of turning some players against him though, and then being stubborn about it and freezing them out to make a point.

    3. Cole over Azpil will not result in CS for CHE. Cole was as nailed on as Evra at MUN, and on the decline just not as noticeable as Evra.

      1. WC defence:Colman Chester Burner Ward Bardsley

        heavy hitting mids/strikers

        Its the future I tell ya

      2. Not as simple as CS because he is in the team but he provides more resilience at the back and is a natural LB.

    4. Cole went to the Arsenal xmas bash and has been benched because of it.

      1. He has been getting benched since the start of November...

  5. RMT Pleeeease:

    Cahill - Vidic - Burner
    Hazard - Walcott - Silva - Whittingham
    Negredo - Suarez - Berbatov

    Daniels - Amalfi - Chester - Bardsley

    1FT, 1.7m in the bank.

    Should I:

    A) Berba ---> Adebayor
    B) Amalfi ---> Barkley
    C) Vidic ---> Evans
    D) Save It.

    1. Syd

      A..... Do it now

    2. Id sell Cahill & Vidic

    3. Different I like it but would do A

    4. I agree with SYD. Do A, now!

    5. How injured is Berba? Does he come straight back in when fit. Is he injured

    6. Certainly A, wouldn't do any others

    7. Berbs might play in the Norwich game but Ade is tempting

    8. Cheers guys......might just have to accept that the Berba Bus stalled and suffered engine failure before even leaving the depot :-(

    9. A for me

    10. Save it

  6. With the news that Baines is now available anyone tempted to double up with him and Coleman?
    Martinez loves his full backs to bomb on plus Everton have good fixtures till the wildcard ends.

    1. Coleman's attacking threat to be dented by baines' s return?

      1. Doubt it, Oviedo had plenty of threat so surely Baines will too. The problem with Baines is he would be very hard for most to transfer in in one move

      2. that's what I hope as a Coleman non-owner...

    2. v expensive, but could be good diff now............

      1. think im gonna do it, ive still got vertonghen so its easy enough and as you say, a great differential

    3. no way, far too expensive

    4. Nice thinking, think he might be eased in around early Jan myself. What I want to know is why has he not dropped more ? only 0.2 since he got injured and that with over 400k transferring him out !

      1. thats the worry especially as Oviedo has done well, other way of looking at it is Baines will play 65 mins thus increasing his cs potential haha

    5. will be happy to pay an extra 1m more to get an extra penalty taker into the team..not to mention his set pieces

  7. How many matches must Howard and Silva avoid yellow cards?

      1. Thanks!

    1. I think it's two (boxing day + weekend)

      I'm very nervous that Silva might pick up one against Liverpool and miss Palace at home

      1. He'll probably miss it anyway as it's only 2 days after the Liverpool game. Not that he'll do anything as I now own him :roll:

  8. Is anyone else pretending to work today?

    1. Big time. Start a new job in the new year - and my last official day of current work is tomorrow. I've been on auto-pilot for over a week.

    2. Me!

    3. I'm going in but I hope to have nothing to do when I get there :)

    4. I always pretend to work

  9. All set?


    Merts - Coleman - Evans ( Baker - Moxey )

    Hazard (vc) - Silva - Ramsey - Snodgrass ( Ravel )

    Suarez - Rooney - Lukaku (c)

    Still unsure whether to captain Lukaku/Hazard/Suarez.... or whether to play Baker (PAL) or not?

  10. What are the popular goalkeeper picks until the Jan WC?

    I want to ditch Mignolet... Possibly for Howard.

    Which budget GK should I consider? McGregor (not this week)? Marshall?

    1. Mannone, Marshall, Speroni.

    2. Krull but maybe Ruddy for the price

  11. Site Formatting Issues?

    Just checking, is anyone still having trouble with the formatting of the site? It was coming out in basic formatting on some platforms and wanted to check whether anyone else was having any issues.

    1. If they are, can they mail us at with details of their browser and perhaps even a screenshot of what they're seeing.

      Also, try emptying your browser cache and re-checking. Thanks.

      1. tw

        yupp, I'm still having that too on and off

        using chrome fwiw

    2. Nope, perfect for me here!

    3. Its OK for me

    4. I had it once yesterday, but refreshed the screen and it went fine again immediately.

      Not had a problem since.

  12. On train to Manchester to hand in my PhD thesis. 212 pages and 4 years of mental work and worry, never thought I'd see the day. So relieved. Walking on air.

    Thanks for your support fellow FFSers, you know who you are. This feels better than Walcott scoring a hattrick...

    OK I went too far.

    Maybe Coutinho getting an assist.

    1. Congrats mate. What a Christmas present!

    2. Well done mate, I hope it's everything you wanted it to be.

      Great timing also ;)

    3. stay away from open windows on the train !

    4. All the best mate!
      Kudos to your juggling of FFS and the thesis at the same time. Working on my masters project report now. Though it might not come anywhere near yours, i can still understand the hell you have gone through.

    5. Congrats mate!

      I think the Wally hatty is the more likely of the two options there ;)

    6. Congratulations. Never done a PhD, but know people who have - pretty special effort. I am sure Walcott will help you out.

    7. tw

      CONGRATS!!!!! you deserve it mate :D

    8. hmm do will you change your grav to Dr Isacki

    9. Nicely done, congrats mate. Merry Christmas.

  13. A) Brady and Gabbidon to Mirallis and Williamson/Debuchy
    B) Brady and Gabbidon to Cabaye and Caulker
    C) Just trade Brady to Mirallis/Cabaye/Lallana and not take a hit

    Thoughts would be great

    1. Brady > Cabaye for definite.

      Gabbidon > Debuchy sounds good too.

    2. C - with Mirallas/Cabaye for me.

  14. New Post
  15. Chaps, new to the site.

    Got the following team for GW 18

    Migs (Harper)
    Williamson / Coleman / Turner (Chambers / Clyne)
    Yaya / Ramsey / Fer / Ozil (Ward-Prowse)
    Rooney (VC) / Lukaku / Suarez (C)

    I have £1.3 in the bank and im thinking of Cabaye for Fer because of the two home games and form.

    What do you think?

    Much appreciated

  16. Got 2 FT and £0.8m. Want to take pants out and feel that defence is underperforming and midfield needs more quality. Any advice?

    Pantilimon, Gazzaniga
    Kos, Terry, Dawson, Baker, Clyne
    Cabaye, Ozil, Barkley, Ramsey, Ward-Prowse
    Rooney Suarez Lukaku

  17. best combo of krul, mannone, bardsley and williamson?

  18. Need to get rid of boruc and aguero

    Should I get
    A) schezney and lukaku
    B)Howard and Wellbeck

    Any other keeper/striker suggestions are welcome


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