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Manchester United have this evening confirmed that Wayne Rooney is carrying a toe injury, seemingly making him a major doubt for the trip to Newcastle on Saturday. After hours of rumour on Twitter, the club have posted their own tweets on the subject, quoting David Moyes who goes on to indicate that Rooney could also be a doubt for Wednesday’s Champions League second leg with Bayern.

“He’s got a terrible toe. Not only is it a problem for this game, it could be a problem for the Munich match. We need to monitor it. We’ll get him treatment all over the weekend and see if we can speed it up.”

Meanwhile, Twitter is awash with screenshots of both the Times and the Sun back pages who look set to carry the story in tomorrow morning’s editions. Earlier this evening a story, first posted at 6pm on the Manchester Evening News site, reported the injury but was hastily removed. The article has now returned following the official tweets from Old Trafford.

The Evening News article includes further quotes from the United boss…

“There is not an awful lot you can do with a toe injury. Sometimes you can feel better quite quickly with them and sometimes you need an injection to play with it if it is bruising. With a lot of toe injuries you have to make sure there isn’t a hairline fracture or crack in your toe. We will have all that checked.”

Given the statements from Moyes and the importance of Wednesday’s second leg in Germany, the chances of Rooney taking to the field at St James’ Park look remote to say the least. The United boss appears to indicate that the striker will undergo treatment for the injury in a bid to have him available for the Bayern tie. The injury may not be severe. It could, of course, be a smokescreen to protect Rooney in preparation for the midweek tie but, regardless, this will likely see Danny Welbeck or even Javier Hernandez lead the line in the North East.

Rooney was included in our Scout Picks earlier today and has been bought by over 25,000 Fantasy Premier League managers so far this Gameweek. However, with a blank to follow in Gameweek 34, he’s now set to suffer significant sales.

Reluctantly, we’ve made the decision to edit the Scout Picks graphic following this news for fear of misleading visitors who may not have digested this news. We have left the original copy on the Scout Picks article intact, however.

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  1. hey all, about to head out for the night (9 pm here)

    here's my team:
    Baines - Ivan - Zaba
    Yaya - Nasri - Gerrard - Haz
    Suarez - Lukaku - Sturridge

    and here's the team of my league leader who is 67 points ahead:
    Cahill - Coleman - Sagna
    Lallana - Yaya - Gerrard - Haz
    Sturridge - JRod - Suarez


    so who do you think I should cap? I'm pretty sure he'll cap Suarez and he hasn't made any transfers yet..

    thanks in advance!

    1. Well.. its hard to remove the band away from :F .

    2. Basically youre looking for nasri to explode. tough this week man. Captain Suarez or Hazard if youre gutsy

      1. yep looks like it..

    3. not a hard decision imo,suarez.

      1. yep, or possibly Hazard/Yaya

    4. don't cap suarez. cattermole will beat him imo

      1. are you Jesus?

      2. Gonna have to start looking at the times of these posts more often ;)

  2. Which to start:

    A. Ward (car)
    B. Coleman (ARS)


      1. Don't see arsenal scoring? Everton just don't look the same defensively with Jags out.

        1. I don't see Cardiff not scoring and Coleman is more attacking than Ward.

          1. Actually reading the latest comments on the board it looks like a lot will be benching Coleman so could be a decent mini differential.

            1. Good Luck. :P

  3. GW33 Preview & Tips:


    Once again another guest writer, another one of our own!

    Philman takes the stage as he discusses:

    -Captaincy contenders
    -CS Predictions
    -His ideal starting XI picks

    **Obviously this was written before the Rooney news**

    Enjoy! :)

    1. Cheers Acqua :)

      Don't back Chelsea for a cleanie?

      1. Phil's pick my friend :)

        I really hope Chelsea do, have 2 defenders.

        1. Who would you be backing for CSs?

    2. Cheers mate! :D

    3. Good work mate, as always :grin:

    1. Who am i winking at???

      1. These days you would wink at anything :-P

  4. Guys, Can I please have some views on this team?

    Mannone (Boruc)
    Baines, Coleman, Ivanovic
    Yaya, Hazza, Nasri, AJ
    Suarez, Sturridge, Lukaku

    Bench: Ward, Flanagan, JWP

    Got 1 FT..Would you change anything or G2G? Bench in order or I should start Ward ?

    1. Good to go.

      1. So Everton duo defense over Ward & Flanagan?

        1. Yeah probably. Flanagan first sub IMO.

          1. Leaning towards that way after his performance in last match

    2. If you read the last page you will know what i will say and what Innsie will say. :D

      1. You two...get a room or..take it outsie...right now :-P

  5. is kaboul nailed on for rest of season?...dawson was recently dropped in favour of him so would kaboul is higher up the pecking order....not sure the impact of chiriches

  6. There are two FFS members standing before you: Innsie and Blue Lion. One always lies; the other always tells the truth. Of course, you don’t know which is which. You can ask only one question to save your life. What should you ask?

    1. If I were to ask the other who the liar is, who would they indicate?

      1. The correct answer is: Who to Bench, Coleman or Ward?

          1. No, Ward!

  7. Innsie..you know what's Ironical? I have Coleman and no Ward! :D
    Have Speroni though.

    1. And I have Ward and no Coleman! :lol: :lol:

      1. ROFLMAO!!
        This should go down as one of the best moments in FFS! :P

        1. Haven't laughed this much in a while :lol:

          Bookmark this and we'll look back at it in a few weeks :D

          1. I can see imminent red cards for both Coleman and Ward now :lol:

            1. Don't you go pooping between 2 love birds :-P

      2. :lol:

        Absolutely crazy

      3. GTS

        I'll settle this.
        Bench both! :D

  8. Can someone tell me which teams are DGW in GW34 and which teams have blanks? Thanks in advance.

    1. DGW
      Sunderland, Man City, Everton, Crystal Palace

      Hull, Man Utd.

  9. Who is on penalties for Manchester United now?

    1. Might be Mata

      1. He's going to take them from the bench?

        1. If he starts.

    2. Doesn't Mata

    3. I would guess at either Mata or Evra.

    4. Giggs or Carrick

  10. Who should I play amongst these 4?

    a. Baker
    b. Chester
    c. AJ
    d. Livermore

    1. AJ + Baker

    2. Hmmm for me, it would be AJ.

      1. bench risk?

  11. GW33 Captain and Vice Captain Poll:

    1) Captain - Suarez

    2) Vice Captain- Silva
    My VC is actually the one that I wanted to Captain but too scared of not captaining Suarez.

    What about everyone else? Are you guys the same as me? :D

    1. Captain - Suarez
      Vice Captain - Holtby

      1. Holtby eh? Nice, :)

    2. Suarez C. Hazard VC. Tempted by a cheeky Adebayor though not likely haha

      1. Well..its been awhile I think the armband is on Suarez :)

        1. My rival doesnt have Suarez. Time to bring the pain while I can

          1. He doesnt own Suarez!? Lucky you man :D

    3. Definitely Suarez, not gonna makes the mistake of the last few weeks of trying punts! If I was brave enough again, I'd captain Hazard.....but I'm not.

      1. Thats what I'm scared of not captaining him! Haha

    4. (C)- :F
      (VC) - Egyptian dancer.

      1. Elmohammody :shock:

        1. Was about to guess Dejagah but....

    5. Captain-Suarez

      1. If I have Eriksen, I too would love to put him as my VC.. :)

    6. I always put VC on one of my defenders, so its Ivan this week :D
      And Yaya is my captain :)

      1. Wow..finally a different Captain. I hope you succeed man, :)

    7. same as you :D

      1. Yeay! Hahaha

    8. captain-adebayor

  12. Anyone having problems with the FPL site?
    Pages are coming up but without any players on them

    1. clear cache

      1. :-)

        Okaaay - how's that done?

        1. On chrome go to Tools and clear browsing data

        2. ctrl+shift+del

          from the list only select Cache

  13. Right then, this is me


    JT Ward Coleman

    Hazard Yaya (vc)Mirallas Nasri

    Lukaka Suarez Studge(c)

    Subs: Speroni Demel Chambers BJohnson

    2m ITB 1FT

    Sincerely hope wont chicken out on captain choice by the deadline :lol:

    1. Glad somebody is starting both Ward and Coleman for a change.
      But i would start Speroni though.

      1. And good luck with Sturridge (C)

      2. I am starting them cos i dont have any choice BL :grin:

        Good Luck mate

    2. Looks good

      Nice Sturridge captain punt. Hope it pays off for you ;)

      1. Thanks, u too mate (or honey) :grin:

  14. the rooney injury throws such a spanner in all my planning...looking at my transfers over the next TWO gw's

    adrian (mannone)
    baines evra vlaar (chester shaw)
    silva hazard snoddy michu (barkley)
    rooney suarez lukaku

    A: evra + michu + rooney >> zaba + AJ + augero (-4)
    B: evra + michu + rooney >> zaba + Yaya + adebayor/giroud (-4)

  15. 60 points behind league leader (he has Silva, Coleman, Zaba, Sturridge & Suarez). Any hits guys? Maybe Nolan to Eriksen? or no hit and do next week

    Mannone (Adrian)
    Coleman Chester Zabaleta Baker (Dummet)
    Silva Hazard Yaya (C) (NOLAN,Ki)
    Sturridge Bony Suarez

    1. Nolan --> Eriksen and bench Chester

    2. You won't be catching him I'm afraid.

  16. Play Distin(ars) or M Olsson(wba) or Vlaar(Ful)

    All home games

    1. Olsson

      1. Ok thanks

        Did 4 player picks game happened till now?

        1. Yep check hot topics.

  17. Who should i start out of:

    Ward (car)
    Williamson (MUN)
    Shaw (mcy)

    1. Ward I would say, you're pretty much assured that no matter how many Cardiff are scoring right now, not many teams are scoring more than 1 goal against them...if that. Having said all that, I'm benching him this week ;-)

      1. Against *Palace

    2. ward

  18. Just need to know if I got the 11 right? Mir and Flan been making me 2nd guess myself for a while now and I'm still not totally sure who to bench?


    Terry, Azpilicueta, Zabaleta

    Hazard, Yaya, Silva, Mirallas?

    Suarez, Sturridge, Luka

    3.9, Flanagan?, Ward, Kim

  19. reckon Azpi could get rested??

    His missus has delivered

    1. Seriously?

    2. As a non owner, I would love that.

    3. then I need to get my subs in right order

    4. Martina was born on Monday. I don't think he will be rested.

      1. Nice BL. Thanks for making be sweat less

  20. ***Boring transfer alert***

    Got 2FT and no pressing issues so thinking of downgrading Boruc to free up cash as I'll generally play Mannone from now on. Do I:

    A. Bring in Harper, meaning I have him v Swansea home this week instead of Mannone away at Spurs?

    B. Bring in a non-playing 3.9 to save the extra 0.2?

    Looking at the fixtures I'll probably only play Harper this week so it boils down to whether the extra 0.2 is worth it for the better fixture this week.

    1. to prospect of 4pts for 0.2 is a value bet

      1. *the

  21. Simples.

    Cazorla or Eriksen for the next 2-3 weeks?

    1. Use RMT :)

      1. Yeah been using it TM. Want some opinion of the people :D

        Seems like Caz is a bit overrated there though..

        1. Hardly anyone has Caz on here.

          1. Im such a hipster ;)

    2. Ramsey :cool:

  22. I have lukaku and Suarez.

    Rooney for a hit out to:

    A dzeko
    B ade
    C save, play AJ, then bring aguero tonight

  23. New Post
  24. which one player should i play this game week . please help me?
    A. zabaleta (Southampton home) B. lallana (man city away) C. Adam Johnson (totenham away)

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