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Our Friday afternoon assessment of the Sky Sports game returns once again. With only three Gameweeks left to make an impact with our teams, it’s a good idea to take a look at our stats, which included the Man of the Match (MoTM) awards, bonus point beneficiaries and current market trends. As always, we also look ahead to the forthcoming fixtures, offering up our preferred captain setup for Gameweek 37.

Gameweek 36 Man of the Match Awards

Listed below is a match-by-match breakdown of the players who won the plaudits from the Sky Sports reporters last time out, earning five additional points for the Man-of-the-Match award.

Fixture MoTM
Aston Villa vs Southampton Marc Albrighton
Cardiff vs Stoke David Marshall
Chelsea vs Sunderland Fabio Borini
Newcastle vs Swansea Wilfried Bony
Tottenham vs Fulham Christian Eriksen
West Ham vs Crystal Palace Yannick Bolasie
Everton vs Man United Seamus Coleman
Hull vs Arsenal Aaron Ramsey
Norwich vs Liverpool Raheem Sterling
Man City vs West Brom David Silva

A few of these names cropped up last week and have continued their good recent displays, namely David Marshall, Christian Eriksen, Yannick Bolasie and Raheem Sterling. Also, a couple of players with great early-season form were back with a bang. Seamus Coleman and Aaron Ramsey both put in great performances for their teams. The two players to have achieved MoTM most often this season are Eden Hazard and Luis Suarez, both with nine awards so far.

Gameweek 36 Bonus Points

Only one goalkeeper managed five saves or more this week – that man was Vito Mannone, who is the game’s top performer when it comes to bonus with 30 additional points earned through saves.

In defence, 15 players gathered bonus, 12 for tackles and three for passes completed – full-back Gael Clichy was the player closest to achieving both, missing out by just two completed passes. Swansea’s Angel Rangel leads the way for the defenders with 28 extra bonus points.

In midfield, 27 players earned bonus points – ten for tackling and 18 for passes. Brazilian all-rounder Paulinho was the player to manage both. Morgan Schneiderlin is the game’s top bonus earner overall with 44 extra points.

A reminder that Fantasy Football Scout members can access all the data regarding bonus points using player stats and clicking the Sky Sports tab.

The Transfer Trends

Top Transfers Out

Name Team Value % of Managers
Toure Man City 8.6 13.1%
Hazard Chelsea 8.8 11.6%
Sturridge Liverpool 9.2 9.1%
Henderson Liverpool 6 5.6%
Silva Man City 8.4 4.2%

Injuries and suspension have forced the hand of Fantasy managers this week. David Silva and Eden Hazard remain sidelined, whilst Jordan Henderson serves the second of a three-match ban. Those who parted company with Yaya Toure may come to regret it, though, with the midfielder set to be back for City’s trip to Palace and Daniel Sturridge could also return to the fold as Liverpool welcome Chelsea to Anfield.

Top Transfers In

Name Team Value % of Managers
Gerrard Liverpool 8.1 11%
Aguero Man City 9.8 7.5%
Ramsey Arsenal 5.8 6.7%
Sterling Liverpool 4.8 5%
Nasri Man City 6.3 3.9%

Four of the five most sought-after players are midfielders, with Sergio Aguero the only exception. Aaron Ramsey and Raheem Sterling’s weekend exploits have persuaded plenty of Fantasy managers to snap up their services, whilst Samir Nasri and Steven Gerrard have also made their way into many a new team as a result of injuries to other premium-priced options.

Gameweek 37 Proposed Captain Strategy

Looking ahead to the captaincy choices for Gameweek 37 there is an opportunity for three captains if you choose to use a transfer.

Our Strategy:
Wayne Rooney (Home to Norwich) → Sergio Aguero (Away to Crystal Palace)

For Saturday April 26, we’re hoping Manchester United find their form quickly under new manager Ryan Giggs and the player most likely to produce is surely Wayne Rooney – the forward has managed MoTM eight times in 26 starts this season to add to his appeal.

For Sunday 27, a transfer or captain switch to Sergio Aguero is probably your best bet here, as although the game against Crystal Palace is no easy task, it serves to set us up well for the following Gameweek when Man City play on the Saturday away to Everton.

Of course if you’re flush with transfers still, as unlikely as that may be, or your current formation set-up allows it, you could choose to bring in Aaron Ramsey as your skipper for Monday night’s game, with Arsenal hosting Newcastle at the Emirates. Ramsey picked up 20 points last week and looks primed for a similar haul.

The Fantasy Football Scout League

Our own Fantasy Football Scout League is on top of the Private League rankings. With a £1000 prize to the winner, you’d be mad not to get involved. To join, visit Sky Sports Fantasy Football and key in League Name: FFScout, League Code: 8000112.

The Fantasy Football Club

This Friday The Fantasy Football Club show airs, where you can catch Fenners and Merse at 18:30 Skysports One HD. They will be discussing the previous week’s Fantasy Football events, quizzing former Bradford forward Dean Windass and asking Stephen Ireland for his #One2Eleven.

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  1. Adam Johnson worth a punt 42 points behind leader?

    1. Sure, at least you get an extra chance next gw.

  2. AJG


    Cahill Coleman MOllson (Chambers Bruce)

    Puncheon Sterling Lallana Eriksen (Silva)

    Suarez Kun Ade

    Silva => Ramsey/Nasri/Mata???, should I then plan a 3-5-2 with Ade on the bench or 3-4-3 with Puncheon on the bench?


    Lost and confused!

    1. throw Yaya into the mix too. toss a 3 sided coin

  3. Total captain score 688
    Captain score if you had swapped all C / VC 388
    Captain score as % of overall score 29.94%
    Highest possible captain score 1054
    Captain score as % of your highest possible captain score 65.28%
    Number of different captains 9
    Most captained player Suárez (19)
    Total score of autosubs 46
    Total score of unused subs 256
    Unused sub score as % of of overall score 11.14%
    Points spent on transfers 56

    256pts left on the bench :eek:

    1. Thanks to Gargatron...

    2. Total captain score 542
      Captain score if you had swapped all C / VC 452
      Captain score as % of overall score 25.70%
      Highest possible captain score 970
      Captain score as % of your highest possible captain score 55.88%
      Number of different captains 10
      Most captained player Suárez (13)
      Total score of autosubs 50
      Total score of unused subs 241
      Unused sub score as % of of overall score 11.43%
      Points spent on transfers 76

      Poor captaincy choice and defensive picks. and hits

    3. How do you get that information?

      1. JKI you got the details for Tez?

  4. Mannone Stockdale
    Smalling Kosc Chester Ward Azpi
    Yaya Ramsey Eriksen Mata Sterling
    Rooney Suarez Aguero.

    How's she looking? Any DGW Addition possible?

    1. Looks very good. Save FT if you can.....

  5. One person absolutely guaranteed to score this weekend: Lukaku.

    1. *Rooney

    2. Dont say this... I'm on the verge of ditching

      1. Me too, but I also have the feeling Lukaku is going to get a double figure score now that everyone has sold him.

        Strikes me as being the kind of player who does his best FPL haul as soon as he has made the majority of people who believed in him get fed up with his meagre returns and sell him.

        1. yup, he's sure to follow FPL and FFS to know exactly when to go on a scoring spree :-D

    3. of course, I shipped him today ;-)

  6. Sorry probably been asked 1000 times already who to captain Rooney or Ramsey?

    1. http://www.fantasyfootballscout.co.uk/

      there's a poll half way down on the right.

      1. Also half way up if your at the bottom of the page.

        1. Or too the right if you are near the middle. Rooney

      2. Kip

        Loving the "Emanuelle" :D

        1. AJG

          elle elle elle eh eh eh...... lol!

    2. Anyone's guess between Roo, Ramsey, Aguero, Suarez - toss a coin and see how you feel when it falls

      1. Not Aguero away to Palace

    3. No one knows the answer to that question.

      You're an experienced player, surely you realise it's better to make your own decision? You improve more as a player that way.

      1. Nothing wrong with getting a general consensus on what people are leaning towards, this primarily is why we all come here to offer our opinions.

        1. I come here to feel bad about myself

          1. I go to work for that

        2. True, I like getting other opinions.

          I guess the way you phrased it made it sound like you wanted someone else to decide. My bad :)

          1. Nooo not been around much lately, so was just wondering what the general feeling around here was

    4. started the week thinking Rooney, then got swayed by Ramsey love on here...now back to Rooney with the Poll i think.

      1. Hmm I can see arguments on each side Newcastle on the beach already, united wanting to impress fresh start etc genuinely torn on this one.

        1. i had a look at their average stats over the season and Rooney shades it.

          I'm hoping they'll be goals and that UTD come out on top.

          Rooney at home to Norwich. Looking at it on it's own...it feels like it makes sense.

          Also, Newcastle got to snap out of it at some point no!?

          1. I've been on Ramsey all week I've gone against my gut a few times and regretted it a fair bit this season, however I think Rooney is far more explosive

  7. League Managers' Association says settlement agreed with Man Utd over the termination of David Moyes's contract

    David Moyes: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Film/Pix/pictures/2013/4/3/1364975301985/2-Guns-2-010.jpg

  8. Right, which move? Bear in mind my ML rival has Lukaku...
    A) Delph > Ramsey (and play over Snod)
    B) Delph + Lukaku > Ramsey + Rooney (-4pt)

    Azpi Coleman Ward
    Gerrard Nasri Eriksen Snod
    S A L
    Subs: Davis Delph Distin Chester
    1 FT, £5.9m bank

    1. B for sure

  9. Does any team actually want to play in Europa?

    1. Just the ones with no chance of winning anything else

      1. Apart from Spurs and man U ;)

    2. Boca Juniors.

    3. Winners qualify for CL next season so I think it's worth a crack from now on. What's easier, finishing 4th or winning Europa League?

      1. A good rule that.....still makes it a bit of a nothing tourno Timbo....

        1. I don't know, I wouldn't mind an away trip to Amsterdam!

        2. A poor rule IMO. I would feel really gutted if my team finished 4th and was denied entry to the next season's Champions League because some inferior PL team happened to have won the Europa.

          They ought to restrict the Champions League to genuine Champions, and let the rest compete in the Europa League. The Europa League would be worth competing in then.

    4. KoL

      Outside of England I think most do.

    5. Teams like Atletico, Porto, Benfica have all taken it seriously over the years.

    6. More money

  10. Ramsey Captain Anyone? ;-)

  11. How essential is Rooney this weekend boys? The only way for me to get him in is by taking -8 and ditching Coleman and Lukaku for Smalling and the man himself. Now that I that in front of me theres no way Im doing it. Ill just have to hope for a blank and a monster score form Ramsey.

    1. I did it for a -8 as it should pay off considering he as a DGW next week

  12. Bench Chester or Ward ?

    1. same issue. I'm playing Chester as he's a CB so more goal threat

      1. Same opinion.

  13. Terry owners.

    Should be back for wednesday and therfeore for Norwich next week too?

    1. Doubt it.

    2. I got rid this week

  14. I did my wildcard last GW after a huge night out and less than an hour sleep. Please tell me if it's awful.

    Adrian, Mannone
    Koscielny, Demichelis, Azpil, Vlaar, Chester
    Nasri, Eriksen, Mata, Mutch, Amilfitano
    Giroud, Suarez, Aguero

    Obviously in hindsight i maybe should've got Ramsey and Sterling in but at the time thought to invest more money into defence because of the fixtures. Be brutally honest. It's crap isn't it?

    1. Kip

      yes imo

      1. Can you tell me why?

    2. I'd downgrade Azpi and see if you can get Rooney for Giroud.

      1. Yeah. I've got a few weeks to work that out to have Rooney for the DGW.

  15. There's a real possibilityof Yaya limping off like Silva did. Pelligrnii needs to stop rushing his players back.

  16. Suarez :arrow: Rooney for a hit?

    1. not sure if serious

    2. It's worth considering if you can't have both.

      Chelsea and Palace are tough games for any attacking player.

      I'd want Suarez for NEW though!

      1. I'll defo bring him back for gw38

    3. I'm ditching Suarez doing that exact move. There's only 3 weeks left, you don't get a prize for holding on to Suarez and his points aren't magical. Points are points and I see him putting up max 15 points over the next two gameweeks. Just bring him back in for GW38.

      1. Will Rooney outscore Suarez by 4? That's the question. If I don't get him this week I'll get him next.

        1. RVP is almost back..this is worrying..

          unless of course Giggsy plays 2 up top..

  17. Is silva definitely out this gw? Team in tatters after i did 2 sleep transfers last gw getting gerrard,salah for hazard sissoko, was planning to get rambo and sterling :/ Already got aguero and sterling instead of lukaku and gerrard this gw for a hit, worth doing silva to rambo? thanks!

  18. Starting Joel Ward at home to City could be a master-stroke...

    1. See below :)

  19. Lol at people who's justification for not captaining Aguero is that he is away to Palace :lol:

    1. Non-members. :lol:

    2. Are you captaining Aguero?

      1. No Rooney, but only because I think he will do better

        1. Agreed - I have it on Rooney but I can easily see Aguero outperforming. Rooney has a World Cup and nothing to play for, and CP is probably safe.

  20. MIDFIELD: Yaya, Ramsey, Mata, Eriksen, Sterling.

    I'm benching Yaya due to his injury (may come back to bite me) but then next week I dont know who to bench?


  21. Mannone
    Coleman - Azpil - Chester
    Mata - Eriksen - Sterling - Ramsey (vc)
    Suarez - Aguero - Rooney (c)

    Marshall - Puncheon - Ward - Chambers

    What say you? Ready or not, here I come....

    1. Very nice

      1. I used my wildcard last week and still prefer your team.

        1. OPs. Reply fail.

  22. Speroni
    Coleman Azpi Flan
    Gerrard Nasri Eriksen Ramsey
    Suarez Aguero Rooney

    0.6 itb, -4

    Would you?
    Gerrard -----> Mata
    Speroni ---> Mannone
    For a further -4?

  23. AJG

    Anyone using a 3-5-2 formation for the coming GW?

    1. 4-4-2

  24. Mannone over Boruc this week?

  25. ****!

    I only just seen that Sterling is only 4.8. Didn't think i'd afford him on last weeks wildcard so ended up with Mutch instead. Wasn't even considered because i was sure i couldn't fit him in. FFS. :(

    1. *6.0 (1.1 more than Mutch).

  26. Silva to Yaya for my free transfer? Worth it? Or any better midfield options? Rest of midfield is: Eriksen, Mata, Aj, SILVA (Snodgrass)

    1. Or Nasri?

    2. Its got to be for another DGW as I am chasing a 30 point lead

  27. How are we thinking lolkaku will do this week?

    1. anywhere between 1 and 17

      1. Contemplating a 8 point hit to get Rooney in for him

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