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This week’s Say What sees a number of managers already looking ahead to the following season. Jose Mourinho is searching for a nailed-on forward in order to rotate less up front, Brendan Rodgers is desperate to shore up his defence, Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger will be shopping for attacking options, whilst Mark Hughes is hoping to keep his on-loan wide man at the Britannia after a switch to 4-3-3 saw Stoke send Fulham tumbling into the Championship:

After his side threw away a three-goal advantage at Selhurst Park on Monday evening, Brendan Rodgers conceded he’s looking to strengthen in defence for the following campaign. Liverpool’s title bid looks to have all but ended after their capitulation at Palace – whilst credit is due for their 99 goals scored, the Reds have conceded 49 in return; the same number as West Ham and three more than Tony Pulis’ side:

“We gave away the full three points having played so well. But if you defend like that, you’re going to concede goals and that was the disappointment. We got the three goals and we could have had more, but it’s not good enough, the management of the game in those 12 minutes. And that’s something going forward that we will need to look at, because you can’t do it. That’s 99 goals we’ve scored this season, so to come here and be 3-0 up and concede three goals, as a coach, that’s what you have to look at. The players gave everything, as they do. But we just didn’t defend well enough. It’s an area that we know we need to be better at. We’ve improved a lot in many aspects of our game and that will be an area I’m sure we’ll look at – and nobody more so than myself.”
Brendan Rodgers is keen to address Liverpool’s porous defence.


Jose Mourinho is already looking ahead to next season after a weekend to forget at home to Norwich. Chelsea have taken just a single point from their last two home games after Sunday’s goalless draw and with not one of his current forwards reaching double figures this season, the Blues boss reckons his summer spending spree may allow a new forward to become another one of his new batch of “Untouchables”.

“In management the ones that you really mean by the untouchables, or the spine, are the ones where you know the stability is there. I think Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry and Azpilicueta were a spine and a strength during the whole season. With the strikers, I was trying to go from moment to moment, from quality to quality, and I think we were very successful in that. The other three positions are positions where it’s easy to change between Hazard, Schurrle, Salah, Oscar and Willian. If next season we have, for example, a number nine that we decide deserves to be the first choice, plus the stability that Matic can give by being always available, and with Ramires hopefully getting fewer bans – hopefully then we can have more stability.”
Jose Mourinho discusses his selection process this season.


Mark Hughes discussed his decision to bench Peter Crouch for last weekend’s win over Fulham. The Stoke boss opted for a tactical tweak and opted for fit-again Oussama Assaidi and Marko Arnautovic on the flanks, with Peter Odemwingie moved into the lone forward role in Crouch’s absence – the latter two bagged a goal and assist, whilst the on-loan Assaidi was also amongst the goals and is a player Hughes is desperate to retain:

“We finished the game against Spurs with Peter Odemwingie, Assaidi and Arnautovic as a three and I just wanted to see them from the start to see if they could affect the game as I thought they could. And because Peter Crouch could be unavailable for certain games next season I think we possibly surprised them with the front three and it was difficult for the lad Burn to go up against Ossie in the first half. There’s a hope we will be able to keep him here and a lot of that is down to the player himself. We are hopeful, but it’s out of our hands to an extent and dependent on what Liverpool value him at”.
Mark Hughes on his change of tactics last weekend and his future hopes for Oussama Assaidi.


Felix Magath explained the reason behind his withdrawal of Lewis Holtby with just 34 minutes on the clock at the Britannia. The 4-1 defeat means that, with one more game remaining, the Cottagers have shipped 83 goals – the highest tally since 2007-08 – whilst their record of 24 losses is the worst in the top-flight since 2009-10 – judging by their manager’s words, it’s even to see why:

“I think the player (Holtby) is very skilful but he doesn’t get any of the ball or fight – there was nothing for him today…There was no fighting spirit there. I think they felt too much pressure – we cannot run, we cannot pass, we cannot play and we have never been in the game.
Felix Magath seems to have little faith in Lewis Holtby or any of his current Fulham squad.


With a 2-0 win over Tottenham finally securing his side’s survival, Sam Allardyce was quick to acknowledge West Ham need to improve their attacking options next season. Andy Carroll has scored just twice in an injury-blighted campaign and with top scorer Kevin Nolan notching only seven times in 32 appearances, the Hammers boss is ready to scour the market:

‘We need to add a bit more flair, a bit more finishing power in the final third. You don’t want to go through next season with some of the phases like this season and that boils down to making a bigger and better squad. As good as the players have done since I have been here sometimes that hasn’t been good enough. My job is always to improve and you can’t stand still in this league.’
Big Sam is determined to boost the Hammers’ attacking options.


Arsene Wenger also has one eye on improving his offensive options. The Gunners have struggled to deal with injury stints for Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski and Aaron Ramsey this season and, whilst Olivier Giroud has finished the season strongly with three goals and an assist in his last four appearances, the Arsenal manager is looking to bolster his options – a concern, perhaps, for Giroud’s game time, after the forward started all but two of his side’s first 37 matches:

“To bring one more offensive player in, yes, who can play in different offensive positions. We have to see, because what you want is not to buy just to buy. It is one who can play with Giroud as well because (Mesut) Ozil was out, (Lukas) Podolski was out.
Arsene Wenger outlines his priorities for the summer shopping window.


United’s interim-manager Ryan Giggs shocked the Fantasy fraternity by making eight alterations to his starting line-up for last night’s win over Hull. Despite the absence of Wayne Rooney, the Welshman benched the likes of Juan Mata and Robin Van Persie and explained handed James Wilson the lone forward role, with Marouane Fellaini tucked in behind – Giggs discussed his team decision after the duo bagged two goals and a pair of assists respectively:

“I wasn’t happy with Saturday’s result [against Sunderland] and the performance. I wasn’t angry, I was just gutted after doing so well the week before. I just wanted to freshen things up a bit. The fans recognise young players and will give them a chance if they make a mistake and they took their chance. James (Wilson) didn’t surprise me. I wanted to play Marouane Fellaini up with him to add a bit of presence and take the pressure off him a little bit. It worked well, they linked up for the first goal and it was great to see James score the two goals.”
Ryan Giggs explains his reasons for “that” team selection last night .

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  1. Just saw the Phil Jones injury. That lad won't survive pro football if he keeps going the way he is. Some say brave, I say stupid.

    1. Very Robsoneque in the way he approaches things

      1. Aye, he'll kill himself at this rate. Not once did he even take a look at where he was running for the cross.

    2. I say stupid, too

      1. Good, right decision ;)

    3. The best defensive players in any sport aren't those who aimlessly throw their bodies in their line of fire; it's those whose positioning, anticipation, reflexes and understanding of the game allow them to neutralize the attackers successfully.

      The worst defensive players are those who throw themselves around because they lack most of the above.

      1. Exactly, this wasn't even defensive it was trying to score from a corner. He takes off, never once looks where he's going, jumps and barrels into Figueroa without ever touching the ball.

          1. Pretty much exactly that!

    4. Agreed, but never mind him if he's daft enough to play like that....what about some poor bloke that 's gonna end up in hospital with him next time. Just straight forward dangerous play.

      1. Very fair point, dangerous for everyone involved.

  2. Associate with the right Premier League star:

    A) Screwed his team mate's ex.
    B) Screwed his brother's wife.
    C) Screwed hookers when his wife was pregnant.
    D) Screwed his knee and his career to win World Cup 2010.
    E) Screwed his team's chances to PL title April 27 2014.

    1. I can't believe you left Bendtner our of this

        1. To my defence, he's hardly a PL _star_

        2. Technically, he rubbed his butt against it, so not really 'screwing'

          1. Let's just say, if that's his idea of screwing, I start to understand that what he does on pitch may be his idea of playing football.

    2. Cazorla?

      1. My word

    3. A) Terry
      B) Giggs
      C) Rooney
      D) Nando
      E) Stevie G

      1. We've got a winner!

    4. I wan't to answer John Terry for all but

      a) John Terry
      b) Ryan Giggs
      c) Wayne Rooney
      d) Fernando Torres?
      e) Steven Gerrard

      1. You've got the correct names though, so maybe you should be the winner? I don't know. Nor do I care.

        1. give it Pepin, he needs it more than me :wink:

            1. congrats, I give you +1 vote for the victory! Amazing prizes in my quiz!

    5. JT
      Stevie G

  3. repost

    Who am I?

    I played 20 times for England and ended my playing career at a club who were previously coached by one of the Mighty Magyars

    1. This is a bit too deep for me, maybe I'm too young to know too

      1. more clues to follow

    2. I signed my first professional contract for Bill Dodgin

      1. I played in the same position as 2 of my childhood heroes Len Shackleton and Jackie Milburn

        1. Bobby Moore was my replacement in the England team

          1. I managed a club for 13 seasons and won the F.A.Cup and U.E.F.A.Cup while only buying 14 players from other clubs

    3. Bobby Robson?

      1. yup well done rab (lucky you're here)

        1. mind you the last one was my suicide attempt

          1. I actually got it from the original clue and posted on the original question.

  4. Going to replace kun n ramsey.
    Which 1 is better?

    A) Sterling/gerrard + dzeko

    B) Sturridge+ silva

  5. The Members Cup comes down to:

    A) Zaba + Wickham + 12

    B) Mannone + Kompany + Yaya + Borini

    I'd say its on a knife edge. Agreed?

    1. 12pts is a good advantage.

    2. Impossible to call Trigg, who knows who gets benched, etc. Looks close on paper for sure.

      1. True. Azpil really did me over this GW!

    3. Almost completely rides on Yaya's shoulders for B)

      He's the only player that could claw back 12 points by himself.

      1. Yeah, if I was him, I'd be worried about Yaya. But he is shading it for sure.

    4. Its almost wick v borini

  6. Does anyone on here listen to The Football Ramble podcast?

    1. I just go to my local, a combination of ramble and rant.

      1. My local would be a combination of drivel and piss(tachio nuts)..

    2. usually fall asleep with it on on tuesday nights. (not necessarily saying it's boring)

      1. I'm the same :)

        Football Weekly for the actual football news and analysis, Football Ramble for the craic and banter :)

        1. yeah. if you include the premier league website podat you get football weekly monday, ramble tuesday, premier league website wednesday and football weekly extra thursday. then bbc friday night preview to complete the week

          1. Premier League one any good? Been looking for something to fill the gap between Ramble and Extra!

            1. yeah it's more than adequate, lots of ian dowie

          2. Oooh there's more? Awesome, week is now complete.

            Haha cheers AB :) looking forward to seeing you and Evs take on the podcast!

            1. is thursday now. have had to call off the makeup team. evs was very good on it last year so under some pressure

  7. Are either of tonight's games on tele?

    1. Villa on Sky

      1. Thanks Epic, that's your boys isn't it?

        1. Aye. Though I'm actually thinking of watching the Real Madrid match instead. Far more interesting happenings in the title race at the moment.

          1. i'll be flipping between the two

  8. Ok this is another tricky one

    - UCL Quarterfinalist last year

    - Man city

    - Never won the premiere league

    - Finished one season as one of the top 5 goal scorers (premier league)

    1. GTS


      1. Dont think he finished in top 5, could be wrong myself though

      2. wasn't in the QFs last year, wrong

        Although he did finish 4th

      1. and wasn't in last years quarters.

    2. santa cruz, malaga

      1. (almost said demichelis until re-reading the last clue)

        1. I typed Danta cruz, and lost out changing it! :(

          1. It took you 48 seconds to change a letter? ;)

            1. Bloody phone and fat fongers!

      2. Jeez you're quick

    3. Adebayor

    4. Roque Santa Cruz

    5. What's the Premiere league ? ;-)

  9. Rooting against Yaya for the umpteenth time this season.

    Not looking forward to it...

    1. Nothing personal TCS, but I shall be happy if you're wrong for the umpteenth time as well.

      1. Well, I have him, but not capped like my rival.

        It will be bittersweet when he scores.

        1. Same here!

        2. I'm just desperate for any points I can get. Don't care what anyone else has atm.

  10. Me: Hart, Alonso, Bacuna, Borini
    Opp: Mannone, AJ plus 11pts lead
    Any chance to win this h2h?

  11. Hazard for the last game

    Talk to me people, sane or madness?

    1. Always a decent option as long as he plays.

    2. With nithing to play for, I could see Mou benching him on pronciple. Too risky for me.

  12. Not owned by 3100

    Captained by 1800
    top 10k

    Okay Yaya you may go crazy

    1. ^^This

      As long as Zabaleta assists them all

    2. However if you chose not to I'd be ok with that

  13. I'm sure this has been loads of times, but are mcdonalds not doing a fantasy world cup this year?

    1. I'm sure they will.

    2. I think they just sponsored the official one, so it will be them or a new sponsor I imagine.

  14. Who am I?

    I'm Argentine
    I score lots of goals but I get injured all the time
    I ruined FC Borecelona's FPL season

    1. Messi?

      1. Scores lots of goals? :shock:

      2. Boselli is many things

        ruiner of FPL seasons is not one


    2. Jonas Guitierrez

    3. Lamela?

    4. Nope, can't think of anyone injured a lot.

    5. Aguero ;) ?

      1. Well done. That was a toughie, not many would get that right

    6. Googled it.

      Arda Turan.

      Would never have guessed!

  15. Last one of the day.

    Who am I?

    I have won the European Cup and all our players had the same nationality.
    I have played in England
    I have scored 3 international goals.

    1. prosinecki

      1. Good shout but they actually had a Romanian in their team that year.

      2. This will hurt you, but Red Star had Romanian Belodedici (mind spelling) in the team when they won it.

        Anyway, Prosinecki scored way more than 3 international goals.

      1. Never heard of him. :)


          1. Free doms is a good shout as they installed a female coach at a French club the day. :D

        2. Well, he's the correct answer anyway.

          won European cup? Check: With Celtic 1967.
          all players same nationality? Check: Only scots in the team.
          Played in England: Check: Crystal Palace 71-72.
          Scored exactly 3 international goals: Check: 3 goals in 60's for Scottish League XI that was an international team playing reguralry against English league XI.

          I'm the winner!!!

          1. Wow, I wasn't expecting that, learn something new every day :)

          2. He didn't actually score any international goals for Scotland but I suppose you could consider his 3 goals for Scottish League XI as international goals. However, he was not the one I had in mind.

            1. nah you cant, dennis law used to play for the italian league XI against the scottish league XI despite being scottish!

              1. nobody said they have to be for the national team, but I agree that that is stretching the concept of international goal a bit.

                1. well international means playing for your country so yeah, stretching quite a bit there.

                  1. Those were called international matches, though, and are still listed as such, though separated from the NT's matches, obviously.

                    It is playing for your national league.

                    1. we can go backwards & forwards all day if you like but its easier just to admit you were wrong

          3. not sure you can class the scottish league XI as international seeing as you didnt have to be scottish to play

            1. The only way you could consider it an international goal is because it was against international opposition but it is rather tenuous in my opinion.

              1. yeah, if the premier league had a match against the SPL & rooney scored i'm pretty sure it wouldnt be classed as an international goal

                1. I did say it was tenuous. ;)

    2. Ștefan Iovan

      1. lol. that's a correct answer as well. this question will get a few of them, I bet this one wasn't the one that he expected either.

      2. This was the correct answer. Played 6 times for BHA in England and won it with Steau Bucharest.

        I was actually surprised that there were quite a few team who have won European Cup with players all of the same nationality,

        Benfica, Real Madrid, Steau and Celtic

        In Scotland loads of Celtic fans think they are the only team who done it.

        1. Celtic were the first though right?

          1. Real, if you accept that they were all of same nationality, which they were in the sense that their Argentinians were handed a Spanish nationality.

        2. Real is questionable though. Their stars really were Argentinians, they just handed them Spanish nationality because they were good football players.

          1. I know that is true of their very early teams, was it also the case in 1966 when they won it?

            I honestly don't know as I have never investigated the matter.

            1. It wasn't the case in 1966, you're right, at least the XI that played the final was all Spanish. Always learn something new.

              1. I have also learned some new things today myself. :D

        3. My bet failed then. Lucky there was no money in it. :lol:

      1. No it was actually Benfica in 60/61 and 61/62.

        Then Real Madrid did it in 1966.

        1. Sweet jebus, didn't know Real actually did it too, I thought you talked about these early victories with Di Stefano.

          1. This is their 1966 team:

            GK 1 Spain José Araquistáin
            RB 2 Spain Pachín
            CB 5 Spain Pedro de Felipe
            CB 6 Spain Ignacio Zoco
            LB 3 Spain Manuel Sanchís Martínez
            RM 4 Spain Pirri
            LM 10 Spain Manuel Velázquez
            RF 7 Spain Fernando Serena
            CF 8 Spain Amancio Amaro
            CF 9 Spain Ramón Grosso
            LF 11 Spain Francisco Gento (c)

            Not sure if there are any dodgy ones there, who were given a Spanish passport.

            1. They were all born in Spain.

              1. Cheers for confirming mate. :D

        2. These are facts I never knew
          Amazing what the press lets you believe. Though the 25 mile ,or however far it was, is still pretty amazing

          1. Indeed and I also believed this for many years.

            This is what is known as a "factoid". ;)

          2. Now when a Celtic fan tells you this you can tell him he is talking pish. ;)

            1. That is my standard response to any thing old firm fans tell me ;)
              Though I now want to dig my grandad back up and show him your post to prove hi wrong

              1. I've noticed. :lol:

  16. Januzaj was really class. Could be a very big player for United.

      1. *for Madrid

        1. :shock:

          Not sure about that one.. We hardly need another attacking midfielder..

    1. I dont understand why his stats are so bad? 4 goals and 4 assists in 26 games? With 2 goals against Sunderland...

      1. I think it's because, much like Kagawa, he's not a winger. He's a CAM really. He assisted the assister lots last night.

        1. Ah I didnt know he prefered the central role. Maybe also partly due to teammates not converting chances. A very good player, just needs to cut down the diving.

          1. Yeah he was incredibly with the 21s because he played there. I agree finishing his chances has to happen. Agreed as well, too naïve at the moment but hopefully he'll mature.

      2. same stats as barkley until last week i think. shows you how useful it is to be english

        1. Barkley seems the more talented but with less end product. I dont know how Barkley has such bad stats as well! Its probably Lukakus fault.

    2. What do you think his price next year will be?

      I'm guessing around 6M mark.

      1. Somewhere in that region, might get lucky and have a 5.5 price because of inconsistent gave time.

  17. Slight change to the Scoutcast live recording this week. It will now be taking place tomorrow night (Thursday) not tonight. This week's recording is a little bit special as we have both Evs and Applebonkers as guests.

    Here's the scoutcast hot topic to leave your questions for the us.

    1. Tonight will be mostly spent mopping up tears.

      1. Not if Wickham scores a brace it won't :D

        1. I too am relying on Wickham to do something tonight.

          1. He'll do us proud :cool:

        2. Tears of joy in that case. Just one way or the other, this needs to end!

    2. I'm looking forward to judging them.

    3. AB better wear a shirt with Kolarov's pic on it. Or a K tattoo above the right eyebrow will do too (Kolarov scar).

      1. on the webcam i've borrowed you can draw/write stuff on the screen

    4. Tom's working then.

      You can get him on after he wins it :-)

      1. I think Mark has emailed him.....we are very keen to get him on to a future scoutcast. Can you let him know we are still interested and pass on my email .

        1. Don't worry I'll get him on (Though I may have to join him) ;-)

    5. I want at least 1 Lukakaaaa in there then

    6. When you say it is 'a bit special'...?

  18. Brazil WC squad just announced: (no massive surprises)

    KEEPERS - César, Jefferson, Victor.
    CENTER BACKS - Dante, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Henrique.
    FULLBACKS - Dani Alves, Maicon, Marcelo, Maxwell.
    MIDFIELD - Fernandinho, Hernanes, Luiz Gustavo, Oscar, Paulinho, Ramires, Willian
    FORWARDS - Bernard, Fred, Hulk, Jo, Neymar.

    1. Phew. No Lucas or Coutinho!

      Common sense prevails.

      1. Which Lucas? Thought the PSG one had a chance

        1. ^ This, Lucas Moura should be in that squad, along with Felipe Luis.

          1. hasnt played much for his club tho no? i thoguth he was off the bench alot

            1. Has played quite decent amount of games, really, and plays very well. Have been watching PSG a lot this season and have been impressed by Lucas despite lack of attacking return. also, having not played every match means he is more fresh than most players. To me that's a good reason to pick him: plays enough to be in form, but not too much to be really tired at the end of a long season.

      2. Coutinho won't break into the English side with that shooting technique

    2. No Wardinho then

    3. could argue fernandinho and willian wouldnt be in there if they stayed at shakhtar, good moves all round

    4. Miranda? Filipe Luis?

      1. Would've been a surprise if they were called up apparently. Seems mad

    5. felipe luis and miranda basically can't have done any more

    6. 4 defensive mids? :shock:
      Maxwell? :???:

      1. Brazil play 4-3-3 so it is normal to have many defensive mids.

    7. Maxwell!!! Wow the lad deserves it after such a long career!

      1. Playing his best football too.

        1. I am very happy for him, he played at big clubs like Ajax, Inter, Barcelona, PSG throughout his career. And it was his last chance to participate in a world cup at his age.

    8. Many absents: Ronaldinho (Atlético Mineiro), Kaka, Robinho (AC Milan), Miranda, Filipe Luis (Atlético Madrid), Coutinho, Lucas Leiva (Liverpool) and Sandro (Tottenham).

      1. No Ganso of Sao Paulo too!

    9. Having either Fred or Jo upfront is quite embarrassing for Brazil.

      Nevertheless, they will win it. They could have Heskey for CF and they still would win it.

    10. Victor, Bernard, Fred, Oscar and Jo. The Brazilians used to have great names,now they sound like an Enid Blyton novel.

      Dante is an awesome name, though.

      1. Dante is awful, too slow and has been really poor at Bayern in UCL this season

    11. Rafinha should have been included too, but overall a strong team, hope Hulk/Fred can lead the attack
      Happy for Fernandinho, Maxwell, deserved to be in team :)

    12. Willian would make my Overrated PL XI. Don't rate him at all

      1. The Brazilian Milner :lol:


    How Arsenal stars responded to mean tweets from fans

    1. :D Gotta love Podolski

    2. Podolskis been practising with Giroud


    3. that is excellent!

    4. Nice responses.

    5. That's brilliant :lol:

    6. :lol:

      "nan Wilson who, funnily enough, came through same youth system as Samuel Eto'o."

  20. Walcott will be at least 28 before he plays his first WC. tough luck

    1. I would have taken him when he was 16.

    2. Aye. My heart bleeds.

    3. FPL might not have Wild Cards by then.

    4. It's amazing how easy it is for players to miss World Cups. Gazza, for example, was a sensation in World Cup 90 and never featured in a squad again.

    5. That'll be 12 years since picked in Sven's squad then? that right?...really is bad luck that.

  21. Expecting anything out of AJ tonight? Seeing him start would be a start.

    1. I'll take an appearance point.

      1. Owning AJ for the three doubles has been a distinctly underwhelming experience.

  22. best two strikers two own this week ? (assuming every1 has suarez)

    1. GTS

      Sturridge & Podolski

    2. Dzeko and Weimann.

      1. De Gea
        Ward, Coleman, Flan
        Nasri, Mata, Yaya, Erikson
        Rooney, Suarez, Dzeko

        Do I do Ward/Mata/Rooney > Terry/Hazard/Adebayor for -8pts

        Or any other suggestions for getting rid of Rooney?
        Top of the League going into GW38 top 3 covered by 5 points!!!

        1. Post hijacker!

    3. Dzeko and Adebayor

      1. Maybe Sanogo

  23. Just read that over the past three seasons, the team which has won the Championship play offs has gone on to finish highest out of the promoted teams in the subsequent PL season (Swansea 11/12, WHU 12/13, Palace 13/14)...Keep a close eye on the play offs and the eventual winner.

    1. Coincidence.

    2. The team that wins the playoffs has probably had a strong second half to the season. They also get some useful additional income from their Wembley appearance, and experience of playing well to get a result when under pressure.

      A team that wins the playoffs, or makes a late run to secure an automatic promotion position, may be a better prospect than one that has been near the top all season but played less well towards the end.

      1. Possibly an explanation, but using West Ham as an example, we didnt have a storming finish to end up in the play offs.

        You don't get extra income from Wembley either, as teams agree beforehand that the loser will receive all gate money.

  24. How did the two young lads actually play for Man Utd last night?..are they the real deal or more loan fodder ?

    1. played well

      1. advice please

        De Gea
        Ward, Coleman, Flan
        Nasri, Mata, Yaya, Erikson
        Rooney, Suarez, Dzeko

        Do I do Ward/Mata/Rooney > Terry/Hazard/Adebayor for -8pts

        Or any other suggestions for getting rid of Rooney?
        Top of the League going into GW38 top 3 covered by 5 points!!!

        1. Just has to be nailed on starters Terry, Gerrard, Sturridge should be the top of the list this week for my money..Hazard should be ok but Mou's unpredictable...Ade really hasn't got much form at all.

    2. The new Pogba and Rossi ;-)

    3. They both played well but too early to say whether they will make it.

  25. Have racist fans? Get fined £10,000

    Have a rich owner? Get fined £50m

    Nice going UEFA :roll:

    1. De Gea
      Ward, Coleman, Flan
      Nasri, Mata, Yaya, Erikson
      Rooney, Suarez, Dzeko

      Do I do Ward/Mata/Rooney > Terry/Hazard/Adebayor for -8pts

      Or any other suggestions for getting rid of Rooney?
      Top of the League going into GW38 top 3 covered by 5 points!!!

      1. What's wrong with you?

      2. That's a REALLY good team

        One of the best I've seen

        Well done

    2. They still haven't got the hang of how to deal with racism.

    3. You make an interesting poin JK, I can't see the logic in fining a team that overspends, at least the reduction in squad size makes sense as it forces them to save money. I wonder does the 50mil fine go against them in FFP next season?

      1. Probably won't. Personally, I don't think punishing for rich owners is necessary in the first place, but punishing for overspending is - just that the sanction should be sportive rather than financial. Like reduction of squad size, as well as a transfer ban and salary cap.

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