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James Wilson is United’s goal hero as Ryan Giggs makes eight alterations to the United XI in their final home match of the season. Robin Van Persie emerges from the bench to fire the Red Devils’ third, whilst Matty Fryatt ruined the hosts’ clean sheet by notching for a much-changed Hull XI as Steve Bruce looks towards the FA Cup Final:

Giggs Bloods Youngsters
With only pride left to play for this season, and a new managerial reign potentially on the horizon, Ryan Giggs chose to showcase the talents of United’s academy last night. Whilst the likes of Juan Mata and Ashley Young found themselves consigned to the bench, teenagers Tom Lawrence and James Wilson both made their debuts in a United shirt, with the latter grabbing the headlines with two goals and a commanding display in the lone forward role. Adnan Januzaj was afforded his first start since a goalscoring performance against Newcastle back in Gameweek 33, and although he failed to pick up any attacking returns, the Belgian impressed throughout his 90-minute display and was heavily involved in the build-up to all three of his side’s goals, suggesting he may well keep his starting berth on Sunday.

Mata owners, meanwhile, now face the decision of whether to sell after last night’s no-show. In what has become one of the most disappointing double Gameweeks in memory so far, injuries and team selection leaving us filled with uncertainty and searching for alternatives as the final round of fixtures approaches. Ironically, David Moyes’ departure has lessened Mata’s Fantasy prospects – he’s started just one of Giggs’ three matches in charge, playing 96 minutes over that trio of fixtures.

Goalscoring Cameo for Van Persie
Whilst Wayne Rooney missed out once again for United with a groin complaint, Robin van Persie tasted action from the bench for the second successive game and rewarded the 1,200 managers to plump for his double Gameweek services with an 86th-minute goal and two bonus points. Although the Van Persie alternative has hardy proved pivotal across the Gameweek, those who took the ultimate gamble by investing in the Dutchman will be consoled by the fact that he outscored fellow heavy-hitter Sergio Aguero by eight points to five, and will hope to see him return to the starting line-up for United’s final game against Southampton on Sunday.

Whilst his owners will now likely hold after last night’s strike, Van Persie faces a tough task on Sunday at St Mary’s. Given that Southampton have conceded a single goal in their last four matches, Rooney and Aguero owners are more likely to target Liverpool and City alternatives, with Daniel Sturridge and Edin Dzeko set for significant investment prior to their respective home clashes with Newcastle and West Ham.

Jones Exits Early as Vidic Waves Goodbye
As well as shuffling the pack further up the field, Giggs opted for a unconventional defensive line-up, with Patrice Evra’s 11.4% ownership left disappointed by the full-back’s omission from the squad and Phil Jones the only defender to survive from last Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of Sunderland. Jones, however, only lasted 21 minutes before leaving the field with a shoulder injury which could dent his World Cup hopes. Post-match, Giggs gave a tentative analysis of Jones’ condition:

“He knew straightaway he had done something. Usually when something like that happens it is not great. Hopefully he will be OK but it is too near [to the incident] to say.”

Owned by just 3% of FPL managers, Jones’ potential absence on Sunday will have minimal effect and will allow Giggs to freshen up the backline once again. If anything, last night’s teamsheet highlighted the fact that the Welshman’s next starting XI is likely to be equally unpredictable and with the rumours of Louis Van Gaal’s installation growing stronger, investing in any United player at this point carries an unnecessary degree of risk. Many managers loaded up on their assets prior to the double but a mass exodus looks likely as we turn to more secure options for Sunday’s finale.

Hull Strikers Blank Again
Having both notched in Gameweek 36, Hull’s forward duo Shane Long and Nikica Jelavic harboured a fair amount of attention going into the double Gameweek, but the pair ultimately disappointed. With the former only afforded 45 minutes at Old Trafford, and the latter an unused sub despite neither being eligible for the upcoming FA Cup final, the strike partners failed to make up for their blanks against Aston Villa at the weekend. Both sit firmly in the differential bracket and with Sunday’s opponents Everton conceding two or more goals three times in their last four fixtures, even a sub appearance could see Long or Jelavic get in amongst the points and give their owners that vital edge over their mini-league competitors. The only concern is that Bruce is now solely focussed on the Wembley clash with Arsenal and, as last night’s teamsheet showed, the Tigers boss may look to give his other forward options increased game time in preparation for the Gunners showdown.

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  1. What is a 'natural goalscorer'?

    It's never made sense to me.

      1. Him, Van Nistlerooy, Inzaghi, etc all just have a natural knack to being in the right place at the right time and their finishing is second nature to them.

        1. Isn't that just being good?

          1. They're not particularly "skillfull" at much else, other than scoring goals, they can't create or carry a team, they can't defend or pass exceptionally well, they're natural goalscorers :D

            At least thats what I thought it was..

            1. Aye I get where you're coming from :D
              I guess my view is rather pedantic, because all these goalscorers will have practised for many years, they just happen to be very good at it.

              I'd be more inclined to believe someone is a natural goalscorer if somehow they just started playing football last week and hit the ground running.

          2. Yes it is being good but these players seem to have an instinct that other's don't.

          3. Not the same thing. not the thing of being "natural goal scorer" either, just a learned skill of smelling the opportunities and using them.

            you can be good in many other ways too, and these players may lack a lot of what you call "being good". Take Inzaghi for example. To me he is a perfect example really. He was an amazing goal scorer. But did he have, say, a particularly good shooting technique? No. Maybe he was an amazing dribbler then? No, not that either.

            his "skill" was his fast, smart movement (which included staying in offside so much that it was a statistical certainty that the linesman will miss that at least once a match) that got him plenty of those so called "clear cut" chances and put them in. That asks little technical skill, players very seldom miss a sitter because of lack of technique - that's why they are called sitters. They miss them, because they lack that goal scoring "wisdom" of making the right, sufficient decision fast. Inzaghi had that. It's like he was a great economist really more than a footballer, he did statistically smart things on field, rather than being an extremely skilled individual. That's what "natural goal scorer" is about in this sense. whether it is natural or not is another thing.

    1. Someone who can cushion the ball with his instep, and retain full control, 100% of the time.

      1. Dennis Bergkamp

        1. Yep. I would go with that.

          1. Brilliant player and probably a bit underrated but not sure I would class him as a natural goalscorer as he wasn't prolific enough.

    2. They are same colour upstairs as down I think

    3. I've always thought it was a term for that kid on the playground who just never missed in front of goal. One of them was in my class and he went on to play pro, something you either have or don't ala a Michael Owen who always looked like he couldn't miss 1 on 1, never thought about how to take his chance, he just did it naturally.

    4. Is this the first question TFF? :shock:

      1. Indeed it is ;)

    5. someone with their own hair, so not rooney

    6. someone who can pass the ball into the back of the net, someone who just knows where the goal is, a player who when they are 1 on 1 you just know it's a goal. maybe they definition overlaps with a poacher a bit too

  2. Anyone else pretty much given up on the season and just wanna have fun by taking some crazy hits?

    I'm tempted to go for a -12pt

    Roon - RVP
    Aguero - Studge
    Mata - Yaya
    Ramsey - Schurrle

    1. Crazy would be Fulham villa type players
      I dare you

      1. True, that would be crazy, although relegated clubs tend to do ok on the last game of the season, no pressure, and players looking to impress potential employers, but still, won't go with their players

    2. Im thinking

      Noone to Shurrle
      Rooney to Sanogo
      Aguero to Sturridge for a -8 :D

      1. Sounds good, I reckon Sanogo will get some game time

  3. Care to help me drop any one of this front 8?

    Sterling (NEW) - Yaya (WHU) - Erikesen (AVL) - Mata (sot) - Arnautovic (wba)
    Suarez (NEW) - Sturridge (NEW) - Dzeko (WHU)

    1. Eriksen. I am.

        1. Yes. I have a similar midfield to him.

          1. Not Mata or Arnautovic?

    2. Mata - highest chance of not playing

    3. arny or Mata.

      id drop Arny because i think Mata will start, but its onlt gueess work.

    4. Tough one, Mata maybe? Or Eriksen.

      1. I'm leaning towards Mata too.

        Why Eriksen Doos?

    5. Arnautovic as Stoke are not great on the road.

      1. Or even Mata as he is not guaranteed to start and Southampton away is a tough fixture.

      2. 2 assists and 1 goal in his last 3 away games for Arnie. One was against Chelsea too. Not that bad I say.

        1. Fair point mate.

  4. City CS, Sunderland CS, Wickham brace and a goal form Yaya.

    That can't be too much to ask for considering this DGW is pure shite?

    1. All of that without the City CS and a Samir Nasri hat-trick. Let's do this :D

      1. No Nasri hatty please! ;)

        1. His ownership is quite high? Or?

    2. I just want Gia to start ahead of AJ. He deserves it

      1. Dont be mean.

    3. wickham brace aside i think it's almost expected

      1. Hope you're right.

    4. Basically I don't want a City cleanie, a Sunderland cleanie, a Wickham goal or anything from Yaya.

      1. You're having a great GW + Gerrard as your autosub. You've had enough! Now let me have some pts.

      2. You're all for a Kolarov unassisted hattrick though?

        1. Make it Zaba and I'm in for it.

      3. I'm the same but also don't want nasri or dzeko to do anything. I fear it's going to be a long evening...

  5. It's a sad day when you regret selling lukaku

    1. Tell me about it. I did Gerrard > Mata and Luka > Roon for this gameweek. -8pt in total as I also brought in Rosenoir

  6. TFF's Quiz


    Identify the following players who have played/play for Chelsea from their initials
    (Elaborate both the initials and give ALL ANSWERS IN ONE POST so that others dont benefit)


    1. I dont know any of them... :D

    2. Molomon Kalou
      Ryan Bertrand
      Henrique Hilario
      Hernan Crespo
      Samuel Eto'o

      1. Lol good guess. Just lacks some effort in the first one though :P

        1. look below ;)

          Kezman *cough*

      2. Momolimon? :D

        1. Sounds like a pokemon doesn't it? :D

    3. michael kalas, ryan bertrand, henrique hilario, hernan crespo (borrowed from madrista) samuel eto'o

      1. Tomas Kalas*

      1. very very good!

      2. Well done, although it was done in multiple attempts. Common sense prevails here. You get rewarded with the point :)

    4. Mat Kezman
      Ryan Bertrand
      Henrique Hilario
      Hernan Crespo
      Samuel Eto'o

    5. Harold Halse
      Mickey Hazard
      Ryan Bertrand
      Hernan Crespo
      Samuel Eto’o

  7. mata + ramsey = ozil + shurrle

  8. The biggest disappointment for me this year was undoubtedly the rearranged double gameweeks. Last year I enjoyed them, they seemed to be scattered around, making players from certain teams vital in building up to the double.

    This year has been the entire opposite, a classic example is with 3 weeks to go to gameweek 31 I already had 7-8 players. Once the rearranging occurred, it was not uncommon for that number, or even full teams of doubles.

    Next year I hope that they will all be spread out, so you can plan ahead a bit better, rather then luck playing its part.

    1. This season will go down as the one that constantly catered for the 'casual'.

      1. I will remember this season as being the one where every new player i transfered in got injured :-(
        Oh and Lukaku never getting me any goal points whenever I had him.

      2. I don't mind it being 'the casuals season', I'm aware of my own mistakes, but the forward planning hasn't really helped for the doubles.

        I even had Puncheon for the expected double, before everyone else got rearranged. Next year I hope that only 4 teams have doubles each week, it will make it a lot more interesting.

    2. yep, too many, too congested. missed out on likes of arnautovic and eriksen as a result.
      plus the 'wind week, was infuriating, had silva and kolarov against man city then, when the game was rearranged silva got injured and kolarov was playing against a suddenly reuvinated and more in form sunderland side. my subs i had to come in for that pair were palace and everton players, so ended up with 9 or 10 players

      1. *silva and kolarov against sunderland

        1. Agreed. I had captained dzeko then. Bad memories

          1. *who then didn't play for about five weeks after that as aguero came back in

      2. That was an annoying one, I think I had Everton players for that.

        I prefer the days of snows, winds, strikes. It shakes it up, and I usually seem to do better when everyones players refuse to behave and play their matches!

        1. Blackpool's multiple postponements and DGWs because of their pitch's lack of under-soil heating were great! And all those bonus points for Charlie Adam's Hollywood passes.

          Winters are getting colder according to the latest TV documentary, so perhaps we can look forward to a few more of those.

  9. Dear esteemed FF managers - do we know if there any matches on the box this evening?

    1. Villa

    2. City on Sky tonight :D

    3. Thanks for your replies - you are indeed gentlemen.

    4. Both games are on the tinternet.

  10. On last season's bap system Januzaj would have got 2 baps yesterday....definitely need the old system back

  11. whos a better player (not fd wise):




    1. Mata a better 10.

      Cabaye better all round player.

    2. That is like asking what is better an apple or an orange.

  12. TFF's Quiz

    IM 1


    Identify the following six clubs from the clues given below

    -Bank Street
    -Blue Moon
    -Nicola Cortese
    -Lion Hearts
    -Black Cats

    1. Man Utd
      Man City

    2. Manchester United
      Manchester City
      erm Lionhearts fc?

    3. Pass
      Man City
      Mel Gigson
      Naomi Campbell

    4. Lion Hearts is a Ghanian team in Kpandu.

      1. Rest as IM.

        1. IM + Ajax in fact.

    5. no idea for bank street. and lion hearts just makes me want a lion bar and a pack of love hearts

    6. Preston North End
      Man City

    7. GTS

      Man Utd?
      Man City
      Jean claude van damme (Proof: )

      1. GTS

        *wolves. Too close hull was a let down..

    8. Man Utd
      Man City

    9. Amazed to see no one has got lion hearts right. I thought some fans of that club will be around this place!

      1. Villa and Millwall are both occasionally known as Lions but I dunno if they're lion hearts..

        1. Needed to be more specific. Sorry IM

          1. Yeah I didn't know which :P had no idea you meant Villa :)

      2. Man Utd
        Man City
        Aston Villa?

        1. Yes well done DGI, thats correct! For those who didnt know,
          -United used to play at Bank Street before OT
          -Aston Villa fans sing 'Lion Hearts' as their anthem before every game at Villa Park

          1. Whoopee!

      3. GTS

        Villa. ;)

  13. Stan Collymore said Villa will beat City so should happen.

    1. And he will beat Ulrika.

      1. whos Ulrika?

      2. Well that esculated quickly.

    2. I would love that to happen.

      My bet out of the window.
      My fantasy side out of the window.

      But as a Liverpool fan I would prefer to lose them if that meant City got nervous!

      1. Same here.

        And then Downing and Carroll to finish the job on Sunday!

        1. Wouldn't that be romantic? first Borini then the ex Liverpool contingent at West Ham! fingers crossed!!!

      2. A Nasri hatty in a 3-4 defeat would do nicely, but I'll take a 0-1 any day of the week.

  14. Just received some posh sweets and chocolate for winning February in my mini league. Oh, back when I was getting good scores!

    1. They bloody took their time. ;)

      1. They made a mistake as they had my old address.

    2. what sweets were they?

      1. Hope and Greenwood Fizz! Bang! Wallops!

        And Melt Bar Sea Salt Chocolate.

        No, I've not heard of them before either!

        1. Just make sure you munch them all and dispose of the box in an external bin before your mates spot them and think you're a ponce. ;)

  15. Thinkin

    Rooney + Aguero + Ramsey > Sturridge + Dzeko + Gerrard. (-8)


    1. Not madness at all. If none of Roo/Kun/Rambo play and your bench is shit I'd say the transfers looks great. Hold though

      1. Cheers big ears

  16. So, is anybody actually keeping Aguero and hoping he plays on the weekend?

    1. Waiting for team news on Friday

    2. Awaiting the city presser before deciding - likely to ship for Dzeko if there's nothing concrete.

    3. He is gone for me

    4. Nah will probably sell

  17. Thinking Jones + Mutch + Rooney + Aguero -> Baines + Sterling + Dzeko + Sturridge (-12).


    1. No, all good moves

    2. Wouldn't be taking hits on defenders - the rest looks good.

      1. Yeah, but I have Bards (who probably won't play) and Evra (who might not play). My other 2 which I hope will play are Ivan and Dann.

        So the plan is to put Ivan, Evra and Baines with Dann as first def sub.

        But thanks for the responses!

        1. Would just play Evra, will likely be the last game for Man U so reckon he'll play.

          Up to you though pal, good luck.

          1. I'm sure I read somewhere that Man Utd had exercised their right to keep him for another season.

    1. "He called me because he told me he wanted Michael to return. I told him, no way." :lol:

    2. “This statue was a charm and we removed the luck from the club and now we have to pay the price,” Fayed said. “When [Khan] asked me to move it I said: ‘You must be crazy.’ This is such a fantastic statue which the fans are crying out for. But now he has paid the price because the club has been relegated. He called me because he told me he wanted Michael to return. I told him, no way.


    3. It just shows you how superstitious humans can be.

    4. If they had got it back it might have made the last game a thriller.

  18. UKG

    Rooney + Aguero + Ramsey to Dzeko/RVP, Sturridge, Sterling -8 ?

    Can afford to do RVP over Dzeko as am rolling in spare cash.


  19. My Wordle for the last 37GWs: Surprised by how little I had Lallana and how long I kept Michu while doing it.

    1. how did you make this fpl player's cloud in worlde?

      1. I'm sure there's an easier way but I copied my 1-11 down each column and C&P'd that in.

        Was gonna do a (C) one but figured there's no point with Suarez. although I did noticed I had 6 different c picks for the first 6GWs

        1. *in Excel

  20. TFF's Quiz

    IM 1 DGI 1


    Name (i) the English club and (ii) its nickname which plays its games at the largest stadium outside the premier league.

    1. Portsmouth, Pompy

    2. A.

      Leeds United

      The Whites/Peacocks

    3. Sheffield Wednesday, the Owls.

      1. This.

      2. A.

        Dammit, its just 2k bigger than Elland Road

        1. Not even that according to wiki

    4. KoL

      Sheffield U, Blades

    5. Sheffield Wednesday, Owls

    6. Sheffield Wednesday
      The Owls

    7. Sheffield Wednesday

      1. The owls - whoops.

        Ain't much in it with Leeds though.

    8. nottingham forest. city ground

        1. it's not a joke :mad:

          1. Oh sorry! its obvious to me who lives inbetween the Ipro and City Ground - common banter between us locals lol.

      1. Mark's already allowed you on the Scoutcast. No need to keep brownnosing ;)

    9. England - Three Lions

      1. :lol:

        they aint no club though

  21. new article - say what
  22. TFF's Quiz

    IM 2 DGI 1


    The following five Italian players play/have played in the premier league.Their surnames have been jumbled. Identify the players (Mentioning the surname only will be appropriate)







  23. My rival in a 75 team mini-league has Aguero captain which is nice. I'm second with Mata captain but Dzeko, Toure and Nasri to his Aguero (c) and Toure. Plus I have AJ.

    Could just about do it with the wind behind me... :)

  24. Sunderland - West Brom: 2-0
    Wickham goal, assist and 3bp.
    Mannone clean sheet.


  25. Can't wait for next season without a double gameweek to start.

  26. Looking at Rooney alternatives for final GW, who might you pick from this lot?

    i. Bony M

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