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  1. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 27 20 days, 23 hours ago

    We provided the community section to allow the community to produce some articles and get them published to a wider audience, not as a means of ripping anyone off.We publish about 2-3 a week so it's not like we rely on them as the main source of our material - we've been very careful about that - instead, we work with the writer to edit and publish them to compliment our own articles.When a community writer has their work promoted outside of the community section, we also pay them for the article and we've used community contributions to try out new writers with a view to taking them on as staff.I still think the Community section is a "healthy thing" and we will keep it going while folk want to contribute. If they stop, we'll stop. It would be a shame but it's a complimentary voice, not the only voice.I get what you're saying about this being a commercial venture now - I don't hide that and I've explained why that has to be the case, but equally not everything that goes… » Read

  2. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 27 21 days, 29 mins ago

    Well it harks back to the four years I spent producing articles that built FFS.I invested the time and got absolutely nothing financially back for it - not even a £20 quid voucher. But, like the community writers, I did it because I enjoyed it and enjoyed helping folk out with my research. I never saw it getting to this point and that wasn't the motivation back then.FFS didn't happen overnight. I know a lot of folk have been around since the days when this was just a blog with one post a day at best and a few hundred comments. FFS was built on the same attitude that urges the community writers to contribute now. It couldn't continue that way because it got too big and needed too much of my time. I didn't intend it to be my job and my source of income. » Read

  3. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 27 21 days, 43 mins ago

    I'd like to think the community writers are producing articles for the community's benefit rather than for £20 and for that, we're all very grateful.Their articles can be read by over 600,000 uniques a month on this site - building a site to achieve that size audience took me eight years of working almost relentlessly, parking my social life and probably contributing to me losing my previous eight-year relationship. I made big sacrifices to keep this going and get to where it is now.Over that time I've not only had to produce and publish articles and develop the site, I've had to learn how to form, maintain and grow a business. Not what I set out to do, but necessary to keep running the site and to justify the time I have to put into it - there came a point where 5-6 hours of my time a day had to get me something back - I admire anyone who can produce a rival site and get to that point without having to generate income.Creating a blog and getting some page views is easy an… » Read

  4. The Stock Check - Gameweek 27 - Saturday 21 days, 1 hour ago

    No reported injury so far - most reports just mention fatigue. He indicated but not sure if it was to the bench or to alert the ref. » Read

  5. The Stock Check - Gameweek 27 - Saturday 21 days, 1 hour ago

    WHU and SWA are decent short-term fixtures, though. » Read

  6. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 2 hours ago

    We can try but I doubt we can do much about it.The point is, this "spoon feeding" is everywhere. Everyone has caught on that folk want tips articles and so everyone is doing it, bit by bit. It's grown every season and will continue to do so.If the Premier League weren't doing more themselves, then it would be done elsewhere by someone else like the papers above.It's not difficult to commission a writer, who can read some stuff here or on other sites and then write an article telling folk to triple captain Aguero. Nobody can stop that. I imagine very football site in the land is thinking - how can we get some traffic from those four million FPL managers?FPL knowledge is not exclusive to us here, or anyone - it's got less exclusive by the season and that will go on being the case.It's how you take that knowledge, expand on it and use it to guide your decisions that remains exclusive.I still believe the best and most successful FPL managers will be among the visitors t… » Read

  7. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 3 hours ago

    The thing is it's everywhere....look at this from Friday... of those articles were supplied by us - they've been passed off as our content but by using our name, again, they provide FPL tips. As you can imagine, I find that very frustrating but what can be done?if the Premier League commission an article - "The top 6 players for GW28" - how can that be stopped? They just hire a writer to come here and on other sites, read the material and write the article. Then use their social media to push it.And, as you see above, everyone is at it so you can't blame the Premier League when it's their game and they're seeing others farm the traffic.It's also frustrating for me given that we were among the first to be writing articles on FPL … » Read

  8. Dugout Discussion - Saturday 21 days, 21 hours ago

    In the Differentials this week... » Read

  9. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 23 hours ago

    Mourinho post-match will be fascinating. » Read

  10. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 23 hours ago

    I'd say 95% certain. There was a stamp then the elbow. Mings might get reviewed too. We won't know for sure till Monday afternoon, though. » Read

  11. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 23 hours ago

    Yeah, and 377928 brought in Aguero this week, compared with 366258 who brought in Mane last week - that's less than 10% of the overall player base and probably just over 20-25% of the active players. Of the top 100, only 51 have even captained Aguero, let alone TC'd him.There's a massive split between those backing Aguero and those not. Hardly boring - Sunday and Wednesday will be fascinating for Aguero backers and non-backers. » Read

  12. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 21 days, 23 hours ago

    Of course, we all debate and research far more than the level of information included in the FPL content. That's the point of this site and others about.The difference is, we have to accept that the Premier League aren't going to allow half their FPL users to be unaware of blanks and DGW's, or that captaining Aguero is a good idea. » Read

  13. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 22 days, 12 mins ago

    It's not notifying, it's producing content about FPL and this, week, you can't do that without talking about Aguero.You'd rather continue to play a game where half the player base are in the dark? » Read

  14. Dugout Discussion - Man United vs Bournemouth 22 days, 20 mins ago

    Not sure what you're getting at - Aguero in a DGW with Sunderland and Stoke would have been a top transfer for most in any season. What do you expect - he's possibly the most explosive, free scoring asset in the history of FPL. » Read

  15. The Pre-match Preamble - Gameweek 27 22 days, 52 mins ago

    You think? He has no chips left. Bench Boost and the Triple C can swallow that lead easy. » Read

  16. The Pre-match Preamble - Gameweek 27 22 days, 56 mins ago

    The number 1 in the world has not got Aguero and has captained Sterling. GutsyJatin, behind him, has Sterling and Aguero captain. » Read

  17. Scout Picks – Gameweek 27 22 days, 17 hours ago

    No chance....we love a DGW. » Read

  18. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 24 days, 13 hours ago

    I started an HT here... » Read

  19. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 24 days, 13 hours ago

    Wednesday March 8 is going to be a huge huge night for FFS'ers. » Read

  20. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 24 days, 13 hours ago

    After seeing Aguero tonight, I think I'm going all out. Goals are flowing, first time finishing, could be on pens if Toure is rested for one of the two. I may bottle it but, as of tonight, I'm going to go with it I reckon. » Read