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A run-of-the-mill fantasy manager giving run-of-the-mill advice.

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  1. The Weekend Team News 12 days, 8 hours ago

    Thanks all πŸ™‚ » Read

  2. The Weekend Team News 12 days, 8 hours ago

    Looks decent.A -8 to field 9 players. It was all planned so differently! » Read

  3. The Weekend Team News 12 days, 9 hours ago

    Work has been so hectic I haven't checked anything fantasy football related since last week - to give you some extent of my casualness I even forgot the second Man City game was on and didn't remember until I heard the result the following lunchtime, and that was with Aguero (TC)! (Alli & Lukaku -> Sterling & Aguero went well...)So, can anyone help with some surgery here? I'm in a bad way with a 2-2-1 line up this week πŸ˜†Foster, Pickford Coleman, Evans, Pieters, Luiz, Alonso Mane, Sigurdsson, Phillips, Sterling, Capoue Carroll, Aguero, Ibrahimovic1FT, £1.2m ITBIbra -> Lukaku looks like an obvious first move so what hits might be worthwhile?Thanks πŸ™‚ » Read

  4. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 27 19 days, 7 hours ago

    No. He basically collates snippets of news from other twitter sources he believes to be reliable/itk and then tweets it as his own information claiming he has insider sources. Often accurate, sometimes not but importantly he can't distinguish which is which.If he was up front about it and just admitted he was simply a one stop shop for other people's information and it came with caveat emptor I'd admire what he does and consider it a useful service. Instead he claims to get it all himself from some sort of incredible network of contacts and refuses to engage when challenged on it. He's a berk. » Read

  5. What The Fixtures and Form Say - Double Gameweek 27 Captaincy 19 days, 11 hours ago

    No, the wildcard is itself a chip and you can only play one in any given gameweek. » Read

  6. The ScoutCast - Episode 216 - Confessional 19 days, 12 hours ago

    Link? » Read

  7. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 20 days, 11 hours ago like two yellows in the group stage, no bookings in the knockouts. » Read

  8. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 20 days, 12 hours ago

    100% not serious πŸ˜‰ » Read

  9. The Weekly Shop - Gameweek 27 20 days, 12 hours ago

    Stop spoonfeeding people on this site with info only your twitter followers should have πŸ™„ » Read

  10. The Stock Check - Gameweek 26 - Monday 22 days, 10 hours ago

    You should be in at the next refresh of the HOF after you join one of the FFS minileagues. The last refresh must have been before you joined, it doesn't get done absolutely every week but it should be done again soon. » Read

  11. Paddy Says - Gameweek 26 25 days, 10 hours ago

    Boom! » Read

  12. Paddy Says - Gameweek 26 25 days, 10 hours ago

    Will flag this up - hopefully it gets sorted quickly. » Read

  13. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 26 26 days, 11 hours ago

    Simply fantastic news! πŸ˜€ » Read

  14. City Enjoy Potential Double Gameweek 27 28 days, 5 hours ago

    Cue Huddersfield win... » Read