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    1. Scout Picks - Gameweek 5 5 days, 8 hours ago

      Lowton -> Daniels worth -4? » Read

    2. International Scout Notes - Saturday 17 days, 5 hours ago

      Quick question...Vokes to remain starting ahead of Wood? » Read

    3. International Scout Notes - Saturday 17 days, 9 hours ago

      Is it absolutely suicidal and idiotic to go without Kane and Lukaku, in order to have a very strong midfield?Or is the general consensus at least one of Kane and Lukaku is absolutely essential? » Read

    4. International Scout Notes - Friday 18 days, 8 hours ago

      To be honest Fabianski doubles quite well with Elliot for rotation over next few GWs in my opinion. Plus, the overall points difference between top GK and say 7th/8th is very low and Fabianski wil get saves and potentially BPS. » Read

    5. International Scout Notes - Friday 18 days, 12 hours ago

      Fair enough. Didn't specify that in your original post so...I'd probably prefer Jones over Bailly as long as he remains fit. But Carroll prob better long term choice over Brady.Any sub £6/6.5m (pretty much anyone below £8m to be honest) midfielder seems unlikely to get many points so I'd be more inclined to put extra money into a goalscoring defender or with high CS/assist potential myself. » Read

    6. International Scout Notes - Friday 18 days, 12 hours ago

      A.Alonso is practically a goal-scoring midfielder who gets defensive perks. Naughton looks good this season & Swansea have a few decent fixtures ahead. » Read

    7. International Scout Notes - Friday 18 days, 12 hours ago

      What do you mean downgrade him to get a better midfielder?In Draft there are no player values, so it doesn't matter what 'cost' any of your players are. » Read

    8. International Scout Notes - Friday 18 days, 12 hours ago

      Lukaku, Morata, Firmino seems to be the standard front three now judging by a lot of recent posts.Is it suicidal to replace Lukaku with Rashford and use the £4m to upgrade a poor 4th midfielder to Pogba?Midfield would look something like: Salah, Mhiki, Mane, Pogba.I'm trying to convince myself not one single player is essential, but the major pull of Lukaku is that he's captain material.Just an idea, curious to see what others think. » Read

    9. Moving Target - Kevin Wimmer 20 days, 7 hours ago

      Transfer deadline in Spain closes tomorrow evening. » Read

    10. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 3 - Sunday 24 days, 2 hours ago

      I got rid before this week - get the feeling Arsenal are a shambles and no guarantee he'll be played in an advanced role. Really not worth the £6m for those reasons.David Luiz/Rudiger/Bailly are much better investments I'd say, plus you have a whole host of » Read

    11. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 3 - Sunday 24 days, 2 hours ago

      Chelsea lost against Burnley and now people think they're not going to win/be competitive?They beat Spurs and Everton, with Alonso getting 16 and 6 points in successive games, and Morata scoring 24 points over the course of those 3 games.I think Chelsea's fixtures are arguably easier than the ones they've already had - I'd say any Chelsea player is 100% a good call. » Read

    12. The Pre-Match Preamble - Gameweek 3 25 days, 13 hours ago

      100% Kane will bag this weekend. Think he'll absolutely kill it. There's no such thing as curses. » Read

    13. The Community Round-Up 26 days, 17 mins ago

      You've literally just posted this a minute ago, albeit slightly differently, but still..Chill.. » Read

    14. The ScoutCast - Episode 230 - Harried 26 days, 23 hours ago

      No idea why people keep saying McAuley will be preferred over him. He looks a beast, and has been solid in both games.McAuley is like 50 now as well, so he isn't exactly going to be playing every single game. » Read

    15. The ScoutCast - Episode 230 - Harried 26 days, 23 hours ago

      Think you've got more chance of Jesus being on the bench than Kun based on last couple of games. Aguero has been much further up front than Jesus who dropped deep quite a bit in both games and was eventually subbed at half time.Looks like Pep is preferring Aguero now, even though he practically ousted him from the team end of last season for Jesus. I don't think even he knows what he's doing, which players he prefers and what system he'll stick with.Bit of a shambles at the moment Man City, if you haven't got any City players I wouldn't be in a rush to bring ANY in until Pep has got his head screwed on. » Read

    16. Scout Report - Chris Wood 28 days, 2 hours ago

      As you've only got 3 premium, season-long midfielders, you'll either be playing 5-3-2 or 4-3-3 for the majority of the time.Not too sure Mooy or Carroll are good enough options as your 4th midfield option, and Mbemba should be treated as a placeholder more than anything.I like Calvert-Lewin but game time might not be guaranteed. It's something of a challenge being able to afford a decent attack and midfield. I think regularly transferring a midfielder almost every GW is going to be a tactic a lot of players will adopt. » Read

    17. Market Forces - Gameweek 2 29 days, 5 hours ago

      Iwobi and Jesus both set to fall tonight? Looking to make transfers for -8 hit, but if I do that I'll lose 0.1 on Iwobi. To get the transfers I want AND keep 0.1 from Iwobi I'd need to take -12 hit.Long story short, is 4 points worth 0.1m? » Read

    18. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Monday 29 days, 12 hours ago

      Iwobi AND Jesus looking to both drop tonight? How likely that happens? If so that's really not helpful - ideally looking to transfer out Jesus tomorrow (after EFL games and Pool game) rather than jumping the gun.Why do people move so quickly when making transfers? There's still quite a few variables between now and the next GW.Sigh. » Read