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  1. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 5 hours, 51 mins ago

    sorted » Read

  2. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 5 hours, 52 mins ago

    Great week for him. Brilliant fixture and impressive display v Southampton. » Read

  3. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 2 mins ago

    Indeed. Ibra would probably relish that too - blustering his way onto the pitch and scoring the winner. » Read

  4. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 3 mins ago

    He missed so many chances though. It got so bad during his early drought that I removed him from the goals imminent table as it was such an outlier.He's a great player still and last year was great but arguably a better striker like say Kane or Lukaku would have got them into the Champions League through the front door, not the back.But yes - the mids were awful at scoring too. » Read

  5. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 6 mins ago

    He had a poor game - but perhaps because he came back from injury a little too soon?You could be right though re Wembley pitch size - it is hugely different and I remember Antonio commenting last season that the move to the London Stadium's bigger pitch took him and the other wing players quite a while to adjust to. » Read

  6. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 8 mins ago

    I have no doubt its imminent...just whether its Burnley or GWK 4.He's so far ahead of anyone else in terms of shots already- the goals are coming. » Read

  7. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 14 mins ago

    There comes a point when even the greatest have to accept their diminshed role.Even though he scored lots last season - compared to the chances they created another striker would have scored far far more.They now have that striker in Lukaku....which does make Ibra now a very good squad player to fill in or come on in games. Given his age and diminishing returns and coming back from a major injury I wouldn't say that's unfair to Ibra - if anything its high praise for a player his age. » Read

  8. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 16 mins ago

    Its currently Kane (c) for me....but am very tempted by Eriken (c)...if I get him in.Yes, I know it begs the question why own Kane - but I think Eriksen seems the safe option. the Kane floodgates are going to open just don't know when. » Read

  9. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 20 mins ago

    Scout Pick Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 3For the second time this season we are on the look out for a champion to represent the community to take on the Scout Picks and win the chance of a prize.If you want to take part please email your FFS name and FPL ID number to .The champion will then be selected at random shortly after the deadline of 9am Wednesday and then be asked to submit their XI by Friday 10am by emailing me at only need 11 picks and please be mindful of the 83m budget. There’s no captain in the picks either and please stick to a designated FPL formation, including no more than three players from one team. No captain or chips will be applied.At the end of the season the champion who beats the picks by the highest margin will win a £100 Amazon voucher.The champion will be revealed in a midweek Scout Squad article, which will outline our initial thinking around the picks. Ou… » Read

  10. Captain Poll - Gameweek 3 6 hours, 21 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicCan Kane be trusted with the armband?If you own him are you captaining him? If you don't who are you captaining?Could Eriksen be a better option - 100% goal involvement so far for Spurs or are Kane's underlying stats too powerful. The goal storm is coming at some point but will the Hurrikane strike this weekend or later?And what of Lukaku - why not just captain him for the forseeable? » Read

  11. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 31 mins ago

    hmm...ok I see what you mean. I'll raise an alert on thischeers » Read

  12. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 35 mins ago

    We look at baseline bonus - that strips away cs, assists and goals to show what they are getting for turning up - invaluable - esp with mids and defenders in tight games. » Read

  13. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 43 mins ago

    Same dilemma as me. » Read

  14. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 51 mins ago

    Cheers.I'm not expecting goals like that every week. But in terms of baseline bonus and assist potential he looks really strong and all being well a steady stream of points for a budget price tag - already the best player for points per million. » Read

  15. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 52 mins ago

    With the Spurs and Man Utd mids screaming for attention KDB could get a firesale if he blanks tonight. » Read

  16. Scout Notes - Gameweek 2 - Sunday 6 hours, 53 mins ago

    It was his performance against Palace that impressed me - more so than Ince.Mooy just looked like he'd been playing in the Prem League for years - just really composed and involved with so many corners and crosses. Maybe it is his experience with the national side that has helped, but he seems a big game player - of which he has 36 more to go in the Prem League. » Read

  17. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 2 - Saturday 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Watford players 🙂 » Read

  18. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 2 - Saturday 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Yep, that's why I've waited.I really want Pogba...but 0.1 or even 0.2 doesn't bother me. Prefer to wait a few days and assess KDB situation, Salah.I've 5 players still to go this week - would be annoying to remove a player only to see one or two of those get injured and better transfer possibility emerge. » Read

  19. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 2 - Saturday 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Greater spread of pts potential with Assists, goals and bonus.I do like both though and a bit like Mkhi and Pogba I don't think you can go wrong with either. Eriksen just seems like a great put in and forget type player that will bring in consistent returns, without being flashy. » Read

  20. The Knee Jerk - Gameweek 2 - Saturday 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Good choice.In the clamour for Man Utd assets I think others are being neglected - especially SPurs assets.I do like the two Man U mids - but for me Eriksen looks the priority....and if I was looking for a defender Trippier would be right up there. » Read