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An older Cazorla, younger Rafa Benitez, romeo con-man and occasional Mark Noble lookalike.

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  1. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 7 mins ago

    Not really as my team was even worse then - Ramirez etc.I think whenever you wildcard there's always another week that crops up that you will think is a better one.I made an error getting Ozil instead of Sanchez that was the problem. Wildcarding then though was a good idea as we had lots of info by then. » Read

  2. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 11 mins ago

    I took the hits prior to GWK 7 btw not after.In defence I had Collins, Evans (bad fixtures), Valencia (not looking as good as Blind), Amat and an injured Baines.In midfield I had a huge Sanchez shaped hole, filled by Ozil - who let's face it is currently the third best Arsenal option.I've kept the more reliable ones, looked to set myself with some flexibility for GWk 8 and beyond. Currently have a pretty nice squad so can cope with an injury or two over the break and then makes some more moves in GWK 9 to further shore up the team over the next few.For me keeping Benteke has been key with WHU GWK 8. » Read

  3. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 1 hour, 1 min ago

    I'd keep hold of Benteke in GWK 8 - plays West Ham's defence. » Read

  4. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 1 hour, 2 mins ago

    I think this is perhaps the best time to wildcard looking at the way the fixtures are moving and the value now on offer for the likes of Walcott and Lallana. ManU's tricky fixtures really help Ibra owners out as it makes the decision to part with him much easier. » Read

  5. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 1 hour, 4 mins ago

    I've already prepared with a couple of hits to bring in Lallana and Sanchez and looking to say goodbye to Ibrahimovic over the next fixture or two and use his cash for either Sterling or Walcott in midfield.I think with those fixtures and the top teams form doubling up looks key. » Read

  6. The Stock Check - Gameweek 7 - Saturday 1 hour, 7 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicCoping with the GWK 8 fixture shift.Stoke's fixtures start to pick up (SUN, hul, SWA, whm, BOU, wat) and so too do Hull's (bou, STO, wat, SOT, sun, WBA) for those on the look out for cheap fillers. TThen there's Watford with some nice games on the horizon as well (mid, swa, HUL)Meanwhile the next six for Man City look like a prime time to double up on their assets (EVE, SOT, wba, MID, cpl, bur)Liverpool put forward a good case for doubling up with WBA, WAT and SUN over the next six and then there's Arsenal, for more tempting double up options with SWA, MID, sun and BOU over the next six.Elsewhere, Chelsea, Burnley, West Brom, Middlesbrough, ManU and Southampton's fixtures take a nose dive with Palace's schedule getting shabbier too (lei, LIV, MCI over the next six).How are you coping with this fixture shift?Wildcarding? Taking hits? Or looking to double up on the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and City. We can't have them all so… » Read

  7. Spot the Differential - Gameweek 7 15 hours, 48 mins ago

    I have no Pickford so going solo with Sunderland. Agreee double would be overkill. » Read

  8. Spot the Differential - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 11 mins ago

    Well unless his heart gives in mid pipe he'll score more than Baines at least. » Read

  9. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 13 mins ago

    I could have but that would have left me Liverpool less and having to scrabble around in the 4.5 defender area...I've plenty of them. I've picked Walcott in my FanDuel side. Will look to get him poss in GWK 8 -9 with some spare Ibra cash. » Read

  10. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 18 mins ago

    Good bloke guessing skills. » Read

  11. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 23 mins ago

    Gruaniad team sheets are notoriously woeful. » Read

  12. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 24 mins ago

    Bloke for a better bloke in the same team Bloke for cheaper bloke in the same team, who is doing better as well. Bloke who scores goals sometimes for an injured bloke. » Read

  13. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 16 hours, 28 mins ago

    Who are you captaining in Gameweek 7 and why? » Read

  14. Captain Sensible - Gameweek 7 17 hours, 9 mins ago

    In order of costClyne PVA ASmithThese would be my top three contenders depending on whether you want to keep some money back or not. » Read

  15. Scout Notes - Europa League - Thursday 23 hours, 26 mins ago

    Two new must read articles over in the community sectionStunning Firmino theory research and invaluable fan based information » Read

  16. The Firmino Theory 23 hours, 27 mins ago

    Fantastic research thanks so much for this.My Twitter mate will be delighted that this theory has attracted so much attention. 🙂 » Read

  17. What The Fans Are Saying - Gameweek 7 23 hours, 36 mins ago

    thanks for this. Invaluable as always. » Read

  18. The ScoutCast - Episode 199 - Buttons 1 day, 3 hours ago

    Though their defeat of an incredibly attacking Liverpool side does dent that theory somewhat. » Read

  19. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 7 1 day, 16 hours ago

    This. Anyone who watches the games or looks at the stats knows that the notion that Coutinho just rockets 40 yarders is a myth. » Read

  20. Scout Notes - Champions League - Wednesday 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicIs Theo Walcott a perfect example of how bias can influence our decisions.To some he will always be the injury prone rotation risk.While to others he is a former Fantasy legend in the form of his life.Are you impressed enough to get Theo in? Or are you still reluctant?Or is it more a case of Sanchez is the best option and so there's no need to get Walcott? » Read