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Premier League Team:

An older looking Santi Cazorla.

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  1. Moving Target - James McClean 4 hours, 56 mins ago

    Must watch that again soon. Such a great film. » Read

  2. Moving Target - James McClean 4 hours, 57 mins ago

    I had him for his incredible away game at West Ham two seasons ago. Huge haul and then in a few weeks he'd left. Very good FPL player. Although I've also seen him being humiliated by the pace and trickery of Brighton's Will Buckley (now of Sunderland) so he can be hit and miss. » Read

  3. Moving Target - James McClean 4 hours, 59 mins ago

    The guy from Princess Bride? » Read

  4. Moving Target - James McClean 10 hours, 19 mins ago

    The impossibly titled Music from the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle is the only album that's anywhere near penetrable. It's the one with the above song on it. Some nice stuff on it. Sounds like George Harrison in places. I got it second hand on Amazon for a couple of quid. » Read

  5. Moving Target - James McClean 10 hours, 38 mins ago

    Yep, he certainly has an aura. Saw his fellow Elephant 6ers Olivia Tremor Control as well that weekend. Bit hit and miss on record but I still love this song. » Read

  6. Moving Target - James McClean 10 hours, 48 mins ago

    I saw them a few years back at their ATP festival in Minehead. Fantastic live. Great stage prescence. Whole weekend was packed full of excellent Elephant 6 acts. » Read

  7. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 10 mins ago

    I'm exactly the same. I love their songs and Marr's guitar, but can't listen to them due to his voice. » Read

  8. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 12 mins ago

    The year before it was around 5pm, last year I think was late morning, around lunch time. I usually remember by the type of meal i'm having at the time. » Read

  9. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 16 mins ago

    You mean F(5)PL launch dates surely? 😉 » Read

  10. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 18 mins ago

    Yep - you've set the bar high. :-) » Read

  11. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 23 mins ago

    One of the best month's I can remember for sheer quantity and range of articles. The post FPL month is always a good one. I think July and August will be good too, as soon as the player prices are announced there's plenty to look at. » Read

  12. Moving Target - James McClean 11 hours, 31 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topic Vote now for your favourite community article of June Each month we honour the endeavours of our community writers by offering a £20 Amazon voucher to the community’s favourite. All you have to do to vote is name your favourite community article during June in the comment section of this hot topic. I’ll keep this vote open for a few days with polls closing at 4pm on Thursday To see all community articles click here. To refresh your memory here are some of the articles during the month. Ruth NZ’s team by team review series The Shoemaker putting Fantasy Football Strategy to the test Red Lightning’s look at how promoted teams coped with top flight football or his search for the Optimal Dead Team Squad Bowstring the Trout’s analysis of Crystal Palace’s prospects Teddy’s research into the best rotation pairings Kompany Man’s article about West Brom … » Read

  13. Moving Target - Petr Cech 12 hours, 50 mins ago

    Latest community article - Doolittle takes a look at Fantasy managers' summertime blues. » Read

  14. Fantasy Managers' Summertime Blues 13 hours, 4 mins ago

    We've survived quite a long time already before the games launches. Nearly there, nearly there. Great article that I'm sure will chime with many Fantasy managers own thoughts about the long hot summer. » Read

  15. Moving Target - Petr Cech 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Blimey! He was a miracle worker last season. Wonder what made them ditch him? » Read

  16. Newly Promoted Teams - Successes and Failures 1 day, 2 hours ago

    I have altered that paragraph though to scale back the data a bit more and make it easier to read. » Read

  17. Newly Promoted Teams - Successes and Failures 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Yep we had a lot of toing and froing through the editing stage. Redlightning had so much research and data here it was difficult to present it all in an easy to read format. Tables would have been good, but that wasn't possible with the data and presentation at hand. There's a whole book's worth of research here and we spent alot of time on this but I think overall it gives a good snap shot of the rude awakening that greets Championship sides when they reach the Premier League. » Read

  18. The Hall of Fame Update 1 day, 10 hours ago

    Cheers, have added that to the article and stickied that change here. » Read

  19. Putting Fantasy Football Strategy To The Test 1 day, 11 hours ago

    good luck with the new season. If you follow some of the tools here like the watchlist, ticker and advice in the articles and post you should have a much better year. Following the advice in this article alone will probably guarantee you a top 50,000 finish. » Read

  20. The Hall of Fame Update 1 day, 12 hours ago

    New Post » Read

“All players will blank a few times during the season. When almost all do it in the same Gameweek, it is tough to take, but that's just the dark side of probability.”

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