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  1. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 13 hours, 45 mins ago

    I'd be hopeful of returns for Vardy but not enough to captain. » Read

  2. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 13 mins ago

    I think it can. Looks a good alternative option. Good underlying stats plus Stoke have conceded more than any other side. those two facts alone should collide into a points explosion. » Read

  3. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 19 mins ago

    Indeed - no one is safe. » Read

  4. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 33 mins ago

    David Silva fact of the day - Silva covers far more of the pitch and has a far greater assist potential away from home. #FPL pts average Home - 5.2 Away 7 This is why I'm definitely keeping for WBA this weekend. Will he start? Who knows but so far he and Otamendi are the most nailed - so if anyone is close to a favourite its these two. » Read

  5. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 34 mins ago

    Good point. So a drubbing could still be on the cards for the Terriers. » Read

  6. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 43 mins ago

    What do you make of a similar situation between Arsenal and Swansea - another attacking team at home - against a team that concedes few goals but stacks of shots? » Read

  7. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 14 hours, 57 mins ago

    Was Gameweek 9 a victory for underlying statistics? Kane’s haul at home to Liverpool came on the back of impressive shots data from the Spurs striker at Wembley, where he had so far failed to score in the league. Was his 16 pt haul proof that we can trust underlying statistics? In addition, Burnley went to the Etihad having conceded very few goals on the road but posting diabolical shots conceded figures. Were City’s three goals against them further indication that underlying stats can be trusted? And what can we learn from that ahead of Gameweek 10. Swansea go to Arsenal having shipping just one goal – but like Burnley have allowed home sides a huge amount of chances. Could Sanchez or Lacazette be the best captaincy shout? And as for Liverpool – the consensus is to consider captaining one of their attackers against Huddersfield – but with the Terriers giving home sides few chances are we right to be so optimistic that Jurgen Klopp’s troops will score a hatful? » Read

  8. Lineup Lessons - Gameweek 9 - Part One 16 hours, 15 mins ago

    Was thinking similar. Suddenly there's lots of mids I want - including cheaper ones and not many strikers and not many premium defenders. I've currently got a 4-3-3 formation but am strong considering a hit to downgrade Davies and move some of his funds into give me Richarlison in for magic bean loftus cheek, alongside Silva, Sterling and one of Eriksen or Salah. I'm steering clear of Sanchez and Hazard for now as want to wait and see how they do - they are captaincy material and currently not happy captaining either. » Read

  9. Team Attacking Styles 19 hours, 40 mins ago

    We like to keep comment in community articles to the subject matter - if you would like advice on your team please post on the thread for the latest main article. » Read

  10. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 43 mins ago

    For good or bad I think that is probably one of the most memorable single matches in FPL history. » Read

  11. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 46 mins ago

    Cheers. Yep, that run last year was unbelievable. Literally everything that could go wrong went wrong for an entire month. » Read

  12. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 49 mins ago

    It's the 'taking captaincy off Kane' that is basically to be filed under 'chinny reckon/itchy beard'. Probably true, but impossible to prove. Lots say they almost did this and that. In the end that is simply a 'captained Jesus' » Read

  13. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 56 mins ago

    Its what you do not what you didn't. » Read

  14. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 56 mins ago

    Its what you do not what you didn't. » Read

  15. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 19 hours, 57 mins ago

    Rough - Captain Sterling benched, Davies benched, Jesus benched. 22 pts by the end of Saturday. Smooth - Vice captain Harry Kane to the rescue! Green arrow and into the top 100K for the first time this season. Second ever jammiest vice captain haul - the first being Lampard's incredible 25 pts following Captain Drogba being benched in Chelsea's 7-1 rout of Villa. » Read

  16. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 20 hours ago

    New community article Here's Andre94PT with a look at the differing attacking styles of Prem Lg sides » Read

  17. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 20 hours, 2 mins ago

    Scout Pick Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 10 Once again we are on the look out for a champion to represent the community to take on the Scout Picks and win the chance of a prize. If you want to take part please email your FFS name and FPL ID number to . The champion will then be selected at random shortly after the deadline of 8:30am Wednesday and then be asked to submit their XI by Friday 12 noon by emailing me at We only need 11 picks and please be mindful of the 84m budget. There’s no captain in the picks either and please stick to a designated FPL formation, including no more than three players from one team. No captain or chips will be applied. At the end of the season the champion who beats the picks by the highest margin will win a £100 Amazon voucher. The champion will be revealed in a midweek Scout Squad article, which will outline our initial thinking around the picks. Our and the cham… » Read

  18. Captain Poll - Gameweek 10 20 hours, 3 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topic Gameweek 9 Rough with the Smooth Feel free to leave your tales of woe and joy here. » Read

  19. Team Attacking Styles 20 hours, 11 mins ago

    Thanks for this. Look forward to seeing any forthcoming defensive data so we can match them up. Hopefully for those backing City this GWK, the Baggies also share defensive traits with Burnley. » Read

  20. Dugout Discussion - Spurs vs Liverpool 1 day, 14 hours ago

    Even I upvoted that! 🙂 » Read