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  1. Spot the Differential - Gameweek 9 1 hour, 36 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicWho are you captaining this Gameweek and why? » Read

  2. The FFS Cup – Sponsored by FanDuel – A Reminder 16 hours, 8 mins ago

    The Cup is open to all - its only the FanDuel prizes and free credit that are UK only. There's other prizes in the shape of Amazon vouchers for all the top placed managers at the end.So do join if from outside the UK and not just for fun - for actual prizes. 🙂 » Read

  3. The FFS Cup – Sponsored by FanDuel – A Reminder 16 hours, 14 mins ago

    Mark v Jonty FanDuel GWK 9Mark and I are going head to head in FanDuel again this week.So far its 3-1 to me, although could be 4-1 as he hasn't told me his score from last week, when I won another £10.Remember only goalies get clean sheets and defenders against tough sides tend to do well. Also players like KDB and Payet are monster scorers.Here's mineGrant Holebas Naughton Blind KDB Payet Moses Shaqiri Firmino Walcott DefoeHere's Mark'sCech Holebas Bailly VVD Payet Allen Mane Fer Walcott Firmino LukakuWho will win? » Read

  4. What The Bookies Say - Gameweek 9 Captaincy 16 hours, 43 mins ago

    If the current situation at City continues then KDB over Aguero looks a better bet. I'd be nervous ditching Sanchez with Middlesbrough visiting. » Read

  5. What The Bookies Say - Gameweek 9 Captaincy 18 hours, 10 mins ago

    Yep, may be better if submitted as tables perhaps rather than text? » Read

  6. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 18 hours, 15 mins ago

    For those coming to this post via the hot topics tab please do also take time to look around the other "I spoke with ....." posts on this page. I liked the Joey Barton one in particular. 🙂 » Read

  7. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 18 hours, 46 mins ago

    Couple of new community articles for those pondering their captain selectionYMA on what the bookies, form and fixtures say. on how the magnificant seven strategy is fairing in picking the best armband candidate Both of these have a very good success rate. » Read

  8. What The Bookies Say - Gameweek 9 Captaincy 18 hours, 48 mins ago

    thanks again. Hope its a hattrick of successes - as Sanchez will be my likely captain. » Read

  9. Magnificent Seven Captaincy Theory Revisited For Gameweek 9 18 hours, 49 mins ago

    Just to say there was mention in here of Sunderland playing at home which I edited out as they are away to WHU. Not sure if that alters the results. I leave it to Spreadsheet to let you all know if it does and post up any new figures. » Read

  10. FFS UEFA Champions League 2016/2017 Group Stages Results (Part 1) 18 hours, 51 mins ago

    Good luck to those remaining.And thanks for the update 🙂 » Read

  11. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 18 hours, 52 mins ago

    I hope that I can turn up with a score above 22 for the first time in three weeks next Tuesday. 🙂 » Read

  12. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 18 hours, 53 mins ago

    Here's Jaffalicious with the latest from the FFS UEFA Champions League » Read

  13. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 18 hours, 54 mins ago

    Although I'd obviously like a better overall rank what really surprised me was the way its being treated like a bereavement.I've been getting the sort of messages and emails from people that one would expect after a death in the family."We are so sorry for your loss (of points from selling Firmino)"Very odd 🙂 » Read

  14. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 19 hours ago

    I'll be there come rain or shine, the poster boy for the downtroden, a martyr to the one million plus rank club. 🙂 » Read

  15. FanDuel Focus - Gameweek 9 20 hours, 38 mins ago

    Head over to our community articles section to see Bolivian Seaman's latest What the fans say article. » Read

  16. What The Fans Are Saying - Gameweek 9 20 hours, 50 mins ago

    cheers. Thanks for this. Looking good for Arsenal and West Ham returns....Defoe owners too! » Read

  17. Scout Notes - Europa League 23 hours, 45 mins ago

    Boom! Great choice. Rising up the goals imminent table. I'm tempted. » Read

  18. Scout Notes - Europa League 23 hours, 46 mins ago

    Word of caution with Ayew though - fixtures turn nasty in a while.Having said that he scored against some big sides last season. Also the fixtures turn sea blue once again early december for west ham - just in time for christmas. » Read

  19. Scout Notes - Europa League 23 hours, 50 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicFantasy Football's forgotten men.Which forgotten men could be good assets to bring in as we head into winter.Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba offered a reminder of their potential last night.I've another name to throw into the mix too - Andre Ayew....who is now priced at a very friendly 7.1.Which forgotten players do you think may shine as the winter nights draw in? » Read

  20. The ScoutCast - Episode 201 - Penalty 1 day, 5 mins ago

    Shucks, cheers guys. 🙂I must admit the journalist in me is sniggering at my own misfortune and decisions. Makes good copy, as many an editor has said to me.I'll keep turning up come rain or shine. » Read