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  1. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 18 hours, 2 mins ago

    There's a lovely symmetry to you kicking the debate off early in the week and returning to it again after its been across two more hot topics and a Scoutcast. 🙂 » Read

  2. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 18 hours, 28 mins ago

    Once again I think you've misinterpreted what we said.I'm not "essentially advocating a kind of troll-journalism, whereby saying crazy stuff just to provoke a reaction is the same as reasoned comment".As a journalist of 20 years experience I have always proudly shunned the sort of tabloid troll journalism you refer to. I aim to shun it for the next 20 years too.What was discussed on the Scoutcast was four blokes giving their views on price changes - just as many have already done already this week. Some like the price changes, some don't. There are lots of different views - but that is a world away from the sort of troll journalism you are referring to.I'm going to be blunt, as I think you are the sort of chap that appreciates that, but your aggressive tone and slightly odd conspiracy theory regarding Mark has let you down a little here. You make a good point about the game element of price changes but it's in danger of getting lost in your other comments. » Read

  3. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 18 hours, 41 mins ago

    There's more on this discussion on this hot topic fact this is now the third hot topic on price changes this week so good to see we've captured the zeitgeist.Another thing to mention is that this year with those like Liverpool and Chelsea not in the champions league or Europe there is minimal risk in making early moves as there were in previous seasons. That's something else that marks this season out.Remember last year when Aguero scored so heavily against Newcastle, got drafted in by 1000s and then got injured on international duty. That GWK 8-9 experience will have made many rethink early transfers. This season though there hasn't really been such a scarring incident. » Read

  4. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 18 hours, 49 mins ago

    Of course we understand that element to the game.We all say that price changes are part of the game and that there is an obvious trade off in making early or late moves.The point I was making as part of the discussion is because there are so many expensive players performing well at the same time and more than 4m users that it has become a bigger part of the game. Also in my view - and this is just my view by the way - I've never really liked the price change element to it. I accept it. But not liking something is not the same as not understanding it. I play lots of formats and enjoy Sky's no price change element but that's just me. I do accept that prices need to change - just I and others are concerned at the speed of those changes when the game is now so popular.The risk /reward element to making early transfers is a key part of the game. No doubt about that. I understand that fully.Also you have to remember that the Scoutcast is a place to stimulate discussion on fa… » Read

  5. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 19 hours, 37 mins ago

    That's why I favour Hazard as we know WBA are not great against the big boys. Stoke not sure - only really have the ManU game to go by and they did well defensively there. » Read

  6. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 19 hours, 55 mins ago

    I have to say though that he's number one by default really.Most number ones there - eg Eriksen, Ibrahimmovic and Benteke were posting far better stats. Thing is though they have converted them into goals whereas Firmino hasn't - even in easy games like Bou away.He's a good ish option - but personally if you own a player who is actually scoring like Haz, Sanchez, Mane, Costa I'd consider them before the guy who isn't scoring.He's well owned too so not a huge differential.Siggy or Benteke are great differentials this week. » Read

  7. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 1 min ago

    Bou and Stk are polls apart in terms of defence in recent games. » Read

  8. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 2 mins ago

    He is basically the goals imminent table this week given its success in recent weeks with all the imminents scoring. » Read

  9. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 4 mins ago

    That's the risk and reward element of being a champion. You have to be different to beat us by a big margin. Sometimes that will work. But sometimes it won't.I think a 50 pt margin may definitely be a record though for us and champs. » Read

  10. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 5 mins ago

    I got Sanchez in long term before his price goes up even further and as one captaincy option.This week I think Chelsea players and Liverpool players are better taking into account the opposition and home form. » Read

  11. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 7 mins ago

    See below - its money usually that we factor in. If we think both will score we go for the cheaper one. » Read

  12. The Scout Squad – Gameweek 15 20 hours, 21 mins ago

    For me it is purely cost. With Hazard, Sanchez, Costa and Sigurdsson I think - and having totted up the prices - that extra 0.5 is a bridge too far on a 84m budget.May still fine the cash for him, but will definitely flag up Mane in the Picks article should he not make it » Read

  13. Scout Notes - Champions League - Wednesday 23 hours, 22 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicSpurs midfielders are still only owned by a small number of FPL managers, with not a single one managing to breach the 10% ownership mark.Are the majority missing a trick by swerving the likes of Eriksen and Alli? Or is investment in one of the pair and Kane too much Spurs coverage?Do you already own a Spurs midfielder and Kane? If not do you plan to ahead of their plum home ties against Burnley and Hull next week? » Read

  14. Frisking the Fixtures - Gameweek 15 - The Strong 1 day, 3 mins ago

    You get a mention. 🙂 » Read

  15. Frisking the Fixtures - Gameweek 15 - The Strong 1 day, 3 mins ago

    Here's YMA with a look at what the form, fixtures and odds have to say about the GWK 15 Captaincy6/8 success rate so far. An article not to be missed. » Read

  16. What The Fixtures and Form Say – Gameweek 15 Captaincy 1 day, 5 mins ago

    Thanks. Pretty conclusive in favour of Mane. Don't own him but wish I did now.Hazard for me based on those excellent form stats, even if WBA may put up a fight. » Read

  17. Frisking the Fixtures - Gameweek 15 - The Strong 1 day, 2 hours ago

    More likely there was no price changes last night because everyone already made them at the weekend. The old guard, patient Villa Ronkas will make their moves today and tomorrow. » Read

  18. The Digest - Gameweek 14 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Great debut. 🙂 » Read

  19. The Digest - Gameweek 14 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Fear the titans 🙂 » Read

  20. The Digest - Gameweek 14 1 day, 12 hours ago

    Live Scoutcast stream now available. underway at 9pm#FPL » Read