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    1. Scout Notes - Internationals - Thursday 6 hours, 49 mins ago

      For this week would you rather have: 1) Coleman and Baines (currently own. Possible attacking returns and maybe a pen for Baines in the derby) 2) Coleman and Valencia (Valencia has West Brom at home. The international break may have caused the Arsenal 3-1 win feelings of elation to pass - they hadn't scored in the two games previous to that) 3) Coleman and Walker (Walker attacking returns and CS potential, good run now until the end plus DGW - could wait for Rose though who is 5.9)If it is 2 or 3 AND Gabbi is fit this week, it will be a -4. I will eventually get rid of Coleman too for the other one of Walker or Valencia. » Read

    2. Say What? 17 hours, 40 mins ago

      Hahah by the looks of it, we like reading it too. Drama it up mate. » Read

    3. Say What? 17 hours, 41 mins ago

      Hahaha why put C as a choice then? » Read

    4. Say What? 17 hours, 42 mins ago

      A and then one of Ibra or Kane. » Read

    5. Say What? 17 hours, 43 mins ago

      I hear you but I used to live there mate. The trip back to the UK is really tiring plus then you have jetlag to deal with. Killer, mate. » Read

    6. Say What? 17 hours, 44 mins ago

      Cheers. I think A is the way forward too. C is my current back 5. Fabio is a midfielder, isn't he? » Read

    7. Say What? 17 hours, 51 mins ago

      Debating not transferring anybody for this GW as the South American lads will be knackered and may not play a full 90 (I want Valencia for Baines) then having 2FT the following week. Does anybody have a strong opinion one way or the other? » Read

    8. Say What? 17 hours, 54 mins ago

      I've got Alli already. He is looking very good this season. I hope he keeps it going. Poch said Kane COULD be back after 4 weeks as Kane was very positive so that would mean same week as Ibra. Decisions, decisions!I am torn despite what I wrote above. Ibra will have had a rest. Kane will have been in rehab. It is more likely Ibra comes back in form (he was looking tired last couple of matches) than Kane. » Read

    9. Say What? 18 hours, 4 mins ago

      *grabs popcorn* » Read

    10. Say What? 18 hours, 4 mins ago

      Don't worry, he's fat now. » Read

    11. Say What? 18 hours, 5 mins ago

      You're right about Ibra though. Just 5 gameweeks with double figures, 2-3 at around 8-9 points and then 1 week at -1. All that for 11.4..... Maybe not. Might bring Kane in and then swap him out for the DGW and then swap back afterwards. » Read

    12. Say What? 18 hours, 14 mins ago

      We're so short of forwards this year that there is little choice going forwards. The thing with Kane and Ibra is, especially given Ibra's DGW, you have to get them because ownership will be so high. » Read

    13. Say What? 18 hours, 15 mins ago

      Is that you Ruth's mum? » Read

    14. Say What? 18 hours, 23 mins ago

      I think realistically it will be 3-4-3 for me with Ibra/Kane, Gabbi and Lukaku up front until WC. » Read

    15. Say What? 18 hours, 27 mins ago

      I'm tempted by Coleman, Valencia, Alonso and Walker as my back 4 but it means not getting Ibra or Kane in.... » Read

    16. Say What? 18 hours, 28 mins ago

      D) Valencia, Alonso, Walker, Jagielka, Ake » Read

    17. Say What? 18 hours, 30 mins ago

      A) Valencia, Alonso, Walker, Yoshida, Ake B) Coleman, Valencia, Alonso, Yoshida, Ake C) Baines, Coleman Alonso, Yoshida, Ake » Read

    18. Say What? 18 hours, 33 mins ago

      Yeah, 210k 😮 » Read

    19. Say What? 18 hours, 34 mins ago

      Debating bringing Sane in for Sigurdsson out. Thoughts? » Read

    20. Say What? 18 hours, 44 mins ago

      Not sure mate. There are a looooooot of stupid people out there. » Read