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  1. £10 Memberships Now Available 4 hours, 14 mins ago

    😀 Yeah exactly, I ended up loving the end of last season as I scored 403 in the last 4 weeks to claim podium finishes in 2 cash mini leagues and win the guff LMS competition with the final kick of the season, was quite the AGUEROOOO moment! 😀 I'm not good enough to have ever bobbed around that high up lol, so I'd probably find it quite thrilling at first, but its all relative isn't it? I can certainly understand how frustrating it would get after a while. There certainly is, and the impact is its probably making us all better players, so the general standard is going up, making it harder. Yep I wildcarded then too, nightmare eh? Yeah if you read topmarx's HOF articles you will see the points gained from immediate transfers are way down on last season, and this is from elite players, so its definately a trend. Why i cannot say, most likely a statistical curiosity. Haha yes, most likely ill luck, although possibly stones yet to play his way back into form and the loss of delph ha… » Read

  2. £10 Memberships Now Available 4 hours, 34 mins ago

    Yeah was really good, which also made me feel less guilty about eating out twice over the weekend haha! Cool, hope you had a nice time 🙂 Yeah thats true, you've fought back well though! I had a similar season last year but got to 70k after being in the millions too, which I was happy with. This season has felt like one long water tread! Still enjoying it though of course. Interesting points, cheers 🙂 I think you have to play your own game for your own sanity as much as anything haha. As you say so much can change in a week, both in terms of your own view as well as influence from others, and the pressers, midweek games etc aswell. I don't think its very fair to accuse anyone of hypocricy as we are by our nature thinking about decisions right up to the deadline each week. Yeah this season has opened my eyes to so many more resources than before on FPL too, which I think will be to our benefit on the long run. I'm personally just still at the point of working out which advice to… » Read

  3. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 7 mins ago

    Hey! I'm doing a lot better in real life than in FPL life lol - had a very enjoyable 50k bike ride on saturday afternoon - which was the only way i'd be seeing 50k this weekend as I got home to a FPL score of 11! Haha yeah out of seemingly nowhere after the DGW a clear and obvious template suddenly emerged, a template I actually wasn't a million miles away from, but not having my differentials perform has seen me leak away about 15 points both last week and this. Yeah me too. Its funny how you say your first half was disaterous whereas I thought mine was about par, and we're on about the same score, but then I'm not running an FPL podcast and website 😉 Do you feel the pod and site have added pressure on to you? Genuinely interested as I know you have an interest in psychology 🙂 Yeah that illness to Salah was the push i needed to armband Kane. Not dissappointed with Kane though, 8 points is a par score for a captain. Its the rest of my team I'm annoyed with! Yeah you'll be ok, … » Read

  4. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 20 mins ago

    Could do yeah. Other option is to go without Davies or Rudiger as i think these are the weakest links in your posted team - both are expensive rotation risks. » Read

  5. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 24 mins ago

    I agree with your last sentence so much. As despite me owning about 9 of the current "template", I still somehow ended up scoring about 15 points below the average! Still trying to work out exactly how that happenned..... » Read

  6. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 28 mins ago

    I scribbled down some guesses at Kane v Aguero scores over the next 3 games. Including a hit to get Kun in and a hit to remove him in 28, the scores were coming out about par between the 2 for most scenarios i considered. However captaincy was the real swing in favour of Kun, as I dont think i would captain kane in any of the next 3, whereas I would certainly captain Kun for at least 2 out of the 3 games. » Read

  7. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 31 mins ago

    It does, but I'd reassess after the league cup games midweek. Because if Chelsea and city make the final then you're going to be left in gw28 with potentially no playing keeper, 3 of your 5 defenders with no fixture (potentially 4 if rose plays over Davies that weekend), no sterling or kun, and McBurnie starting (if he plays). » Read

  8. £10 Memberships Now Available 5 hours, 37 mins ago

    Son and Kane out for Arnie and Aguero is my current thinking. Mahrez and Mane instead of arnie also appear decent options. » Read

  9. Spot The Differential - Gameweek 24 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Yes at least 2, possibly 3. » Read

  10. Top 5 Career Hall of Fame - Gameweek 23 Review 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Great read as ever TM, cheers. Will be interesting to see over the coming weeks how the top 5 balance maximising each gameweek with planning for a potential blank GW28, thats the key to the next 5 weeks I think. » Read

  11. Spot The Differential - Gameweek 24 2 days, 7 hours ago

    Cheers. Yeah you don't want the lingard bit. No one wants the lingard bit! Still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about that decision! :-p » Read

  12. Spot The Differential - Gameweek 24 2 days, 7 hours ago

    Its basically a coin toss between Kane and salah, but that slight illness for salah was the push I needed to go for kane. After lingard last week though, I think anyone would be an improvement! » Read

  13. Scout Picks – Gameweek 24 2 days, 21 hours ago

    I'd play dunk, Chelsea are fatigued, out of form, and are missing morata, Pedro and fabregas. There's never been a better time to play them. Plus Brighton are very defensively organised, especially at home. Can see a 0-0 for sure or maybe even a 1-0 win for the seagulls! » Read

  14. Sky Sports Focus 3 days, 2 hours ago

    Indeed. Looking forward to watching it for sure! » Read

  15. Sky Sports Focus 3 days, 2 hours ago

    now: Jürgen Klopp is hopeful Mohamed Salah and Ragnar Klavan will return to training today following illness, but Liverpool will need to check on the condition of Dejan Lovren. The trio missed Thursday’s double session at the club's Melwood training complex due to sickness, though Virgil van Dijk was involved once again after missing Sunday’s victory over Manchester City due to a hamstring complaint. Klopp told “Virgil was back yesterday and completely fine. We have a few problems with players feeling ill or unwell. “Raggy was out, but hopefully back today. Dejan was out. Mo Salah was out, but hopefully back today. “Mo and Raggy are on the good side of it already, but with Dejan we are not 100 per cent sure [if he will be back today].” » Read

  16. Sky Sports Focus 3 days, 2 hours ago

    Haha I'm not a barcelona fan, I just think the proababilities lie in favour of Barcelona going through. Even more so with the current respective form the 2 sides are in. I hope Chelsea progress though 🙂 » Read

  17. Sky Sports Focus 3 days, 2 hours ago

    True, but that could only affect 2 fixtures if Chelsea are dumped out by Barcelona, which is likely. » Read

  18. The ScoutCast - Episode 246 - Smashing 3 days, 3 hours ago

    Thanks RA 🙂 If I could play the game as well as I talk about it I'd be a decent manager haha! » Read

  19. The ScoutCast - Episode 246 - Smashing 3 days, 4 hours ago

    Good question, and there are a number of potential solutions, depending on what team structure you want to have moving forward, your current team, and amount of money itb. There is a good argument that this is the time to switch to 3-5-2, therefore you'll want a little more money on the pitch as your 5th mid - to do that 5th midfield contenders include Oxlade-Chamberlain and Albrighton. They look the best contenders to me as they are playing for teams with good runs of fixtures, also have a guarenteed attractive fixture in (potential) blank gameweek 28, and appear to be players in decent form too. Albrighton looks nailed to me, Ox more of a risk with Liverpool having Henderson, Lallana, Wijnaldum, Can, Ox, and Milner fighting out for just 3 midfield slots, and European games on the horizon too which could see rotation return. However since Coutinho left he has played more minutes than before, which could indicate he is the favoured option by Klopp. Obviously if you have the money … » Read

  20. The ScoutCast - Episode 246 - Smashing 3 days, 4 hours ago

    Fair do's, cheers for the input. Good luck for the weekend! » Read