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    1. Scout Report - Mathew Ryan 1 day, 19 hours ago

      Not sure a 34 year old wing back is going to play every game though 🙁 » Read

    2. Scout Report - Mathew Ryan 1 day, 22 hours ago

      Not really a bandwagon but I had Oscar in my GW1 squad last season after some goals in pre season and appeared to be on penalties! Of course when Chelsea did get a penalty Hazard took it... » Read

    3. Scout Report - Mathew Ryan 1 day, 22 hours ago

      They were awful at the end of the season, but Pulis sides always are once 40 points has been reached. The start of the next season is always a different story! They weren't reliable for clean sheets, but their set piece threat is always high and that brings the like of Brunt, Evans, McAuley and Dawson into play, as you want defenders who offer multiple ways to score points. McAuley will be priced higher, so I'm looking at Dawson and Brunt (if classed as df). » Read

    4. The Numbers Game - Burnley 2 days, 19 mins ago

      Do you reckon? They both seem incredibly streaky to me! » Read

    5. Scout Report - Mathew Ryan 2 days, 28 mins ago

      Considering a Southampton or a WBA double up, both have superb fixtures to start. Not really considering any of the promoted sides in defense other than a potential 4.0 bench fodder player. Went for a maverick start to last season and it didn't really pay off, trying to play it a bit safer this season! » Read

    6. The Numbers Game - Burnley 2 days, 39 mins ago

      Haha very true, its the most diverse part of the season 🙂 Problem is I always get it wrong haha! I do like your Antonio shout though, Lanzini is another I'm looking at, he really turned it on last season after Payet left. Not the easiest fixtures to start for the hammers though. » Read

    7. The Numbers Game - Burnley 2 days, 51 mins ago

      Right here on FFS! 🙂 » Read

    8. The Numbers Game - Burnley 2 days, 53 mins ago

      I'm very wary of JRod, as I am of any player that is returning from a ruptured ACL ligament. For every success story like Shearer or Van Nistelrooy, there is a Michael Owen or Radamel Falcao. Although Falcao is banging them in now again, its taken 3 years for him to get back to where he was. Definately a wait and see for me! » Read

    9. Scout Report - Davy Klaassen 3 days, 1 hour ago

      It certainly didn't last too long for poor old Davy! » Read

    10. Scout Report - Davy Klaassen 3 days, 1 hour ago

      Klassen is 24?! He looks about 40! Did the same doctor produce his birth certificate as Kanu and Obafemi Martins? » Read

    11. Development Squad - Update Two Is Live 4 days, 3 mins ago

      I think its ok how it is. You could say given the fact they are playing so far up the pitch, if they evade just 1 of those tackles, they are likely to be through on goal or able to make an assist, which would bring in the "pure" points anyway. The fact they are being penalised when they don't evade a tackle merely brings other players into the game, which is no bad thing. In the case of Alli, contrast him with teammate Dembele, who is unlikely to make many goals or assists but is amazing at dribbling, potentially bringing him into BPS reckoning on occasion. » Read

    12. Southampton handed further fixture boost 4 days, 11 mins ago

      Good point, he's the forgotten man of FF! I assume he's competing with Phillips and Brunt (Should brunt be moved up into midfield) for a starting spot?I have WBA on my radar due to those opening fixtures, so far though I've been focussing on the defence, Dawson I like, Brunt I like, Foster I am considering. Hadn't really thought about the attack much yet, Rondon has really gone off the boil hasn't he?You dodged a bullet with Gabbi! And as for WGTA... The female orientated Grand Theft Auto series of games?? » Read

    13. Southampton handed further fixture boost 4 days, 53 mins ago

      Yeah Redmond reverted back to the wing, still did well on occasion there though.I'm leaning towards a defender and Redmond at 4th midfielder. At their likely prices I think they are low risk, high reward options 🙂 Can all be sorted out on a wildcard too if need be. Tadic and Gabbiadini are too frustrating for me to consider at present though, been burned by these charlatans too often before! » Read

    14. Great Expectations - Leroy Sane 4 days, 19 hours ago

      I don't think it will be too bad.In terms of forwards I expect for next season just Lukaku, Kane, Aguero to be priced at 10m plus. Costa and Ibra would both be in this bracket too but with them both exiting the league that reduces the problem somewhat. Last season for example we had Ibra, Aguero, Vardy, Sturridge and Kane all starting at 10m plus, so you could argue it was actually more of a headache last summer!In midfield its a bit trickier admittedly, but with Sanchez likely leaving for Bayern, and Hazard currently injured, that's the 2 likely highest priced players not a worry for the start of the season. Yes Alli and Eriksen will be 10m plus, the Liverpool mids will be pricier (9 to 9.5?), but who else will really stretch the budget? I actually see the 8m bracket being very crowded this season, rather than the 10m bracket. » Read

    15. Scout Report - Victor Lindelof 7 days, 23 hours ago

      5.0 tops I think, there's still doubt over his starts with Huth and Morgan still there. He also was incredibly low owned last season despite his good form, never got above 4.5m or 1% ownership. » Read

    16. Scout Report - Victor Lindelof 7 days, 23 hours ago

      Cool, I tend to steer clear of new players to the league at least initially, for every Zlatan there is a Simone Zaza! I think you've made up my mind to ignore Lindelof for the time being. I'm a big fan of Tony V, he was in my team for much of last season (2 spells in fact), its just that rotation risk hanging over him around internationals breaks and key CL games.Good point on JM, if true, his approach to medical science is laughable. But you're right, there's always an agenda with JM, thinking about it, its likely he was just giving himself an excuse to drop/sell them in the future! Do you reckon Bailly's relative security of starts (I think) over Valencia and ability to attract bonus makes him the more attractive option? » Read

    17. Scout Report - Victor Lindelof 8 days, 5 mins ago

      Completely agree, especially as we prefer to fire and forget defenders to an extent, preferring to jump on the in form attacking assets and chase price rises and the like.My favourite will be Valencia, and I think he will be nailed on for weeks 1-3. however there is an international break prior to week 4 and he never plays much after those, couple that with the fact that the champions league begins between weeks 4 and 5, and we have a problem.If Bailly or Lindelof come in cheaper than Valencia, their nailedness over Valencia may make it a no-brainer. We have to also consider Jones and Smalling as threats to them though. What do Utd fans think? Are Jones and Smalling credible threats to Bailly and Lindelof? Will Lindelof be eased into action rather than start GW1 straight away? » Read

    18. Team Of The Season - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 8 days, 18 hours ago

      No worries 🙂 Haha I'm a quick reader 😛You have just been emailed! » Read

    19. Team Of The Season - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 8 days, 22 hours ago

      Yeah I've found it very interesting and infomative so far, particularly enjoying the long form "future trends" series. Its nice to have the game discussed in depth and detail that isn't always possible within the confines of the FFS articles (as much as I also appreciate and enjoy the shorter form FFS articles).Furthermore, having a number of pespectives on FF can only help. As you mentioned in one of your blog posts, its easy to get swept up in a herd mentality on FFS. Sometimes this is beneficial (King), other times less so (Gundogan, Allen, Capoue, Phillips, Stanislas; yes, they were all in my team at one point or another this season!). My aim for next season is to try and seperate the good transfer decisions from the bad, especially in the hectic early gameweeks of the season. Hopefully reading your posts and others, like Triggerlips' blog, will help me in that aim 🙂Keep up the good work! » Read

    20. Team Of The Season - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 8 days, 23 hours ago

      Ah ok, I'm not on twitter haha.Lol I don't really know what to make of Gabbiadini, is he the sharpshooter who scored heavily in his first few matches of english football, or the chugger who misses golden chances, including penalties? hoping for pre season to give us some clues!P.S. Loving the new blog you've started, you've definately got yourself a regular reader here 🙂 » Read