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    1. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 6 mins ago

      Because last time he was fit he started 2 games, played 90 mins in both and scored 24 points across those 2 matches. » Read

    2. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 12 mins ago

      Haha sometimes dumbing it down isn't a bad thing, the large number of Costa owners in my minileague this week can attest to that! » Read

    3. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 18 mins ago

      Bedknobs and boomsticks put up a great analysis earlier making a case against Sanchez for the doubles. As a riposte, I’ve done a crude bit of fixture analysis. Sanchez’s 4 DGW matches are: Man Utd (H), Southampton (A), Stoke (A), Sunderland (H). I’ve compared the other top 5 midfielders in the game in the corresponding fixtures:Man Utd (H) – Hazard (8), Alli (TBC), Eriksen (TBC), Firmino (3). Average = 5.5 Southampton (A) – Hazard (14), Alli (15), Eriksen (10), Firmino (3). Average = 10.5 Stoke (A) – Hazard (inj), Alli (8), Eriksen (11), Firmino (5). Average = 8 Sunderland (H) – Hazard (TBC), Alli (6), Eriksen (inj), Firmino (3). Average = 4.5A somewhat crude analysis I know, small sample size and these guys all play in different ways, but it does give an indication of midfield big hitter performance versus the teams in question. It surprised me just how generous Southampton appear to be when facing top sides, and how tight Sunderland were! All 4 teams are on avera… » Read

    4. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 1 hour, 5 mins ago

      Great analysis, but the fixture analysis is based on their performance when motivated. Sunderland, Stoke, Southampton have absolutely nothing to play for and Man Utd have their eye on another prize. Couple this with the fact that Arsenal absolutely are motivated to get in the Top 4 (this much was clear given their celebrations at the end of last night's match), and I feel this raises Sanchez's chances of obtaining points further. » Read

    5. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 3 hours, 26 mins ago

      Agreed. One of the best players in the league versus 4 sides on the beach. Isn't this the perfect combination we all look for in a double gameweek player? » Read

    6. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 3 hours, 28 mins ago

      Regarding Ozil - a few people said that last season too ahead of the doubles (a season in which Ozil was actually playing quite well, unlike this season), I think he near enough blanked whereas Sanchez hovered up 25 points... » Read

    7. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Wednesday 3 hours, 32 mins ago

      There's no doubt he's not hitting the explosive heights of earlier in the season. But he is nailed on, always capable of scoring a goal out of nothing, and Arsenal do appear to have developed some grit and resolution of late, which can only be a good thing. He only needs a goal in each of the double gameweeks to bring in 18 points across 36 and 37. That's decent enough to make him worth owning, surely?I'm lucky enough to own a wildcard still, so I'll still have Hazard, Alli, Kane, and some city cover to fall back on even if Sanchez blanks too, so I'll be keeping Sanchez to the end I think. » Read

    8. Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Tuesday 1 day, 2 hours ago

      Or they both just miserably accept their fate, this match is being sold as the derby of the doomed after all lol » Read

    9. Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Tuesday 1 day, 3 hours ago

      Will likely be keeping King until the end of the season as he has that combination we all desire in a player - form and fixture.Gabbiadini has volume of fixtures and form, but not fixture quality. Will be watching him with interest at the weekend, an assist against Chelsea last night was encouraging » Read

    10. This Much We Know - Gameweek 34 2 days, 3 hours ago

      1,359,871 at GW17 Currently 255,802Targeting top 100k for the first time ever, have WC and BB so hopefully I can make that leap! » Read

    11. Captain Poll - Gameweek 35 3 days, 1 hour ago

      I had him from DGW 27 until last week, incredibly infuriating player to own. He was my transfer out ahead of this week for King. I would avoid, he came on yesterday and then was subbed off again! Hardly a ringing endorsement lol » Read

    12. Captain Poll - Gameweek 35 3 days, 2 hours ago

      Hahaha, the way it reads it does look like I'm suggesting that doesn't it!Watch the poll be decided by 1 vote now.... 😉 » Read

    13. Captain Poll - Gameweek 35 3 days, 3 hours ago

      I know captaincy poll traditionally goes out on a Monday but this seems very early considering we are in the middle of a DGW! I know I won't be voting until Friday morning haha. I imagine my vote will be one of:King Benteke/Zaha Coutinho Jesus/Sane/Aguero (depending on fitness/availability) KaneConsidering who I own currently, I will back for my team either Kane (the "safe" pick) or King (the "maverick" pick) » Read

    14. Top 5 Career Hall of Fame Analysis - Gameweek 33 3 days, 3 hours ago

      I think they're fantastic, display what I was thinking of but in a far better way than I could have come up with! Yes they make it very clear, looking at them and comparing them to my own team, I can't believe I didn't own Lukaku until week 24!! Huge amounts of potential points lost, especially for a lot of that time I had Benteke and Ibra up front doing nothing haha. On the flipside though I caught Sanchez early which helped a lot. You can really see recently how Sanchez has dropped off pointswise too. Same goes for Aguero compared to the first few weeks of the season. » Read

    15. Dugout Discussion - Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3 days, 18 hours ago

      Half time in the gameweek and although today was a bad day, overall so far I'm reasonably satisfied.29 points with captain kane, henessey, valencia, alonso, zaha, alli, sanchez to go. » Read

    16. Dugout Discussion - Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3 days, 18 hours ago

      I agree with you that in an ideal world the Scoutcast would be on a Friday. Guess when coordinating the diary's of 4 people though compromises have to be made! » Read

    17. Dugout Discussion - Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3 days, 19 hours ago

      Thought that would be it 🙂 You must have felt pretty gutted when you saw the pool team sheet at half 3 today eh Mark? And then pretty delighted 3 hours later! This game is a rollercoaster lol » Read

    18. Dugout Discussion - Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3 days, 19 hours ago

      The scout picks don't get it right every time though, and how could they?The whole decision of who to pick/captain etc shouldn't just be based on what they say at the end though, theres the rest of the scoutcast dicussion to take into account, as well as all the other tools at our disposal, like the site, press releases etc.We're all allowed to change our minds on out teams at any point, why should it be different for the scouts? » Read

    19. Dugout Discussion - Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3 days, 19 hours ago

      He probably saw on friday in the presser that it looked like the liverpool defence had no Matip, Lucas or Klavan due to injury so switched to Benteke to take advantage of that. » Read

    20. The Stock Check - Gameweek 34 - Saturday 4 days, 3 hours ago

      Pickford Jakupovic Alonso, Koscielny, Maguire, Stephens, Holgate, Sanchez, Hazard, Alli, Sane, King Jesus, Kane, Gabbiadini » Read