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Can You Hear Me Now? The Radio Five Live Interview

For those who missed it, here’s a link to a rather hissy DIY recording of the interview with myself and Fantasy Premier League champ Jon Reeson that went out on Radio Five Live this morning.

Good to see Fantasy Football getting some mainstream exposure and recognition; it’s just a shame that Jon and I combined our powers so effectively to put it firmly back in the domain of pale geeks who shy from daylight. The fact that I’m tapping this out while the sun blazes through my window is a case in point. Apologies to all you bronzed, lady-kissing Fantasy Football Managers out there.

Big thanks for Jon for joining me for the interview – we needed to get someone along who knew what they were talking about. Granville offered but…you know. He’ll hopefully be back for the podcasts though. Jon’s busy on those days.

Mark Mark created the beast. He's now looking to tame it.”

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