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Gameweek 2 – The Captain Poll

Fantasy Football managers everywhere are seemingly in one of two states right now…

a) Euphoria at having made the right picks in the first week, and most likely having captained Didier Drogba. or,
b) In the usual state of panic staring at the wildcard twitchily regretting not owning Drogba.

These lead us nicely into the captain’s poll for gameweek two and, unsurprisingly, after bagging a hat-trick at home to West Bromwich Albion the Ivorian might of Didier Drogba is currently top of the pops when it comes to your polling needs. However, he isn’t walking this contest, as Cesc Fabregas -at the time of writing- has approximately 50 votes less and that is without word on whether he will actually be playing this weekend…

Fantasy Managers are obviously expecting the good times to roll out as Chelsea head to face a Wigan side who just conceded 4 goals to newcomers Blackpool, and eight in the reverse of this fixture at the end of last season. Lest we forget though, Wigan are predictably unpredictable under Martinez – this time last season Wigan had just lost 4-0 to Arsenal (admittedly much better opposition than Blackpool) only to go on to beat Chelsea 3-1. Drogba, Lampard and Malouda are high on the captaincy lists as are the aforementioned Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie and three of their team-mates, as they look to knock the smile off Marlon Harewood and co’s face.

If the poll so far is anything to go by, then you’d be a brave manager to not back one of Arsenal or Chelsea with 8 of the top 10 spaces filled up – only Mikel Arteta at home to Wolves is making an impact right now.

If you’ve yet to vote, don’t forget to look back to your central toolbar on the homepage and place your bets – let us know which Chelsea or Arsenal player you think is the best candidate this week. If you’re one of the crop of bold folks and want to take a crack at someone different, sound out in the comments below and let us know who you’re backing – if there’s ever a time to risk it’s when you know you’ve got 36 weeks left to make up for it, surely.

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