Scout Squad

The Scout Squad – Gameweek 8

The Scouts make a return. Our resident selection panel went into the international break with a chunky win over Gameweek 7’s Community Champion tucked into their belt of Fantasy knowledge.

They’re now looking to build momentum with another victory this week, zeroeing in on some tantalising match-ups, while mostly avoiding the Gameweek’s clash of the titans.

Key home fixtures for Manchester City and Spurs, together with Chelsea’s trip to the not-so glittering Crystal Palace, inform many of their decisions. Manchester United at Liverpool does not.

And budget enablers from Swansea City, Burnley and Brighton sit alongside some of the bigger Fantasy Premier League names to balance the books.

We’ll be back at the end of the week to see who makes the final cut. In the meantime, here are their initial thoughts.

GoalkeepersLukasz FabianskiLukasz FabianskiLukasz FabianskiThibaut Courtois
Kasper SchmeichelNick PopeNick PopeKasper Schmeichel
Nick PopeMat RyanMat RyanLukasz Fabianski
DefendersBen DaviesCesar AzpilicuetaBen DaviesBen Davies
Kyle WalkerBen DaviesMarcos AlonsoDavid Luiz
Marcos AlonsoStephen WardNicolas OtamendiJohn Stones
Harry MaguireHarry MaguireHarry MaguireHarry Maguire
Ben MeeNicolas OtamendiVirgil van DijkCedric Soares
MidfieldersChristian EriksenEden HazardRaheem SterlingEden Hazard
Raheem SterlingDavid SilvaDele AlliRaheem Sterling
Eden HazardChristian EriksenEden HazardChristian Eriksen
Pascal GrossRaheem SterlingAaron RamseyAaron Ramsey
Aaron RamseySolly MarchPascal GrossRicharlison
ForwardsHarry KaneHarry KaneHarry KaneHarry Kane
Gabriel JesusGabriel JesusGabriel JesusGabriel Jesus
Romelu LukakuJamie VardyRomelu LukakuJamie Vardy
Michy BatshuayiAlexandre LacazetteJamie VardyChris Wood
Jamie VardyChris WoodChris WoodTammy Abraham

Paul Says…

Spurs, Man City and Chelsea dominate my squad and supply three outfield players apiece.

Five goals in as many league outings highlight Raheem Sterling’s value for money at a cost of just 7.9. His pitch-time could be key at home to Stoke City – the England star has played 90 minutes in three of his last four, whereas Gabriel Jesus has yet to make it past the hour-mark in City’s home matches so far.

Chelsea’s trip to Palace brings Marcos Alonso back into contention. Given that the Eagles have conceded almost twice the number of chances down their right flank (34 to 18), the Spaniard and, potentially, Eden Hazard – should Antonio Conte return to 3-4-3 – could profit at Selhurst Park.

Leicester’s Harry Maguire offers the prospect of points at both ends of the pitch at home to a West Brom side that’s scored just once on their travels.

He’s already racked up a goal and two assists and has  21 points from three appearances at the King Power.

Jonty Says…

I’ve swerved assets from both Manchester United and Liverpool ahead of their hard-to-call Anfield encounter on Saturday lunchtime.

With no place for pricey Scout Picks’ stalwart Romelu Lukaku in my selection, this gives me a chance to put forward a raft of premium midfielders for consideration.

Eden Hazard’s brace for his country this week acted as a powerful reminder of the Belgian maestro’s potent threat. With Alvaro Morata sidelined, he could even be deployed in a central attacking role against a woeful Palace.

Should my colleagues shun another of my picks, Gabriel Jesus, I’d be keen to see a Manchester City midfield double-up involving chief creator David Silva and Raheem Sterling, who is second only to the injured Sergio Aguero in terms of goals and shots among Pep Guardiola’s charges.

In defence, I’m advocating spending big, with a Chelsea pick looking a must against the goalless Eagles. My top choice is Cesar Azpiliceuta, who has assists and bonus in his locker. I’d also be happy enough to see the slightly cheaper David Luiz handed a place.

But I’m not getting too carried away with our new-found wealth, ensuring that I’ve also put forward some bargains to ease the pressure on our 83 million budget.

In attack, Jamie Vardy looks good value for his 8.6 price tag, with five goals already and a clash with a West Brom side that may struggle to contain his attacking threat – particularly in the air.

His team-mate, Harry Maguire (5.1), is another with excellent potential given that he has already prospered over a nightmare run that has included match-ups with Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Burnley are also a supplier of budget enablers ahead of West Ham’s visit, with defender Stephen Ward (4.6) racking up 30 points over his last four starts. Chris Wood’s 6.6 price tag may also come in handy should we decide to invest heavily in midfield and defence.

Finally, Mark’s talk of the 5.0-priced Solly March as a budget enabler on this week’s Scoutcast is something I also endorse heartily as a Brighton fan.

Peter Says…

We will all be scouring international match reports and transcripts of domestic press conferences judiciously before Saturday’s deadline.

The break served up the usual cloak and dagger shenanigans regarding “international” injuries and bona fide ones, as well as forcing devoted FPL managers to utilise Google Maps to ascertain levels of fatigue.

With that extensive caveat in place, there are undoubtedly some stand-out match-ups this week at the beginning of a fixture swing which has already seen over 111,000 Wildcards activated.

Just how many assets to choose from Chelsea, Manchester City and Spurs will be the main issue. My selections from these premium teams aren’t always the most expensive options, simply because we will need to apply some sort of financial prudence.

Admittedly, Gabriel Jesus may find his minutes are managed, but he is surely worth the gamble.

To balance the books, Leicester, Southampton and Swansea all offer options, particularly defensively.

Jamie Vardy has kept pace with all of his more pricey peers and comes in, although West Brom’s typically defensive approach – only six shots on target in three away games – perhaps suggests a double-up on Kasper Schmeichel and Harry Maguire could be just as lucrative.

On a similar note, while Southampton can’t seem to buy a goal, visitors Newcastle have only hit the net once on their travels and I still have faith that Cedric Soares’s attacking threat will at some point be rewarded.

Despite their recent run of clean sheets, injury doubts surround Arsenal’s backline, so Richarlison has already found his way into nearly 100,000 new teams this week and seems worth the gamble at that bargain 6.1 price.

Mark Says…

Compiling my selection, I think it’s already obvious that Friday’s picks will be set up with a four-man defence. In fact, there’s even an argument to go with five given the returns we’ve seen from defenders so far.

Gameweek 8 provides us with many compelling backline candidates with my top trio of Ben Davies, Marcos Alonso and Nicolas Otamendi looking assured targets, promising clean sheet returns at the very least.

In contrast, the choice in midfield remains surprisingly limited.

I’ve opted for Eden Hazard in my top three but, in truth, he’s barely done enough to warrant Scout Picks inclusion. If he gets the nod, it will have more to do with his opponents Crystal Palace than his own form and fitness.

I’m sticking with Dele Alli. His recent output is a little worrying, but then so is Christian Eriksen’s propensity to give up set-pieces to Davies, and the fact that he is surely destined to be limited to another 70-minute appearance with a tie with Real Madrid looming.

Elsewhere in midfield, the fact that Aaron Ramsey is again among my nominations demonstrates that we’re struggling for convincing mid-price options.

Up front, the candidates are stronger, and I’m still advocating a powerful tri-force set-up, with Romelu Lukaku remaining in the mix.

His impressive strike for Belgium on Tuesday highlighted his confidence levels, and I think Manchester United will continue to find a way of keeping him fed at Anfield, even if Jose Mourinho deploys a more cautious gameplan.

The Community Champion

Representing the Community against the Scout Picks in Gameweek will be Mince n Tatties, who is in his seventh campaign, with 2015/16’s finish of 9,785 his best to date.

The Community Champion who has the best lead over the Scouts during 2017/18 will win a £100 Amazon voucher (currently we can only offer or vouchers).

Gameweek 7’s champion Ringwraith was beaten 48-74 by the Scouts.

The champion to beat remains Gregor, who achieved victory over the Scouts by a 33-point margin in Gameweek 5.

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  1. phuang
      4 months, 11 days ago

      Mee, Soares, Davies, Lowe
      Mkhi, Eriksen, Salah
      Morata, Lukaku, Firmino

      Subs: Foster, Atsu, Jones, Carroll

      ITB: 0.4

      Should I keep or sell Morata? If I'm selling, I'm taking a -4 hit in bringing in Hazard for Mkhi, and I will have 8.3 ITB. Any budget forwards recommendation?

      1. Invincibles
          4 months, 11 days ago

          Mkhi + morata > sterling + jesus for me

      2. Dobswell55
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        4 months, 11 days ago

        Miki to:

        1) Silva
        2) Sterling

        Most votes wins.

        1. SUPER 11
            4 months, 11 days ago


          • 404_FC
              4 months, 11 days ago

              i am in the same boat

              last week i prefer silva coz he's nailed.

              but in this article all scout pick sterling !!!

              make me confuse

              1. Dobswell55
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                4 months, 11 days ago

                Make me confuse too 404_FC, make me very confuse

            • SAY MY NAME
                4 months, 11 days ago


              • Invincibles
                  4 months, 11 days ago


                • 1Banksy
                    4 months, 11 days ago

                    If money is no object Silva

                  • Bald Eagle
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    4 months, 11 days ago


                  • melvinmbabazi
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    4 months, 10 days ago

                    Keep Mhki

                • Invincibles
                    4 months, 11 days ago

                    Davies Alonso Maguire
                    Salah Silva Mooy Carroll
                    Lukaku Kane Firmino
                    subs: Elliot lascelles hunemier atsu

                    What should be my priority, 0.1 ITB

                    Have exact funds to do Firmino > Vardy.. or should I take a hit?

                  • milezeemilner
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    4 months, 11 days ago

                    Can't afford Hazard, wanting chelsea cover:

                    A- Cesc
                    B- Pedro

                    1. skully
                        4 months, 11 days ago


                    2. chunks67
                        4 months, 11 days ago

                        RMT Please! **Wildcard finally played**

                        Ward - Maguire - Jones - Cedric
                        D.Silva - Hazard - Sterling
                        Kane - Vardy - Jesus

                        Subs - Carrol - Stephens - Mbemba

                        Thanks in advance 🙂

                        1. milezeemilner
                          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                          4 months, 11 days ago

                          Good but only concern would be no City or chelsea Defence with favourable fixtures.

                          1. chunks67
                              4 months, 11 days ago

                              Favored going with Silva, Sterling and Jesus from City and no cheap way into the Chelsea defence for guranteed starts 🙁

                          2. 1Banksy
                              4 months, 11 days ago

                              Interesting attacking City triple. Causing me yet another rethink of my WC.

                          3. skodaole2
                              4 months, 11 days ago

                              Any chance one of the following players start (s) vs MUN?

                              A) Chamberlain
                              B) Milner
                              C) Gomez

                              1. skully
                                  4 months, 11 days ago


                              2. K.F.C
                                  4 months, 11 days ago

                                  Hey Lads! Apprceiate some feedback with this WC team cheers!

                                  Otamendi, Mee, Davies, Maguire, Hunemeier
                                  DSilva, Hazard, Choupo, RLC, Carroll
                                  Kane, Kaku, Vardy

                                  1. ELMEO
                                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                    4 months, 11 days ago

                                    Like it. Potentially: Kaku > Jesus and upgrade RLC or Carroll, but sure you've thought of that.

                                • nicecat
                                    4 months, 11 days ago

                                    A) Otamendi + Richarlison
                                    B) Maguire + Ramsey?

                                    1. chunks67
                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                        Tough call but I'd go (B)

                                      • 1Banksy
                                          4 months, 11 days ago

                                          I agree it's tough but A for me

                                        • ILOVEBAPS
                                          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                          4 months, 11 days ago

                                          Tough. I'd like to try B

                                        • nicecat
                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                            Thanks guys, I still don't know what I'll do, but at least I won't feel stupid if I make a mistake.

                                        • 1Banksy
                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                            WC thoughts:
                                            Luiz Stones Yoshida Mee
                                            Sterling Coutinho Shaquiri
                                            Jesus Lukaku Kane
                                            Subs: Elliot, Davis (Sou), Carol, Mariappa

                                            Key questions:
                                            1) Sterling and Coutinho or Hazard and Richarlison
                                            2) Shaquiri or Choupo
                                            3) Lukaku or Vardy

                                            1. ILOVEBAPS
                                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                              4 months, 11 days ago

                                              1. H & R (good opp. for differential points).
                                              2. Shaquiri
                                              3. Vardy for next 4

                                          • ILOVEBAPS
                                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                            G2G this week.
                                            Team on -4

                                            Davies Otamendi Mee Cedric
                                            Silva Eriksen Salah
                                            Lukaku Kane Joselu

                                            Elliot C-Moting Carroll 3.9

                                            1. 1Banksy
                                                4 months, 11 days ago

                                                Appreciate the thoughts on my WC. Looks pretty solid for now. Downgrading Salah to upgrade Joselu is surely in your thoughts in a couple weeks.

                                                1. ILOVEBAPS
                                                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                  4 months, 11 days ago

                                                  No probs.
                                                  Tbh I'm not too keen on losing Salah. And Joselu is ok for now but I may go for Vardy soon enough.

                                            2. Kane Lane
                                                4 months, 11 days ago

                                                Just bet my Liverpool mate 20 on utd game. What do you all think the score will be?

                                                All or nothing Lukaku cap.

                                                1. nicecat
                                                    4 months, 11 days ago

                                                    LIV 1:2 MUN

                                                  • Slouch87
                                                      4 months, 11 days ago

                                                      That was daft - you can get 9/5 for both teams at online bookies.

                                                      1. Ruth_NZ
                                                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                                        Yeah but in a wager with a mate a draw is no bet. 🙂

                                                    • Ruth_NZ
                                                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                      4 months, 11 days ago

                                                      0-1 or 1-1

                                                    • built_this_city
                                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                                        2-1 pool

                                                    • Pröpper Bong
                                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                                        Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Wildcard team all set ?

                                                        Luiz Maguire Davies Ward
                                                        Richarlison Silva Coutinho
                                                        Kane Lukaku Vardy

                                                        Pope Carroll Shindler Surman

                                                        Many Thanks.

                                                      • joshfrost77
                                                          4 months, 11 days ago

                                                          Team Cedric or Yoshida?

                                                          Will Yoshida continue to start with the plethora of options southampton have at the back and rotation? Or is Cedric more nailed on with the lack of fullback options?

                                                          1. 1Banksy
                                                              4 months, 11 days ago


                                                          2. 1Banksy
                                                              4 months, 11 days ago

                                                              Most embarrassing confessions of fantasy related addiction.
                                                              Done over 70 screenshots this month (WC active), here is my data.

                                                              Foster: VVVVVVVVVVVV
                                                              Elliot: VVVVVVVVVVVVVV
                                                              Hart: I
                                                              Fabianski: VIIII

                                                              Mee: VVVVVVVVVVVVVIIII
                                                              Yoshida: VVVVVVVII
                                                              Luiz: V I
                                                              Blind: V III
                                                              Lascelles: VVVVVVVVI
                                                              Kola: VIII
                                                              Jones: VVVVVVVVVVIII
                                                              Trippier: II
                                                              Mustafi: IIII
                                                              Davies: V
                                                              Kiko F: II
                                                              Lowe: V
                                                              Mariappa: VVVVVI
                                                              Otamendi: I
                                                              Danilo: II
                                                              Trippier: III
                                                              Mbemba: VV
                                                              Monreal: III
                                                              Ward: V
                                                              Clark: I
                                                              Tarkowski: I
                                                              Lowton: I

                                                              Erikson: VVVI
                                                              Alli: VVVVVV
                                                              Ritchie: VVVVVVIII
                                                              RLC: VVVVVVVII
                                                              Hazard: VVVVVI
                                                              Mkhi: IIII
                                                              Sanchez: VII
                                                              Salah: VVVVVVII
                                                              Silva: VVVV
                                                              Ramsey: VVI
                                                              Gross: VII
                                                              Coutinho: VVVVIIII
                                                              Brady: VVIII
                                                              Richarlison: VIIII
                                                              Sterling: VVVVVII
                                                              Doucoure: VII
                                                              Fellaini: VVI
                                                              Carroll: VVVVIII
                                                              Shaquiri: VIII
                                                              Davis: III
                                                              Fabregas: I

                                                              Lukaku: VVVVVVVVVVVI
                                                              Morata: VVVVIIII
                                                              Bony: II
                                                              Jesus: VVVVVVIII
                                                              Gabby: I
                                                              Hemed: III
                                                              Abraham: VV
                                                              Wood: I
                                                              Rooney: VI
                                                              Vokes: I
                                                              Welbeck: I
                                                              Kane: VVVVVVVIIII
                                                              Augero: II
                                                              Lacca: V
                                                              Niasse: I
                                                              Rashford: I
                                                              Joselu: II
                                                              Chicharito: IIII
                                                              Long: II
                                                              Batshuayi: I
                                                              Wood: II

                                                              1. Eden Wizard
                                                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                4 months, 11 days ago


                                                              2. Gideons Rolling Another One
                                                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                Think you've lost mate!

                                                                1. Gideons Rolling Another One
                                                                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                  4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                  *Lost it!

                                                            • Hagnus
                                                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                              4 months, 11 days ago


                                                              If I've already taken -8 and choose to play Free Hit, are the points still going to be deducted?


                                                            • chill88
                                                                4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                Hi all, so I've activated the wildcard! Any thoughts/feedback on the below is appreciated!

                                                                Elliot / Begovic
                                                                Azpi / Walker / Maguire / Trippier / Monreal
                                                                Gross / D.Silva / Hazard / Surman / Carroll
                                                                Kane / Vardy / Wood

                                                                Hoping for explosive Hazard return to Chelsea starting 11 this weekend and have (C) armband on him at the moment.

                                                                1. chunks67
                                                                    4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                    Awful lot of money tied up in that defence! Do you need as many premium defenders?

                                                                    1. chill88
                                                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                        It's a tough one, I think my pre-wildcard team's defence was what was letting me down so have tried to rectify that. Forgot to mention, I do have 1.0 ITB, so if I was to downgrade Monreal to a 4.5 def would give me 2 million to chuck elsewhere...

                                                                  • seewhyaxe
                                                                      4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                      Attempting a different wc team:


                                                                      0.6 ITB.

                                                                      When Morata is back: Okazaki & Coutinho to 3rd 4.5m mid and Morata for a heavy punt on 3 City & 3 Chelsea players for their fixtures to the end of the year...

                                                                    • EnoughisEnoughFFS
                                                                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                      4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                      Any feedback appreciated on this team?


                                                                      David Luiz-Davies-Mee-Wimmer-Cedric

                                                                    • Pontus Jansson's Magic…
                                                                        4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                        Any of Silva/Sane/Sterling for a hit?

                                                                        Naughton, Otamendi, Kola, Bavies
                                                                        Mkhi, Atsu, Salah
                                                                        Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

                                                                        Krul, TC, Chalobah, Long

                                                                      • ToRaBoRa
                                                                          4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                          for the next GW who seems to be better ?
                                                                          Alonso or Davies ??

                                                                        • Oscarrr17
                                                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                            Thoughts on my wildcard squad? Very stuck and open for change.

                                                                            Pope Elliot
                                                                            Stones Cedric Monreal Naughton Cresswell
                                                                            Hazard Coutinho Silva Sterling Surman
                                                                            Kane Bats Joselu


                                                                          • migas2k7
                                                                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                            So i need a city player and i'm wonderin g should i get Sterling on the FT ... or reach Jesus and take a -4 punt?

                                                                          • MitchellD
                                                                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                            4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                            Worth a 4 point hit to swap Willian for Sterling? or wait for free transfer?

                                                                            1. MitchellD
                                                                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                              4 months, 11 days ago

                                                                              Ok too late because I already pulled the trigger, second question....

                                                                              Silva, Jesus and Sterling..... anyone think Silva is worthy of my armband this week?

                                                                              1. The Asset
                                                                                  4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                  i have him but always worried he wont do heavy damage in his standard 70 mins

                                                                              2. tempest
                                                                                  4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                  I imagine you've got Kane? Surely the standout option and you've already got a lot of eggs in the City basket?

                                                                              3. oldirish007
                                                                                  4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                  Can't wait for 11.30 Sat morning. I have been looking at w.c team for days by now and picking a team has been getting harder by the minute. For a number of weeks leading up to the international break I was dead set on playing 5-2-3 with a rotation in place in midfield, (Burnley/new)(Brady/Ritchie) and going heavy in defence and heavy in attack. But now with morata injured is hazard a must for Chelsea's kind fixtures? If so I don't think5-2-3 is a viable option if my only nailed on midfielder is tying up 12.5mil

                                                                                  Should I cut my losses and go mainstream, if so, what formation would be considered "template" at this early stage 4-3-3 with
                                                                                  Davies,otamendi,ward,(Chelsea def)
                                                                                  Hazard, Silva/sterling, 6.1 mil midfielder
                                                                                  Kane Jesus vardy

                                                                                  I am currently sitting just outside 1,000,000 places and i am anti-dullard but what is the best way to make up the points now, go with initial thoughts and

                                                                                  Cahill, otamendi,Davies,ward,jones
                                                                                  Mctomminay, Silva,mhki, Brady Ritchie
                                                                                  Kane Jesus lacazette-morata when fit

                                                                                  Any thoughts, because I will soon be getting headaches,
                                                                                  And can any one clear up the morata situation

                                                                                • Saturday Panic Buyer
                                                                                    4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                    Which one should i get as a replacement for Ben Davies:
                                                                                    A: Otamendi
                                                                                    B: van Dijk

                                                                                    1. The Asset
                                                                                        4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                        you lost me at replacement for ben davies

                                                                                        1. Saturday Panic Buyer
                                                                                            4 months, 6 days ago

                                                                                            i went with van Dijk

                                                                                      • davidgunadi
                                                                                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                                                        4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                        Lukaku to Jesus for -4 with next 2 GW in mind. Is it worth it?

                                                                                        1. tempest
                                                                                            4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                            Not with the Aguero news

                                                                                        2. tempest
                                                                                            4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                            I got Morata at 10.0, he's fit next weekend and I can't afford to swap with Jesus....

                                                                                            Sounds like just a week on the bench is in order (rather than Vardy?)

                                                                                          • Mooster
                                                                                              4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                              Atsu ready to play or still injured?
                                                                                              Does anyone know?

                                                                                            • hazardous11
                                                                                                4 months, 10 days ago

                                                                                                Morata , Mikhitaryan > a) Kane , Gross
                                                                                                b) Jesus, Sterling

                                                                                              • trepetl
                                                                                                  4 months, 9 days ago

                                                                                                  alonso, azpilicueta or luiz?