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Dugout Discussion – Bournemouth vs Liverpool

After Man United squeezed past West Brom at The Hawthorns, we now make our way to the Vitality Stadium as Bournemouth entertain Liverpool at 4.30pm.

Owners of Mohamed Salah, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino can breathe a sigh of relief as all three continue in the visitors’ XI. But Sadio Man’s Fantasy stock goes from bad to worse as he drops to the bench for the third time in six Gameweeks.

The top scoring player in Fantasy Premier League, Salah was selected as the number one captain for the first time this season, handed the armband by 20.9% of managers.

Jurgen Klopp’s men have struggled for goals at Anfield of late, netting just once at home to Everton and failing to find a way past West Brom.

Yet Salah’s form on the road – 33 points in his last three away outings – bodes well for the Merseysiders.

Similarly, Coutinho has flourished on his travels, bagging three sets of double-digits in his previous four road trips, while Firmino – sold by 79,000+ heading into Gameweek 18 – served up 13 points at Brighton in his last away appearance.

They’ll also by buoyed by the Bournemouth defensive numbers in front of their own fans – Eddie Howe’s side are ranked third worst for shots conceded in the box (72) and fifth bottom for attempts against (117).

The visitors’ defensive displays away from Anfield offers encouragement for the Cherries, though, as they look to replicate last season’s 4-3 win in the corresponding fixture.

Only two teams – Stoke and Palace – have conceded more big chances away from home than Liverpool’s 23, though both have played nine times on their travels to the Merseysiders’ eight.

That could be good news for Jermain Defoe, then – he returns to the hosts XI, having scored twice against Palace in his previous start in Gameweek 16.

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  1. seanie3
      4 months, 3 days ago

      bottomed on last page, best combo please

      a) Kane & Christensen
      b) Lukaku & Alonso

      1. Eoin Jess
          4 months, 3 days ago


      2. Mooster
          4 months, 3 days ago

          Hazard to Sterling?

          1. Mooster
              4 months, 3 days ago

              No love ?

            • Eoin Jess
                4 months, 3 days ago

                Haz has good fixtures but we've said that before. Yes to Sterling but you must have someone who's lived on borrowed time for too long?

                1. Mooster
                    4 months, 3 days ago

                    That would be Daniels. With Haz out, it can make way for Alonso in. Already have Azpi and Courtois.

              • JONALDINHO
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                4 months, 3 days ago

                Pope - (Elliot)
                Otamendi - Jones - Ogbonna - (Feminia) - (Ward)
                Hazard - Salah - Coutinho - Sterling(C) - Pogba
                Morata - Austin - (Niasse)
                Kane, Richarlison and Rlc to Austin,Sterling and Pogba(-8) gives that
                What's your thoughts? Don't take many hits but wannabe Kanexiter!

                1. Eoin Jess
                    4 months, 3 days ago

                    Good moves. If you pull the trigger on Kane you're a braver man than I

                2. Loftus-Queef
                    4 months, 3 days ago

                    Really bad newbie question incoming:

                    Can you transfer in spurs players before their double gameweek? Or is there some rule in place for that?

                    1. Eoin Jess
                        4 months, 3 days ago

                        Yes, you can transfer Spurs (and West Ham) players before the double gameweek. They'll play in gameweeks 19, 20 and both games in 22. None in 21.

                      • The Big Fella
                          4 months, 3 days ago

                          What do you mean? You can transfer players in and out whenever you want.

                      • liiusions
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        4 months, 3 days ago

                        Otamendi Jones Masuaku
                        Hazard Salah Coutinho Richarlison RLC
                        Kane Morata
                        (Elliot DCL Tark Daniels)
                        2FT 0ITB

                        a) Morata+RLC -> Austin + Sterling
                        b) Coutinho->Sterling

                        1. Eoin Jess
                            4 months, 3 days ago

                            A for me. Similar moves to those I'm thinking of

                        2. Eoin Jess
                            4 months, 3 days ago

                            Thoughts on these moves? Poor GW so far.

                            Pickford - Fab
                            Ota - Azpi - Kola - Mee - Naughton
                            Haz - Salah - Silva - Richarlison - Gross
                            Kane - DCL - Niasse

                            2 FT 0.5 ITB

                            Kola, Silva & Niasse > Masuaku, Sane & Austin (-4)

                          • Winners900
                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                            4 months, 3 days ago

                            So I just made to transfers for a hit with Firmino + RLC and still got Silva & Kolasinac in my first 11 with Quaners as the best player from the bench.


                          • Jelder
                              4 months, 3 days ago

                              Have a good team I think but I want KDB in my midfield with Sterling Sam David Silva but I think it will create an unabalanced team - need advice.

                              Current team:
                              Azpilicueta Otamendi Monreal Jones
                              Salah Sterling Silva Richarlison
                              Morata Kane

                              Gross Mbemba Quaner Elliot

                              Would cost me -8 hit to get KDB in and get rid of Otamendi and a forward. Is that worth it?

                            • Pino
                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                              4 months, 3 days ago

                              How does this team look like?

                              Pope (Elliot)
                              Ogbonna Otamendi Kabasele (Gomez Daniels)
                              Sterling Salah Hazard Couthino (RLC)
                              Rooney Kane Austin