FFS Mini-Leagues & Community Competitions Gameweek 7

Welcome to the latest round-up of the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions. This article covers Gameweek 7 in FPL, Gameweek 23 in Fantasy Eliteserien, and Gameweek 26 in Fantasy Allsvenskan.

Head-to-Head Leagues

Can anyone beat Owen Walker (aka Zan Keroski)?

The Australian made it seven wins from seven matches in the FFS Head-to-Head leagues to maintain his 100% winning start to League 1. Owen has an impressive three top 1,000 finishes in seven season of playing FPL and at thirteenth in the Career Hall of Fame, he was the fourth-highest ranked manager going into the tournament.

Hot on his heels is Craig Johnson with six wins out of seven. Craig transferred in Ricardo Pereira (£6.1m) for Lucas Digne (£6.0m) for an immediate 12-point gain on his way to a decent 64 points. Craig shares just six players in his squad of 15 with his Gameweek 8 opponent B.J. McNair, while Owen has nine players in common with his next victim, sorry – opponent, Glynn Sherwood.

Elsewhere in the Head-to-Head leagues, Bruce Savage lost his 100% record in League 2 with a comprehensive 60-35 defeat to Justin Spiegel. Likewise in League 3, Neil Methold failed to win for the first time this season losing to Mark Pooley.

Five managers boast seven wins out of seven in League 5, while Pavle Ziman is the only boss in League 6 to have won all of his matches. There are 9 managers in League 7 and 24 managers in League 8 with 100% starts.

Currently 211th overall, Pat Anderson in League 7 has the best overall rank of any boss in the Head-to-Head leagues. But despite such an impressive start Pat isn’t one of the managers with an unblemished record. 

Fantasy Football Scout Mini-Leagues

Mohammad Hafiz Emran still leads our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league but has slipped from second to 19th overall.

Mohammad took a four-point hit to bring in Son and Salah ahead of the Gameweek 7 deadline, with Sterling and Mané departing. Although even with a red arrow, he nonetheless closed the gap to world number one Medhat Shawky to 17 points. 

There are currently 43,504 managers participating in the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league, to join them enter code ooyz44 in your Leagues’ section on the FPL site

Tom Foster and Marie Skomedal are still first and second in our FFS Members mini-league with new entrant Brian Cuffe coming straight in at number three. 

Tom has a 19-point lead heading into Gameweek 8. The Norwich City fan got on board the Pukki party in Gameweek 2, with team-mate Todd Cantwell following a Gameweek later for a season-high rank of 76 overall. Since then Tom has slipped to 305th.

Marie and Brian are equal on points but Marie takes second spot because she’s made fewer transfers: seven to Brian’s nine.

The code to join the FFS Members League can be found on the Members page

Community Mini-Leagues and Competitions

In TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing the safety score for Gameweek 7 was 38 points, this saw 210 managers eliminated. The threshold for elimination remains at 6% for Gameweek 8.

Over 1,600 managers have departed the competition so far with 3,219 left to battle it out for the coveted title of Last Man Standing. It is still possible to join them: entries are accepted up until Gameweek 22 – use the code bcvy39 in your Leagues’ section on the FPL site. However you must pass all the previous safety scores to qualify.

Aside from bragging rights, the winner will receive a free Fantasy Football Scout Membership for the 2020/21 season.

The draft process in this year’s Pundit’s Play-Off Community Tournament takes place on Wednesday 9 October. 229 players have signed up to the competition with the 12 managers now having to decide on their squads of 14.  

Dan Laidlaw (aka Legomané) leads Neale (aka SkontoRigga) and his restored team by five points in the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league. Dan now has three players from each of Chelsea, City, and Liverpool, after buying Tomori and Abraham ahead of the Gameweek 7 deadline. 

Heading down the table is former leader Mark Sutherns. Currently 17th in the mini-league, Mark has dropped from inside the top 100k to 761,431 overall in the last two Gameweeks. 

John Holmes remains top of RedLightning’s Top 10k Any Season mini-league but has slipped to 398th overall.

At £4.6m each, Mings and Söyüncü are John’s most expensive defenders as the veteran FPL manager has put his faith in a heavy-hitting front three of Aguero, Kane, and Firmino.

Managers with a top 10k finish may join the league using the code m0tq9y.

There’s also no change at the top of Chaballer’s Top 1,000 HoF League with Ómar Olgeirsson still out in front. This is Ómar’s sixth season playing FPL, in his previous five seasons he has had three top 10,000 finishes with his best being 1,226 in the 2016/17 season. 

Ómar is 474th in the Career Hall of Fame (HoF). Managers in the top 1,000 of the Career HoF may enter the league using the code beeps2.

A rarity this Gameweek – a featured mini-league with a new leader: 2016/17 FPL winner Ben Crabtree reclaims first place in the exclusive FPL Champions League as 2014/15 champion Simon March (aka Dufflinks) slips to third.

Ben scored an impressive 69 points with returns from all but two of his players. The Everton fan moves up to 13,108 overall. In addition to winning FPL, Ben has finished in the top 2,000 on two further occasions. 

Eliteserien and Allsvenskan

Thomas Wickstrøm drops to fourth as Svein Johansen surges back to the top of the FFS Eliteserien mini-league in Gameweek 23.

Svien’s 76 points included double-figure returns from two of his players and saw him move up to 20th overall. Luke Dyer stays second with 68 points, one point ahead of Terje Balteskard. Ten points currently separate the top four managers in the mini-league. 

Arne Thon is the new overall leader as Håvard Gustad sees his six-week stint at the top come to an end. Arne scored an impressive 91 points for a Gameweek rank of 151. He is 52 points ahead of Svein Johansen with seven rounds to go.

Daniel Sebestyen increased his lead to 32 points in the FFS Allsvenskan mini-league and remains second overall. In Gameweek 26 he was grateful to his five-man defence, who delivered 34 points, as all five of his attacking players blanked. With four Gameweeks to go, can anyone catch him?

Jan Inge Nordby is a new entry at number two, overtaking Gameweek 24 leader Henrik Mäkitalo. Jan scored 66 points despite his captain blanking, and moves up to sixth in overall standings. Meanwhile Henrik falls to third with a Gameweek score of 55 as he also suffered a captain blank. He’s six points behind Jan and seventh overall.

Well done to fifth-placed Gustav Olbe who not only heeded Meltens’ advice to bring in Vladimir Rodic but also captained him. The 2.6%-owned midfielder scored a hat-trick for an excellent 38-point captain return! In fact, Gustav was the only manager in the top 10 of the FFS mini-league whose captain didn’t blank.


If you are running a community tournament and would like the latest scores included in future Round-ups, please email us a summary of the current leaders and a link to your league, spreadsheet or head-to-head competition to geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk

Thank you to RedLightning, TorresMagic, Meltens, and TallestJohn for their contributions to this article.

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    Cheers! Would be great if we could have a table to see the upcoming week's H2H fixture as well 🙂

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      Hi Jarvish,

      At the moment it is not possible to show both the results for last week and the fixtures for next week on the same page.

      Mat and Chris are on the case!

      Hopefully they can figure it out, but for now I'm afraid it's a limitation.

      What I will do is add the fixtures to my GW Guide article for GW8, so keep an eye out!

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    Thanks as always for the write up! Nice to know I lost to a decent score last week (64). My team definitely feels a bit spursy this season.