Eliteserien 16000 points later

In seven weeks’ time it will be 2021. Yes, you read that correctly. This pandemic has been the most pervasive, far-reaching event in living history, permeating all aspects of our lives to the point where we find ourselves – in the UK at least – in the middle of a second national lockdown. For many the end of 2020 can’t come soon enough – there’s no chance next year can be any worse than this, right? But for us Eliteserien managers, there’s still work to be done, lockdown or not.

The second international break (which feels like it began four weeks ago) has seen more players test positive for Covid-19 as well as some pulling up with the well-known temporary injury that will conveniently go away just in time for their club games a few days later. Luckily it’s not been particularly disruptive for Norwegian football – even the recent coronavirus scare at Brann (threatening a mandatory lengthy quarantine period for the entire team) returned a clean bill of health for the club although their away fixture against Rosenborg has been rescheduled for Tuesday 24th November at 18:00 and remains in Runde 25.

If Molde beat Stabaek in Saturday’s early kick-off, Bodo/Glimt know they will be crowned champions at the Marienlyst Stadion in Gulskogen if they avoid defeat at the hands of Stromsgodset. However, any other result for Molde will see the Superlaget become the champions of Norway for the first time in their 104-year history before they even kick a ball on Sunday evening. After 25 seasons and four second-place finishes in Norway’s top-flight, the wait is seemingly over.

As our champions-elect are apparently hogging all the points in the actual league table, I wondered – what about the Fantasy points? A few spreadsheets and a couple of evenings of data mining later, I have the answer. In short, it’s what you’d expect with them being just as dominant online as they are in real life. What’s more interesting and potentially more valuable is understanding where the majority of Fantasy points are being created position-wise and the cost of those points.

To help us make sense of what has been going on over the last 24 gameweeks I’ve looked into the following metrics:

• Fantasy Points by Team (totals and % spread)

• Fantasy Points by Position (totals and % spread)

• Points per Million (and PpM/Game)

• Points per 90 Minutes (varying minimum games played)

• Other Metrics

It may be a forgone conclusion that Bodo/Glimt have scored more total points than any other team, but how far behind are the chasing pack? We all know who the must-haves are but are they worth as much as we think, or can we get more for our money elsewhere? It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has ever played Fantasy Football that goalkeepers generate far fewer points than other positions but where exactly can we expect the majority of those points to come from?


Bodo/Glimt have scored 1405 points so far this season. Out of the total 16,006 points amassed by all teams, that’s a monopoly of 8.78%. Second-place Molde (1199 points) are the only other team (7.49%) to score more than 7% of total points. As there are 16 teams in the division, if each team returned an equal number of points, their total would be 6.25%. This illustrates how dominant the league leaders have been. Nine out of the sixteen teams currently have 1000 points or more but bottom of the league and soon-to-be relegated Aalesunds are on an embarrassing 638 – almost 200 points behind their nearest rivals and fellow relegation candidates Stromsgodset on 825.

Despite their lowly league position, Mjondalen have bettered four other teams (Brann, Start, Stromsgodset and Aalesunds) owing largely to imperious shot-stopper Sosha Makani (5.1m) and his impressive 101pts to date. (He’s the only goalkeeper to score over 100 points and only four others have scored 90 or more). It’s no surprise to see the top five in the league be responsible for generating the most Fantasy points and there are just 15 points separating third-place Odd (1107) and fifth-place Valerenga (1092). There is quite a strong correlation between the actual table and the rankings of our Fantasy point scorers, despite a few teams being more successful in the world of Fantasy than in real life.



eliteserien-16000-points-later 1

As the highly sophisticated pie chart shows, it’s in the middle of the pitch where the points are to be found, with almost half of all points coming from midfielders. 48% of 16,006 is 7,681 or almost 4,000 more than what defenders have managed. If you were in any doubt what position you should be prioritising, hopefully you’re not anymore. One thing we should take into consideration when looking at the overall points spread is not only the relative value of those points but how many players have contributed to each position.

For example, to date there have been just 28 point-scoring goalkeepers compared to a whopping 183 point-scoring midfielders. That means on average each goalkeeper has scored 47 points while midfielders lag behind on 42. This shouldn’t be the biggest revelation – after all clubs only have one goalkeeper playing at a time and usually have four if not five midfielders in action in any given game. This means we should expect the points to be more localised in regards to goalkeepers while being more widespread throughout midfield.

There is, of course, something else we should factor into this analysis and that is, the total Fantasy points data is exhaustive in the sense that it includes every single player to have contributed to that total, regardless of minutes played. When looking at statistics – regardless of context – any outliers (gargantuan or minuscule) should be seen either as anomalous or in this case, wholly worthless.

To better explain this, let’s take a look at goalkeepers. We have 28 goalkeepers who have all contributed at least one point since the start of the season. This amount comes to 1,320 points as previously stated, giving us the average points amount for a goalkeeper of 47.1. However, if we only look at goalkeepers who have played a minimum of 810 minutes (9 games – starts or not) the number of players is reduced from 28 to 22 and total points scored comes down to 1,242. This means we actually get higher average points per player meaning those points are more valuable than initially thought:

• No minimum minutes played: 28 players, 1,320 points = 47.1pts/player

• Minimum 810 minutes played: 22 players, 1,242 points = 56.5pts/player

The rest of the positions look like this:

1. Defence Total: 4816pts, 127 players = 38pts/player

• Min 9 Games: 4264, 82 players = 52pts/player

2. Midfield Total: 7681pts, 183 players = 42pts/player

• Min 9 Games: 6200pts, 83 players = 75pts/player

3. Forward Total: 2189pts, 55 players = 40pts/player

• Min 9 Games: 1486pts, 21 players = 71pts/player

It’s important for us to only look at the relevant data and not waste time considering any outliers that can skew our thinking. For example, Odd’s Kevin Egell-Johnsen (3.8m) has scored 19pts in 93 minutes but has taken part in only two games (3 minutes away to Rosenborg and the full outing against Aalesunds) all season. His points are indicative of nothing other than a single good performance. This is as much relevance as any other player blanking in 93 minutes. The range of that data is so small it means absolutely nothing.

This is why the emboldened values are more pertinent to realising the true value of potential assets as we are primarily looking at players who have played enough games to generate reliable, consistent data. When we have a pool of such data it not only becomes possible to compare players of different value it also allows us to draw conclusions from metrics such as games played even if one player has seen twice as many minutes as another.

I’ve created some charts/graphs to illustrate which teams are hogging which points and it’s quite obvious that the usual suspects can be relied upon for returning on any investment you might throw at them. Bodo/Glimt rank 5th for points in defence, 1st for midfield and 1st for attack. Even though they are 9th for goalkeeper points, that’s only 14 points off third place Valerenga. They are the real deal. Both Sarpsborg and Sandefjord can stake a claim for being the best teams for defensive players as Sarpsborg rank top for goalkeeper points and are second only to Sandefjord for points in defence. Sandefjord keeper Jacob Storevik’s (4.7m) 90pt haul is narrowly eclipsed by Sarpsborg 08 keeper David Mitov-Nilsson (5.6m) on 94pts. Value in both keepers, but much more so in Storevik as he’s just under 1m cheaper.

Odd look solid across the board as do Valerenga while Rosenborg’s lacklustre attack sees them rival Sandefjord for points (120-112) and even further behind title rivals Molde (143) and Glimt (205). The biggest shock here is seeing Stromsgodset in second with 186pts ahead of teams such as Odd (181) and Viking (175) who are probably seen as being much more attacking outfits than the team Lars Jorgen Salvesen (8.5m) has been carrying all season. The bottom halves of most of these graphs show the same teams, suggesting we limit our search parameters to exclude most these teams in our hunt for points, even if we are in need of differential providers.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 3 eliteserien-16000-points-later 4 eliteserien-16000-points-later 5


eliteserien-16000-points-later 6

Sorting players by points per million can be an incredibly useful way to spot under-priced players capable of providing the kind of points more expensive assets would be expected to return. It can also be misleading enough to suggest numerous false dawns and is a great way to feed one’s own confirmation bias. It is not a metric I swear by but there’s no denying how informative it can be when looking at the regular performers as it definitively points us towards less-expensive form players.

Bodo/Glimt trio Patrick Berg (4.6m), Philip Zinckernagel (9.4m) and Ulrik Saltnes (8.2m) pick up the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively for being the most efficient, under-priced players in the league relative to how many points they’ve each scored. Regarding Berg this is easy to understand. He’s 4.6m and one of 12 midfielders to reach triple figures for the season, owing largely in part to his proficiency in picking up bonus points (24) with long-since departed former colleague Jens Petter-Hauge now of AC Milan the only midfielder to have amassed more BFP (26) than him.

It’s perhaps surprising to see premium players such as Zinckernagel and Amahl Pellegrino (10.0m) anywhere near the top of a such a ranking as you might expect cheaper assets to eclipse them for value. While this is a relative-pricing structure it’s also determined by points scored and because of the respective astronomical totals of 194 and 180 for Zinckernagel and Pellegrino, they could be even higher and still rival pretty much every other midfielder in the game.

Johan Hove (5.9m), Zymer Bytyqi (7.3m) and Kristoffer Velde (6.9m) have been consistent performers all season, while Molde midfielder/wide player Martin Ellingsen (5.1m), Odd’s Joshua Kitolano (5.2m) and Sarpsborg 08’s Jonathan Lindseth (5.7m) are all cheap and in form of late. Even though Hauge has not played in the division since Runde 19, I’ve decided to leave him in to provide a benchmark for other players. His points tally is remarkable and he only blanked in two out of eighteen games he played. Even now he remains the third highest point-scorer in the game and could feasibly remain in the top ten come season’s end.

Points per million per game is probably the more accurate way of determining value as we are not only looking at the simple equation of dividing total points by value, we also take into consideration total number of games played. This allows us to focus on consistency as well as how much each point is worth in regards to our budget. The PpM/Game graph features a lot of the names from the previous chart but there are notable newcomers such as Bendik Bye (5.8m) (who is in not even in half a percent of teams), Rosenborg forward Carlo Holse (6.3m) and Bard Finne (8.6m). While these players aren’t by any means awful picks there is one awful trait common between them – they are not regular starters for their teams and this is where the accuracy of this metric can be called into question if we apply the same prerequisite of a minimum of 810 minutes played in the division.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 7 eliteserien-16000-points-later 8

It’s quite simply not a big enough sample size to be able to generate enough statistical analysis to determine value based on playing time. To do that we’d need to look at players who perform on an almost weekly basis for their teams… And just like that, those surprising names vanish and we’re given a more palatable array of household names to chew on, as no less than 10 of the players from the original PpM graph return. Even though he’s only scored more than three points on two occasions since Runde 12, Etzaz Hussain (7.1m) is only four points away from triple figures and is a regular for Molde. He shouldn’t be relied upon to score every single week but it would seem he’s playing within himself of late and that the extra games in Europe are becoming something of a burden when it comes to domestic performances.

The major drawback to these charts is that recent form is not taken into consideration as we are looking at total points scored, player value and how both those things combine over a certain period of time to ascertain that player’s inherent, season-long worth. Another way of thinking about it is viewing these players as options for an entire season, rather than to cherry-pick those in form. In this sense, this information is valuable as it can potentially provide us useful insight into what to expect from next season.

I’m not going to cover each and every single position as I’d not only bore most of you with the amount of required scrolling needed to get to the comments section, I’d probably lose my own will to carry on halfway through. Despite that, I have put together a graph to consider every single player in the game using the same metrics as above with a minimum of 14 games played. The majority of featured players are midfielders (hence the focus on them in this article) with the exceptions being Bodo/Glimt goalkeeper Nikita Khaykin (4.6m) forward Kasper Junker (9.7m) and defender Marius Hoibraten (4.4m) and Sandefjord defensive pair Marc Vales (4.6m) and Vidar Ari Jonsson (4.6m).

eliteserien-16000-points-later 9


eliteserien-16000-points-later 10

It should be clear that there are some perfectly reasonable, low-mid priced options out there as well as the undeniably worth-every-penny players that could arguably demand a much higher price. While PpM and PpM/G are good metrics to look at relative and long-term value, sorting by points per 90 minutes with a high number of minimum games played should highlight those players who can be relied upon to score consistently well on a regular basis.

Rather than focus solely on midfielders, I’ve once again looked at the entire set of players, using the search criteria of having played a minimum of 1800 minutes, or 20 sets of 90 minutes. Since price has absolutely nothing to do with this accumulation of data, this should be seen as one of the most objective ways to determine a player’s inherent worth in the game. Seeing as we are only allowing for four games of the season to have been missed, we can assume our results will consist only of players who are regularly in form and to be among the highest scorers in the game.

Zinckernagel has played just over 21 games and yet his PpP90 is 9.1. That equates to 273 points for an entire season and as there are just six games left, if he maintains current pace he will be on for a 250 point finish. That’s truly remarkable. There’s genuinely no reason not to have him in your team. Pellegrino has an equally impressive score of 8.8 with Saltnes a full 2.1 points lower with 6.7. Viking front man Veton Berisha (9.3m) also scores well with 6.6 while marauding Odd full/wing-back Espen Ruud (7.1m) gets 5th place with 5.4. That’s a phenomenal scoring rate for a defender – Valerenga full-back Christian Borchgrevink (5.9m) would be projected to score a full 30 points less than Ruud over the entire course of the season if both players’ Pp90 remained constant. Velde’s score of 5.3 is also impressive and should give his owners some belief that he’s still a viable option going forward into the last leg of the campaign while goalkeeper Mitov Nilsson proves that he’s probably worth the outlay as he’s averaging just under 4.5 points a game or ~134 points over the course of a season.


eliteserien-16000-points-later 11

Looking at the most expensive defenders in the game shows there is little correlation between price and points per 90 minutes with the exception of Ruud, Gustav Valsvik (5.9m) and John Kitolano (5.8m), with Haugesund’s Alexander Stolas (7.3m) disappointing in particular. While Rosenborg are known for being a defensive powerhouse and they certainly boast the best defence in the league, their defenders are currently not bringing in enough points on a regular basis to boast such hefty price tags.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 12

The 25 highest scoring players in the game are spread out across every team in the division except for Aalesunds (surprise, surprise) and perhaps surprisingly Sandefjord. The main reason for this is most of Sandefjord’s points have come from their defenders and goalkeeper and as they would rather draw a game 0-0 than try to score a goal, they just don’t give themselves the opportunities to score many points in the first place. Bodo/Glimt, Valerenga, Viking and Molde own 12/25 of the most coveted assets further illustrating how scoring goals translates to points more so than league position does.

The next graph is pretty straightforward – you’re looking at the top 10 forwards for points per 90 minutes. The horizontal bars equate to total points scored while the blue value bars are set against each player’s points per 90 minutes value. I’m hoping this presents relative pricing in an easy to understand format along with being able to appreciate each player’s individual successes this season.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 13

Finally, I’ve put together three simple treemaps to show how teams so fundamentally different as Aalesunds, Glimt and Sandefjord all differ regarding their own spread of points as well as drawing attention to the similarities. For both Aalesunds and Glimt, the majority of their points have come from midfield but it’s in attack you can see that Aalesund have relied more on their forwards this season than Glimt have. These charts are relative and in actual fact Glimt forwards have scored almost 80 points more than those playing for Aalesunds, but relatively speaking that’s not the case.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 14

Sandefjord have relied more on their defence than any other team in the league – they’re actually the only team that has scored most of their Fantasy points out of defence (44.2%) with no other team boasting any higher than 37.4% (FK Haugesund). Glimt may not be a reliable source of points for goalkeepers but that’s mainly due to the lack of saves required along with pretty much zero chance of any BFP whatsoever.

eliteserien-16000-points-later 15

Next week I’ll look at some more team and individual stats and hopefully be able to pick out some players that could be vital to own in the upcoming weeks. With the end of the season drawing to a close, it’s going to come down to form vs fixture and the last thing any of us want to be relying on is our intuition, right?

ReindeerHotdog ESF: Follow me on Twitter: @ReindeerHotdog”

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  1. Rotation's Alter Ego
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
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    • 9 Years
    11 days, 17 hours ago

    Clearly an incredible amount of time and effort put into this RH, thank you so much!

    Really detailed and unique research, makes for essential reading.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      11 days, 15 hours ago

      It wouldn't be so bad if I had access to a live database of fantasy points rather than having to type in all of that info from the website!

      Still, it's fun to mess around with all that sort of stuff.

      I'd like to think we could look at what we have here (and more stats at the end of the season) and be able to target some players or at least groups of players we think might be good options going into next season. Although saying that who would have thought Glimt would dominate the league in the way they have done? Zinckernagel has been a good player in previous seasons but I certainly wasn't expecting him to be as good as he has been.

      Cheers for throwing it up with all the graphs in such short notice.

  2. beerhockeyrock
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 11 Years
    11 days, 15 hours ago

    Thanks for this research. Its my second year playing, and I'm doing much better this season than last.
    I'm in the states and there is little info on the league, nice to find a bit to make some decisions on my end of the season run

  3. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 7 Years
    11 days, 11 hours ago

    Thanks for this REINDEERHOTDOG and for all your efforts this season!
    Which keeper would you bring in for the run in?
    Was all set to bring in Rossbach this Runde but I see he is in self isolation...
    Now thinking it might be Klaesson - any better suggestions?

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      11 days, 11 hours ago

      Now that McDermott is back for KBK I think he's a good choice and I've brought him in for this week. Like the next couple of games and his price combined with skill means he's a good enough choice for me on a regular basis.

      I still think if you can afford him Mitov Nilsson is one of the best keepers in the game points per match-wise.

      That's unfortunate about Rossbach as he's been a steady choice lately. Does seem a bit difficult to pick someone who ticks all the boxes.

  4. Eytexi
    • 2 Years
    11 days, 10 hours ago

    Cheers RH, big weekend of Eliteserien ahead of us. Hopefully my run can continue! 🙂

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      11 days, 10 hours ago

      How are you tackling this week other than tripling up with Valerenga players?

      Only change I've made is McDermott in.

      Shaping myself up for next year when I make fewer hits in a bid to finish hundreds of places higher!

      1. Eytexi
        • 2 Years
        11 days, 9 hours ago

        Made my transfers yesterday afternoon but am keeping my cards close to my chest: will happily discuss my decisions after the deadline! Like your move though, and good luck for this runde.

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          11 days, 9 hours ago

          Fair. Right now it really is the close calls that are going to decide whether you move up or not.

          I don't have much I want to change about my team for this week though I'd probably highlight having Zinckernagel, Saltnes and Junker as being overkill.

          Not too sure they're all needed from this point onwards but as said above, they still represent really good value for money.

          If I didn't move for McDermott I'd probably be tempted to bring Lindseth in but it would have to be for Saltnes. I'm not against that move but think the potential points difference between Makani and McDermott is higher than with Saltnes to Lindseth even if I don't necessarily fancy Glimt to run riot against Stromsgodset (despite how poor they've been lately).

          I have a good, solid plan for the final 3 gameweeks I'm just kind of trying to get through the next few weeks unscathed!

          Lykke til

  5. Aboh
      10 days, 21 hours ago

      Are Bakenga and Kjartansson expected to start?

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        10 days, 14 hours ago

        Kjartansson is Valerenga's main man up front.
        Since Lauritsen was injured Odd have relied on Bakenga up top along with Simovic now and then.
        It just so happened that recently Simovic was injured and Lauritsen has become available. Now it looks like all three are able to play but I've seen anything to suggest that Bakenga isn't number one choice.

    • ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      10 days, 17 hours ago

      Aalesunds Valerenga game might not go ahead due to extreme weather:

    • TAT
      • 2 Years
      10 days, 17 hours ago

      Got two FTs and no idea what to do…Any suggestions?
      1.5 in the bank.

      Borchgrevink - Ruud - Vidar Ari Jónsson
      Bytyqi - Zinckernagel - Zachariassen - Pellegrino - Saltnes
      Berisha - Junker
      (Granlund - Heggheim - Utvik - Ruud Tveter)

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        10 days, 14 hours ago

        Sorry didn't reply to this earlier - been a fragmented day to this point!

        I like the team I just think the lack of any Valerenga attacker against AAFK could really hurt you.

        I'm hoping you brought either Kjartansson or Donnum/Bjordal in - they could really haul this evening.

        Overall I do like it but it depends on your OR. Are you trying to push up or consolidate? It's pretty template (barring Valerenga attackers) so I wouldn't necessarily expect to move up much if that's what you're looking to do.

        The main point I've been trying to put across lately is how there is a need to stray somewhat from the template if you want to move up. Right now a lot of teams are very similar and of course that means if one person does well, everyone else does too.

        I've scored 100 points or more twice this season - once was in R7 where it was 42nd highest score of the week. Second time I scored 106 points in R15 where I was only 3,074th for that week.
        My last two weeks I've got 84 (4,580th) and 94 (3,280th) so while they've been decent scores, everyone else has done well too.

        It's a tricky one as you don't want to ruin your team but change is needed if you want to move up. Same for me. I'm working on it but it's a pretty difficult conundrum to solve.

        1. TAT
          • 2 Years
          10 days, 12 hours ago

          Ended up taking a hit, bringing in Ellingsen, Kjartansson and Bakenga, playing the Spissrush, which I had yet to play. If it wasn't for still having Spissrush (and Rich Uncle which I have to play at some point too), I would probably just have made the first two transfers.

          Right now, I'm at 462 OR. I might end up having my best ES Fantasy season yet, so I don't know how much I want to push for a better OR really. It's tempting for sure, but I'd be hesitant to make any major changes. That being said, it's still time for a few punts!

          As you write, it's a pretty difficult conundrum to solve.

          1. ReindeerHotdog
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            10 days, 12 hours ago

            Oh nice OR.

            I'm hovering around 860. Last season was my first playing and I didn't really know any of the players/teams outside a few names and I gave up relatively early on.

            This season I've done loads better but have taken too many hits which has hurt me. If I'd played more conservatively I'd be better for it - that's next season's tactic at least.

            I'm not sure what I'd do in your position. Hard to call how the teams with nothing to play for are going to perform...

            1. TAT
              • 2 Years
              10 days, 12 hours ago

              Interestingly, that's the difference for me this season; less hits. I've been lucky not having many injuries etc. to solve, so the need for many hits simply hasn't been there. Captaining Zinckernagel most gameweeks has helped as well!

              It's really difficult to predict what happens between now and the end of the season: Bodø/Glimt might take things pretty easy once the title is secured, which leaves us the race for the top three and the relegation zone. Targeting the teams eying an Europa League spot could be smart.

    • Eytexi
      • 2 Years
      10 days, 16 hours ago

      Klaesson & Sandberg to McDermott & Dønnum.

      Dønnum (K), Junker (V). If that game goes ahead, it's make or break for my season. Good luck all!

    • Eytexi
      • 2 Years
      10 days, 14 hours ago

      Looks like the AAFK game will go ahead. Dønnum masterclass would put me top, but a flop (& Glimt masterclass) could take me out the picture entirely. Expect comments of "DØNNNUUUUMMMMM" to come within the next few hours.

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        10 days, 14 hours ago

        Bjordal for me!

        Hoping he can put them to the sword but to be honest I can see both doing quite well.

        McDermott for both of us - gives me hope!

        1. Eytexi
          • 2 Years
          10 days, 14 hours ago

          McDermott was a completely independent, undiscussed decision as well. Was stumped on deciding between him & Storevik, completely 50:50 so gone with the gut.

          1. ReindeerHotdog
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            10 days, 14 hours ago

            Reason for me going with him was looking at the final run of games, Kristiansund have some fixtures which could result in some clean sheets.

            I think Storevik is a great option but other than AAFK away, I'm not too sure how likely Sandefjord are of keeping clean sheets between now and the end of the season. Save points are obviously a factor too, but all things considered McDermott felt the better option.

            The fact he's not even 5m meant I'd get some money back from Makani and his points would be even more valuable.

            If Donnum and Bjordal were similarly priced I'd have Donnum. But the fact that Bjordal has matched him for production of late and he's cheaper meant it was both easier for me to bring him in and I'd be getting more points that less people were getting. He does play a less attacking role than Donnum so I wouldn't be surprised for Donnum to outscore him today because of that, but up to this point Bjordal looks just as good.

    • ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      10 days, 13 hours ago

      Risa gets an assist for James' goal and then goes off injured on 51st minute.

      No clean sheet points and could be out for a game or two. Absolutely gutting for any Risa owners. Personally think he's one of the best players in the league but got rid of him around the time he signed for Molde.

    • ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      10 days, 13 hours ago

      I also apparently missed the fact that Ohi is in home quarantine. That's unfortunate but does open up the possibility of James playing the next game. One to keep an eye on that's for sure.

    • Eytexi
      • 2 Years
      10 days, 13 hours ago

      SAN definitely the better defensive side than KBK (as of recent anyway), but I back McDermott to outscore Storevik with these fixtures.

      Dønnum > Bjørdal came down to eye test for me, which is how I've made the majority of my decisions this season. His tendancy to shoot (vs. either of AAFKs error-prone keepers) & role on set-pieces makes me genuinely believe he is the best captain option this runde. Kjartansson was my vice before the weather warning, but I'd absolutely take either of them over Zinck or Junker for the first time this season.

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        10 days, 12 hours ago

        Yup. Sandefjord are one of the best defensive sides in the league especially of late.

        But my reasoning for McDermott was based on upcoming fixtures which certainly favour KBK over SAN. Saying that, SAN have had some decent results against good teams and yet conceded against poor teams.

    • ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      10 days, 12 hours ago

      Valerenga not looking good so far.

      Second half still to go but this is far from the scoreline we were expecting.

      1. FPL Pillars
        • 4 Years
        10 days, 12 hours ago

        That’s FF for you 😆

    • ReindeerHotdog
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      10 days, 12 hours ago

      Have I missed something?

      Since when has Donnum taken penalties? It's been Kjartansson since he joined.

      Wasn't expecting him to take it.

      Kongshavn would've saved it (was an awful penalty) if he wasn't being such an arse and actually stood on his line.

      My least favourite player in the league by a mile. Thinks he's amazing when he's utter trash. Hope he disappears into anonymity with AAFK when they get relegated.

      1. Eytexi
        • 2 Years
        10 days, 11 hours ago

        *clears throat*... DØNNUUUUUUMM!!

        To be fair, I had no idea he'd take penalties. Kjartansson has missed a couple (maybe even one, memory isn't clear), but didn't predict that Donnum would take next.

        1. ffs casual
            9 days, 16 hours ago

            Up to fifth. Sofa ready for this evenings games? 2 Zinck, 1 Junker and 1 Pellegrino captains to blank.

            1. Eytexi
              • 2 Years
              9 days, 14 hours ago

              Up to fourth post-BAPS. Definitely sofa time.

        2. Ramboros
          • 9 Years
          10 days, 10 hours ago

          Kjartansson said that he didn't want to take penalties after he missed the last one. It's been well known that Vålerenga would change penalty taker to either Finne or Dønnum.

          1. ReindeerHotdog
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            10 days, 8 hours ago

            Well I obviously missed that then.

            Where are you based? I'm in UK and it's quite easy to miss a lot of this news/updates unless I'm constantly searching around.

            It wasn't 'well-known' to me at all.

            For example I missed the fact that Ohi was quarantining at home - only saw that today. Being pointed towards a media outlet which has regular updates for Norwegian football would be great. I follow a few things on Twitter but it's just not the same as how much coverage there is in the UK.

            And changing to Finne wouldn't make much sense as he isn't a regular starter. Since R13 he's started 3 games. Not too surprised to see Donnum take the pen if Kjartansson wasn't going to though.

            1. ffs casual
                9 days, 16 hours ago

                I had a quick look for links. Best one I could find is:

                Other than that:

                Some of the main Norwegian papers:

                A list of all the regional norwegian papers:

                There may be better sources.

        3. Ramboros
          • 9 Years
          9 days, 12 hours ago

          Looks like Saltnes will replace Berg in the deep role today.

        4. Ramboros
          • 9 Years
          7 days, 18 hours ago

          Massive fixture news. GW29 has been set up to be a potential TGW to fit in all potentially postponed matches. Rosenborg - Molde has been postponed from GW27 to GW29. Other postponed matches will happen as COVID cases appear.

          1. Eytexi
            • 2 Years
            7 days, 17 hours ago

            Excuse me while I tear up all my plans & scream in distress for a while.

        5. tokara
          • 6 Years
          7 days, 17 hours ago

          Bamford or Adams?

        6. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 15 hours ago

          To piggyback on what Ramboros said:

          "In collaboration with Norsk Toppfotball, Fotball Media and Discovery Networks, NFF has prepared new game plans towards the end.

          In a demanding situation with increased infection pressure in society, quarantine and re-framing, adjustments in the regulations and principles for the end of the series have been discussed together with the clubs. It is maintained that one must finish before Christmas with ordinary series play.

          In dialogue with the clubs, the following principles have been agreed:

          * Great flexibility when it comes to using the reserve arena and halls
          * Tighter schedule with more midweek matches
          * Time for two days of training after quarantine
          * Only the last round of the series goes at the same time against normally the last two
          * Three nights between each match (three nights at home)

          - For the Elite Series, we speed up matches and use the midweek ahead. This means series rounds on Wednesday 2 and 9 December with the exception of a match on Thursday 10 December. With this, we are done with the penultimate series round on December 10 for most clubs. Due to participation in the Europa League, Molde's matches must be postponed and played on 13 and 16 December, says head of the competition department Nils Fisketjønn.

          - The last round of the series is, as before, scheduled for Saturday 19 December. In addition to the fact that we will finish more matches a little earlier than planned, this opens up for conducting postponed matches if we should be so unlucky as to get infected into the teams.

          (Pulled this from Valerenga's webpage - similar articles are posted on some of the other teams' sites too).

        7. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 13 hours ago

          Rosenborg XI:

          13 Faye Lund
          2 Hedenstad
          4 Reginiussen
          15 Eyjolfsson
          21 Reitan
          5 Skjelbred
          20 Tagseth
          18 Zachariassen
          11 Holse
          35 Ceide
          9 Islamovic


          24 Tangvik
          16 Hovland
          25 Konate
          22 Asen
          28 Adegbenro
          38 Ceide
          14 Wiedesheim-Paul

          1. ReindeerHotdog
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            7 days, 13 hours ago

            Konate drops to the bench after starting the last four games.
            Hansen not included in the squad as he's at home quarantining.
            Tagseth given a rare start to replace Henriksen - and can hopefully stake a claim for more game time with a good performance.

        8. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 13 hours ago

          Brann XI:

          1 Opdal
          18 Blomberg
          4 Fjoluson
          3 Forren
          21 Kristiansen
          5 Grogaard
          29 Barmen
          9 Strand
          16 Taylor
          11 Bamba
          27 Svendsen


          Raestad (called up from Brann II due to having no other fit goalkeepers)
          7 Rasmussen
          8 Haugen
          14 Hustad
          17 Rolantsson
          19 Tveita
          20 Mehnert
          25 Kolskogen

        9. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 13 hours ago

          Haugen and Tveita drop to the bench with Pedersen missing out with a knee injury that will side-line him until next season.
          Taylor, Kristiansen and Blomberg are the replacements.
          Opdal replaces Ahamada in goal who is another player in home quarantine.

          Fredrik Haugen has had quite the disappointing season and the 28 year old is given a rest in one of Brann's biggest games of the season. They're only one point clear of Stromsgodset who themselves are perilously close to Mjondalen in the automatic relegation places.

        10. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 12 hours ago

          Superb goal for Brann to take the lead.

          What a hit this was. It took Faye Lund by surprise - he didn't move.

          Strand knocks the ball into the path of Taylor who, after a touch just smashes it in into the bottom corner from just outside the area. What a goal that was.

          And just as I'm writing this, Bamba goes up the other end and to make it 2-0. Tagseth absolutely capitulates and somehow manages to play Bamba in and the forward makes no mistake.

          2-0 and all of a sudden Rosenborg are out of the game. Madness.

        11. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          7 days, 11 hours ago

          Looks like Brann get away with one there. Kristiansen seemed to handle the ball but it's been called as offside.

          Not too sure whether that offside happened after the missed handball or before. Was surely a penalty though - 100% would have been given if they were using VAR unless the offside preceded it.

        12. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          6 days, 16 hours ago

          Some early team news for Molde's upcoming game against Arsenal tomorrow:

          Birk Risa looks set to feature while Martin Bjornbak will miss out.
          Ohi is back from home quarantine and ready to go.

          Not too sure what this means for their game against Haugesund on Sunday - will Risa get another game or will Haugen start?
          Who plays out of James and Ohi? Or do they both play?

        13. ReindeerHotdog
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          6 days, 9 hours ago

          Confirmation of the rescheduling of Rosenborg v Molde fixture from R27 to R29:

          6 fixtures Wednesday 9th December
          RBK v MJO Thursday 10th December
          RBK v MOL Sunday 13th December
          ODD v MOL Wednesday 16th December

          R30 is Saturday 19th December so some fixtures in that final round of games might be rescheduled but might not mean an extra GW. At this point it would be nothing more substantial than conjecture to suggest what may or may not happen but any updates will be posted here.

          1. FPL Bielsa
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • 4 Years
            4 days, 18 hours ago

            Thanks for this so if you still had a rich uncle chip to play there is not a standout week left to play it ?

            1. Eytexi
              • 2 Years
              4 days, 16 hours ago

              A DGW29 Rich Uncle could be outrageous if it pays off, but obviously RBK's unreliability for fantasy points & Molde's rotation make the execution difficult. Depending on where you rank & where you intend to end up, I would consider this. GW30, where we will receive early team news for all sides, is also a good shout. Could make the most of understanding sides' motivation, nailing the picks who would usually come with rotation risk & throwing in an appropriate amount of differentials based on your rank. Playing RU in GW30 would also allow you to use 2FT in GW29 without concern for managing flexibility for the final runde, so that's another upside of that option. Of course, if you particularly like the look of any of the other remaining GWs, there may be quality arguments for all rundes.

        14. Eytexi
          • 2 Years
          5 days, 3 hours ago

          Any news on Hansen (RBK) or Berg (B/G) going into their clash this weekend? Both still out due to COVID isolation or are we likely to see them feature? Any information appreciated.