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  1. ronwon
    • 1 Year
    12 months, 23 hours ago

    What do you all think? I'm concerned with the back. I had these English defensemen entering final MD.

    Stones, Shaw, Maguire, Emerson
    Sterling, Insigne, Chiesa, Barella
    Immobile, Kane

    Have 2 transfers & 2 ITB. 2nd place is 5 points behind and had Sterling captain last MD.

  2. Rossaldinho
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 13 Years
    12 months, 23 hours ago

    Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Even though Saka is on the bench it is quite likely he will be a sub with formation change to 4-2-3-1 so Mount (or Grealish) take the no.10 role and Saka plays on the right. I am sorely tempted to put Trippier on the bench and play Saka.