Eliteserien Runde 18 Preview – Graphs, Tables, Wildcards

Look, let’s face it, I usually write books when it comes to articles but not this week. Instead, I’m going to be throwing some graphs and tables at you so you can see who has been doing what over the last 5 Rundes as well as over the course of the season.

About Expected Statistics

Firstly I just want to differentiate between xG and xGOT. xG is the statistical measurement of the quality of the goalscoring chance before the shot is taken, whereas xGOT (expected goals on target) measures the likelihood of an on-target shot resulting in a goal. xGOT takes into consideration the location of the shot as well as the underlying quality of the shot itself.

Amahl Pellegrino (12.0mNOK) scored a hat-trick after being brought on in the 58th minute for his home debut against Kristiansund in Runde 16. One of his goals was a penalty (0.79xG, 0.99 xGOT) and the other two were close-range rebounds/tap ins from within the 6-yard box (0.63xG, 0.94xGOT & 0.74xG, 0.89xGOT). The stats point to these chances being standard chances with a probability rating favouring conversion more than a miss.

Context is helpful for the reasons above, but more often than not, if a player is posting high xG and xGOT numbers, it means he’s in the right position/being given good opportunities to score AND is capable of finishing them. 

Remember, a player can have a high xG in a number of matches but if their xGOT is poor it can point to poor finishing, a rushed shot, poor positioning or overall lack of quality. Inversely if a player has a low xG number but high xGOT (or scores with a low xGOT) it can be indicative of the opposite.

You will see ‘RPS’ crop up in tables – this means ‘Relative Point Score’ and is a very simple method of ranking performance in KPIs using a relative point scoring system. The top value is assigned the arbitrary RPS of 1, and everything else is divided into. This method, while simple, is an effective way of directly comparing one player with another without letting one or two statistics skew results. It is not foolproof but works well in this context.


OK, let’s get going. Firstly I’m looking at how our forwards and midfielders have fared in front of goal. Goals scored, xG, goals scored/game played and on target shots/game played are the statistics I’m looking at, sorting in descending order of goals scored.

Goals Scored/xG (FWDs)

Ohikhuaeme Omoijuanfo (12.2mNOK) is the league’s top scorer and also boasts the highest xG figure. Thomas Lehne Olsen (9.6mNOK) is second and despite having similar xG as Mushaga Bakenga, he’s managed to put away more chances.

There are two very interesting takeaways from this graph and that is Ibrahima Koné (7.6mNOK) outperforming Erik Botheim (10.3mNOK) regarding efficiency. He’s matching the Glimt forward for GS/GP while needing fewer on target shots per match. We shouldn’t forget the Sarpsborg 08 front man did score 4 goals last time out (50% of his tally for this season) and Botheim leads the way for goals (9-8) but Koné has played almost 300 minutes less and looks to be the more efficient player.

Henrik Udahl (8.4mNOK) is outperforming his xG and his GS/GP and on target shots/GP KPIs are almost identical. This means he very rarely misses when he tries to score. The fact he’s played 847 minutes and not just a couple of games makes this even more impressive. If he is given more of a chance either from the bench or in the first team, expect him to keep on scoring.

Goals Scored/xG (MIDs)

Kristoffer Zachariassen was a beast but look at Viðar Ari Jónsson (5.6mNOK). Wow. For a player not even valued at 6.0m, that is ridiculous. Teammate Kristoffer Normann Hansen (6.2mNOK) while scoring fewer goals and having a worse xG, is actually posting more on target shots per game – potential for more goals?

Bendik Bye (6.4mNOK) is one of the MOST wasteful players in the league. What is going on there? Notice the pyramid shape formed between GS/GP and on target shots/GP – this is not what we want to see. Remember how Udahl’s lines almost touched? That’s optimal, this isn’t. He’s finding it difficult to convert his shots into goals and is in turn scoring fewer goals than expected.

Pellegrino skews the graph somewhat as he’s only featured twice to this point, but it does show how explosive he is and what he’s capable of.
Looking at Ulrik Saltnes (10.6mNOK) and Oliver Edvardsen (7.1mNOK) it’s clear that Saltnes is wasting more shots than the Stabæk man, but they’ve still scored the same number of goals (6). Edvardsen’s xG number is quite a bit lower than Saltnes’ but for 3.5m cheaper, I’d be expecting much, much worse.

Assists/xA (MIDs)

As well as assists and xA, we’re looking at key passes and chances created (both totals) to highlight how likely these players are at getting assists and boosting their xA total.

 Rosenborg midfielder Gjermund Åsen (8.1mNOK) currently on loan at Lillestrøm is having a remarkable season and (Fantasy assists included) with 6 assists, sits just 1 behind Magnus Wolff Eikrem (12.4mNOK), Kristoffer Velde (8.8mNOK) and Ola Brynhildsen (7.9mNOK) who are all on 7.

He is joint 5th for key passes with Niklas Sandberg (7.5mNOK) and Joe Bell (4.8mNOK) on 30 while no other player has created more chances (9). Carlo Holse (7.9mNOK) has also created a healthy number of chances and key passes while Kristiansund winger Torgil Gjertsen (7.8mNOK) almost matches Åsen in all KPIs other than chances created.

Assists/xA (DEFs)

Shayne Pattynama (5.5mNOK) skews the graph as he’s played a mere 465 minutes, but I wanted to include him to highlight his brilliant contribution over such a short space of time. When he joined Viking in the off-season I mused he would be a very good player for them if given the minutes, so it’s good to see him performing well.

Lars-Christopher Vilsvik (4.6mNOK) seems to get better every season – his xA is 1.06 better than the next guy – Christian Dahle Borchgrevink (6.1mNOK) (4.70 – 3.64) and he’s also played the most key passes – 29 – in the league (defenders).

Sturla Ottesen (4.6mNOK) is also showing his ability and making a statement with his creativity as well as actual returns. If Stabæk go down I really cannot see him staying with them. He’s a quality player especially as he’s not long turned 20 years old.

Christoffer Aasbak (5.4mNOK) could be a great differential as he’s not even in 1.5% of teams yet his xA is on par with many other more expensive, more highly owned players. He’s created more chances (7) than any other defender and is just 2 key passes shy (16) of Borchgrevink (18).

Player Form/Comparison

As I’m on my wildcard, I find myself struggling to decide between a few players in key areas. There are so many decent options in defence that I wanted to look at recent form as well as stats to date in order to see if I had overlooked anything. For instance, despite having lofty numbers and performing well in multiple key areas, Borchgrevink’s form over the last 5 games has been lamentable.

This is a reminder that overall statistics can be a crutch as well as helpful. I don’t think it means we should turn our back altogether on players in a rough patch, but it could suggest we should temporarily back other assets.


Bjørkan vs. Borchgrevink

Bjørkan is so far ahead of Borchgrevink in the last 5 games it makes it a relatively easy decision (in my opinion) to back the Glimt man. Dribbles, key passes and xA are considerably higher and even though he’s taken fewer shots, his xG value still trumps Borchgrevink’s.
The Glimt full back is also finding more success with his crosses despite attempted almost half as many.

Wembangomo vs. Ottesen

Another similarly priced pair and again a landslide victory for one. Brice Wembangomo (4.5mNOK) may not have recorded many FP in last 5 games but his attempted more dribbles than Bjørkan, matched Ottesen for key passes and has a very healthy-looking overall xDGI of 1.37. 
The Sandefjord man represents great value for money and if torn between the two, it feels like an easy decision. 
Ottesen will miss R19 but then has a DGW the week after – he could be avoided for now and brought in to cater for that DGW if you were thinking about getting him.

Aasbak vs. Vilsvik

Aaskbak and Vilsvik are quite different players but they both offer something. Vilsvik more than doubled Aasbak’s key passes and has taken far more corners, but only just beats the Kristiansund man for successful crosses even though he’s attempted 18 more.
Aasbak seems to offer more of a tangible route to a DGI as he looks good for assists and goals due to favourable returns in both xA and xG. The biggest plus to Aasbak is the team in which he plays – Kristiansund are a good side and more than capable of breaking into the top 3 this season. Naturally this means they are better defensively and thus you are more likely to be rewarded with clean sheets.


When looking at the form of these players over the last 5 weeks it becomes clear that both Aasbak and Vilsvik have had a good time of it while Borchgrevink and Ottesen much less so.

Bjørkan may not have set the world alight but he’s got a respectable spread of involvement across the board and Wembangomo is doing pretty much everything he can to give his team the best chance of scoring.


Kristoffer Normann Hansen vs. Viðar Ari Jónsson

Jonsson beats Hansen for FP, BFP and corners/crosses. Everything else, K. N. Hansen is either matching him or is way ahead. He’s attempted 5 times the number of dribbles as his teammate and 5 more shots.
I’d say Jonsson looks more likely to assist, whereas Hansen is more of a goal scorer. Even so, their xA and xG numbers are very similar so it comes down to how much stock you’re willing to put into dribbles and/or corner duty. Both great options either way.

Velde vs. Sandberg

Another teammate dilemma. Velde is clearly more of a dribbler than Sandberg but he’s way behind on key passes and crosses. There is a huge gap between their xA while Sandberg is not too far away from Velde’s xG. 
Looking at the stats for the season along with the recent form, Sandberg gets the nod for me as he’s 1.3m cheaper and seems to offer more in the way of both assists and goals.

Bye vs. Mucolli

Bendik Bye should be the top scoring midfielder in the league. He’s missing too many shots and it makes him a very confusing Fantasy asset to analyse, especially as Kristiansund should have scored more goals by now. 
Agon Mucolli (6.2mNOK) really doesn’t look a bad player. He’s playing key passes, attempting dribbles and has respectable xA and xG values. He’s outscored his peer in the last 5 but there’s little between them. I’d lean more towards Mucolli because he’s not reliant on his shooting as much as Bye is. Bye will either score, or do nothing, whereas Mucolli offers attacking threat on both fronts.

Holse vs. Åsen

Considering they’ve both clocked up 18 FP in their last 5 games I thought this one would be close. Well, not really. Åsen’s xA is more than double that of Holse’s as well as having almost twice the number of shots. He’s not on corners unlike the Rosenborg man yet still managed to put in the same number of crosses.
12 key passes to 6 and 10 attempted dribbles to 6 show that the loanee is flourishing in this high-flying Lillestrøm side and that his form is seemingly everlasting.


Unsurprisingly Åsen ranks highest when compared with everyone else, with Sandberg and Jonsson in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. I’m moving along with the Sandefjord and Haugesund midfielders but steering clear of Åsen. 

Perhaps this is a mistake, and it could very well be short-sighted of me, but with Lehne Olsen already in my team, it feels as though I’d have too many eggs in the same basket when I could just as well have them elsewhere.
Mucolli appeals to me quite a bit despite failing to impress when compared but his xA is second only to Åsen and ranks 3rd for key passes. I have been encouraged by what I’ve seen of him – especially his last outing – and see more to come from him.

I will leave it there for today – hopefully these graphs and tables are helpful and remember, I’m choosing players I’m interested in comparison, and this is not intended to be full of any bias whatsoever. 
I’m constantly updating my database with relevant statistics and so I’m able to navigate my way through a lot of information and end up pointing at players who have performed well, are performing well and have the potential to do even better.


GK – Jacob Karlstrøm (4.5m, 15.4%)
GK – Mats Trige (3.9m, 5.6%)

DEF – Fredrik Andre Bjørkan (38.3%)
DEF – Christoffer Aasbak (1.4%)
DEF – Vetle Winger Dragsnes (4.9mNOK, 7.7%)
DEF – Lars-Christopher Vilsvik (5.9%)
DEF – Brice Wembangomo (7.1%)

MID – Amahl Pellegrino (19.5%)
MID – Stefano Vecchia (3.4%)
MID – Niklas Sandberg (2.1%)
MID – Viðar Ari Jónsson (29.5%)
MID – Joe Bell (4.7%)

FWD – Ohikhuaeme Omoijuanfo (43.4%)
FWD – Thomas Lehne Olsen (39.8%)
FWD – Ibrahima Koné (4.2%)

This leaves me with 0.4m in the bank to fund a move for Zlatko Tripic (9.6mNOK) from Vecchia, as well as leaving myself able to make sideways moves from Sandberg and Koné for other potential targets. 
I am not thinking too much about the DGW other than a probable move for Fredrik Haugen (6.5mNOK). His audition for my team comes this weekend in the home tie vs. Viking – if he starts and does well, there’s a very good chance he’ll be my DGW captain in two Rundes time.

Sorry if you were expecting a longer, more in-depth article – give me a few more weeks and then we’ll see!


ReindeerHotdog ESF: Follow me on Twitter: @ReindeerHotdog”

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  1. Rotation's Alter Ego
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • Has Moderation Rights
    • 10 Years
    9 months, 19 days ago

    Really superb writing as always RH, love it.

    xGOT is used so sparingly in any Fantasy game even though it is a pretty unique metric to consider. Great stuff, informative and fantastic visuals.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 19 days ago

      Cheers RAE.

      xG and xGOT are really helpful metrics and understanding the difference between them and in context of how good the player is makes them even more useful.

      I thought it was worth mentioning in the context of this analysis because more frequently on Twitter I'm seeing people throwing around xG stats without really qualifying them at all which can really mislead a lot of people.

      I'll be going into more depth about this in future analysis but it felt the right moment to get the ball rolling with the mention of it.

      Ideally with the shorter articles the data won't be lost to a sea of text!

    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    9 months, 19 days ago

    Great article RH, lots of data to dig in to there. Wildcard teams looks good, what formation would you be looking to play?

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 19 days ago

      Recently updated my WC team:

      Wembangomo and Dragsnes OUT
      Walstad and Ranger IN

      Not too much between Dragsnes and Ranger - Dragsnes just far more likely to grab assists (x2 on xA to Ranger). In grand scheme of things, the 0.1m I lose out on going from Wembangomo to Walstad means Dragsnes has to go if I plan to go Vecchia to Tripic unless I catch a price rise. I don't like banking on that.

      Wembangomo is a great option but right now I need to mitigate against possible suspensions and the BGW next.

      Right now my formation is:

      Ranger, Aasbak, Bjorkan
      Jonsson, Vecchia, Sandberg, Pellegrino (V)
      Ohi (K), TLO, Kone

      Trige; Bell; Vilsvik, Walstad

      (I am tempted to play Bell ahead of Jonsson due to fixture ease but I'm still undecided on this).

      And going into next the BGW barring any complications it'll more than likely be the same.

      1. SUNFLOWER
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 2 Years
        9 months, 19 days ago

        Looks great. Good point about possible suspensions. I’ve got Wembangomo and it’s definitely something to keep an eye on with the blank gameweek coming up as well.

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • 2 Years
          9 months, 19 days ago

          I'd recommend following Stat Sloth on Twitter if you have it - he provides really, really useful info regarding suspensions and what to expect in the upcoming GWs - very good account.

          The yellows don't go away too, so they all can be suspended as soon as they reach 4 bookings and two yellows in the same game can add up to more games suspended!

          1. SUNFLOWER
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • 2 Years
            9 months, 19 days ago

            Thanks for the recommendation, will do!

  3. Ben Phippen
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    9 months, 19 days ago

    Great couple of articles the last few days RHD.

    I’ve wildcarded into this -

    Strand Nilsen - Bjornbak - Parr
    Saltnes - Velde - V A Jonsson - Pellegrino
    Omoijuanfo - Lehne Olsen - Heggebo
    (Trige - Hopmark - Walstad - Edh)

    Still have the RU chip to use so will probably play that in game week 20 to get the likes of Stengel, Hove & Friday in for the DGW.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 19 days ago

      I really like it. Very similar to mine with a few changes that in all honesty I was contemplating making myself!

      Aasbak/S. Nilsen - can see the logic for either

      Parr looks a really good shout, I'm just concerned if Grogaard takes his spot. Maybe not right away, though, right? But at some point surely..

      Velde/Sandberg - I prefer Sandberg for reasons stated above but still, Velde is obviously a good shout!

      Heggebo - good enabler but not too sure how many I really expect to score on a regular basis. But hey, with Finne
      providing him maybe he gets more goals? Or will Finne be used up front at his expense now and then? Can't see it, but this is the Eliteserien!

      Edh - best cheapest defender in the game! If you need the funds then yeah, makes absolute sense.

      I've not had any of the chips go my way this season other than A/A/A but even that flopped on one player. 2 Captains and RU have been awful for me so I wish you better luck than I've had with them.

      I'd monitor Stabaek this weekend - keep an eye on what Haugen and Kirkevold do as they could be great options for the DGW. Also Ottesen is an incredibly creative defender - don't let cost of players distract you from building the best RU team possible. See it as a free hit but you can have whoever you want!

      Will be interesting to see where Kadiri fits in to the Godset team. At least we get a game to see what they go with and we can go from there.
      V. interested to see if Parr retains his place or if Grogaard jumps in for LB this weekend.

      Genuinely very excited for this weekends run of games!

  4. Hotdogs for Tea
    • 6 Years
    9 months, 19 days ago

    Cheers RHD

  5. Ze_Austin
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    9 months, 17 days ago

    Is the man in the stands on vacation? Still no bonus for yesterday

  6. ReindeerHotdog
    • 2 Years
    9 months, 17 days ago

    Very confusing week so far.

    Ohi and Hopmark no longer on pens?
    Holse and Vecchia benched.
    No Mikkelsen at all?
    Sinyan with two assists.
    Koné starting even though strong information saying he wouldn't be back in time.
    Glimt conceding to Odd already.
    Vålerenga with little response against Sandefjord.
    Lillestrøm losing at home to Brann...

    And still no BFP for yesterday.

    Christ - we're getting lucky the majority of goalscorers and assisters are very, very lowly owned assets.

    Odd week so far!

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 17 days ago

      Had Koné in my WC team but took him out as he wasn't meant to be with the squad.

      Come on man. We need better, more reliable info here.


  7. Ben Phippen
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    9 months, 16 days ago

    How did your WC team go RHD? I ended up on 78 points from mine. Meant a 735 place rise up to 2,889 overall (highest OR so far this season) so I was pleased with that. The Heggebo gamble paid dividends with 1G, 1A & 2 BP.

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 16 days ago

      Not a great success I have to admit but to be honest there no massive scores from too many highly owned assets.

      Skjærstein 1
      Ranger 1 Bjørkan 1 Pedersen 2
      Jonsson 11 Vecchia 6 Pellegrino 2 Sandberg 3
      Ohi 26 (K) TLO 6 Mawa 2

      Trige 0, Bell 7, Aasbak 5, Vilsvik 1

      Not the end of the world as I'm happy with my setup.
      Probably moving from Sandberg to Bye this GW if he starts and likely to be on penalties - what a great buy.
      KBK game first this week so line ups out early for the transfer.

      Probably just get Friday for the DGW unless I see something in the stats to suggest someone else. But there's no hits for a few weeks now that's for sure, no matter how against my play style that might be.

      Congrats on the good score this week mate - hopefully it continues and you keep rising through the ranks!

      1. ReindeerHotdog
        • 2 Years
        9 months, 16 days ago

        Heggebø and Finne are options too. Just think the Tromsø Brann game will be cagey and not too confident of many goals in that one.

  8. Hotdogs for Tea
    • 6 Years
    9 months, 16 days ago

    Anyone know what has happened to Moses Ebiye ? seems to have disappeared, which is quite annoying with a blank gameweek coming up

    1. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 15 days ago

      I think he's been back home for the birth of his child.

      I think that's what's happened.

      1. Hotdogs for Tea
        • 6 Years
        9 months, 15 days ago


    2. Ramboros
      • 10 Years
      9 months, 15 days ago

      Moses is 3rd or 4th choice anyway with Espejord back fit and Ondrasek back at the club.

      1. Hotdogs for Tea
        • 6 Years
        9 months, 15 days ago

        He has started every game so far this season apart from the last two and also started even when Espejord was back.

        Ondrasek started with a bang though so it’s going to be interesting how they set up going forward.

        Will be selling him to get someone for the doubles next week though so he will be moved on, just need him to get some minutes this week in the blank but nothing expecting too much

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • 2 Years
          9 months, 14 days ago

          Yeah I'm not convinced he immediately drops out the starting XI because of Ondrasek and Espejord. He can play on either wing, too and played 30 games last season in the OBOS.

          Loads of people were saying he wouldn't start this season yet look at where we are. I know Espejord has been out for a while but he's been one of Tromsø's best players. Wouldn't be so quick to assume he's done at all.

          Even if he becomes an impact sub I'm not too sure that's too bad, either. One to watch but I'd be amazed if that's his season done and dusted.

    3. Hotdogs for Tea
      • 6 Years
      9 months, 10 days ago

      still no sign of the blighter … 🙂

  9. potatoace
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 10 Years
    9 months, 15 days ago

    Ohhh Rudiger

  10. RamaJama
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 9 Years
    9 months, 6 days ago

    Anyone still playing Fantasy Eliteserien, thoughts on this Wildcard?

    Sinyan, Vilsvik, Bjørkan, Ottesen
    Veccia, Jönsson, Pellegrino
    Ohi, Friday, Lehne-Olsen

    Subs: Triege, K. Normann Hansen, Edh, Nilsen Tangen

      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 2 Years
      9 months, 5 days ago

      Looks good! Karlstrøm as GK stands out to me. I wonder whether Myhra might be better as it gives you an extra DGW20 player? Probably don’t want to be playing Ottesen long-term but it makes sense for the DGW. I like the Vecchia pick, low ownership and delivering good points for Rosenborg lately.

      1. RamaJama
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 9 Years
        9 months, 5 days ago

        Thanks A lot for your input, changing to Myhra 🙂

  11. Crocket22
    • 4 Years
    9 months, 4 days ago

    Afternoon all, considering playing two captain this week. Who would you say are the best choices?

    1. RamaJama
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 9 Years
      9 months, 4 days ago

      Friday (dgw), then tight between Ohi, Lehne Olsen and Pellegrino. Help me above?

      1. Crocket22
        • 4 Years
        9 months, 4 days ago

        I've got Myhra as my GK.

        From what I can see your wildcard team looks good. It has similar players to me at the minute.

        Berg is worth bringing back when his suspension is up.

        Im bringing Friday in for the DGW.

        1. RamaJama
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 9 Years
          9 months, 4 days ago

          Cheers, good luck!

  12. CurlyMatt FPL
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 1 Year
    9 months, 4 days ago

    I would consider Molde's Ellingsen over Normann Hansen on your wildcard. Molde have better up coming fixtures and is a steal if he stays on pens.

    1. RamaJama
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 9 Years
      9 months, 4 days ago

      Thanks for great advice, take it and playing him ahead of Bjørkan

  13. Maximus Bonimus Pointimus
    • 12 Years
    9 months, 4 days ago

    Newcastle just resorting to kicking lumps out of Sarr

  14. Crocket22
    • 4 Years
    9 months, 4 days ago

    Team this week:

    GK: Myhra

    DEF: Anderson, Ottesen, Borchgrevink

    MID: Stengel, Pellegrino, Jonsson, Haugen

    ATT: Friday, Omoijuanfo, Olsen

    Bench Trige, Skarr Eriksen, Wembangomo, Berg

    Two captain activated on Friday and Olsen

    1. RamaJama
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 9 Years
      9 months, 4 days ago

      Great team, good luck!

      1. Crocket22
        • 4 Years
        9 months, 4 days ago

        you to

        1. RamaJama
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 9 Years
          9 months, 4 days ago


  15. TallestJohn
    • 5 Years
    9 months, 4 days ago

    Team looked down to the bare bones this week with Berg suspended, Kristoffer NH probably injured, still no sign of Moses, defenders with bad fixtures so using my last chip with RU:

    Reitan, Hovland, Valsvik
    Vecchia, Bolly, Saltnes, Pellegrino
    Friday, Ohi, Lehne Olsen

    Sandberg; Åsen, Ottesen, Linnes

    Ohi, Lehne Olsen and Åsen the only three I already had. Might need to wildcard on the other side anyway.

  16. Crocket22
    • 4 Years
    9 months, 3 days ago

    Looks like Friday has been awarded an assist

    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 2 Years
    8 months, 27 days ago

    Decided now was a good time to play my wildcard to try and make the most of the remaining fixtures. Team now looks like this:

    Vesterlund, Petterson, Vilsvik
    Bell, Svendsen, Vecchia, Pellegrino
    Berisha, Ohi, Lehne Olsen

    Trige, Leiffson, Hopmark, Edh

    Any thoughts welcome.

  18. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 27 days ago


    30 Patrik Sigurdur Gunnarsson
    4 David Brekalo
    6 Gianni Ryan Stensness
    17 Sebastian Søraas Sebulonsen
    23 Rolf Daniel Vikstøl
    8 Joe Zen Robert Bell
    16 Kristoffer Lie Løkberg
    21 Harald Nilsen Tangen
    11 Yann-Erik Randa Bahezre de Lanlay
    14 Veton Berisha KAPTEIN
    77 Zlatko Tripic

    Sandefjord Fotball

    1 Jacob Storevik
    3 Marcos Vales Gonzalez
    5 Martin Kreuzriegler
    17 Sander Moen Foss
    23 Vidar Ari Jonsson
    6 Sander Risan Mørk
    18 William Albin Kurtovic
    24 Harmeet Singh KAPTEIN
    10 Deyver Antonio Vega Alvarez
    11 Kristoffer Normann Hansen
    14 Alexander Ruud Tveter

  19. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 27 days ago

    Sarpsborg 08

    21 Anders Kristiansen
    5 Magnar Ødegård
    24 Mikael Bertil Dyrestam
    28 Ben Kantie Karamoko
    16 Joachim Thomassen KAPTEIN
    20 Anton Janos Jönsson Salétros
    25 Mikkel Maigaard Jakobsen
    32 Eirik Wichne
    77 Dario Canadija
    11 Jonathan Lindseth
    29 Ibrahima Kone


    1 Knut André Søyland Skjærstein
    4 Espen Bjørnsen Garnås
    22 Philip Alexander Kolberg Slørdahl
    24 Tom Pettersson
    5 Vetle Winger Dragsnes
    8 Ifeanyi Mathew
    11 Tobias Hammer Svendsen
    21 Magnus Nordengen Knudsen
    26 Lars Mogstad Ranger
    90 Hans Daniel Gustafsson
    10 Thomas Lehne Olsen

  20. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 27 days ago

    Gunnarsson Viking Red Card

  21. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago


    1 Christian Kjetil Haug
    2 Christian Dahle Borchgrevink
    4 Jonatan Tollås Nation KAPTEIN
    5 Leonard Zuta
    22 Ivan Tarek Fjellstad Näsberg
    7 Fredrik Oldrup Jensen
    8 Henrik Rørvik Bjørdal
    11 Amor Yonas Layouni
    17 Tobias Christensen
    26 Osame Sahraoui
    9 Vidar Örn Kjartansson


    1 Viljar Røsholt Myhra
    2 Ari Leifsson
    3 Jonathan Parr
    26 Lars-Christopher Horst Jan Vilsvik
    71 Gustav Valsvik KAPTEIN
    6 Ipalibo Jack
    7 Herman Sørby Stengel
    8 Johan Hove
    9 Imoh Fred Friday
    17 Tobias Fjeld Gulliksen
    19 Halldor Østervold Stenevik

  22. Mince n Tatties
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 8 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago


    12 Leopold Wahlstedt
    4 Odin Luraas Bjørtuft
    6 Magnus Lekven KAPTEIN
    11 Gilli Rolantsson Sørensen
    25 John Shuguto Kitolano
    7 Filip Rønningen Jørgensen
    8 Markus André Kaasa
    16 Joshua Gaston Kitolano
    9 Flamur Kastrati
    14 Conrad Wallem
    29 Sander Svendsen


    1 Andreas Christopher Linde
    2 Martin Bjørnbak
    5 Sheriff Sinyan
    21 Martin Linnes
    28 Kristoffer Haugen
    11 Martin Skjelbreid Ellingsen
    22 Ola Brynhildsen
    23 Eirik Ulland Andersen
    27 Sivert Heggheim Mannsverk
    7 Magnus Wolff Eikrem KAPTEIN
    9 Ohikhuaeme Anthony

  23. Mince n Tatties
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    • 8 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago


    1 Sousha Makani
    3 Nikolas Walstad
    4 Daniel Mathias Knut Janevski
    12 Markus Lund Nakkim KAPTEIN
    21 Herman Kleppa
    5 Sivert Engh Øverby
    24 Ole Amund Sveen
    31 Albin Petrus Sporrong
    7 Lars Olden Larsen
    8 Fredrik Neerland Brustad
    14 Kent Håvard Eriksen


    28 Hannes Lennart Grill
    3 Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen
    8 Felix Horn Myhre
    21 Ruben Kristiansen
    26 Japhet Sery Larsen
    9 Petter Dahle Strand
    19 Sivert Heltne Nilsen
    23 Daniel Alexander Pedersen KAPTEIN
    11 Bård Finne
    16 Robert Thomas Taylor
    20 Aune Selland Heggebø

  24. Mince n Tatties
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    • 8 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago


    1 Jacob Karlstrøm
    4 Jostein Maurstad Gundersen
    20 Casper Øyvann
    28 Christophe Charles Steven Rene Psyche
    11 Ruben Yttergård Jenssen KAPTEIN
    16 Tomas Olai Totland
    19 Niklas Brønsted Vesterlund Nielsen
    21 Eric Bugale Kitolano
    22 Sakarias Opsahl
    9 Runar Espejord
    14 August Mikkelsen


    12 Egil Selvik
    4 Anders Bloch Bærtelsen
    5 Benjamin Tiedemann Hansen KAPTEIN
    15 Ulrik Tillung Fredriksen
    22 Alexander Stølås
    7 Peter Nysted Therkildsen
    8 Kevin Martin Krygård
    10 Niklas Sandberg
    11 Kristoffer Velde
    27 Mads Berg Sande
    13 Martin Samuelsen

  25. Mince n Tatties
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    • 8 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago


    12 Robert Marcus Sandberg
    4 Simen Søraunet Wangberg KAPTEIN
    5 Ivan Mesik
    27 Nicolas Pignatel Jenssen
    7 Mathis Gazoa Kippersund Bolly
    8 Fredrik Haugen
    15 Sturla Ottesen
    16 Martin Høyland
    18 Jeppe Arctander Moe
    9 Pål Alexander Kirkevold
    11 Kornelius Normann Hansen


    12 Nikita Haikin
    2 Marius Lode
    3 Alfons Sampsted
    4 Marius Christopher Høibråten
    5 Fredrik André Bjørkan
    7 Patrick Berg KAPTEIN
    16 Morten Ågnes Konradsen
    19 Sondre Brunstad Fet
    9 Ola Selvaag Solbakken
    11 Amahl William D'Vaz Pellegrino
    20 Erik Botheim

  26. Ze_Austin
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago

    Err... What led to that Andersson red card? Showing as 0 minutes

  27. Hotdogs for Tea
    • 6 Years
    8 months, 26 days ago

    Tough game week for those of us without Berisha

  28. Ramboros
    • 10 Years
    8 months, 15 days ago

    Not a lot of discussions going on at the moment.

    It's tricky with the premiums this season. Looking at PPG, there's really not much difference between Vecchia, Pellegrino, Ohi, Lehne Olsen and Berisha. They are all between 6.6 and 7.7 PPG. Vecchia and Pellegrino got a low sample size with their respective PPG of 6.6 and 7.7 . Vecchia and Berisha are probably the two strongest form players. Lehne Olsen never blanks. Pellegrino has the highest points average, but 3 blanks in the last 4 against relatively easy opponents. Ohi is always on for a haul at home.

    I'm thinking of going without Ohi this week after dropping him for Berisha last week. Currently there are 3 types of away defences in the league. Glimt, who have only conceded 9 away from home. Those who have conceded 16-18 goals away from home. And lastly those that have conceded 22-24 goals away from home. Tromsø are surprisingly quite good away from home, and fall into the second category alongside Vålerenga and Kristiansund. Sarpsborg fall into the latter category. Glimt should have the easiest game this week, and Pellegrino could

    The reason I don't want to drop Berisha is due to Strømsgodset missing both starting CBs to suspension. Godset looked terrible going into this season, but Valsvik solved a lot of their issues. Last season Godset conceded 29 goals in 15 home games compared to this year's 8. The coaches have said that they aim to play offensive football in every game, and their awful away record is a proof of how hard their playstyle can backfire. I expect a high scoring game. Before the suspensions my plan was to do a hokey cokey with Berisha and Ohi. Now I find it difficult to justify the short term gain of bringing Ohi back in, especially as he plays the best away defence in GW24 (Glimt) and the best home defence in GW25 (Godset). Berisha on the other hand got strong fixtures until the end of the season.

  29. RamaJama
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 9 Years
    8 months, 14 days ago

    Cheers, Thanks for your valuable input for us who still plays Eliteserien Fantasy.

    Do they still update and flag injured/suspended players?

    Considering Ohi to Berisha this week, but maby keep Ohi one more week and do Ellingsen to Berg instead because of Glimt’s good fixture?

    1. RamaJama
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 9 Years
      8 months, 14 days ago

      Reply to Ramboros

      1. RamaJama
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 9 Years
        8 months, 13 days ago

        Anyone playing Fantasy Eliteserien still?

        1. ReindeerHotdog
          • 2 Years
          8 months, 13 days ago

          Yeah there's a good few still playing it's just there's very little demand for any content/discussion on this website so it feels like there's a huge imbalance when it comes to producing content/engaging in any kind of debate.

          I'd write more articles/produce more content on here if there was a higher demand/need for it but sadly, right now, there just doesn't seem to be.

    2. ReindeerHotdog
      • 2 Years
      8 months, 13 days ago

      I think getting rid of Ohi when he has Tromso at home followed by Stabaek away is madness. That's just me.

      Berisha is a good player to bring in but surely should be able to fit alongside Ohi, no?

      1. RamaJama
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 9 Years
        8 months, 13 days ago

        Cheers! Went Ellingsen to Berg.

  30. Hotdogs for Tea
    • 6 Years
    8 months, 13 days ago

    waaaaazzzzzaaaaaa 🙂