October 14, 2021 Pro Pundit Teams

FPL Q&A: Differential Wildcard picks, De Bruyne and Chelsea/City defenders

Three-time top 200 finisher Lateriser takes the FPL community’s questions ahead of Gameweek 8

October 13, 2021 Pro Pundit Teams

FPL Q&A: Chelsea defenders, the best Man City midfielder and picking rotation risks

Seven-time top 10k finisher Zophar answers questions from the FPL community and reveals his Wildcard

October 10, 2021 Pro Pundit Teams

How checklists can help you make better FPL decisions: Part 2

Former FPL overall winner Simon March on why making a checklist can help us make better Fantasy decisions

October 9, 2021 Pro Pundit Teams

My latest FPL Gameweek 8 Wildcard team: Foden, Son and Hwang in, Antonio out

Three-time top 200 finisher Lateriser shares his Wildcard draft thoughts

October 2, 2021 FanTeam

FanTeam Wildcard team reveal: Double City and Chelsea defence in a 4-3-3

The winner of last season’s FanTeam season-long game shares his Wildcard team reveal