May 20, 2022 Pro Pundit Teams

My Gameweek 38 team reveal and top three picks for the final day

As he tries to rubber-stamp a top 10k finish, Az share his thoughts on the final Gameweek of the season

May 19, 2022 Pro Pundit Teams

The lessons learned from a taxing FPL season

Three-time top 200 finisher Lateriser signs off for the season

May 18, 2022 Pro Pundit Teams

Why we shouldn’t rush to change the rules of FPL

Amid talk of changes to the chips, rules and scoring system, former FPL champion Simon March urges caution

May 18, 2022 Pro Pundit Teams

FPL Q&A: Best Gameweek 38 picks, Salah + what to do with Arsenal and Villa players

Seven-time top 10k finisher Zophar takes some questions from the FPL community

May 14, 2022 Pro Pundit Teams

From safe to high-risk: Four Free Hit drafts for FPL Gameweek 37

Burning Questions co-host Pras takes a look at four possible Free Hit sides with different levels of risk