October 31 Pro Pundit Teams

Why I’ve sold James Maddison just two weeks after my Wildcard

Six-time top 5k finisher Utkarsh Dalmia – aka Zophar – discusses his post-Wildcard reshuffle in his latest Pro Pundits piece. …

October 30 Pro Pundit Teams

Why it’s the last-chance saloon for Sergio Aguero in my FPL team

In his latest Pro Pundits article, Ash – aka ‘Chief’ – is mulling over a premium forward swap

Pro Pundit Teams

Why chasing the fixtures with the FPL ‘big hitters’ is a strategy to consider

Lateriser12 examines how popular attacking options fare against defences of varying abilities

October 29 Pro Pundit Teams

Learning from a disastrous start to the FPL season

“Failure is rich in learning opportunities for a simple reason: in many of its guises, it represents a …

October 24 Pro Pundit Teams

Recent changes at Villa have brought budget options to my attention

Tom Freeman comes onto the team to make most of us feel wildly insecure about our overall rank …