Fantasy Football Tips

Here you’ll find a series of articles and guides that will hopefully help you during that crucial team selection lineup and even throughout the season. Click the links for each one to read the articles in full.

Season 2010-2011 Guides

Fantasy Football – A Beginners Guide

The place to start for those who are discovering fantasy football for the first time. It’s also a useful guide for those experienced players to hand out to new players in order to boost the numbers in your mini-league.
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Fantasy Football – General Team Selection

Updated for the new season, here’s an insight into general things to consider when selecting a lineup for the season looking generally at how you identify and more importantly, rule out players for your team.
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Fantasy Football Selection Guide – The Keeper and Defence

Continuing my series of updated guides to help your selection process for the new fantasy season, I delve into the world of goalkeepers and their defences. If a lack of clean sheets keeps you awake at night, it might well be worth a read.

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Fantasy Football Selection Guide – The Midfield

In this latest updated guide for the 2010-11 season, I take a look at selecting midfielders – the home of “big hitters”, undiscovered gems, sleeping giants and misclassified strikers. In other words it’s the one area of you side where a little inspiration with selection can really pay dividends.

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Fantasy Football Selection Guide – The Forwards

Rejuvinated as the powerhouse of your team last season, the selection of your Fantasy forward line promises once again crucial to your success this term. This guide examines the selection templates available and weighs up the merits of each one.

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