Head-to-Head Leagues 2020/21

This is an archived page of the Fantasy Football Scout Head-to-Head Leagues from the 2020/21 season, which featured 8,316 teams.

Over eight thousand managers are taking part with teams organised into a system of leagues and divisions.

There are nine leagues in total with an increasing number of divisions in each. 

A pyramid structure is used: at the top League 1 contains just one division, and at the bottom League 9 contains 161 divisions. 

There are 20 teams in each division.

Teams play each other twice over the course of the season. Divisions are weighted equally within each league.

At the end of the year, five teams will be promoted from each division to a division in the league above. And ten teams will be relegated from each division to a division in the league below.

Managers joining the Head-to-Head Leagues for the first time will begin life at the bottom of the pyramid. However, due to the unequal number of entries, the top seven managers will be promoted from each division in League 9 along with the best 153 eighth-placed teams.

League Tables

To view tables for leagues (LG) and divisions (D) use the drop-down menus below:

*You must be logged in to view the tables, you don’t have to be a member*

To find out which league and division you are in, start by selecting a league to search: 

LG1 (D1)LG2 (D2)LG3 (D4)LG4 (D8)LG5 (D16)LG6 (D32)LG7 (D64)LG8 (D128)LG9* (D161)

Each page contains a search box to find managers. The search box only finds managers within the selected league and not across all nine leagues. So you need to go through each league one by one. Enter your name as it appears on FPL. 

*Of the 161 divisions in League 9, the first 157 have 20 teams and the remaining 4 have 19 teams plus the average score (Mr. Average). As mentioned above, the top seven from each division will be promoted to League 8 along with the best 153 eighth-placed managers. This will be determined by the head-to-head points total and overall rank.

Next year there could be an additional league, depending on the number of managers joining and leaving the competition. As a result, some teams could be relegated from League 9 at the end of this season.

Fixtures and Results

The latest Gameweek scores are shown below, use the drop-down menus to view different leagues and divisions.

All Gameweek (GW) fixtures and results can be found using the following links:

*Use your browser’s find in page function (Ctrl+F) to locate managers.*


The return matches will be played between Gameweek 20 and Gameweek 38.


Results will update shortly after the Gameweek has finished.


Q: How do I find which league I’m in?

  1. Click on a League – LG1, LG2, LG3, LG4, LG5, LG6, LG7, LG8, LG9
  2. Use the search box to search for your name as it appears on the FPL website.
  1. If you don’t come up, you’re in a different league.
  2. Go back to step 1 and try the next league.

Q: How do I see who I’m playing next?

  1. Click on the upcoming Gameweek (GW) in the Fixtures and Results section above.
  2. Search for your name (as it appears on the FPL website) using your browser’s find in page function: shortcut on a PC is Ctrl+F on a Mac it’s Cmd+F.
  3. This will reveal your opponent’s name.

Their name is linked to their team on the FPL website. However, it won’t display correctly until after the GW deadline has passed. If you want to see their team from the previous GW you must edit the URL: simply subtract 1 from the last digit in the URL. For instance, if GW5 is next, change the 5 to a 4 – …/event/5 to …/event/4

Q: Can I leave the FFS Head-to-Head mini-league?

Yes, you may now leave the FFS H2H League – Entry mini-league.

However, if you want to take part in the Head-to-Head league again next season, you must rejoin before the Gameweek 1 deadline for 2021/22. This is because your FPL ID changes each season, and we need your FPL ID to include you in the competition.

Q: Can I still enter the Head-to-Head Leagues?

You may enter for the 2021/22 season, unfortunately the deadline for this year’s competition has passed.

All new entries next season will start in the bottom league.

Q: What happens if teams finish level on points?

Overall FPL rank will be used to separate teams that are level on points.