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⭐ Bemba_Da ⭐
Danny Ings to Aston Villa

Ings to villa done

1 month, 21 days ago 14

Rasping Drive
Are Community Shield line-ups a good guide for GW1?

Are Community Shield lineups a reliable guide for GW1? A common assumption is that the lineups in the CS are a good guide as to which players will feature in GW1. I spent a bit of time to find out…

1 month, 22 days ago 9

Ginkapo FPL
Impact of refereeing changes

Hot Topic - What do we anticipate to be the impact of refereeing changes? Penalties: "Referees will look for contact and establish clear contact, then ask themselves the question: does that conta…

1 month, 23 days ago 33

Rasping Drive
Is Jota worth the risk?

Is Diogo Jota worth the risk? Using last season as a guide we can see that: Jota was available for selection for 19 gameweeks over the whole season. Starts: 12 (63% of total) Featured as sub: 7 (3…

1 month, 23 days ago 17

Athletic Nasherbo
Is double Liverpool defence justifiable?

Surprised more of the FPL community have not mobilised to explain why Liverpool defensive assets aren’t as good as we might think! Negatives: - TAA + Robbo priced at 7.5 + 7.0 respectively. T…

1 month, 24 days ago 27

Allsvenskan Fantasy - Scout Picks BGW13 Scout Picks for Blank GW13! Will you be able to fit a full 11 without taking a hit? Who are you looking to captain this tricky week with Hammarby …

1 month, 25 days ago 8

Hairy Potter
Fans' return: The downsides

I wonder if the return of fans with have a positive or negative impact on teams this season. Still not a lot of love in Newcastle for Bruce and some of the performances last season rank up there w…

1 month, 25 days ago 11

Would Grealish be nailed at City?

I have Grealish and Foden in my current draft and have been pondering who I'd prefer to keep (if either) if Grealish goes to City. Was thinking for the price he'd end up being you'd imagine Grealis…

1 month, 26 days ago 13

Calling all Community Captains

The Community Tournament has been supersized this year - some questions answered in the latest article. We have already doubled the number of captains from last year but want to triple up (mainly b…

1 month, 26 days ago 1

Baps hunter
How to fit in 3 heavy hitters

No matter what I do, having 3 very big hitters is overkill if Kane goes to Manchester. One strategy might be trying to play fixtures with them and have 2/3 of them all the time. If starting with Sa…

1 month, 29 days ago 14

guinea pigs needed

Am looking for a few FFS users to try out a new tool that's in the works. If you're interested, can you email me at Cheers!

1 month, 29 days ago 8

Everton friendly report

Half time It’s a good run out for the Everton players. Temperatures are roasting there.They are definitely playing like it’s an exhibition match. - Digne took a high boot to the face at 43mi…

2 months, 1 day ago 12

Toney reservations

Seems like there's a fair old bandwagon about Ivan Toney [Brentford, 6.5m] with many talking as if he's a good thing. So thought I'd take a look at his prospects. First things first: you can't equ…

2 months, 2 days ago 60

Allsvenskan GW12 - Scout Picks

Scout picks GW12: How are you dealing with a tricky captain week with some potential rotation on the cards for the clubs involved in European qualif…

2 months, 2 days ago 5

Kloppage Time
Fitting Kane in

Not sure I wanted Kane to go to Man City as I will have to rip my team apart now to fit in him, just cannot see going without him now.

2 months, 3 days ago 25

Early or late WC?

How many fixtures are you looking at when selecting your GW1 team? I always get off to a slow start by selecting mostly players who I want to keep long term, combined with the fact I'm a rubbish F…

2 months, 4 days ago 17

Boris Bodega
New FPL Community Tournament for 21/22

Managers required for the best Fantasy Football Community tournament there is!

2 months, 6 days ago 0

Athletic Nasherbo
Leicester players overlooked?

Are we sleeping on Leicester assets? 20/21 after 7 games - 2nd place (1 point off Liverpool) 19/20 after 7 games - 3rd place (7 points off top - Liverpool had won all) 21/22 - Leicester have …

2 months, 9 days ago 47

GW1 Fixtures and clean sheet odds

GW1 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by Betbrain) GW1 clean sheet odds: CHE: 52% LEI: 45% LIV: 41% MCI: 39% BHA: 37% EVE: 35% MNU: 35% WHU: 33% ARS: 32% …

2 months, 10 days ago 13

Rotation's Alter Ego
Would old-fashioned pricing be more fun?

A couple weeks ago, I spent a bit of time looking through how FPL have changed their pricing strategy over the years. One year that caught the eye was 04/05.
 As a general summary: Premiums were…

2 months, 10 days ago 17

The Case for Buendia

Case for Emi Buendia !! Villa record signing at 38m is going straight into my team and here's why. - Buendia scored 15 goals and registered 16 assists claiming Sky Bet Championship Player of the …

2 months, 10 days ago 14

Too much Raphinha love?

Why all the Raph love? 3/4 tough opening fixtures. GW5 on yes, great option.

2 months, 11 days ago 32

Mane and Salah in GW1?

Thoughts on starting with Mane + Salah? They have gotten really long summer breaks. VvD will also be back. I think Pool could be the strongest starters of the new season. Going Salah + Mane + TAA …

2 months, 11 days ago 34

RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
Light touch VAR?

The officials at the Euros showed a much lighter touch as regards VAR, with the result that far fewer decisions were reversed after VAR reviews. None of the dodgy penalties and red cards for compar…

2 months, 13 days ago 10

Skonto Rigga
Scout Notes Poll

Trying to gauge opinion on the normal Scout Notes (not the pre-season variety) so set up a poll on the sidebar. Feedback seems to be mixed; some like the lengthier write-ups, some others find it a …

2 months, 14 days ago 5

Is Toney all that?

Is Toney all that? He was one of the first names of my draft one but i have since taken him out. Why? I watched the highlights on youtube of all his goals and assist from last season and looked at…

2 months, 15 days ago 33

RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
FPL Editorial Content Suggestions

Nine dormant article strands from the past are described in the article and survey above, but if there are any others that we’ve unfairly overlooked then please mention them here. And also pleas…

2 months, 21 days ago 34

FPL Virgin
Picking settled/proven players in GW1

For me, I like certainty in my gameweek 1 side. I like players who have a good track record in the premier league. Not only that ... but they need a settled manager in charge of team. So I don't…

2 months, 23 days ago 19

Steve The Spud
FPL Forward Line Plans

What’s everyone’s front 2/3 atm I’m on Watkins dcl Toney atm but subject to change depending on transfers and Pre season form Feel like with the these 3 you play the stats and also get 3 …

2 months, 25 days ago 27

Rotation's Alter Ego
Nuno New Numero Uno

Manager merry-go-round in full swing now, Nuno to Spurs confirmed. Any interest here for FPL? My first thoughts are obviously Do…

2 months, 26 days ago 9

Elfozzie 42
Benitez to Everton - Does that change your picks?

Benitez became the blues 5th manager in 5 seasons when he was unveiled at Goodison Park today It's fair to say the fan reaction has been 'mixe…

2 months, 26 days ago 9

Bench Boosting in Gameweek 1

Am I alone in BB1 camp?

2 months, 27 days ago 39

Skonto Rigga
New FFS editor and deputy

Afternoon all, I'm chuffed to bits to be stepping up as Editor and humbled to be asked to do so. I'm even more delighted to welcome aboard Tom, a bona fide FPL great and a manager whose season hi…

2 months, 29 days ago 39

Wolves bargains under Lage

I know the season is a long way a way but Wolves could provide a few bargains given Bruno Lage's trust in youth and attacking 4-4-2 formation. We will very likely buy a striker but given we're unli…

3 months, 2 days ago 10

RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
FPL Mini-leagues to enter

The Opening Day League (league code 4bfkn8) is for teams that enter it within 24 hours of FPL going live for the new season. It will be closed to new entrants at about 12.15pm on Wednesday 23rd Jun…

3 months, 4 days ago 18

Maximus Bonimus Pointimus
Is a strong template forming?

With those prices & fixtures - is anyone *not* starting with Watkins, Raphinia, Salah, Bruno, Sanchez and a Liverpool defender? That’s two thirds of most teams sorted already 😆

3 months, 5 days ago 32

Rotation's Alter Ego
FPL Pricing First Impressions

Lots of FPL price releases today - who are you liking the look of and who has been overpriced? Full list of the prices revealed so far (bar Liverpool, Norwich and West Ham, only included a select …

3 months, 6 days ago 34

Rotation's Alter Ego
Could Palace offer value?

Next on the list is Palace Zaha - MID - 7m Guaita - GK - 4.5m Mitchell - DEF - 4.5m Benteke - FWD - 6.5m

3 months, 6 days ago 15

Sanchez at 4.5m - easy pick?

Sanchez (4.5m) that’s the GK sorted

3 months, 6 days ago 7

Skonto Rigga
FPL player price reaction

Any stand-out players from these early prices? Smith-Rowe generous at £5.5m? The Pepe of GW35-38 would be a steal at £7.5m but... Arteta.

3 months, 6 days ago 11


Don't forget to check out my video with David on the new fixture list for the 21/22 season!

3 months, 10 days ago 0

Rotation's Alter Ego
First look at rotation pairings

As always, there are 10 pairs of teams that have perfect home / away rotations - if you target that kind of thing. Seem a lot less geographical this season, which is bizarre. Arsenal and Tottenham…

3 months, 10 days ago 10

Skonto Rigga
FPL players for the start of 2021/22

Obviously without having seen the new season player prices, any names leaping out for the start of 2021/22? Could see a mid-price (and no doubt frustrating) template front three of Watkins, DCL and…

3 months, 10 days ago 19

PL Fixtures - FFS Ticker is Live

Fixture Ticker is LIVE 🙂

3 months, 10 days ago 2

RedLightning - Top 10k Any …
FPL Updating

FPL has been updating for most of today, getting ready for 2021/22. Do we expect them to make any big changes to the game? What changes would we like them to make? And when do we expect it to relau…

3 months, 11 days ago 28

MD1 Stick or Twist thread - Sunday

MD1 Stick or twist thread - Sunday Goal of this thread: - Concetrate captain questions in one place for efficiency - Increase the value of answers by forming a template with the minumum required …

3 months, 14 days ago 21

How to decide whether to stick or twist?

I think the qustion you should be asking about captaincy, is: Am I likely to get more or less points at the end of the MD from switching? If "more", then switch. However, based on what I've been…

3 months, 14 days ago 26


If anyone's playing FanTeam I've just finished a video where I go through all 24 teams in the tournament and pick our my best picks Enjoy!

3 months, 15 days ago 2

Euro Captaincy - Stick or Twist?

If any of the captains haul early, what is the approximate captain return in your opinion that would make you stay with this player for the rest of MD? example, Berardi has 1G 1A right of the bat, …

3 months, 15 days ago 14

FFS with Just Eat Minileague: Make sure you've joined!

Just a note that with the new partnership with Just Eat comes some prizes for our UEFA Euro 2020 Mini league. They'll be vouchers for highest scoring teams of the 7 Matchdays + overall winner. Si…

3 months, 16 days ago 3