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GW21 Rough with the Smooth

Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 21. How did your Gameweek go? You can share your tales of joy and woe here.

5 months, 15 days ago32

Coutinho's FPL Price

Phillippe Coutinho comes in at 7.0

5 months, 15 days ago17

Gameweek 22 preview video with Andy_Social

Hey FFS crew, Recorded a video with Andy_Social, long time poster on these boards and his first foray into content creation. I'm sure he'd love it if you had a watch!…

5 months, 17 days ago3

Live Scoutcast - leave your questions here

**Double Gameweek Special Live Scoutcast** Tues 8pm Seb has other commitments so just Andy and I tomorrow. Please leave your questions here about #DGW22 #fpl

5 months, 17 days ago29

The Train Driver
Everton v Leicester postponed...

EVE - LEI off!

5 months, 18 days ago27

Hulk Smash
Salah and Son - Double Sell or FH?

Sanity check: If you own both Son and Salah it makes more sense to sell, even for hits, than to FH right? Both players will probably miss more than one gameweek and you can't use both FHs in conse…

5 months, 18 days ago13

Rotation's Alter Ego
Meet the Manager - Ragabolly

Good afternoon everyone! Hulking this for those that may have not seen it, Joe has recorded a Meet the Manager with the ever-modest creator of LiveFPL, Ragabolly. It's a fantastic interview and a …

5 months, 19 days ago2

Son injured - What now?

FFS Son… he’s out till end of the month, folks.

5 months, 20 days ago20

Recording with Andy_Social: Any Questions?

Delighted to say that I will be recording a video with one of the top posters on the FFS boards, it's Andy_Social himself. It will be the "old gits" (his words not mine) first appearance on any ki…

5 months, 20 days ago4

Steve The Spud
Is DGW22 worth a FH?

Are people really going to free hit and not select Antonio and Bowen against Leeds at home ? And if you will have them do you really need to free hit seeing as that’s already 2 slots + Taa, jot…

5 months, 21 days ago13

FPL and Mental Health

Just heard on Talk Sport news article referring to Fantasy Football creating anxiety and low mood. Can people relate to that in this Community and how does it affect you? I know from my own persona…

5 months, 21 days ago55

Rotation's Alter Ego
DGW 22 Confirmed

Doubles announced! Tuesday 18 January 19:30 Burnley v Watford (BT Sport)
 20:00 Brighton v Chelsea (BT Sport) Wednesday 19 January 19:30 Leicester v Spurs (BT Sport) 
20:00 Brentford v Man Ut…

5 months, 21 days ago23

DGW chip thoughts

Other than DGW36, the DGWs after GW22 will likely be scattered, as each postponed fixture will be rescheduled on a case-by-case basis, slotting the match wherever it's convenient enough for both te…

5 months, 22 days ago17

Skonto Rigga
No DGW22 for Arsenal or Liverpool

The EFL Cup semi-final first leg between Arsenal and Liverpool has been postponed and is shifted to next Thursday. The second leg will now take place on Thursday 20 January, meaning that Arsenal a…

5 months, 22 days ago20

fantasy champ man 01/02

Anyone playing the new season of Fantasy Champ Man 01/02? I played last year, it's amazing. Of course it's incredibly nerdy, but as a massive Football Manager …

5 months, 22 days ago5

DCL fit enough for our DGW21 squads?

Benitez on DCL: "Dominic is training with the team," added the Spaniard. "I've explained before that one thing is match fitness that you can improve by playing games and the other thing is fitness…

5 months, 27 days ago9

Rotation's Alter Ego
DGW 21 Confirmed

3 doubles announced!

 (I think, hard to decipher if there's more) Southampton v Brentford Everton v Leicester West Ham v Norwich

5 months, 27 days ago25

DGW21 Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW21 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by GW21 clean sheet odds: MNU: 45% TOT: 39% MCI: 37% AVL: 33% LEE: 33% BHA: 32% EVE: 31% WHU: 29% BRE: 28% L…

5 months, 27 days ago7

GW20 Mini-League Leaders

Happy New Year everyone; let’s hope it’s going to be a better one than the last two! And congratulations to all our mini-league leaders, including Daniel Masson-Abraham who finishes the year as…

5 months, 27 days ago0

Skonto Rigga
Friday's Press Conference Times

Morning all, here are Friday's press conference times: Bielsa - 9am Tuchel - 9am Gerrard - 9am Ranieri - 12pm Klopp - 12.45pm Hasenhuttl - 1pm Vieira - 1pm Lage - 1pm Dyche - 1.15pm Benitez - 1.…

5 months, 27 days ago5

GW20 Rough with the Smooth

Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 20. How did your Gameweek go? You can share your tales of joy and woe here.

5 months, 28 days ago26

Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery - GW21 & GW22

Be the first to take on the Scout Picks in 2022! I’m after two Community champions one for GW21 and one for GW22. How it works: a member of the Community will be selected to go head-to-head aga…

5 months, 28 days ago0

Pat Bonner
Who to replace James with?

Who's everyone looking to replace James with? Wolves defence doesn't seem to be mentioned much. They have 2 games to catch up on so potential doubles as well

5 months, 28 days ago33

Live Scoutcast - New Year's Resolutions

Live Scoutcast 2pm today (Thurs)! #fpl #GW21 Let us know your New Year FPL Resolutions PLUS - Our live chatters get to be even more involved in the show! Joining me will be @SebWassell and …

5 months, 28 days ago13

Skonto Rigga
Thursday's Press Conference Times

Morning folks, just the three pressers today but will have a lot more tomorrow: Moyes - 1.30pm Conte - 2pm Rodgers - 2.15pm

5 months, 28 days ago2

How do you make your transfer decisions?

When making a transfer do you…? A) Identify who you want to bring in, *then*look at who you can sell in your team to get that person. B) Identify who you really want to sell in your squad, *the…

5 months, 29 days ago18

Who is the best GK going forward?

Can't decide between DDG and Lloris

6 months, 13 hours ago29

GW19 Mini-League Leaders

GW19 Mini-League Leaders - a report on the leaders of various Fantasy Football Scout FPL mini-leagues and community competitions after Gameweek 19, when another three matches were postponed, quite …

6 months, 14 hours ago1

No Mo Captain Poll

Captain poll for non-Salah owners. Who you going? A) Ronaldo B) Jota C) Son D) TAA E) Foden F) Other

6 months, 15 hours ago20

Skonto Rigga
Tuesday's Press Conference Time

Just the one press conference today and even that's close to the deadline: Sean Dyche is up at 1.15pm.

6 months, 16 hours ago1

GW19 Rough with the Smooth

Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 19. How did your Gameweek go? You can share your tales of joy and woe here.

6 months, 1 day ago26

Ramsdale dilemma ahead of GW20

The case for the second playing GK As a Ramsdale - Foster owner like most people, I've been considering upgrading my second GK or replacing Ramsdale this week. Option A - Save FT and persist with…

6 months, 1 day ago31

Skonto Rigga
Monday's Press Conference Times

Play up press conferences: Ranieri - 12pm Klopp - 1pm Frank - 3pm

6 months, 1 day ago3

Miami Monkey
First Wildcard Plans - use it for GW20 or lose it!

So who else needs to use the first wildcard now? Let's start a discussion of teams and plans

6 months, 2 days ago4

Sun Jihai
Arsenal vs Wolves Postponed GW20

Confirmed by PL, @Arsenal v @Wolves on Tuesday is off.

6 months, 2 days ago11

Rotation's Alter Ego
Everton Vs Burnley Postponed

Another one bites the dust. Everton Vs Burnley this time

6 months, 4 days ago20

Gameweek 19 Q&A

Chris and I are live with a Q&A at 12 for anyone interested: I'll then head over to the boards as usual afterwards to see if I can help with any other d…

6 months, 4 days ago1

Skonto Rigga
Friday's Press Conference Times

Morning all, here are today's presser times. The press conference equivalent of a Lynx Africa gift set: Conte - 9am Smith - 9am Vieira - 1pm

6 months, 4 days ago2

Scout Picks Community Champion Lottery - GW19 & GW20

Fancy taking on the Scout Picks? If Covid chaos doesn't put you off, I'm after two Community champions one for GW19 and one for GW20. How it works: a member of the Community will be selected to …

6 months, 5 days ago0

No Salah - who to captain GW19?

Well to take some positive's out of this. We can pick a different captain other than Salah for once and at least Raphinha cant annoy me this week with more cheap points!

6 months, 5 days ago11

Time to sell Salah?

Salah next two before AFCON: Leicester and Chelsea Time to sell

6 months, 5 days ago18

Rotation's Alter Ego
Gameweek 19 Postponements - FH Time?

Liverpool Leeds Postponed on Boxing day! What are you planning to do now, with many people tripled on Liverpool? Tempted to ditch Salah or any o…

6 months, 5 days ago13

Skonto Rigga
Thursday's Press Conference Times

Morning all, 10 pressers for you today: Howe - 10am Ranieri - 12.30pm Guardiola - 12.30pm Hasenhuttl - 1pm Lage - 1pm Dyche - 1.15pm Benitez - 1.30pm Conte - 2pm Frank - 2.30pm Rangnick - 3pm

6 months, 5 days ago5

Antonio out due to Covid-19...

David Moyes confirms Michail Antonio misses tonight's @Carabao_Cup tie after receiving a positive COVID-19 test result.

6 months, 6 days ago6

The Legend Squad
FPL add extra Free Hit

Extra free hit chip is a nice touch

6 months, 6 days ago38

Skonto Rigga
Wednesday's Press Conference Times

Morning all! Hope we're all well. GW19 pressers starting sharp ahead of Xmas: Arteta - 9am Gerrard - 9am Potter - 1.30pm Tuchel - post-EFL Cup Rodgers - post-EFL Cup

6 months, 6 days ago0

GW19 Fixture and clean sheet odds

GW19 fixture odds can be found here: (Provided by GW18 clean sheets: MCI: 54% ✅ CHE: 50% ✅ LIV: 37% ❌ ARS: 33% ❌ LEE: 19% ❌ WOL: 19% ✅ TOT: 15%…

6 months, 6 days ago6

What are you doing with premium assets?

Considering the DGWs, BGWs and Afcon coming, what are you planning to do with LIV/MCI/CHE premium assets, as well as AFCON ones (like Denis). Are you planning to Target TOT or MUN players? there a…

6 months, 7 days ago10

Football Chatbox
DGW21/22? Time for chips?

With potential DGWs in GW21 and 22. What moves are managers looking to make ahead of that and are you planning on playing any of your chips during those weeks ?

6 months, 7 days ago16

Scotch Jock
PL decides to continue...

Premier League clubs have chosen to fulfil festive fixtures despite ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19 cases. The league's 20 clubs met on Monday to discuss how they could deal with the challen…

6 months, 8 days ago0