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A devoted follower of the site during the 08/09 season, Mark\'s pearls of wisdom helped me to a finish just outside the top 500. I\'ll be looking to better that this term and to join in the banter with Akers, Fran and co.

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  1. Man United and Villa audition for Blanks and Doubles at Old Trafford 24 days, 9 hours ago

    Where does it show your cup opponent? I scored more than that but don’t see one » Read

  2. The best FPL players to own, sign or captain for Gameweek 16 28 days, 18 hours ago

    Morning all. Am in a real pickle about what to do with this lot. Planning to FH18 and BB19. Need to deal with Matip and am contemplating binning KdB but Son who would have been the obvious replacement seems to have gone horribly off the boil. Do feel exposed with no Spurs but have got away with it so far. Martinez (Steer) Matip*, Robbie, Taylor, James, Coufal Mo, KdB*, Bruno, Grealish, Soucek Adams, Bamford DCL » Read