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  1. Scout Notes - Salah Delivers 8 days, 12 hours ago

    I can't look. » Read

  2. Scout Notes - Salah Delivers 8 days, 12 hours ago

    Working on a new documentary - "How to hide your bad Gameweek from your family".Filming starts tonight. Things could take a dramatic twist when Hazard blanks tomorrow. » Read

  3. Dugout Discussion - Southampton vs Liverpool 8 days, 15 hours ago

    Transfer page data/list view has purchase and selling price. » Read

  4. Dugout Discussion - Southampton vs Liverpool 8 days, 15 hours ago

    Booo! » Read

  5. Dugout Discussion - Newcastle United vs Manchester United 8 days, 18 hours ago

    Opta record the saves. FPL don't actually collect any data themselves.Not sure on the Opta rules applied to saves - one that always puzzled me a little. Will look into this. » Read

  6. Dugout Discussion - Man City vs Leicester 8 days, 19 hours ago

    Yeah I was unaware of it being HTd and have mixed feelings about it. But part of me saw the reaction and realised it was a thread being discussed a lot. I imagine we’re it not a HT I’d be asked why it wasn’t flagged.Again, I give responsibilities to others to make calls on such things. Im sure it is in no way an act of support for what was raised more that it was a lively discussion. » Read

  7. Dugout Discussion - Man City vs Leicester 8 days, 19 hours ago

    I agree. I’ve had to learn how to “behave” not only when criticised but also when things go well...I’ve realised that how I act is under scrutiny and I need to check myself. I’m still working on it but I have learned to react to criticism in a more reasoned way.But I can’t account for others who contribute and don’t really want to mute their natural stance or views in fear of it reflecting on me or my business. Maybe I need to, but it would be a shame and would probably do more harm to FFS long term. » Read

  8. Dugout Discussion - Huddersfield Town vs Bournemouth 8 days, 21 hours ago

    Not sure on that. Jesus started at Palace, got injured and Aguero replaced him. » Read

  9. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 21 hours ago

    No, sadly I'm expecting a 1 point from the bench to keep my Ogbonna cleanie out. » Read

  10. Dugout Discussion - Man City vs Leicester 8 days, 22 hours ago

    Hey prophet. I've said elsewhere, Granville speaks for himself not me or FFS. I don't agree with his reaction or sentiment but I also wasn't going to censor what he posted because I didn't think that was right also. I'm sure that would also come in for criticism!I can't control Granville - if you remember our days on the ScoutCast together, you know that well enough.I am totally fine with posters criticising of what we say and do as long as it's reasonable and not selective - eg: it ignores the fact that he was in the Picks for example.I think most have seen his post to be what it is - his passionate reaction and not my views or those of FFS. » Read

  11. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 22 hours ago

    The irony was, at half-time I thought Leicester might nick it!They looked secure enough and I thought Schmeichel looked assured first half. He had a shocker in the second.Still can't work out what Puel was doing changing the system at half-time. » Read

  12. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 22 hours ago

    No because as I've mentioned in my post, we don't need another one on the same topic. » Read

  13. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 22 hours ago

    It's how Granville felt at the time - not sure how he is feeling now. He speaks for himself not me or FFS. I think folk understand that. Like a lot of posters on here, he's passionate.I wasn't going to censor the post - I didn't think that was right, either, no matter how much I disagreed with his sentiment and his reaction. » Read

  14. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 22 hours ago

    Hot Topics are very relaxed - we've had previous ones on favourite films etc. Don't read anything into it being a HT - see my comment below. Sometimes, when we get a long active thread, we make it a HT - wasn't my decision but I didn't see the need to reverse it. » Read

  15. Scout Notes - Niasse To The Fore 8 days, 22 hours ago

    Granville spoke for himself. I didn't censor it as I felt that wasn't the right thing to do but those are his own views, not mine.I have chipped in on discussions since, though to give my thoughts - I'm all good with criticism when it's all fair. Some of it has been, some of it hasn't but that's life. So yeah, I'm more philosophical about it all than Granville was last night.I didn't make it a HT either but I can why it was since it was getting a lot of chatter so that's fair enough. We don't need any more on it though.Granville's comments are his own and, of course, I don't endorse that quote you pick out. But like I say, I also didn't want to censor. » Read

  16. Scout Notes - Kane Falls Short 8 days, 23 hours ago

    The ScoutCast had to change when the site became more of a commitment - back then it felt more like a hobby and if one of us couldn't make it, we called it off. It wasn't that much of a big deal if that happened.These days, even if it goes ahead and I miss out there are questions asked!So we had to grow it, expand the team and make it more robust when folk dropped in and out. These days I can afford to be ill or have family comitments and Jonty, Andy and Az do a great job.We needed that, Granville and I couldn't be machines week in week out - he got twins and a political career for one! » Read

  17. Scout Notes - Kane Falls Short 8 days, 23 hours ago

    Thanks Deadstar. A lot of of us are or were feeling fragile having missed out on Aguero. I know I am.Missed opportunities and frustration we will come here to vent - that's understandable. I can't speak for Granville - but I don't mind it so much if its reasonable. What irks me is when a view offered on the ScoutCast is taken as the FFS viewpoint.The ScoutCast can never be consistent with everything we write because we just talk unedited and unscripted about our own views and teams. What we say on there is wide open to criticism - which I think is fair enough - I don't agree with a lot of what's said on the ScoutCast but I don't censor anyone and tell them to "tow a party line" - I think that would be awful.The ScoutCast isn't the FFS voice, it's each individual's voice and individuals make mistakes. I think all probably regret not getting Aguero one way or another, over here on the site, we weren't avoiding Aguero in our articles or recommendations.The articles are far … » Read

  18. Scout Notes - Kane Falls Short 9 days, 1 min ago

    I don't mind folk having a go, as long as they're being reasonable.I just don't want the ScoutCast to turn into a "one size fits all" FFS advice show. I like us to talk about our own views on players from our own perspective, I think it's better that way.But then the danger is that what's said on there, from that perspective, completely overrides our articles.I didn't get Aguero for my own reasons which I put across here... I still edit all the articles and he still got recommended when he warranted it. » Read

  19. Scout Notes - Kane Falls Short 9 days, 11 mins ago

    I think when you get Kane (post August ;-), you have to keep him and just ride it out because predicting where his points and big points will come is almost impossible. All we know is, they will come.I'm a Kane zealot and he even got me. I left him out of my WC team to captain Lacazette before getting Kane back. He scored 2 at Everton - his first goals of the season and Laca got me 1.Aguero has been different because of the previous rotation risk so there have been long periods where we could ignore him. It also seems he's more predictable when City's home form is so much stronger than away.Salah just scores every week so he makes it easy 😉 » Read

  20. Scout Notes - Kane Falls Short 9 days, 16 mins ago

    I'm 40 with 5 with captain gone so I win. » Read