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  1. Pogba and Rashford start in United's Double Gameweek 35 opener 3 days, 12 hours ago

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  2. Which Spurs assets looked the best in Kane's absence? 10 days, 16 hours ago

    Oh I have suffered in previous weeks, had some shockers in fact but I've also had good weeks too. This game rides on luck and no matter how much we plan we all know something could go awry - I was a Sane captainer for city's first dgw lol. I'm just saying there are people who play with a slightly different tactic. Only slightly mind, I'm on bb for gw35. Good luck for rest of gw and season 🙂 » Read

  3. Which Spurs assets looked the best in Kane's absence? 10 days, 17 hours ago

    Morning all Reading through these posts there seems to be a lot of frustration directed towards 'casuals' who didn't wildcard and still had Pogba and Fraser in their team. I'm one of them but I am not a 'casual'. I played my wildcard a while back because I needed to. I'm on here and FPL stats every day, I look at my team and question it till the early hours then on match days check FPL app every few minutes to see how my team is doing and wishing I'd taken the hit to pull in someone I thought could do well (and then does). The point is it's easy to follow the flock and everyone saving wildcards for the same gw and bringing in the same team barring a couple of players and I've tried to play my own game. Yes I've asked for advice on here, I've taken hits and I've had shocking gameweeks but I don't see myself as a 'casual' just because I didn't wildcard the same week as everyone else and because I still have Pogba and Fraser still in my team. I've tried to play my own game and have… » Read