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  1. Vote for the best FPL forwards of 2019/20 6 days, 20 hours ago

    Is there an element of selection bias here? If you have a large number of people switching big hitters around, even if the returns are random some of them will keep on striking it lucky. Over the season, more and more unlucky people are just going to stop doing it, until eventually you end up with a pool of spectacularly lucky people who are crowing to the rooftops about their amazing new strategy. » Read

  2. Aleksandar Antonov wins 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League crown 13 days, 4 hours ago

    Weird season for me, in that I only started playing properly after the restart. Prior to that I was playing as a novelty league with players from 5 teams only: Salah-Mane-TTA-Robbo-Pool Rashford-Fernandez-Dross-Utd Dross-mouth Dross-Palace Pukki-wich And yet, I found myself at 320k come the restart. And I'd TC-ed mane for his 1 pt DGW. Which is insane, as the above list pretty much does sum up the useful players available to me over most of the season.That's basically Salah, Mane, TAA, Rashford and a couple of in form cheapo's. For a 320k rank. Did well post restart and finished at 73k in the end, which is my highest finish since ..... (checks birth date of child) ...... 2015/16. I suspect that this story contains some deep and powerful insights into how to play the game, but not really sure what they are. I guess maybe focus on one or two key teams, and stick by what are obviously their best players. Will probably load up on City, Utd and maybe TAA (because I am now sick of the… » Read

  3. Free-flowing Liverpool display bodes well for Newcastle trip 17 days, 9 hours ago

    Agree on Bruno to Dilva » Read