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    Say what? Hey folks, some quotes below from the Champions League games midweek Rennes 1-2 Chelsea Frank Lampard on Werner's miss: "The chance today, Timo wants to score that but the ball's bobbling as it comes along, I know those finishes look a lot easier from afar." Lampard on Werner: "He's feeling his team-mates and his team-mates are feeling him, hence he's getting in positions to score in every game; so more goals will come, as a progression from that." Lampard to BT on strikers/forwards: "I have a problem because Tammy [Abraham] is playing well and Olivier [Giroud] in the restart was incredible. I have two players fighting for the position but it's a good problem." Man Utd 4-1 I.B Bruno Fernandes to BT on giving Marcus Rashford the penalty: "Of course every player wants a hat-trick. But after the [last] game, I told Rashford that he could take the next one and he's one of the top scorers in the Champions League so it's important for [Rashford] to get confidence. It doe… » Read