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  1. Fantasy Allsvenskan - Gameweek 21 2 days, 6 hours ago

    I think it is not so bad to have planned transfers as long as you don't get any injury/suspensions to derail the problems. I was not aware AC had 5 YCs but I'll be keeping him as I think he's still the best pick from Malmo. How is your squad looking? » Read

  2. Fantasy Allsvenskan - Gameweek 21 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Thanks for the article, Meltens! My PTB started off badly with AIK conceding but all in all I got 107 points to jump from 386 to 127, which feels nice. This week I'm thinking about getting a Norrkoping defender in for Karlsson/Mets (have not decided which yet) and continue with 5-3-2. I'll likely switch to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 in the upcoming weeks. Going safe with captain Tankovic. » Read

  3. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 20 7 days, 1 hour ago

    Mets and Karlsson both start, alongside Dimitriadis. So happy that I rolled my FT and now my PTB is ready to go. » Read

  4. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 20 8 days, 15 hours ago

    Cheers! I'm probably moving back to 4-4-2 after this week as I don't think it is plausible to have triple defenders from not only one but two teams. I'm keeping a close eye on Bahoui as well, he looks fantastic! » Read

  5. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 20 8 days, 21 hours ago

    Cheers Meltens. Helpful as always! Last week my WC worked nicely with 87 points. This week it's finally PTB time with: Linner Kack - Witry - Danielsson - Mets - Karlsson Tankovic - AC - Kacaniklic Djurdjic - Kharaishvili It's a pretty template squad but I am happy with it. I might shift Karlsson to Dimitriadis for safety with my PTB but not sure if it is worth it. Any suggestions regarding the defensive line? » Read

  6. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 19 16 days, 16 hours ago

    Thanks! You might be right about Granli, I guess it would be a better idea to go with real nailed on defenders. I just don't know who, though. But at the same time, I really want to get two defenders to maximize my chances. It is also really annoying that AIK-Kalmar game was moved forward a day so we will not get the lineups before the deadline. Mets only missed GW15 and 16 so he looks the safest. It's the same for Karlsson as well. I guess the most sensible thing would be going with them (although I can't afford Malmo defenders then and I have to get 3 DIF + 2 AIK). » Read

  7. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 19 16 days, 20 hours ago

    Cheers, Meltens. Also joined the league. I'm on my WC this week and planning to play PTB next one. My squad for the time being: Linner - Saxton Danielsson - Kack - Witry - Mets - Granli AC - Tankovic - Kacaniklic - Svensson - Jarl Djurdjic - Kharaishvili - Offia Djurdjic looks like a good pick despite the suspension. I'll probably shift one of the Djurgarden guys to a Malmo defender next week as well, and go to the PTB with 2 Djurgarden - 2 AIK and 1 Malmo. Not sure about Granli though, but if he's fit for this weekend then he might play both league games in GW19-20. I will look to get Irandust soon. » Read

  8. Fantasy Allsvenskan blank Gameweek 18 23 days, 3 hours ago

    Thanks as always, Meltens, these keep getting better and better. I dropped from 250 to 400 OR last week, thanks to AFC Eskilstuna. This week I have 9 players with fixtures and am thinking about taking a hit or two to get a full 11. Probably doing Joelsson, Kossonou, AC to Abrahamsson, Kack/Hacken defender and Khalili/Kacaniklic. At least it's finally WC time after this week! » Read

  9. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 17 28 days, 5 hours ago

    Who else here could not get Kacaniklic / Djurdjic because they were blocked by Sandberg and Kossonou? ✋ » Read