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  1. How the final day of the season unfolded from a Fantasy perspective 9 days, 11 hours ago

    Completely Off Topic Has anyone ever went to watch a game in Germany? Myself and 3 mates are planning a lads weekend in November. Heading to Dusseldorf and hoping to catch a game either there, Cologne, Leverkusen or Dortmund at a push. Surely one of them will be at home. I was just wondering how you go about getting tickets for the games? Or do they operate a pay on entry system etc. Any tips would be great! » Read

  2. Babel impressing even weeks after Fulham relegation 26 days, 10 hours ago

    The result looks best with 2 But agree with 3, no city attackers..... swinging to Aguero because of pk but sterling has better away form ,,,, So tough.... » Read

  3. Babel impressing even weeks after Fulham relegation 26 days, 11 hours ago

    I appreciate it takes a bit of time to read and reply, but I’d love some thoughts... I’m sure others are in a similar boat... Dithering, but decided Salah not Mané I need to get in for TC this week. I’m a Liverpool fan, so generally prefer not to load on our players, superstitions. My team: Ryan (Foster) Trippier, Laporte, Duffy (Boly, Bednarek) Sterling, Erikson, Son, Dacoure (JWP) Aguero, Vardy, Jiménez My options: 1) Erikson & Sterling = Salah & Sigurdsson 2) Erikson & Aguero = Salah & Wilson/zaha/DCL 3) sterling & Aguero = Salah & Firmino 4) sterling & trippier = salah & Awb/lascelles Could ditch Vardy but reluctant to do that really as assured starts I’d love it, absolutely love it, if some people replied...:-) » Read