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    1. Scout Notes - Hazard Blows Baggies Away 11 days, 5 hours ago

      He's not done too badly thus far.. third highest scoring forward behind only Aguero and Kane... and quite cheap. » Read

    2. Dugout Discussion - Saturday 21 days, 1 hour ago

      Well Lingard has gotta go now surely. » Read

    3. Dugout Discussion - Saturday 21 days, 1 hour ago

      I was very close to doing it. I had them in my team with the cursor hovering over the make transfers button.Southampton have good fixtures and they're better than what they've played.I don't just stick to the template and copy everyone elses dull insipid teams.Sorry if that's hard for you to believe mate but go for it if it helps you sleep better!I'm clearly lying arent I! » Read

    4. Dugout Discussion - Saturday 21 days, 1 hour ago

      Well this is fantastic.I was dead set on bringing in JWP and Stephens before last GW but chose Mili and Alonso instead.Could have had: 2 goals, 2 assists Got: NothingChelsea and Palace are still yet to play but yeh, should've gone with my gut! » Read

    5. Dugout Discussion - Saturday 21 days, 2 hours ago

      Vardy captain waaaaaaay. » Read

    6. Dugout Discussion - Burnley vs Man City 21 days, 2 hours ago

      Oh mate that is harsh.I wouldn't worry too much about Ota, Sterling and Kun though - everyone has them it seems, so shouldn't impact you too much, although (C) on Kun is gonna sting..But those transfers... why wouldn't you think Jones and Pogba would start?! I swear Mourinho does shit like this just to mess with Fantasy managers. Only explanation! » Read

    7. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      To be honest Aubameyang was definitely going to be slotted in to start so if he wasn't ill it wouldn't have been an issue.I wanted to change my front three to make use of good fixtures for this week and wait to get rid of Mahrez as the rest of my midfield is fine.I'm not just 'playing for fun' it just hasn't fell right for me this year.At this point I have to be high-risk high-reward because of my rank. It's nothing like the same kind of approach when you're in the top 100k or higher. I had been climbing the last few GW too. » Read

    8. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      I'm not competitive this year mate. I'm like 1.2m so I thought I'd go for a high-risk move.Doesn't look great and probably explains why I'm doing so poor this year haha.. » Read

    9. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      OK cheers guys.Ideally I won't have to make the transfer this week. Already on -8 hit for the week but I'm happy with those three moves I've made.The catch is I brought in Auba and he's no guaranteed to play...I'm 3-4-3 and my back up midfielder is Mahrez. I know I should have got rid of him but I didn't think enough people would drop him in one day for a price fall and was planning on getting rid on Saturday afternoon. Foolish I know, but now I'm really stuck because my back up behind him is Zanka.So basically I could risk bringing in Mhki for another -4 or run the gauntlet with Auba playing and if not then settling for a 1 point from Zanka... » Read

    10. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      As a differential how does Ozil sound?I know Arsenal don't have great fixtures after Everton (spurs & CITY) but he's only owned by 2.6% and with Aubameyang and now Sanchez to stifle him, surely he could come into his own?Or is that wishful thinking? Should I just go for budget Mhki instead?Just feel like with his new contract he'll be buzzing.. » Read

    11. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      Virgil for me. » Read

    12. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 16 hours ago

      I’m liking Aké. If he finds himself getting in the box for set pieces like he used to he could be a shrewd buy.Plus good fixtures. Daniels too I suppose if he’s around the same price which I think he is. » Read

    13. The Community Round-Up 21 days, 17 hours ago

      Any more news on whether Auba is fit enough to play tomorrow?He tweeted pictures of him in training earlier today and looked fine...Am I reading too much info that if I think it means he’s more than likely playing at least some part of the game? » Read

    14. Sky Sports Focus 22 days, 4 hours ago

      I would go for anyone of those players before I went with Pogba.I think Salah/Firmino or Kane are the obvious choices.I'd be amazed if Liverpool kept a clean sheet against Spurs, and Kane away from home, against a terrible defence - I can see him scoring one or two.That game could easily finish 5-4. » Read

    15. Sky Sports Focus 22 days, 4 hours ago

      Yeah it is a bit of a gamble, but as my OR is like 1.2m I haven't got much to lose ha.Just trying to think outside what everyone else is doing, almost on a week to week basis (with some bigger picture mindset too).Thought I could get around Mahrez issue this week by having Mili as my 5th midfielder. Clearly that might not be enough if Aubameyang doesn't play. I'd have Mahrez as my first sub to replace him (D'oh!) and then Zanka after him!So yeah, if Aubameyang isn't involved I'm screwed, but not sure it's worth taking another hit unless it's for someone who's guaranteed to score loads of points. Unfortunately I don't have that ability to know who that will be... » Read

    16. Sky Sports Focus 22 days, 4 hours ago

      Press conferences today?Waking up to see Aubameyang a doubt after taking a points hit (with Mahrez still in my team) really is the worst possible news ever. » Read

    17. The ScoutCast - Episode 248 - Yogic 22 days, 13 hours ago

      I'll be waiting for final whistles at all games Saturday then look to get rid.Thinking Mahrez -> B. Silva actually, as D. Silva is doubtful and Sane definitely out.Just can't see anything but his price dropping when everyone see's he's not trained and hasn't played. » Read

    18. The ScoutCast - Episode 248 - Yogic 22 days, 13 hours ago

      Does Murray still get the nod as starting striker for Brighton or is Ulloa coming straight in to replace him?Maybe they play together?Ulloa is only £4.8m and while you wouldn't want to rely on him as an out and out 3rd striker, as backup surely he's not a bad shout?I know we like Ayew but he's a whole £0.5m cheaper.. » Read

    19. The ScoutCast - Episode 248 - Yogic 22 days, 13 hours ago

      I'm imagining a some people might get rid of him now, but as soon as he doesn't play against Swansea I'd expect a flurry of transfers out.I'm thinking I'll be looking at getting rid Saturday afternoon if I can. Losing 0.1m on him would be infuriating. » Read

    20. The ScoutCast - Episode 248 - Yogic 22 days, 13 hours ago

      I think Aké is a great shout. Some good fixtures coming up and maybe, just MAYBE he'll get a few goals now he's found his shooting boots against Chelsea.He's gone in to my team immediately - £4.9m he's a steal for the next few weeks imo. » Read