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    1. The best midfielders to sign with the Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 31 7 days, 15 hours ago

      I've listened to / watched several podcasts / videos this week in my time off and I think some of the advice I've heard is just wrong. Got a little frustrated with it so to fix here's my "Correcting Bad Advice for GW31" thoughts.1. “8/9 PLAYERS ARE ENOUGH, DON’T TAKE FURTHER HITS BEYOND THIS”FPL is purely about points. You should take as many hits as possible where they have positive expectation.Denying yourself an additional hit when your desired transfer in is expected to get 5 points this week is a mistake.2. IT’S A -2 / – 0 IN POINTS BECAUSE THE OTHER DUDE WONT PLAY IN GW31 / 33”.Every hit is a -4. Working on a 2-point basis is weird (I would say wrong). Firstly, *losing* 2 points is not great. The objective is to gain points. You should instead work on maximising expected points.If a player is expected to get 3 points total this is a bad transfer. If he’s predicted 6 it would be good. The individual player is everything.Bringing in a player who plays… » Read