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  1. The lessons learned from 2018/19's Midfielders of the Year candidates 20 hours, 39 mins ago

    Agree with Roy. Also, wasn't it possible previously to swap the Gameweek columns around in the Season Ticker, which was really useful?I know you can focus on particular blocks of fixtures, which is also useful, but it was handy to be able to shift the columns around (for example, if you were freehitting in gameweek 24 and wanted to see what the fixtures for weeks 22, 23 and 25 were like, but not 24).Also not a biggie, but was useful. » Read

  2. Sign up now for the next Fantasy Football Scout Charity Cup 20 hours, 43 mins ago

    Hi, Az, glad I spotted this as it would be great to have you along.The standard is definitely mixed (both in terms of fitness and ability). I'd say that in both tournaments there has been a reasonable number of Saturday/ Sunday league amateur level players together with a fair few who don't regularly play football (apart from kicking around with mates). There's also quite a range of ages - at 42 I fell into the older bracket but was far from the oldest.The other thing is that we try to balance the sides so that every team has a mix of stronger and weaker players. That was quite a challenge in the first tournament (as I'd only seen a handful of the players in action) but actually went pretty well. We can also tweak things on the day and it's only meant as a bit of fun and a fundraiser.So in short, send me your contact details and get involved, mate! » Read

  3. Sign up now for the next Fantasy Football Scout Charity Cup 2 days, 41 mins ago

    Thanks, mate,.I've added all applicants to the WhatsApp group or replied by email (where preferred) so hopefully you've heard from me already. » Read