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  1. The FPL players who could change position in 2020/21 4 days, 19 hours ago

    On the subject of re-classification, I hope we are not going to go overboard with this. I hope that the few obvious ones Martial, Lundstram, etc.. are changed and no more. I wanted to bring up the point of Defenders who play forward in a Midfield position. Which a bit common place these days. The starting lineups for the last week in EPL had pairings of: Bellerin-Tierney, Baldock-Stevens, and Doherty-Jonny. All Defence men in midfield positions. Others who regularly play or have played a fair amount of time in the midfield while being designated as defence are: Pieters, Femenia, Aurier, Davies, Schlupp, and Alonso to name a few. My point being if we were to move numerous players whose true positions are Forwards or Strikers but, play wing even if they play wing a majority of the time we are going to have to fairly make similar decision on the above mentioned true Defenders. It is somewhat of a problem that is caused be evolving formations but, we should think before we leap. » Read

  2. FPL tips, advice and strategy from Members League winner Nathan Woollaston 4 days, 21 hours ago

    All valid points here. Madrid is Euro Savvy as are most European continent teams. But, they have also had a layoff. City should just be getting their much needed rest from a pretty brutal schedule. Healing up a little. It is not imperative that City have Aguero. They will be emerging from the tunnel looking sprite and hungry. They will be ready to go and Madrid will be sluggish. » Read

  3. The FPL players who could change position in 2020/21 6 days, 15 hours ago

    Keep 'em hangin' Dogs, keep 'em hangin'. » Read

  4. Vote for the best FPL defenders of 2019/20 11 days, 20 hours ago

    It seems the obvious change(s) to be made would at least start with Martial going to FW. Do Rashford, Auba, etc.. move to Mid? I believe price should be left out of the thinking. On price for example: Auba playing the same position but, being moved to a Mid designation will get him more points but, is it that big a difference to effect price. I agree with R.A.E. that a balance needs to be struck if there is going to be major movement. Meaning more than a few(3-4) players. The players moving other then the obvious(Martial) should then be chosen by how many times they actually played in said position. How many times did Martial, Son, Sterling, etc actually play a true striker position? If balance is what is to be the end product then you have to use stats to be fair. The stats being the number of times a player played the position. This is hypothetical as i don't know the numbers, say Sterling played true forward = 7, Son = 9, Martial = 11, Trossard = 8, Saka = 3, Perez = 12. The pla… » Read

  5. Aleksandar Antonov wins 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League crown 12 days, 20 hours ago

    You're a champion in your own way in your own right. Your contributions are very much appreciated. Especially the VFPL. I actually finally hit a TC in your COVID-19 interruption league. 42 total. My highest in FPL is 12 on a DGW. Pitiful. » Read

  6. Blades back to their best in defence as Pulisic and Willian are finally blunted 29 days, 11 hours ago

    Antonio. » Read