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  1. Aguero and Sané start for Man City as Sterling benched 17 days, 2 hours ago

    Wonder what Mahrez has been like in training... clearly a quality player makes you wonder why he's not been played more. » Read

  2. The FPL Digest: The pros and cons of in-form Son 17 days, 3 hours ago

    I think the best options right now are around 5m. Kolasinac, Doherty, Pereira are the 3 for me, though Digne was until recently, and Trent when he's back will be great. As for cheaper than 5m, AWB is obviously going to be there, but I'd rather Bednarek over anyone from Brighton/Newcastle. Think he has the same potential as the others, for 0.5 less which could be important. Saying that, Yedlin looks a good shout for the good fixtures, but if you're benching him in favour of 3 other defenders like Kola/Doherty/Pereira/Robbo/Trent/Luiz then I'd rather save the money » Read

  3. Scoutcast Episode 284 - Emotional 17 days, 4 hours ago

    I went Son but I think I'll switch to Mane in GW28, to play the fixtures. » Read

  4. Doherty stars in FA Cup as Wolves' Blank Gameweek chances increase 17 days, 4 hours ago

    Ederson Walker-Stones-Laporte-Mendy Silva-Fernandinho-Silva Mahrez-Aguero-SaneMy prediction - I reckon de bruyne get's rested as he looked tired towards the end of the game vs Arsenal, and they'll want him for Chelsea. Mendy to return from injury and play 60 minutes. Might be time for a rest for Sterling, with Mahrez on, but I think Aguero starts again.Subbed on: Danilo>Mendy, Sterling>Sane, Jesus>Aguero.What do we win if we get it right? » Read

  5. How Guardiola's tactical changes caused a Double Gameweek divide 19 days, 2 hours ago

    Now that the double is out the way, we can look ahead - When transferring a player in how far ahead are we looking at in terms of fixtures? Should we prepare now for GWs 31-35, or should we just focus on getting the best score in GWs 26-30 and worry about it later (which means possibly taking a couple of hits later on?). » Read

  6. How Guardiola's tactical changes caused a Double Gameweek divide 19 days, 3 hours ago

    I transferred Aguero+Richarlison to Aubamayeng+Son for free on Sunday night. I tend to make early transfers only when value is concerned AND I had already planned them the week before. The rule of planning them previously means you're less susceptible to kneejerk responses to gameweeks, and emotional reactions to a player blanking. In this instance I had only had the exact funds so I moved early with Son rising on Sunday night. » Read

  7. Rashford and Pogba deliver FPL points again as United grind out win 20 days, 1 hour ago

    Those of us who have Sane (C) and Aguero (VC) will be shitting ourselves if we see Sane on the bench on Wednesday » Read

  8. Son scores again but Spurs fortunate to beat Newcastle 20 days, 10 hours ago

    I guess Son makes it an easy move. NEW, LEI, bur is much better than lei, ful, LIV. Also people who don't take this game as seriously just see yellow flag and sell. Often many questions like this are asked in a Fantasy Football Scout bubble, but there's millions of people who play this game on a casual basis, and just sell if players are flagged. I doubt many on here are selling Pogba, and those that are have probably done so as they see Son as a great differential for the next 3 games before his ownership shoots up, and tbh I'd say selling Pogba (before this week) is a pretty good shout if that's your route into Son. » Read

  9. Liverpool's patched-up defence exposed as Leicester excel at Anfield 23 days, 5 hours ago

    Smooth: Auba (C) was the winner for me, changed it last minute from Salah. Richarlison, Jimenez, and Pogba all contributed to 65 points, and moved up from 180k to 114k.Rough: After deciding between Digne vs Doherty for the bench I ended up playing Digne and benching Doherty. Still had a great gameweek and got the auba/salah 50/50 correct so 1 out of 2 50/50s isn't bad. » Read

  10. Man City assets falter in Double Gameweek audition 23 days, 23 hours ago

    Players - Aubamayeng, Richarlison, Son, LolrenteTeam - Leicester - some good fixtures coming up who shall we get? Is Maddison becoming another Tadic with great stats but doesn't produce?Talking Point should be DGW25 and BGW27 - what are each of yours plans around that? Is an Auba-Aguero hokey cokey worth it? » Read