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    1. Reigning India FPL champion reveals strategy and team for new season 8 days, 14 hours ago

      You don't spend that sort of money for a player who won't start. I think he is as nailed as anyone can be. » Read

    2. Five things FPL managers should look out for in the Community Shield final 21 days, 16 hours ago

      Has to be CD Vardy good but so is Werner and in the 3rd best attack last season. Now they have strengthened. Soton over-performed last season. Jiminez always passes the eye test and good value at that price. » Read

    3. How I’ll try to keep pace with the new smart thinkers in FPL this season 21 days, 17 hours ago

      Yes, Zyech and Werner will be interesting. I just watched the Ipswich v Hammers highlights... Haller's hat trick goals were all sitters. The other chances 1 v 1 were tame efforts. Having said that, WH looked decent and Yarmalenko is one to monitor. » Read

    4. The best mid-price and premium FPL defenders for 2020/21 27 days, 3 hours ago

      I have taken a similar approach but with Greenwood, Bruno and Rashford on the bench, I have Salah and Zychech starting olus TAA+Robbo the rest are budget but 0.5 itb also gives a bit of flexibility. » Read

    5. How to Play Sky Sports Fantasy Football – A Beginner’s Guide 27 days, 17 hours ago

      Morning all, how about this for a different approach to the Manchester problem in GW1 if you want 3 Utd?... TAA Rob Johnson Mitchell Ferguson Zychech Salah Obafemi Adams Mitro (Button Rash Greenwood Fernandes) Depends on the 4.0 defs starting and maybe Obafemi going to Broom or Villa but rather than worry about price changes to the mids, I already have them ready on the bench. Plus, I will have the cheap players, of which, some could do well. I will look at reverting back to 4-5-1 so the cheap strikers are ultimately place holders for better defenders.Unless of course, 2 of the cheap strikers do well. Also 0.5 itb to fine tune this depending on friendlies. » Read