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  1. Son leaves it late as Spurs flatter to deceive against spirited Leicester 8 days, 21 hours ago

    Basically, ignore your rival. Work out where the points are going to be, and your ML rival isn't going to be the best source. You might also end up chasing points (oh, they had xx player, who just got loads of points, I should have them.) If you have genuine 50:50 and you're playing catch-up, then compare, but apart from that it's probably not worth it. » Read

  2. Attacking double-ups focus of latest Watchlist Update 25 days, 52 mins ago

    To state the obvious, there's no benefit to having double gameweek players if they are also going to have blanks. They'll play the same number of matches. You only benefit if you can rotate around the fixtures. With that in mind, I'm reducing city and Chelsea assets over the next few gameweeks using free transfers, with a view to wildcard/free hit as necessary with the double gameweeks coming up. » Read