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  1. How Southampton Have Turned Their Season Around 4 days, 20 hours ago

    Why not go for the triple up? » Read

  2. The best replacements for injured West Ham goalkeeper Fabianski 4 days, 22 hours ago

    Same for me! Thought it was just me haha. Weirdly I always seem to have strong Christmases, over the 4 gameweeks which happen over the festive period. then after FA cup third round weekend it always falls apart. Last season it was the failure to get on United assets quickly enough, coupled with only owning Sane when City had their DGW25. Season before it was a rogue Lingard captaincy when Kane scored a brace at home to Everton and was widely captained. This year I'm trying to mitigate against this by playing safer. going with the captain poll winners, making sure I have 3 Liverpool for the DGW. It hasn't worked yet either! Hopefully though, if there are red arrows, they will be small reds rather than the rank trebling reds which came last season. » Read

  3. How Southampton Have Turned Their Season Around 4 days, 23 hours ago

    Cheers for the article. I'm considering a Southampton midfielder to accompany Ings from GW26 onwards, anyone you would recommend? JWP has a high points projection but the fact you say he is playing in front of the back 4 puts me off slightly. Is there a better option? » Read

  4. Aguero hits hat-trick as City assets issue a timely reminder of FPL worth 7 days, 44 mins ago

    Rough: Fabianski injury, Mane, Leicester triple up. Smooth: Returns from 7 of my 11 and Vardy captain, just no big scores from any of them. Pleased with my free transfers of Aurier and Alli to Cathcart and Sarr, although Sarr in hindsight would have been better to have been Richarlison or Mahrez. » Read

  5. The FPL assets who could prosper from managerial changes and injuries 10 days, 23 hours ago

    Mean's they're due another, which will inevitably arrive in DGW24 😉 » Read

  6. The FPL assets who could prosper from managerial changes and injuries 10 days, 23 hours ago

    Enjoyable read. Echo's many of my own thoughts. Currently weighing up which of Sarr and Mahrez to go for on a 2 week punt. Its a tough choice, hoping for something from Pep in his press conference regarding team selection/formation/tiredness. I wonder if Ndidi being out will affect Leicesters attack as well as their defence? There's enough uncertainty over Leicester and Southamptons defensive stats to make me err towards Mane or KDB as the captain this week. » Read

  7. Scoutcast Episode 316 – January sales shopping ahead of Gameweek 22 11 days, 20 hours ago

    Great to see a bumper length scoutcast, brings back memories of the ones chaired by Mr Suthens which used to frequently approach the 2 hour mark! Gives more chance for interesting debate and content 😀 » Read

  8. Meet the Manager #19 – Pranil Sheth (Lateriser12) 12 days, 1 hour ago

    This is my ninth season. Initially played as a casual with moderate success, always finishing between 100k and 350k for 5 seasons. There wasn't much strategy at this point, just going with gut feeling and basing decisions on what I'd seen on match of the day and the odd live fixture. Discovered FFScout about halfway through the 2015/16 season. The last 3 seasons have seen me record my best 3 ever finishes, despite the increased amount of players playing the game, so its fair to say FFScout has been a massive positive influence on my game. Why? Probably due to them distributing stats, paying attention to how managers better than me play the game, their detailed scout notes and articles and the various strategies discussed, which have caused me to plan ahead further than I ever used to. Last season I started to use stats a lot more, in particular using expected goals and assists data to assess who was in and out of form and to assess fixture difficulty more accurately. Using point… » Read

  9. Why I'm not getting Salah for Liverpool's Double Gameweek 13 days, 1 hour ago

    Nicely put together article, enjoyed that one! Sums things up nicely. » Read

  10. The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results 13 days, 21 hours ago

    I agree with what most of you say here, goalkeeper transfers are relatively low upside compared to other positions because save points tend to "flatten out" their performance relative to each other and across fixture difficulty, when compared to how other positions' assets perform. However, recently I found myself with 2ft and no desire to change any of my other 14 players, plus the DGW had just been announced. So I saw Pope to Fabianski as a transfer which stopped me having to burn a transfer, removed a player with poor fixtures for one with better ones (plus an additional fixture), and get off a poorly performing team to one which may or may not have a new manager bounce. So the circumstances enabled the transfer really. I wouldn't advise making it a priority transfer though, and certainly wouldn't advise taking a hit to change them. » Read

  11. The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results 14 days, 1 hour ago

    Fair points. Wolves though used Traore and Doherty for 90 mins v United so Nuno isn't scared to play his first teamers in the FA Cup. Even Jiminez came on at half time because Nuno wanted to win. I think theres an element of Wolves wanting to make amends for the semi final defeat last season. With Spurs I agree with everything you said, however the main issue for Spurs is how they've resorted to long ball uncreative football since Mourinho took over. Which is making everyone understandably reluctant to invest in them or their attack, whoever is playing. » Read

  12. The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results 14 days, 1 hour ago

    Interesting point. Watford I'm not too concerned about as they fielded the reserves in the first match and are playing Tranmere, so I think Pearson will play a mostly second string again. The league and FA cup are all Watford have anyway so not much rotation pressure on them. I certainly wouldn't let it put me off buying Watford players. Spurs are interesting, I was astonished at the strength of the side they put out against Middlesbrough, and even then they still couldn't win. So Mourinho now has an unwanted extra fixture, hasn't made it through, and has tired all his players out for the Liverpool match. Great management. Rotation in GW22,23, or 24 is to be expected now I think, or if not, then they'll be too tired to perform anyway. Time to get off Spurs players. Wolves and Man Utd play each other of course, Wolves have had a lot of fixtures this season but they took the game v Utd fairly seriously so don't see why they wouldn't again. Players being benched in the league is a… » Read

  13. The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results 14 days, 1 hour ago

    Rotation of Liverpool players in league fixtures will be at a minimum from now until GW31, time pressures are lower now than at any point in the season thus far. » Read

  14. Learning from the Great and the Good 19/20 - Gameweek 21 15 days, 13 hours ago

    For someone who has an unhealthy obsession with Mark, I would have thought you would have remembered his various scoutcasts and meet the manager video in which his play style is mentioned more than once. When he "misses the boat" on a player and that player rises heavily in price and gains large ownership, Mark will refuse to get them in as it "locks him in" behind those managers who own those assets, with Mark having to pay 0.5m to 1m more than his rivals for the same points. He therefore instead tries to get ahead of those managers by finding alternative players and hopes that the heavily owned guys go off the boil. » Read

  15. Liverpool assets providing FPL managers with Double Gameweek 24 dilemma 16 days, 23 hours ago

    I'm looking at liberating a bit of cash for my third Liverpool asset in GW24 by replacing Aurier with a 4.3m defender or less this week. Very interested in Watford given their resurgence since Pearson took over, and the decent fixtures. Kabasele isn't really an option for me given his suspension. Who is most nailed out of Cathcart, Kiko, Masina and Mariappa? » Read

  16. Rodgers provides injury update on Vardy as Pukki suffers fitness scare 17 days, 20 hours ago

    I have scope for a 2 week punt on a midfielder to replace Alli, any price up to 10.5m. Already own Maddison and KDB. I've narrowed it down to the following options: Traore (NEW, sou) Richarlison (BHA, whu) Mahrez (avl, PAL) Martial (NOR, liv) Sarr (bou, TOT) The top 3 have the advantage of 2 attractive fixtures as opposed to one, Mahrez probably has the best of the lot but is not nailed on, whereas the others are. City also have EFL semi finals v United to come over this period. As far as I can see it, Traore, Mahrez and Sarr all face a whipping boy too. What do you guys reckon? Anyone else I should consider too? » Read

  17. Rodgers provides injury update on Vardy as Pukki suffers fitness scare 17 days, 20 hours ago

    It does a little but I'm planning on fielding the following in the DGW: Fabianski TAA, Soyuncu, Cathcart Salah, Mane, KDB, Maddison Vardy, DCL, Maupay Button, Kelly, Lundstram, Dendonker Depends what price you got people and your TV I suppose, I didn't get on many especially early though, is somethinh akin to the above doable? I think TAA, Soyuncu and Lund are so good at such a cheap price its not really worth upgrading defence, so a lack of flexability there isn't a huge problem IMO. I accept the strikers could prove to be a bit weak but that could be mitigated by downgrading Maddison to a Grealish or Traore type and upgrading DCL or Maupay to Ings for example. And if Liverpool really go off the boil there's always the second wildcard, or use Slah or Mane as a cash cow to upgrade elsewhere. I don't think they will though as the fixtures are incredible 24-29. » Read

  18. Rodgers provides injury update on Vardy as Pukki suffers fitness scare 17 days, 20 hours ago

    If you can handle the dread of city matches, go for it. I don't think I could! For every game Pep plays KDB deep like he did yesterday, you'll also get him being played as a number 10, scoring 14 and 19 pointers. Not many will sell him so you'll be faced with a huge rank drop when these hauls happen. You would have to be dead on with your replacement to mitigate this. » Read

  19. Rodgers provides injury update on Vardy as Pukki suffers fitness scare 17 days, 20 hours ago

    Fabianski if you fancy a superb shot stopper, the thrill of a DGW, coupled with a new manager bounce and a more pragmatic defensive manager too, who has the form of successive 6 point scores. » Read

  20. Rodgers provides injury update on Vardy as Pukki suffers fitness scare 17 days, 20 hours ago

    Norwich, Newcastle, Villa. Changes on a weekly basis though! » Read