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  1. How each team's rest periods could affect the final few FPL Gameweeks 1 day, 9 hours ago

    Just wait for fpl_rockstar to tell you... » Read

  2. Learning from the Great and the Good 19/20 - Gameweek 33 and 34 4 days, 7 hours ago

    No need for a transfer here. Play Martinez this week as the Arsenal defence looks much improved and they are playing a truly dreadful Spurs side. I mean they couldn't even score past Bournemouth for Christ's sake. Bournemouth. Then play Pope next week when he faces a Wolves side that can't score goals any more. Focus your transfers on the players with a higher scoring potential than the goalkeepers. Or save a transfer this week when I don't see quite as many opportunities for players not in the template to score as I do next week, when rotation will bite and there's a better set of fixtures for Chelsea, City and Manchester United. » Read

  3. Greenwood and United in top form but Rashford again misses out on an FPL haul 4 days, 8 hours ago

    City to get past madrid and beat an out of form Juventus, who will have got past Lyon courtesy of French football shutting down. Atleti to beat Leipzig due to European experience and the fact Werner has downed tools. Bayern to beat either Napoli or Barce, they're simply a better team than both. Atalanta to beat PSG, because PSG Atleti to heartbreakingly end Atalanta's run in the semi's with a dogged display Bayern to do likewise to City Atleti Bayern Final, Bayern to win, Atleti don't have the firepower up top. » Read

  4. Greenwood and United in top form but Rashford again misses out on an FPL haul 4 days, 9 hours ago

    Antonio has great stats, if he can up his conversion rate then Norwich could be a great fixture for him. Haller may threaten his position though. Spurs are absolutely awful, playing Martinez over Pope/Henderson for those that have both could be a nice little gain. By that same metric Saka and Auba could pick up returns this week. Vardy is obvious but a double up punt could work, although I'm not sure who starts in Leicester's midfield. Barnes/Perez the more high risk/high reward options, Justin and soyuncu the safer picks but lower ceiling. » Read

  5. De Bruyne and Foden unlucky as Silva and Sterling score big for Man City 5 days, 13 hours ago

    "If it is as important for Mane as it is for Salah, why did he bench Mane? " Because Klopp knows I only have Mane in my FPL team and he hates to see me succeed » Read

  6. Late Egan goal wipes out Pope clean sheet as Mee faces spell on sidelines 8 days, 13 hours ago

    Generally to avoid if possible as they have fewer weeks in which the points penalty can be paid off. » Read

  7. Fernandes back with a bang as Rashford and Martial underwhelm at Brighton 13 days, 8 hours ago

    Are Nketia and Greenwood nailed, in your opinion? If so, do you believe this is the ticket to unlock a "power 5" in midfield? And if you believe it is, which are the 5 best midfielders each of you would choose for the remainder of the season? » Read

  8. Hasenhuttl to aid Ings' quest for the Golden Boot as Watford's FPL assets flop 15 days, 9 hours ago

    Currently playing 3-5-2 and on a front 3 of Nketia (benched most weeks), Jiminez and DCL. The obvious upgrade here is Rashford, given the fixtures for Man Utd and the fact Rashford will start to be backed with the armband from now on. Happy to sacrifice Richarlison to enable this, and was first considering Rich to a cheap mid like Saka or Foden to enable DCL to Rashford. However, playing Foden or Saka every week feels risky when I could instead switch richa to Pulisic or similar, and move Jiminez to Rashford. Wolves really aren't impressing me attacking wise, so I'm wondering if Jiminez is worth the money, especially as his plumb fixtures are now complete and he won't be heavily captained again. I guess it comes down to if I think DCL can match Jininez for 1.5m less money, and how much of an upgrade is Pulisic is over a Foden,for example. » Read

  9. Why I'm considering FPL players with one match in Double Gameweek 30+ 29 days, 12 hours ago

    Great to have you all back, looking forward to this 🙂 » Read