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    1. Blank Gameweek 31 Scout Picks - Double-up on Liverpool midfield 3 days, 23 hours ago

      Pogba and Kun on bench. Can’t justify price sacrifice. Got Pogs day after Mou sacked at 7.8, and Kun since Day 1. 1.9 too much to sacrifice..... Alll agree at least in theory? » Read

    2. Three attack-minded differentials for FPL Blank Gameweek 31 4 days, 7 hours ago

      In addition to KUN, POGBA, I have LINDELOF, JONNY, and GUAITA.I still have BENCH BOOST, and my TRIP.CAPT chips. » Read

    3. Three attack-minded differentials for FPL Blank Gameweek 31 4 days, 18 hours ago

      Ok mates. I’ve never really asked for opinions. But last week was GASH for me. I’m a solid 3rd in my league. 67 from top. 31 from second. And 62 above 4th in a 15 team league.I have this team set.BORUC KEANE. TAA. LASCELLES MANE. SALAH. FRASER. PUNCHEON. ARNIE. VARDY.No transfers available. Bench has KUN, POGBA, but have had them all year and major price sacrifice to get them back. Don’t have enough in bank to make any attacking upgrade. Would anyone take a (-4) to try to get a full 11 by adding defenseman seeing as Puncheon unlikely to see pitch? Thanks » Read

    4. How the Top 10k are looking ahead of Blank Gameweek 31 9 days, 16 hours ago

      Digging reading the banter between luck and skill. I’ve watched more EPL than anyone in the states I know. Literally DVR games and try to watch ALL of them. In 9 years, never been less than 2000 and never been over 2200. Maybe I’m wrong, but I absolutely believe it is CAPTAINCY luck mixed with savvy and skill with avoiding hits and using chips. In all those years, had Kun as a Cap for a huge day against the Toons, and beyond that I’ve hit a few. Lost to a guy one year who had simply unbelievable CAPT luck. Berbatovs 5 goals will ring forever. He was uncanny in always getting the big haul. But after that one year, he’s been gash ever since. » Read