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As long as i beat FPL Virgin, I'll be happy

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  1. Your chance to get involved in the FFS Scout Network 10 days, 23 hours ago

    Finish top million. Been playing ten years. Only other time I did this badly was the season I made no transfers all season. What a crap season » Read

  2. Nketiah straight back in Arsenal team after suspension 14 days, 22 hours ago

    Ok. I get that I am not going to sway you and to be fair, you make some decent arguments. However i choose to respond because i enjoy discussions not because i can convert the 'man across the table' Subconscious bias could be argued to be worse than random system error. I accept that. However in practice this does not appear to be so. VAR has been and continues to be vilified for every perceived incorrect decision because of the expectations involved. When you deal with humans, you expect some form of human error. We know we are not perfect and are prone to mistakes and so though we dont like it when humans get it wrong we can at least understand how it happened. This makes the outcome more acceptable. The reason why I disagree with you is because the expectations for accuracy are raised when the computer makes the decision especially if the technology has been 100% accurate so far. VAR has been ranted over far more than poor referees because we expect more from VAR. Another … » Read

  3. Nketiah straight back in Arsenal team after suspension 15 days, 38 mins ago

    Asking questions that are clearly answered in the original post does not lead to good discussion but I will try my best. Incorrect offsides decisions have been part of the game since its inception. Incorrect goal line decisions have also been around but there is a key difference. The linesman must still make a call about offside that VAR checks. Yes VAR might be getting it wrong but the human component is still trying to get it right as best he can with the naked eye. Mistakes will happen. Goal line technology has never been proven wrong before the villa game. The human eye did not even try to make a decision which is why the ref just kept pointing at his watch despite everyone including the villa keeper knowing the ball had crossed the line. Ref did you see the ball cross the line? It looked that way but my watch didn't go off so it couldn't have. My watch is never wrong. Now if the ref was allowed to make his own call and then goal line technology checks it as with var and a m… » Read

  4. Nketiah straight back in Arsenal team after suspension 15 days, 1 hour ago

    There are 'normal' bad decisions that happen to everyone and are part if the game. Your example is a case in point. Then there are the 'this has never happened before' bad decisions like the one I mentioned where goal line technology clearly failed for the first time since it was brought in. If that keeps you up, you should be ashamed. Clearly you wont be because you consider it fine in the context of bad decisions. Bias blinds us. I have no skin in the game. As a pool fan I give Rocks about Watford, villa and Bourne mouth. Honestly don't care who is relegated but I can objectively say that if you stay up by 1 point that is gross injustice and I would sue the premier league if I got relegated because of that debacle. I honestly hope you win your last game and Watford lose just so that blatant cheating by the premier league to keep villa up is not the reason you stay up but rather because you are the better team, which I think you are. » Read

  5. Nketiah straight back in Arsenal team after suspension 15 days, 12 hours ago

    You didn't see the goal they conceded in their goalless draw to the blades then? » Read

  6. Who will start for Man City in Gameweek 38+ after win at Watford? 15 days, 12 hours ago

    I hope Watford sue the premier league for this botched relegation. » Read

  7. Nketiah straight back in Arsenal team after suspension 15 days, 13 hours ago

    It's nice to avoid relegation by 1 point gained unfairly huh » Read

  8. De Bruyne and Foden unlucky as Silva and Sterling score big for Man City 28 days, 2 hours ago

    This is precisely why he will still be my captain on Saturday. You have made a convincing argument why he can not start three games in a row only to realise he has started 3 games in a row. You then apply the exact same logic to why he can not start 4 games in a row even though he has already proved you wrong. I will grant that with every passing game it is more likely he is rested but that does not remove the obvious question of why he had not already been rested. If I were not a liverpool fan, I would probably think similarly to you but having watched every game of hisfor the last few seasons. I am telling you this guy only gets rested if there is an issue. If he is fit he starts and he is a freak. I am also way behind so I have nothing to lose by captaining him but I am just saying this is not clear cut at all. I think he starts and i feel like it is 80/20. Which is good enough for me » Read

  9. De Bruyne and Foden unlucky as Silva and Sterling score big for Man City 28 days, 2 hours ago

    He is my captain for saturday 😉 » Read