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23rd June

Updated: My season ticker 3.0

As mentioned in my third fixture analysis article, I have been creating my own home brew of rankings to give the manual play on the season ticker an example of a whirl. If you’d like to see exactly how well (or poorly) I rank certain teams then import the following data into your tickers and find out.

If you’re one of the folks who had already imported data from my google docs on my first fixture run-over, I’m now up to a third draft, so it’s best to ignore previous iterations. If I make any updates or any of my fellow scouts decide to dip their toes in as well then we will update the logline to let you know.


As a sample we will be keeping comments open on this page to encourage any ticker sharing if you would like to do so with a bit of freedom. If discussions starts to distract from that on the main site we will have to close comments and start to help think up new ideas, but we’d like to give members a platform to share ideas on this front if they so please.

Tickers away!