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Sergio Aguero’s calf injury in the 6-3 win over Arsenal has served up a potential major setback for thousands of Fantasy managers. With Manuel Pellegrini offering us little insight into the severity of the injury and a scan imminent, we can only wait on news from the Etihad. However, resident Fantasy Football Scout physio, Facer, has made a timely return to offer his early view. Analysing the incident involved and Aguero’s reaction and movement, here’s Facer’s detailed report and his take on the likely prognosis.

The incident occurred barely a minute into the second half and gives a clear indication of the mechanism of injury. Playing a one-two with David Silva, Sergio Aguero receives the ball and with one touch plays it back into the path of Silva. Almost immediately Aguero starts to limp and, several seconds later, in an attempt to take the pressure from the injury, falls on to his back. At first glance the incident looked fairly innocuous, but with closer inspection, we see that the former Atletico man didn’t quite have the time to position himself correctly and improvises a one-touch pass into Silva’s run with a subtly excessive rotation at the right hip. This is significant because the contracting Gluteal muscles produce a rotatory force at the hip and, with the studs of Aguero’s right boot planted firmly in the ground, severely restricting movement at the hip and ankles, this force had nowhere to go, resulting in a tear to one of the calf muscles.

As Aguero is lying on the ground his demeanour is interesting. He does not appear to be in a great deal of pain and he is not reaching for the injury. In terms of severity, these are positive signs. Suffering a severe calf strain is like being shot in the back of the leg and Aguero would have hit the ground immediately and would need to have been stretchered off. We then see the Argentine hobble from the field. It is worth noting that, although exhibiting severely restricted movement at the right ankle, Aguero is able to partially weight bear on the injured limb, giving us a further clue as to the severity and likely duration of any absence. Similarly, as Aguero is led from the field, we can observe him palpating the back of his calf towards the ‘belly’ of the Gastrocnemius, suggesting a tear to the meat of the muscle rather than attachments, which heals more quickly. In summary, I would suggest that Aguero has suffered a grade 1-2 calf strain, which would see him sidelined for a minimum of 10 days, but more likely 2-3 weeks. Sadly for his owners, that would see Aguero miss at least the next three league outings.

A Scout Disclaimer: While Facer offers an expert’s view of such injuries, with just a remote assessment to go on, the opinions expressed here should not be taken as fact or acted on with any degree of certainty.

  1. how about getting sterling for next week...morrisson to sterling sounds good?

    1. If you have no other issues with your team then yeah good shout

  2. Team for Gw 17

    Mert., Coleman, Mcauley, Zab
    Ramsey, Oscar, Hazard
    Roon, Suarez, Remy
    subs: Gazzinga, Walker, Whittingam, Ravel

    1 FT. Thinking to do Oscar to Wally.

    Giving one last chance to Remy.

    Does the team and subs bench look alright

    1. i'd consider benching mert (im trying to decide myself)

    2. That's quite a bit of cash you've got tied up in defense there

  3. Not sure whether to play mertesacker against chelsea or morrison against man u!

    any advice?

    Chester / Ward / Coleman
    Morrison / Walcott / Hazard / Silva
    Lukaku / Suárez (c) / Rooney (vc)

    Boruc / Mertesacker / Williams / Meyler

    1. Morrison and it's not even close

      1. he's playing his old club so could do alright, for some reason players always score against their former teams. he has more to prove than most as well.

        1. nope
          Mert 0p-1p
          Ravel 1p-2p


          1. you reckon arsenal will concede 4?

            1. Damaged confidence. Arsenal have always had a fragile mindset. Could see Chelsea score 2-3. Definitely will score.

            2. 1YC could happen
              did you think City score 6 last weekend? when people thought Arsenal have best defence in the league

          2. yeah i think ill go with Ravel, I can't see arsenal keeping a CS!

    2. Play Mertesacker. He's surely more likely for a clean sheet than RavMo is to score against Man U

  4. Cricket question
    As Australia have declared
    Do England only have the same number of batters to get the runs?
    Or do they only have same number of overs to get them?

    1. no they get all batters and can go to the end of day 5

      Australia declared so they have plenty of time to get 10 wickets before the end of day 5

      1. Thought that just didn't know if the overs thing made difference

    2. Nothing changes. Australia didn't want more runs or to waste more time.

      1. So it could go wrong in theory?

        1. England could win but won't.

          Bad declarations have happened in the past.

  5. consolation is that 80% of the top 10K have aguero, so everyones in the same situation

  6. So we're hearing 6 weeks for Aguero,

    Rooney, Suarez, Aguero
    Walcott, Morrison, Mutch, Bannan, Lallana

    2.2m in the account.. 1 ft
    A simple Lukaku in for Aguero the best choice?
    Aguero is dropping 0.1m tonight.

    1. Negredo if Aguero out for 6 weeks

    2. From who did we hear this?
      If it is Bemba I am not listening

    3. Lukaku is the safe option. Negredo is the punt option. Benteke the failed option...

      1. how about Fernando ....Torres?

    4. You read the Mail? Oh dear.

  7. If anyone doubts Negredo as a perfect replacement for Kun I would think again. I hate the fact peeps are gonna get him now as he is one of my diffs. But for the good of the community on here I will put him forward as he will deliver. Great player.

    1. :)

      You put forward Hull attackers all the time. :lol:

    2. Aguero darting in behind frees up space for Negredo. Who has the pace to do that for him now?

      1. Dzeko and Negredo will be great together with Navas/Silva doing the clever stuff.

        1. what about nasri :(

          1. Of course, Nasri as well you know Navas/Nasri will have their share of rotation but both can still do the bus. with second half cameo's. Surely peeps want coverage from the best team in the league (imo)

        2. I can see teams sitting on the edge of the box and City struggling to break them down.

          1. yeah kun is a huge loss , his trickery and movement is pure class.

          2. I don't think so, good judges were saying they would struggle without Silva, they didn;t. So much strength in depth in the squad with the exception of defense.

    3. Only seems to score at home though...

      1. agree hes a home player

    4. He is a classy, classy player, but i have a couple of concerns:
      (1) We haven't seen much of him without Aguero
      (2) He doesn't seem that explosive in FPL terms

      1. His time to shine. I think he will, well he has already really.

    5. I just don't trust him for the Christmas period. Maybe it's a bit of Wilshere get stuck in bollocks but I prefer to go with someone who I know will not be bothered by it. Don't trust Ozil either by the way.

      1. He's not reckless and is a bull of a man for defenders to handle.

        I trust Ozil and maybe Mert. putting a stick up his ...will do him good.

        1. my issue with neg is if kun is out he wont get as much space.

  8. Marshall (Davis)
    GJ Distin Gabbidon (Terry Burner)
    Hazard Silva Ramsey Redmond (Ravel)
    Suarez(c) Rooney(vc) Lukaku
    4.3 in the bank
    0 FT

    Considerin i got exactly enough to do Ravel to Wally should i do it for a hit this week and bench redmond? Wally should rise before he plays Chelsea as it's the monday night game so if i dont get him this week i may well be priced out next week

    1. *He should rise cause even if he survives till the deadline i wont be able to get him in till the Arsenal - Chelsea game is over to make sure he does not get an injury and he should have risen by then

  9. repost. I must save you all from knee-jerking Suarez (c)

    I have conducted an in-depth analysis, the workings of which I can't share with you, to come up with the following results.
    GW 5: City 4-1 Utd. Che 2-0 Ful
    GW 12: City 6-0 Tot. Eve 3-3 Liv.
    GW 16: City 6-3 Ars. Che 2-1 Cpl
    This shows where all the goals are when the big teas are playing each other
    GW 17: Ars v Che. Liv v Car Captain Suarez at your peril

    1. Selective stats. You're not considering many games where the top teams played each other and there weren't many goals.

    2. I think this analysis is flawed. I will present to you my own findings.

      Average PPG 12.1
      Last 3 games: 22, 15, 24

      I'll be going with him (C) next week I reckon.

    3. You are only looking at City home games. :roll:

    1. :) Always captain him at Craven those days

  10. if u have ramsey would u get ?

    A- Shelvey > Silva

    B- Shelvey > Yaya

    C- Shelvey > Walcott

  11. kun didnt drop despite being over 100 %

    thought total fpl was accurate .....

    1. he's flagged he needs more transfers out than usual to drop

      1. ok cool

    2. Yellow flag... limit is now 150% but once news comes in about aguero it'll change to a red and he'll probably miss the drop tonight too

      1. nice , gives more time to assess a replacement

    3. The people controlling the prices reserve the right to make their own players exempt from anything that affects their team.

    4. The FPL towers all have him in their team and are waiting to hear some concrete news. If it was Danny Graham he would've dropped by now

  12. So Arsenal at home to Chels and City away to Fulham. What would you rather have this GW:

    A) Yaya, Ramsey, Silva

    B) Yaya, Ramsey, Walcott

      1. I'm leaning towards this. Then look to bring Wally in next week.

  13. guys i have giroud...

    giru --? rooney is a sensible move

    or shud i play giru another week

    1. Rooney if you can afford him, Negredo if not.

    2. see my analysis above. Giroud should be first choice captain this week

      1. you mean the big game goals theory....hmmm

  14. First 11 for next week, having taken -4:

    Chester, Clyne (if fit), Coleman
    Cabaye, Hazard, Ramsey, Silva
    Rooney, Suarez, Negredo

    Looking ok?

  15. Any obvious flaws in my current team?

    Coleman, Johnston, Chester (Terry, Turner)
    Walcott, Ramsey, Lallana, Nasri (Oviedo)
    Rooney (vc), Lukaku, Suarez(c)

    1. As much as it pains me to say this as a Southampton fan, Lallana hasn't done much in a while, in terms of FF.

  16. Dawson/McAuley > GJ for a hit with Kun > Wazza?

  17. Lukaku v Negredo.

    First to 17.

  18. Silva, Negredo and Cabaye in for -8 lads?

    1. whats the rest of the team look like?

  19. Marshall (Davis)
    GJ Distin Gabbidon (Terry Burner)
    Hazard Silva Ramsey Redmond (Ravel)
    Suarez(c) Rooney(vc) Lukaku
    4.3 in the bank
    0 FT

    Considerin i got exactly enough to do Ravel to Wally should i do it for a hit this week and bench redmond? Wally should rise before he plays Chelsea as it's the monday night game(should rise on saturday if not b4 the deadline) so if i dont get him this week i may well be priced out next week

  20. Silva,Ramsey, ozil, yaya ... midfield totally stupid ?

    1. I would consider Hazard pretty essential. Him on there for Ozil and perhaps Walcott for Yaya after Chelsea?

    2. Team is

      Coleman / mcauley / shawX
      Yaya / Oscar / Ramsey / ozil
      Suarez / lukaku / remy

      Myhill.... Kasami / fonte / gabbidon

      1FT Oscar > silva
      Team value 107.9m rank 326xxx

  21. Agree... If he doesn't score we'll this week, he will be out next GW.

    Maybe Lallana > Cabaye/whittingham

  22. New Post
  23. GTS

    Thanks again!
    The only guy within that budget that i could bring with good stats are berba and hooperman. One guy here gave insights as well that hooperman could face rotation w/RVW. So I'm kinda leaning on berba atm. Smart move or search again?

  24. Having a good bench is important but I'm learning to factor in how they rotate.

    However, who knew a bench of Janujaz, Chester and Flanagan scores 25 this GW..

    and my choice of Terry, Zab and Barkley scores 8.

    These freak results catch people out, not this GW but the next few GW's, because people don't treat them as flukes but think its a trend.

    Don't fall for it.

    1. Aguero & Mcauley out.

      Rooney & Zabaleta in.

      Seems a fair deal for this week given my 2 FT.

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